Sunday Afternoon Snack


Sunday Afternoon SnackI saw a window of opportunity to get out of the house and away from the husband. I text Mike and asked him if he could get away from the wife as well. He said yes. During our plans, he kept asking me where I was saying I was going, how was it going to work, that sort of thing. I finally had to spell it out for him: Just get a hotel room at 1:30 and be naked when I get there. His response? I can do that! It had been almost two weeks since we have gotten to see each other and we were both so anxious. He told me to text him before he left to let him know it was still a go. When I was sure I could make it, I text him: Go. Now. Please…He got our favorite room with the mirrors around the bed. As soon as I got in the room, he grabbed me and kissed me very intently. We have this need to be together. We are getting to the point we can’t stand to be away from one another. And it’s very evident the second we do get together. Clothes starting flying off of me and his were already mostly off. He got me on the bed in record time and told me he needed inside of me badly. I needed it too. He slid that cock inside of me and we both shook at the feeling it gave us. We kissed each other passionately and looked deep into each other’s eyes as he slid in and out of my wet, eager pussy. Looking deep into each other’s souls just intensifies the pleasure and takes the cheating element to a whole new level. He took his hand and massaged my cheek as he kissed me again. Then he picked up the pace. He went harder and deeper. I was close to cumming before he even started I needed him so badly. As he started to fuck me hard like we both love it, I felt the orgasm building deep inside me. I moaned and contracted my pussy around his cock as I felt the wave of a huge orgasm crash inside of me and make my whole body spasm in pleasure. He was fucking me so hard and so deep and making it feel so good that Cebeci Escort I couldn’t hardly breath. As he kissed me again, I motioned his head down my body. I moved it down to my swollen clit and felt the warmth of his tongue just kiss my very sensitive bundle of nerves. God, he’s great with his tongue. He began to eagerly lick up my juices and lick from the top of my clit all the way to my puckered ass. He loves it. As he found his way to my clit again, he began to expertly bring me near another orgasm. As I started to reach the point of no return and begin gasping for air, he stopped. It was the precise mind-bongling second that he could stop… Then he affectionately started grinding his whole face in my pussy and building me up again. Then he stopped. I told him rather abruptly to not do that anymore. I was afraid of heart failure if he brought me to that very second again and stopped. He finally let me take his head and press it firmly against my snatch as he lapped me up and I came very hard. Another orgasm started before that one stopped and his tongue sent me over and over again with orgasm after orgasm. I needed that cock inside of me again and he knew it too. He worked his way up and fucked me again eagerly. He wanted something else he said. I looked at him and smiled and licked my lips. And he smiled. I know what he loves. I crawled on top of him and leaned back and let him take a look at my breasts as I held them for him. My long, curly, auburn red hair was flowing down my shoulders and in my face as he looked me over. I straddled his leg so I could rub my wetness and my pussy all over his body. I leaned down and kissed him with such desire and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. As I moved my lips down his body, I could feel his heart pounding inside his chest. What a turn on to know I am working him up Çıtır Escort like that. I wasted no time getting his cock inside my warm, soft lips. I cupped his balls and worked his whole package over as I pressed my mouth down hard on his manhood as to take it all in. He loves sliding his cock down my throat. We sucked many ways, fucked many ways, touched, kissed, and talked dirty for some time and then I got up and threw our clothes around off the chair and told him to sit. He had a puzzled look on his face. But as he sat down, I straddled him and sat in his lap. He kissed and fondled me and I teased him with my body. Then I went to my knees and took that delicious cock in my mouth again. I fucked his cock with my mouth while he watched. Placing his hands in my hair, he guided my head up and down gently fucking my mouth. He loves to watch and I know it. He also grabbed his cock and backed my head up as to point the head right at my mouth as he stroked himself. Then he wanted me in the chair. My ass in the chair, both legs on the bed, and him between my legs. Very hot I must say. We touched and talked dirty and played with my pussy and he touched me everywhere. He sat down on the bed and began to stroke his cock. I took my fingers and began rubbing my clit with him having the best seat in the house to see all the action. I fingered my clit and I ran a finger up inside of me while he kept stroking his cock. He had to touch too. He put his hand between my legs as his other hand kept stroking. He worked a finger inside of me as I kept pumping my clit. The look of eagerness on his face was priceless. His cock was hard with anticipation just watching what was taking place in front of him. His cock two feet from my pussy. Both his hands busy. Then he worked two fingers inside of me. Then three. I felt pressure as he continued to work inside Demetevler Escort of me. He wanted so bad to shove his whole fist inside my tight pussy. He worked the fourth finger inside of me and I felt such pain and pleasure as he fucked me. He was pumping that cock hard as he finger fucked me and the visual stimulation was driving him wild. He has never got more than four fingers inside of me before and he knew it was time to stop…this time. I climbed out of the chair and down between his legs again to get my mouth on him. But that wasn’t good enough. He lifted me up and said he had to have my pussy some more. I slinked across his body and lowered my pussy onto his face as I wrapped both hands around his balls. I was now on top of a very hot 69 with my lover and he was eagerly lapping my pussy as my juices flowed down to him. I love for him to stroke his cock as I suck and lick him. His hand found it’s way to his cock again. His hand, my hand, and my warm lips worked that cock over and I sucked harder as he sent me into an orgasm frenzy. I bucked and shook and moaned deep on his cock as I came and came. His legs began to tense and his balls tightened up and I knew he was oh so close. I came again as he was beginning to cum and I took my mouth and surrounded it and let his hot load shoot in my mouth as I sucked it hard and lapped it all up for him. I kissed and nuzzled his cock and drained every drop. It fucking turns me on to swallow his load for him. Especially since his wife won’t do it. I love doing all these naughty things she won’t do and I highly suspect he likes it too ;)After our sex session was over, we cuddled and kissed and lovingly held each other for a long time…but not long enough. It’s never long enough. In the parking lot as we were parting ways, we had to steal one more kiss. Saying goodbye is so hard now. We can look at each other and know that goodbye isn’t something either of us wants. As I watched him walk away, I felt a lump in my throat. I also felt a twinge of pleasure still lingering inside of me. I could have stayed in that hotel room forever it feels like. But we had to return to our lives. It was back to reality; and part of our reality is knowing we desire something we just can’t have right now…

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