Summer Suspicions Ch. 06


**** The authors would like to thank carolin_ for edits****

I was dressed in the nicest casual clothes I owned, excited for my first real date with Lacy. Sure we’ve already fucked a few times but I was still nervous to take her out and actually have to have a conversation with her. It was going to be a lot different than just moaning and panting with pleasure, though that might happen later.

I picked her up at six and she looked unbelievable. Seemed she was just as interested in impressing me as I was her, though she really didn’t have to try that hard…I was already smitten with her from high school. The clothing she wore accented her exceptional figure perfectly, showcasing her large firm breasts and bubble butt I wanted to grab the moment I saw her.

At the door I kissed her on the cheek, held out my hand and walked her to my car. I opened the passenger side of my car and she got in. I couldn’t believe I was taking out the hottest woman I knew of. My friends were going to freak out when I told them about this. I owed it all to my sister and those patches she brought home from college. If she and Mom hadn’t been fucking me in my sleep for the entire summer, so far, Lisa would have never introduced my cock to Lacy and then I would have never had the opportunity to date her. I owed my sister big time.

Lacy sat in my car; neither of us spoke for the first few minutes heading to the restaurant. It was a bit awkward.

“Wow… this is kind of odd… isn’t it,” she said.

“Yeah, we’re not used to seeing each other with clothes on,” I chuckled.

She laughed, which was a good start, I thought. “Well, we’re just going to have to get used to it, aren’t we… so tell me about yourself, Luke… what do you like to do?” she asked.

“Besides sex?” I said but she didn’t laugh this time. “Umm… well you know… the normal guy stuff… videogames, workout… movies, sports… and you?”

“The normal girl stuff… shopping, hanging out, parties… movies are good and I like music so we have that in common,” she said and I got the feeling she was really trying.

It took a while but we finally became more comfortable and didn’t try and force the conversation. I already knew she was cool but it took more convincing that I was, being a couple years younger than her and just barely out of high school. She talked about college, which I hadn’t started yet, she talked about parties and being able to drink legally, all the things I had yet to do but looked forward to. I felt way behind and was surprised she was even considering dating me. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for my cock I wouldn’t have had a chance in hell.

We enjoyed a really good meal at my favorite steak house, got to know each other more and then went to a comedy show that made us both laugh until it hurt. That Louie C.K. is one funny mother fucker. After the show it was late and I drove her toward her house to drop her off but when she realized I was taking her home she stopped me.

“No… don’t take me home… I’m coming to your house tonight again… I have more training to do,” she said, and I could tell she was slightly embarrassed.

We hadn’t talked about our exploits at all during the night… just acted like a normal first date so to bring this up felt weird to both of us… like we were different people outside the bedroom than inside.

“Oh… great… Lisa didn’t tell me.”

“You’re okay with that, right? I mean this date didn’t ruin anything did it?” she asked.

“Oh no… I’m totally okay with everything, trust me.”

“Good, because I’m looking forward to capping this evening off with a perfect ending.”

My cock jumped on its own from the tone of her voice and I headed back to my house rather quickly.


“About time you guys showed up,” Lisa said when we walked in the door.

“Sorry, Louie did a few encores for us, funny as hell.”

“It’s fine, Mom’s waiting for us in my room, Dad’s been asleep for a few hours already.”

Lisa took Lacy by the hand and both of them headed upstairs. I watched Lacy’s ass in that short skirt all the way up the stairs before going into the kitchen and drinking half a bottle of Gatorade… I had a feeling I was going to need it.

I went to my room and changed into just a pair of boxers and knocked on Lisa’s door.

“Come on in, Luke,” Lisa said from the other side.

I was hit by a strong smell of vanilla, probably from a candle or something she had going in her room. What I found waiting for me was out of a Penthouse forum letter, maybe better. All three women were naked and lying on Lisa’s bed surrounded by the bag of toys from my mother’s room. There was already a butt plug in Lacy’s ass… her training had begun without me. My cock rose faster than I’ve ever seen before and was fully erect before I walked across the room. I stood by the side of the bed, dropped my boxers to the ground and crawled toward my three sexy women, who welcomed me with open mouths.

I knew I didn’t deserve this escort gaziantep kind of treatment and I knew it probably would have to end someday but right then I told myself to just enjoy the moment and ride this unbelievable wave as long as I could. Laying on my back the three ladies, my mother, sister and Lacy treated my hard cock to three different but wonderful renditions of giving head. Fucking amazing. I knew most men would never get to experience this… I wasn’t taking it for granted, trust me… I knew what I had and was most grateful for it.

Lacy was getting better and better each time she had the chance to suck my cock, taking me deeper than yesterday and improving on everything else as well. I think it was partly because of how comfortable she was with me now, I could tell she really got into it and focused on pleasing me. Of course Mom and Lisa were amazing and exactly what I’ve come to expect from both of them. Mom was still the best, the things that women could do with her mouth made it feel like I was levitating half the time. If there was a way to measure the pleasure radiating from a person I would have broken the machine.

I had my eyes closed, trying to focus on not cumming and by not watching it helped, when I felt a new sensation… one of them had lowered their wet sex down on my cock without telling me. I opened my eyes to see my sister smiling down at me just as the last few inches disappeared into her hot little pussy.

“Oh damn… he opened his eyes too soon. We were going to see if you could guess which one of us was fucking you without looking, but you just ruined it,” she said.

“Sorry… no one warned me and I was curious to see. We could still do that if you want. Maybe blind fold me and I could try and figure it out if you…..”

Lisa rose up and slammed down on me. The resulting pleasure in my cock made me light headed and I didn’t care about the game or anything besides my sister’s sex wrapped around my hard cock. Lacy sat next to me and began rubbing my chest as Lisa picked up the pace on my cock. I reached up and fondled Lacy’s large breasts and she smiled down at me. A vibrator sprang to life and I glanced over just in time to watch my mother slide the long vibrating toy into her wet pussy. She leaned back and began to thrust it in hard and fast. Lacy leaned over to my ear, taking my attention off my mother.

“I got the large plug in tonight… Your mom says I’m doing great, faster than she thought,” Lacy whispered in my ear before nibbling on it.

I about shot my wad into Lisa’s pussy right then and there. I’m sure you can imagine what the combination did to me and the thought of this incredible buxom blond wanting me to fuck her in the ass so much she was accelerating her training just to do it. What guy wouldn’t lose his load?

“I’m going to cum…” I warned.

“No you’re not!” Lisa said, quickly hopping off me but Mom beat her to it, grabbing my balls and squeezing them and somehow keeping the vibrator stuffed in her pussy.

“Okay…. okay, it’s gone… let go, damn that hurts.”

“Yes, but it’s effective. Now settled down, Luke… maybe Lacy should not whisper in your ear anymore,” Mom said, which made them all giggle.

“That’s not fair… if you knew what she said you wouldn’t blame me.”

“Oh I’m sure we can guess,” Lisa said, checking my balls before getting back up and sliding my cock back in. “Dammit, now I have to start over.”

She began to rapidly rise and fall on my raging cock, bringing my pleasure back quickly but I knew better than to let myself get too close for fear of what Lisa would do. I heard the vibrator struggle and slow down as mom pressed it in deep.

“Focus, Luke, don’t you dare cum until I have or I’ll be forced to use a patch on you again. I know it feels good, just keep your eyes closed or on me, not on Lacy… we all know how perfect you think she is.”

“Really, Lisa? You have to go and embarrass me now?” I said.

“Shhh, no talking… focus,” she said rising and falling onto my cock like she was possessed and had to get off.

“It’s okay, Luke, I already knew and I’ll make Lisa’s rudeness up to you later,” Lacy said winking at me.

Lisa was like a machine, never slowing or really varying much at all; just hard steady riding of my cock while I focused on not cumming until she did. It wasn’t easy, especially the closer she got. I tried to tune out her moans of pleasure and screams of delight as well as her stunning sex working my cock. Her pussy seemed to get better… wetter and hotter the closer she approached orgasm. I felt my mother’s hand on my sack, ready to squeeze again just as Lisa peaked. Mom went back to her vibrator and didn’t have to hurt me again, thankfully, even when Lisa’s pussy began to squeeze and convulse on my cock. Lisa fell over onto me again, panting like she does and telling me how much she loves my cock.

“I’m going to have to make a mold and have a fake one made for school this fall. I’ll freak out if I don’t get to do araban escort this every day,” she said, and I couldn’t tell if she was joking or if that was a real thing or not.

She finally rolled off of me, leaving my cock drenched in her juices and throbbing, just begging for release. Mom caressed my nutsack, pulling gently on my balls until they relaxed slightly. This much attention was sure to produce a huge explosion when the girls finally let me cum.

I rolled over, purposely letting my face fall right between Lacy’s legs and began to lick her moist pussy. She giggled before laying back and running her hands through my hair.

“Oh, my… I guess we’re doing this then…” she said before a long moan as my tongue spread her open to find her little clit buried among her soft folds.

She tasted delightful and smelled even better. She must have sprayed her body down for our date, some kind of citrus body spray. The plug in her ass fit nicely on my chin and as I ate her I pushed my chin into the plug, forcing it deeper into her ass. She seemed to like it and pulled me further in with her hands until my face was buried in her sex, making me breathe through my nose as best I could.

“Fuck yes! That feels so amazing, eat my pussy good!” she hollered.

I flicked her clit as fast as I could, sucked it and even nibbled on it with my teeth, making her squiggle and squirm from the intense sensation. When she pulled away I took the opportunity to go lower, using my teeth to bite the plug end cap and slowly pull it out to widen her hole again. She moaned as the plug stretched her wide, the large plug was much bigger and I was surprised Mom and Lisa had gotten it in. I was really pulling hard on it with my mouth and watching her flesh turn white as the large blue plug slowly begin to ease out. Just before her ass gave way and it popped out I let go and watched it plunge back into her perfect ass. Smiling, I went back to eating her pussy and pressing on the plug. She was really wet now.

“Please fuck me, Luke… I need you inside me!” she said, panting and trying to pull me up by my head.

Coming up off of her, I wiped my chin before licking up her flat stomach to feast on her huge tits, teasing her just a little longer.

“You better put that thing in before she screams,” Lisa said watching the whole thing.

I laughed silently but obeyed my sister and eased my cock over the plug into Lacy’s tight pussy. She came instantly, racking my back with her nails and trying to squeeze the life out of me with her legs. Just the act of entering her took her over her limits and she began to climax. Everything that was going on down there with the plug, eating her and finally my long wide cock had culminated into a rapid climax that took us all by surprise. Lacy most of all.

“Ohhhhhh…………. FUCK! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

It was so loud all three of us shushed her so she wouldn’t wake up my dad. She hardly heard us and scarcely quieted down with more screams as I withdrew my cock from her clenched sex. This only made it worse because the pleasure seemed to get better. Lisa finally put a pillow over her head and she screamed into it.

“Damn, that date must have worked her up before hand or something, Luke… she’s totally gone,” Lisa said.

“It’s the plug in her ass… I think she’s ready.” Mom said, which caused my heart to skip a beat and my cock to jump.

Lacy came and came as I slowly pressed in and pulled out. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts vibrated as she came and screamed into the pillow. This girl really knew how to let go. I kept hearing my mother’s statement in my head and wondered if I was going to get to fuck Lacy’s ass tonight or at least try. The thought enhanced the sensations in my cock and I was soon ready to blow again, with Lacy’s plug stuffed ass making her pussy even tighter around my cock.

“Shit, that sucks…. I have to work so hard to cum like that and she did it in a few seconds,” Lisa said.

“It’s all about the excitement and build up… you’re getting used to your brother, she still hasn’t. I bet you cum just as fast when you come home for Christmas break.”

“Yeah, most likely you’re right, maybe I should take a few days away from, Luke instead of every night.”

I just smiled to myself and continued to fuck the perfect blond beneath me as her orgasm continued long after we all expected it.

When I saw and felt Lacy coming down I pulled out and moved over to the one lady I hadn’t fucked yet, my mother. She had the vibrator stuffed as far in as she could with the appendage branching off the shaft onto her clit. Her eyes were closed, in her own world, and not expecting me.

“Hey, Mom… got room in there for me?” I asked.

Her eyes opened and she smiled up at me. “Maybe… if you can’t fit I know where you can.”

She pulled the toy slightly out and then up toward her clit, making a small gap at the bottom of her sex. I really doubted my cock would fit arap escort in with the toy already there but it was worth a try. When my head came in contact with the toy and her wet pussy the vibrations caressed my cock, sending waves through the shaft into my body. I pressed slowly forward, feeling the rigid toy on the top of my head and her soft body on the bottom. It was so tight and kind of hurt the tip so I pushed my cock down to miss the toy and open her more fully. It worked and I was able to sneak my head into her pussy under the vibrating toy.

“Hold on, Son… that’s really tight… give me a minute.”

I stopped, kneeling beneath my mother with just the head of my cock in her stuffed pussy.

“What’s he doing?” I heard Lacy asked behind me.

“Apparently trying to stick his cock in her vagina with the toy already in there,” Lisa responded.

“Really? There’s no way they’ll both fit.”

“Knowing Mom they will… she’s had two kids remember.”

“Oh… right…but still?”

Deep vibrations tickled my cock as I waited for my mother to adjust to my cock under the toy. She was grinding the toy into her clit and playing with her large breasts with her free hand. Slowly she began to move the toy in and out and side to side to stretch her pussy out until I was able to move more of my cock inside of her. My shaft was much more rigid than my head and this caused a lot more friction. The hard shaft of the toy was a little uncomfortable as mom slid it in and out over my cock but it also spread her juices around better. My heart was beating pretty fast, it was tighter than anything I’ve felt before and with the added vibrations it was a very new sensation.

“Nope, it’s just too much, Luke… just go in the other hole, I don’t want to hurt myself.”

I pulled out and used the creamy secretions on my cock to easily press my engorged head into my mother’s ass. Hot bliss spread over my rod and it was instantly better than what we were trying. Mom let out a long loud moan and I knew it was better for her as well. She began fucking her pussy with the toy fast and deep and I was only making my first descent into her. The vibrations were still strong and the results were amazing.

“Told you it wouldn’t fit,” Lacy said.

“Well, not this time but I bet she could have done it,” Lisa responded.

I ignored them and pulled out only to slam my cock back into my mother’s bowels hard and fast, shaking her large tits around on her chest. I started getting into a good rhythm, loving the sensations rushing through my body and excited to finally cum deep in my mother’s ass when a knock sounded on Lisa’s bedroom door.

“Lisa? Everything okay in there? I heard someone scream,” my father’s voice said.

I froze, turning toward the door and watched the doorknob begin to turn. Acting fast I pulled out of my mother and jumped off the bed and darted butt naked into her closet.

“Don’t come in, Dad, everything’s fine we were just laughing,” Lisa responded.

“Didn’t sound like…. Anyway is your mother in there? She’s not in our room.”

I watched my mother get up off the bed after stopping the vibrator and put on her robe. I could tell she was perturbed and didn’t want to leave.

“Yes, Frank… They woke me up before you and I just came to tell them to settle down so they didn’t wake you,” she said walking to the door.

Mom opened it and left with my father back to their room. Hopefully she’ll get what she needs from him, because she had yet to cum and was really into my cock and the toy together. Once they were gone I exited the closet and walked back over to the two women.

“That was close,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks to Lacy’s orgasm we almost got busted,” Lisa said, giggling.

“Sorry… I kind of got carried away, but man it was so sudden and so good I just screamed and couldn’t stop.”

My cock was still hard since I had yet to cum even after fucking all three of them. Their eyes drifted down to it while I stood next to the bed and both of them got mischievous looks on their faces.

“I think someone needs some relief, finally. What do you think, Lacy?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, absolutely, poor Luke hasn’t cum yet,” she giggled.

Both of them crawled toward me as sexy as hell, licking their lips or biting them. They sat on the edge of the bed and I moved forward. Lisa reached out first and took hold of my raging cock and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft in the left over juice from mom. She leaned over and took me in her mouth, sucking hard and taking me deep before releasing me.

“How bad do you want to cum, Luke? What are you willing to do to get off?” she asked keeping hold of my cock as Lacy reached for it as well.

“Bad… really bad, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything? Are you sure?”

I hesitated, not knowing what she had in mind. “I guess, anything… why?” I asked.

Lisa leaned back and picked up the large vibrator that mom was using and turned it back on. She held it on the shaft of my cock while Lacy stoked it, driving me crazy. Lisa moved the toy down to my tight nut sack and vibrated my balls, running the toy between my legs before pressing it up toward my body, sliding it on the skin between my balls and anus. It felt really good and the slow stroking of Lacy was heavenly.

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