Surprise Visit

Anal Fingering

I wanted to surprise him, perhaps even trick him into a bit of fun. It was one of those situations where you weren’t too sure what to do, or what to say. I just new he made me hot, very hot. The thought of him fucking me made my pussy lips quiver with excitement.

He called me on the cell phone at his usual time. We made small talk, before I could hear the tone of his voice change. I knew what he wanted. He knew what I wanted. It was very simple. At least it had been until now. I craved the sound of his voice; deep and so damn sexy. He knew what to say and when to say it. He made me feel as if he were right beside me.

My hand slide down between my legs as I heard him whisper how much he wanted me. I knew without a doubt that he would surely pleasure me if given the chance. Phone sex with him was phenomenal. Just thinking about him stroking his cock while thinking of me, made me hot. Hearing his rasped breathing, the way his voice got deeper as his dick hardened, always drove me over the edge. I could imagine his hand wrapped firmly around his cock, smoothing the wet come that trailed out of the tip of his shaft. Mmmm… this really turned me on.

I asked him to hold on as I turned my car off and stepped out. I tried the front Bostancı Escort door handle, surprised that he had it unlocked. My heart beat rapidly as I imagined his reaction to my surprise visit. As I climbed the stairs, I brought the cell phone back up to my ear.

“You want to watch me come, don’t you?” I whispered seductively.

“Mmmm, more than you know baby. I want to watch you touch that wet pussy as your body quivers with anticipation.”

“How bad?”

“Very bad.” His voice desperate, aching for release.

I clipped my phone shut as I entered his bedroom. I gazed towards the bed watching as he stroked himself. He glanced my way, a moment of surprise on his face.

“Get over here.”

His voice was husky, laced with desire. I had never wanted anyone as much as I wanted him at that moment.

As I slowly undressed, he watched… and waited.

I eased down in the recliner that was near his side of the bed. I watched as he continued to stroke his hard cock, his face contorted with pleasure. He knew what I wanted. I wanted to see him come. I wanted to watch his come shoot up and then down, over his body as he moaned my name. My own fingers found their way down between my legs, lightly fingering Kadıköy Escort my clit as I watched through half-closed eyes the object of my obsession. My breathing became labored as I laid my head back against the chair. I continued to watch.

My pussy was so wet. Aching with need for his cock; I wanted to fuck his dick so bad. I needed him to fill me. My fingers dove into my pussy, fucking hard. I reached behind me for the vibrator I had brought. Turning it on, I began fucking myself with it, straddling it as I watched him stroking his cock harder and faster. I held onto the sides of the chair as I fucked my vibrator, my tits bouncing up and down and my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

He rose from the bed, standing before me, still holding his cock. I watched as he stroked it, over and over again. He moaned my name, begging me to let him fuck me. He wanted my pussy bad. He groaned in agony as he watched my vibrator sliding in and out of my wet and swollen pussy. Finally, he reached down, grabbing the vibrator from my hand and replacing it with his. He drove the vibrator inside my pussy fast and hard before allowing me to straddle it once again.

I moaned, begging him to fuck me. I needed him, wanted his dick inside Göztepe Escort of me. I wanted to feel his skin against mine, wanted his lips on mine. I rode the vibrator fast, loving the feel of the clit stimulator. My fingers teased my ripe and swollen nipples. I could feel the change in my body at the same time he did. He begged me to come for him; begged me to let him fuck me in the ass. Moaning, I rode faster and harder. My hands gripped the sides of the chair. His hard cock glistened with come, his eyes dazed with desire. I watched his face, then lower to his beautiful dick. He was so hard, so close…

The first moan ripped through my body as I watched his cock grow even harder before seeing the first flow of come seeping from the tip of his dick. I came instantly, riding my vibrator, grinding my clit harder against the stimulator. I threw my head back, crying out his name as he did mine. My pussy lips clutched the vibrator, holding it inside me as my come seeped around it. Pleasure ripped through my body as I continued riding the vibrator, still begging him to fuck me. I heard his gasp, another deep moan and then I smiled as I watched him come even more; his hot come shooting onto me, as he continued stroking his hard cock. I watched as he spread his come over his swollen dick, still basking in the pleasure.

A few minutes passed, heartbeats slowed and then realization hit full force. He looked at me, questioning my motive.

I smiled innocently. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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