Super Moms


This was the third time Rick Martinson watched the email’s video attachment and he still didn’t believe it. In the video message, the tan, late 60-ish ash-blonde woman was seated behind a metal and glass desk in a bright, modern office. She was poised, perfect and playful. A radiance of sex and energy beating any woman in her 30s.

“Hello Rick. I’m Veronica Stone, as you may or may not, but hopefully do, know. I’m happy to inform you that, out of hundreds of essays from young men and women like yourself, yours has been selected with seven others to appear on our website “Super Moms” along with a segment on our lifestyle channel. You and your lovely mother, Katie, are invited to a free week-long retreat for the winners at my compound with me, my staff and family. Once you verify and accept we’ll send more information, along with a guide video that you need to watch with your mother.” She winked and flashed a hundred-watt smile. ‘I’m looking forward to meeting you both, Rick. See you soon.”

He shut it down. Wow. Veronica Stone’s media empire was huge, with TV shows, podcasts, websites and a magazine dedicated to empowering women, especially single mothers like his own. It had been kind of a whim. Rick wanted to be a writer and maybe, a photographer. He took a few pics of his mother and wrote what he felt. Now they were going to spend the week hanging out with multi-millionaire Veronica-fucking-Stone.

Kind of dazed-floating down the stairs, he saw Katie cutting up dinner vegetables in the kitchen. An oncology nurse who raised Rick herself, she was 47, 5’6 with shorter straight brunette hair and great almond-shaped green eyes and killer dimples in her soft round face. Rick always thought her bright smile was kind of mischevious, when she was sizing up a fib he might have told or when she about to spring a surprise gift or good news. She was plush and curvy in her bust and butt, with what Rick called a mom pooch of belly. More than a few of his buddies and even his girlfriend, Sandy, remarked that Katie was kind of sexy, just… fun. A joy of life about her. All stuff he put in his essay along with the pictures. The self-picture Rick sent of himself was basic. 6’1, just turned eighteen, fit with exercise and running, but not a real jock. His hair is a little darker than my Mom’s with his father’s blue eyes.

“They picked it,” Rick said.

She turned. “Picked what, Ricky?”

“Super Moms. It’s… I won. We won, Mom. They picked my essay for the website, the magazine.”

She set the knife down, stepping over to hug him. “Oh my God, Ricky! That’s fantastic. I am soooo proud of you.” She leaned back, looking up into his eyes, dimples popped. “So, do you get paid? When is it…? Oh my God. I can’t wait to tell everybody!”

Her bare feet were jumping for joy, boobs squeezing against him as she kissed his cheeks. Rick filled her in on the rest, especially the free week at the mountain compound coming in two weeks. She was a fan of Ms. Stone’s, often tuning in to the shows and watching interviews with her. She always loved how close Veronica was to her two sons and daughter. How happy and normal, frank and easy-going they seemed despite all their money. The pair ate dinner quickly, excited and planning, eager to set up the confirmation and get things rolling. The best thing was how intimate the week would be. It was just to be the two of them with seven other Moms, sons and daughters. Who knew what kind of connections might get made and what it could lead to for both of them…

Waiting on the sofa, Katie Martinson was flushed with pride at her son, Rick. When he snapped the pictures of her out on the deck he was so cute, making sure the setting sun was ‘just right’ behind her. She was kind leery they might highlight too much of her shape through her sundress, but had to agree they were good shots of her, bare legs shiny and the right bra boosting up the girls. And he could write. The essay was so heartfelt and thoughtful, eloquent, even. Katie watched her son’s lean, strong form trot up the stairs to his room. The balance hadn’t been easy – her lectures to stand up straight that had set his perfect posture; the ‘mean mom’ diet of vegetables and restricted sweets that showed in his energy, clear skin and quick, shimmering aqua blue eyes. At the same time, she adored her boy with plenty of hugs, affection and gifts when she could. Pride and love, but more. Seeing him when she came home from work was Katie’s favorite part of the day. His wrapping arms and firm hands when they hugged electrified her. Noticing the frequent caked, dry semen in his boxers and streaked on his sheets when doing laundry made Katie step back mentally. There was a…thrill, she supposed, and a curiosity that terrified but exhilarated at the same time as her fingers rubbed the stains. She sat back on the sofa, evening sun warming the side of her face. She put her bare feet up on the coffee table. God, a free week away. What a treat. And her son made it happen

He sat down next to her, powering up the page. gaziantep ateşli escort “We need to confirm the ID stuff together and then they’ll send us the link for the video” he said.

Katie’s hand rubbed his back as he typed. Katie couldn’t shake the sensation that this whole thing was really going to change their lives into a new direction. They both entered their names and identity confirmation. A page came up explain how the tickets and other arrangements would be emailed shortly, all free of charge.

Rick clicked to another page. He handed her one of the cordless earphone plugs. “Here, they said to make sure to use the ear phones when we watch it. Sound fidelity, or something.”

When clicked to play, Rick and Katie watched a fractal patterns fill the screen, swirls spinning around each other, coming together and bursting back outward in rapidly changing, iridescent blues, greens, pinks, reds and purples. The music was a contrasting, steady techno throb, slower in rhythm, with a heavy bottom and fuzzed accents. The beat worked its way into both of their spines and limbs, making the core of their bodies want to move with it. In the side of his vision Rich caught his Mom smiling, just as he was, without realizing it.

Images came on screen of a luxury compound of condo-like ranch buildings, ultra-modern with lots of glass face walls and hot-tub patios. Lots of pines tree, and groomed lawns, paver walkways.

The room interiors were all sleek and minimalist, with huge king beds, big-screen wall TVs, glass walled baths, with multi-head rain showers. L-shaped leather sofas and low tables. Stocked bars and refrigerators with fresh fruit, healthy snacks, juices and champagne.

There was a restaurant, a bar/club and dance floor, indoor pool, candle-lit spa facilities, a theater…

“It’s my dream honeymoon,” Katie blurted.

The female narrator was sultry voiced, with slight British accent. The music throbbed and pulsed under her voice. “The Stone family is pleased to welcome you, Katie and Rick. Super Moms is a place for where the special bond between mother and their sons and daughters can grow deeper and more exquisite than either of you may have ever imagined. Even if you have imagined, we hope that what you learn about yourselves may surprise you.”

Other images flashed on screen of mature women and young men embracing in the sunset, enjoying candlelight dinners, laughing over drinks and wine in the bar. There were some pictures of young women in the similar settings with the older females. There were times where Katie and Rick both found themselves blinking, as if blinking awake from a daydream, though no time had passed.

“We hope you enjoy the compound together. The massages, recreation, fine dining, seminars with Ms. Stone and other guest speakers. We believe the love between mothers and their children is an endless possibility. An endless journey to explore. Together.”

There were shots of mature women and the young men and women about to kiss in a very romantic way, the fire in their eyes unmistakable.

Katie realized she was breathless. her pussy wet, fat nipples throbbing. She pressed her legs together, her hard clit demanding it. Her asshole twitched, another prime pleasure spot for Katie, wanting contact. She had to swallow to speak, realizing she did not trust the words that may escape her lips. She smiled over at her son, noticed Rick’s cock was hard as iron, the fat, long lump pressing to nearly the top of his shorts. His face was flushed red. Seated closely on the sofa their bare legs were touching at the slightest point. The spot radiated for both of them, a ball of shimmering heat.

“Wow, Mom. That…looks fun, huh?”

Katie nodded. “It certainly does, Ricky.”

“Um, you still wanna go, right?”

“I wish we could leave right now.”

The presentation ended with both of their names in red coming together on the screen into a glowing sphere, changing colors and rolling, flowing back into the fractal pattern. Rick leaned forward to click the stop button, but had to adjust his cock to reach the keyboard. He glanced at Katie, knowing she was watching it, knowing she was smiling, breathing deeply.


Katie’s dreams that night were a storm of nude bodies having sex – long hard cocks fucking wet pussies, mouths licks pussy and asses, sucking cocks. Men and women grunting and moaning, eye-rolling orgasmic faces…

She awoke in fright at 4:00 AM, thinking she had screamed out a moment before. She blinked and blinked again, shaking her head, and realized the bed was soaked, her thighs and pussy slicked. Katie had cum so hard in her sleep that she was exhausted. Her skin feeling radiant, nipples still throbbing. She stumbled to her master bath to place two towels on the bed under herself so she could go back to sleep, limbs loose, head hazy.

Rick awoke suddenly just before 4:00 AM, his cock painfully bakımlı gaziantep escort hard. He knew he didn’t need to pee. He’d been dreaming about fucking a brunette woman from behind, holding her plump ass, while the brunette was eating another woman’s pussy. The other woman sucking some guys fat cock…

He reached into his nightstand, squirting a few splots of lotion into his hand and started stroking. After only a few pulls his nuts tightened. In the next room, his mother screamed out.

“OhmiGod! Fuck me FUCK ME!! Ahhhhhh!”

Three huge ropes of cum rocketed out of Rick’s cock, spraying his chest. He felt the orgasm from his toes. He exhaled, softly moaning, dry hand absently smearing the cum into his skin as he heard his mother stepping around in her room. Fuck, he thought, as he drifted back into sleep. That woman in my dream was my Mom…


Katie’s first thought opening her eyes the next morning were of her son, Ricky. His bare chest, his hard cock straining his shorts on the sofa yesterday afternoon, his bare leg touching hers. Katie’s rubbing hand confirmed what she already knew. Her pussy was still wet from the night before.

She sat up, blooming with energy. She rejected the thought of showering and dipped her fingers into her pussy, tasting the thick honey. She licked them clean, loving the familiar taste (Katie always sucked her toys when she masturbated). She looked at her tosseled hair and dimpled grin in the bureau mirror. She dipped her fingers into it again, toying with her hard clit. She smeared the cream around her lips like gloss. With no bra or panties, Katie pulled on her red silk robe, legs bare from the mid-thigh. She couldn’t wait to kiss her son good morning.

Rick sat up after he woke, stretching and absently rubbing his hard cock over his boxers. He felt well-rested but still weirdly turned on. He wasn’t sure if his mom was working today. He was hoping to get off to some porn after she left, shower and go see some friends. Sandy was gone with her family on an early summer getaway for the next four days. God, how he wished he could see her…

Rick’s breath caught in his throat walking in to the kitchen. His mother’s D-cup tits were practically spilling out her red robe. He’d only glimpsed her in it a few times, late at night after a shower. It was nothing she ever wore in the morning. She looked like she was practically glowing, smiling up at him from the stove, as she cooked breakfast.

She stepped toward him, on her red painted tip toes, arms circling his neck. “Good morning, Ricky. How did you sleep?” She kissed him on the lips.

Over the smell of bacon was the intoxicant Rick knew well from Sandy. He could smell hot, wet pussy. It was so strong on his mother’s lips he wanted to lick her face. He leaned into her hug. His hard cock pressed against her bare leg, only the boxer cotton between them. His hand inched down the small of her back over the silk to the top of her ass. He held it there.

They pulled back, smiling at each other, her arms still around his neck. “Great, Mom. How about you?”

“MMM. I’m fabulous.” She glanced straight ahead, her fingernail picking at a glob of dried cum on his chest. Her big brown eyes clicked up at him under her brow, the mischievous grin, eyebrow raised. She kissed him again and turned, walking back to the stove. Rick was entranced by her plump, shaking ass. Shit, he thought. She’s fucking naked under that.

“What are you doing today, baby?” she asked, flipping the bacon, placing bagels in the toaster.

“Nothing really. Going to meet Jason and Jordan later. Are you working today?”

“No, I’m off. I’m going to go shopping and pick up some new outfits for the trip. Actually, after we eat let’s watch that video from ‘Super Moms’ again. I want some better ideas on what I should buy.”


As the plane came in to land, Rick and Katie held hands, fingers tracing in each other’s palms. They connected at O’Hare to the charter jet with the seven other Super Moms winners. Five of the other couples were mothers and sons. Two of the Moms came with their daughters. Neither said it, but at the gate Rick and Katie both noticed how affectionate the Moms and their kids seemed toward one another. Held hands, close whispers, arms around waists. As if they had all been overcome with the same feelings bursting out of Rick and Katie these last two weeks.

Pheromones were popping off the group of 16 like sparks, an erotic, buzzing electricity. Katie and Rick held hands near the glass wall, watching the bags being loaded into the charter jet. Katie noticed the short-statured woman walking toward them; her tall, lean son a step behind. About 5’3 the woman had a lithe but solid gymnast’s build, but with gravity-defying silicon C-cups pushing against her white crop top. Her nipples were like rocks in the cool terminal air, legs tan and muscled under her tight red shorts. Her white smile escort gaziantep flared under her vibrant blue eyes, honey-blonde hair short and swept back.

She touched Katie’s new turquoise and white pattern sundress, Katie’s breasts pushed up and nearly out, plenty of leg showing. “This dress is adorable. I love the color.”

“Thank you. I love your hair. That’s a great cut. I’m Katie, this is my son Rick.”

The boys nodded and shook, both women admiring each other’s boys. “I’m Cyndi. This is my son, Beau. We’re from North Carolina.”

“Michigan”, Katie said. She admired Beau’s toned arms and nice lips. Behind his glasses he had his mother’s green eyes. The bulge in his cargo shorts was as pronounced as Rick’s. Katie was a single mom (as they all were) and a lawyer in her mid-40s. Beau, like Rick, had just turned 18. Katie could tell Cyndi was sizing Rick up the same way, the gleam in her eyes apparently pleased. Both women gushed with pride about their sons, the chance to meet Veronica Stone and the week to come. The call to board came from the desk attendant and they picked up their carry-ons.


After they landed at the private airstrip, a tall, pin-up looking blonde BBW in her late 20s greeted them. All of the women smiled and whispered among themselves, knowing. Her plush boobs and belly, thick thighs and booming ass filled her tennis whites.

“Greetings, everyone. As some of you may know from my mother’s shows and other things, I’m Carmen Stone. We’re all overjoyed that you could spend the week with us. The porters will load all of your bags. So let’s get out of this heat and into that air conditioned bus, shall we?”

After everyone was seated and they got underway, Carmen stood at the front, her hands making precise gestures as she spoke. “Everyone pay attention, please. We only have one request before we arrive at the compound. In respect for our privacy, please turn off all cell phones and computers, any cameras or recording devices. We’ll keep them secure and return them to you at the end of the week. We want you all of you to be in the moment when you’re here. We want any worries and troubles in the outside world to cease. My mother wants an oasis of comfort for all of you Super Moms and your Super Children. OK?!” Everyone broke into applause. Rick realized he was doing it without even thinking. The main thing he was thinking was how badly he wanted to fuck Carmen Stone.

The shuttle bus took the group up the mountain through pine-wooded switchbacks. They were somewhere in the Southwest, the late June air hot but dry. They drove past the guarded gate into a circular drive. The welcome building was Spanish Adobe-style on the outside, a 20-foot burbling fountain in front. As the 16 guests disembarked, each person was given a cold towel and tall mimosa as they walked in.

They stood in the round, open-air atrium, drinking, covered from the sun by a billowing white tarp while Carmen and another young, petite, red-haired assistant ran through a brief map and big-screen tour of the compound. Several young men collected all of the cellphone and tablets, scanning and tagging them with the room information. A young female guide for each of the eight couples entered the atrium and introduced themselves. Each couple split off with their guide through the spoked walkways that spread out to the lush, green grounds.

Rick blessed his luck as Carmen led Rick and Katie past the fountains and sculptures. The familiar throb beat from the video hummed from hidden speakers, broken up by chirps from birds up in the shade trees. Carmen seemed to know everything about both of them. She asked Katie about her nursing career and aspirations.

“Veronica is opening an oncology research and treatment center in Michigan not far from where you guys live. I know she’ll be looking for qualified people, Katie. You should ask her about it tonight at the reception. It could be a great opportunity for you. You’d certainly be qualified to manage the staff.”

“Thank you, Carmen. I will.” Katie was admiring the woman’s platinum blonde up-do and her big, round ass and fair skin, sheened likely by copious sunscreen. Katie realized her own pussy was soaked, clit throbbing with need. In the last minute after drinking the mimosa she’d become so horny she could hardly see straight. She inhaled a deep lungful of the clean, warm air, blinking.

The trio turned left, down a brick paver path where two ranch suites were separated by the walkway, only twenty odd feet away from the other. Each suite had an overhang porch with four-person hot tub outside the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.

“And Rick, you’re quite a writer and you’ve got a great eye with that camera. Your photos of Katie are incredible. Are you still thinking of Michigan State?”

Rick was so hard he had to walk like a cattle-drive cowboy, trying to pull his shirt even lower to hide his cock, practically submarining out the top of his shorts.

“Um, yeah. Whatever we can afford, I think.”

Carmen unlocked the door. The air conditioning washed over them as they stepped inside. Kate and Rick set their carry-ons down on the thick, neutral carpet.

“Good for you, Rick. But there are plenty of ways to learn a trade. Stone Media is only growing and we love natural talent. You should speak to my brother about that tonight. Well, here we are, guys.”

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