Summer of the Cougar


There are two people I must thank for this story. First, is tomski, who favorited me as an author and who shared with me the wonderful summer he had before college. Taking the actual events, but moving them to a different time and state, I hope I have remained to true his coming of age summer, many years ago.

Second, is Privates1stClass for editing the story and helping me with the structure, to make it flow better. Thank you!


It was the summer of 2010, actually, that changed my young life. I had graduated from high school and was preparing to go to the University of Florida in the fall. It was an exciting time for me, full of promise, and an 18 year-old man. I was also a virgin. No, really. I hadn’t had intercourse with a woman until that summer. Like a lot of boys, I read and watched a fair amount of porn on the Internet, but I’d never had actual physical contact with a woman. And after that summer, I could never go back to girls my age—all because of the cougars in my neighborhood. Cougars, not Florida panthers—I’m talking about middle-aged women on the prowl for young cock.

I lived with my parents in a really nice community north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with large, acre-plus pieces of property and a private air strip. I had just graduated was just going to have fun, and make a few dollars during the summer.

The family next door to us was the Martinez family—A husband, wife and kid in grade school. They had moved in several years before and were friends of my parents. The Martinez’s had a fenced-in pool on their property, along with a screen-enclosed hot tub. Mr. And Mrs. Martinez often hired me to do odd jobs around their property, mostly lawn mowing and pool cleaning. I should say, Mrs. Martinez hired me, as her husband was often away on business travel for days at a time.

Mrs. Martinez was smoking hot. Really. Smoking. Hot. 5’4″, 125 pounds, with an olive/caramel complexion, Mrs. Martinez was your typical curvy Latina, with dark hair, dark eyes, and a full 34C cup. And she always dressed well. I wouldn’t have believed her if she had told me she was in her mid-40’s. In fact, I didn’t and she had to show me her driver’s license to convince me. I had been certain she was in her mid-30’s.

Across the street from Mrs. Martinez was the Brooks family. Andrew was my friend. His father, Andrew Senior, was white, and his mother, Jami was a light-skinned African-American beauty. I’m not exaggerating. Andrew’s mom, Jami, was 5’10”, 140 lbs, 46 years old, had a pair of full 36D breasts and beautiful full lips. She had unbelievable ass, even better than Mrs. Martinez’s fine, fine “culo.”

The Brooks and Martinez families were close, with Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Martinez going back and forth between each other’s houses several times a day, every day. I don’t think they even locked their doors; one would walk in unannounced on the other all the time. Even better, many an afternoon the two women would hang out at the Martinez’s pool, drinking wine or boat drinks, and gossiping. I say even better because Andrew and I often did yard work at the Martinez residence.

On hot, humid afternoon, while she and Mrs. Brooks were enjoying cocktails at the pool, Mrs. Martinez invited Andrew and me to cool off at the pool when we finished with her lawn.

And that was how it started. After we helped ourselves to some cold bottled water from her cooler, we stripped down to our swim trunks and got in the pool. Not long after, Mrs. Brooks reminded Andrew that he had promised to take his mother to the mall that afternoon. Andrew and I agreed to talk later that afternoon about our plans for the weekend and he left.

Unsure of what to do, I got out of the pool and began drying myself off.

“Why don’t you stay, Tom?” said Mrs. Martinez. “I’m going to continue to lay out and I don’t mind the company.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, tentatively.

“Yes, of course. You’re a man with time on his hands, and world is your oyster. Enjoy the moment!”

Of course, I didn’t want to leave when this beautiful Latina asked me to stay and swim in her private pool. In addition to a six-foot fence around the perimeter of the pool, each house was at least 100 feet off the street and a few hundred feet from the next house. Some neighbors actually used golf carts to visit neighbors, the distance was that great. In short, nobody was going to come by without being noticed.

After I swam for 10 minutes or so, Mrs. Martinez called out to me, “Tom! Oh, Tom! Would you be a dear and come over here and put some lotion on my back for me? I don’t want to burn.”

Carefully contemplating how to get out of the pool without showing my cock in my trunks to her, I answered back, “Sure, Mrs. Martinez. I’ll be right there.” She smiled her Cheshire Cat smile at me, showing a hint of teeth. All I could think of, besides embarrassing myself with my cock, was how much I wanted to have sex with her.

Climbing out of the pool, my body bladed to shield my growing sancaktepe escort erection, I looked at Mrs. Martinez. She was stretched out on her stomach on a chaise lounge in a tight, bright yellow two-piece bikini. My adolescent eyes had taken notice of the skimpiness of her bathing suit and I was afraid my ever-growing bulge was going to be obvious to her.

She turned towards me and said, “Here’s the lotion, Tom. Don’t be sparing with it. I like to be coated with it.” As she said this, she undid the ties on her bright yellow bikini top before lying back down. My senses were alive like they had never been before and I could smell the chlorine drying on her body, the shampoo she used that morning, and a hint of perfume. Prostrate on her stomach, all I could see was her long, dark hair, caramel skin and a bright yellow bikini bottom struggling, and failing, to cover a spectacular round ass. With every fiber of my body, I wanted to bury my tongue deep in that ass.

The funny thing was, I was a virgin and had not really touched a woman, even though I’d looked at my share of porn and had read a lot, so I was nervous as hell.

Kneeling beside her chair, I started applying it, sitting on the edge of her lounge chair and I got an instant hard-on. “God, I hope she doesn’t see it.” I said to myself.

A soft moan escaped her lips and she said, “You’re doing a great job, Tom. Just don’t miss anywhere, I don’t want to burn. Coat me with your lotion” I was shaking and hoped she didn’t notice how nervous I was.

“Sure, Mrs. Martinez.” I said. Figuring it would help me find a way into her bikini bottoms, I struck up a conversation with her. “Mrs. Martinez, is it true you are an attorney?”

“Yes, Tom. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I was thinking about majoring in pre-law. What do you think?” I was hoping that my interest in her profession would be the “in” that I needed with her.

“I think you’d make a fine attorney, Tom. You are very persuasive.”

I didn’t know what she meant. No matter, I continued to rub lotion on her back, going slowly so it wouldn’t end too soon. “Your skin is so soft and smooth, Mrs. Martinez.”

“Why thank you, Tom. My husband never notices. That’s very sweet of you.”

Emboldened, I suppose, I shifted the focus of my ministrations to the sides of her torso. When I felt the softness of the side of her breasts, she sighed audibly and body seemed to relax. The combination of her sounds and her reaction excited me more.

“Is it true that you have been married twice?”

“Yes, Tom. I was. My first husband was an attorney too. We lived out west.”

“You divorced him?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. Was it hard for you?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Starting over. Dating?”

“No, Tom. There were plenty of men who were interested in me. And still are interested in me.”

I moved lower down her torso, working on her lower back, getting to her bikini bottoms. When I reached the fabric, Mrs. Martinez pulled them down about an inch farther, enough that I could clearly see the crack of her magnificent ass. I thought I was going to cum right then and there!

Not wanting to look too eager, I went back up to the top of her shoulders and began again rubbing both sides of her torso. Slowly, she raised herself up slightly- so more of her breast on the right side was exposed under her.

“Tom, your hands feel soooo good right now. They really relax me.” She purred.

“Do you like the feel of my breasts, Tom? Of course you do. Why don’t you have a real feel?” and with that she rolled over, so that she was now on her back, with her bikini top on the chair underneath her.

I was star struck and didn’t know what to say or do. My cock, however, was now painfully stiff. “Go ahead and feel them, Tom. I want you to. Please?”

Snapping out of my paralysis, I rubbed my thumb across her nipples and then grabbed a breast in each hand. They felt amazing. Licking my lips, I locked eyes with her.

“Oh, Tom. I would love for you to taste them too.”

I needed no further encouragement. Seated next to her now on the lounge chair, I sucked like a newborn; these were the first tits for me ever. At 34C, they were full breasts that had fed her child as a baby, and had caused many a man to lose concentration.

“Tom, have you ever done this before? I mean, been with a woman?”

“No, Mrs. Martinez. Am I doing it wrong?”

“Tom, sucking feels really good, but would you bite them a little and pull on them? The nipples? Ah, yes! That’s it!” Her pencil eraser-sized nipples were standing out straight, demanding to be played with.

As I did this—she reached into my lap and rubbed my cock through the fabric of my trunks. She continued rubbing my cock as I sucked her tits, and within a minute I blew my load in my trunks. I was embarrassed, but my cock—all seven-and-a-half inches of it—remained hard.

“I ümraniye escort have something else for me to feel and taste. Will you do that for me?” She started to slide her bikini bottoms off. Her bush was neatly trimmed, her outer lips glistening and her inner lips protruding and very wet. So much so, that her pussy juices were running down the crack of her ass. The inner lips were as dark as her areolae. I instantly reached for them.

“Use your finger. The middle one. Run it up and down the slit and slide it into me.”

I did and she rolled her head back, eyes closed, and moaned in appreciation. Then I did what I had read about so many times, but had never tried: I took my tongue to her pussy. The musky scent of her pussy juice was intoxicating and I found myself drawn to that smooth cunt. She moaned louder—and pulled my head closer to her cunt.

“God yes, Tom! That feels so good.” After a few minutes, she pushed me back and got up and then knelt in front of me, before going down on her hands and knees, her ass facing me. “Lick me from behind, Tom. Lick me good!” I did, and as I was doing so, her sweet little brown rosebud looked back at me. I buried my tongue in her ass, deep, and she screamed with pleasure. Her ass had a surprisingly sweet smell to it.

“Oh God yes, Tom! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck my ass with your tongue. Stick your tongue into my cunt! Yes, that’s it!”

My tongue was getting tired so I had to use my lips and jaw to work her pussy.

“Oh God, Tom! I’m going to cum!” I had never experienced a woman cumming, so I was unprepared when she clamped her thighs around my head and came with a shout. Her legs were shaking and her pussy juices were everywhere, all over my face and hands and head.

She had collapsed after the first orgasm and she lifted herself back up onto all fours after she came. “Keep going, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Eat my pussy, Tom!” In less than a minute, her whole body shuddered again and she came.

I was proud of myself. Eighteen years old and a virgin that morning, but by the afternoon I was a real cocksman.

Wordlessly, Mrs. Martinez turned around and pulled my trunks down and grabbed my cock. Still wet with my seed, she licked it clean while she looked into my eyes. When she was satisfied, she swallowed my cock whole and began working the shaft hard with her mouth and hands.

“Mrs. Martinez, that’s incredible! No one’s ever done that before!”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, very much!” as she engulfed my cock with her mouth and hands, working every sensitive spot expertly, yet not so much that I came.

Removing some pubic hair from her mouth, Mrs. Martinez stopped sucking again to ask, “Do you like me sucking your cock right now? Outside, in the middle of the day?”

“Yes, Mrs. Martinez.”

“Are you ready to fuck Mike Martinez’s wife?”

“Yes, Cl…” I started to say, before she cut me off.

“You will call me Mrs. Martinez when you ram me with that fuck stick, and you’ll do it whenever I tell you to, won’t you?” I hadn’t thought about it until later, but she didn’t ask me to put on a condom. She was using birth control pills and wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant, though I tried my best to impregnate her every chance I got to fuck her.

“Yes, Mrs. Martinez.” She turned now toward the lounge chair and rested her upper body on the chair. Her ass faced me again, and dared me to bust it wide open. Putting her petite hand between her legs, she grabbed my shaft and guided it into her. I was up to the challenge, and while I didn’t have any prior experience, I could tell she was pretty tight for having had a child. I could feel her milking my cock with her muscles, the squishy sounds of pussy in rhythm with the pumping of my cock. When I couldn’t take anymore I exploded within her tight cunt. She practically purred with delight.

Spent, I collapsed on her. Mrs. Martinez extracted herself from under me and lay down on the lounge chair. When I regained my composure, I turned back to that hot little Latina slut.

“I’m going to call your cock, ‘Mr. Happy.’ You know why, Tom?”

“No, Mrs. Martinez.”

“It is always happy to see me and it makes me very happy when you stick it in my married cunt. And I’m sure it makes you happy too.”

She was on her back and I was on my knees with her heels on my shoulders. I raised her ass off the chair and rubbed my cock across her clit until I was hard again and she could take no more clitoral stimulation. Her inner thighs were glazed with pussy juice and my cum. I buried the shaft all the way in and didn’t break contact until I shot another load inside her. When I did, her eyes grew wide before closing, her eyeballs going up and back into her head, a contented smile on her face.

Mr. Martinez called me the next week. I was not home at the time and when I heard that he had called I was afraid that he had found out what his wife and I had done at their pool. Not tuzla escort that I cared too much about hurting his feelings. He was an ass. Very cocky. And not a very good-looking man, kind of on the chunky side.

I finally got the courage to call him back. “Mr. Martinez, it’s Tom. You called.”

“Hello, Tom. Thank you for calling me. I’ve been meaning to talk to you since I got back to town. Do you know why?”

“No sir. I’m afraid I don’t. Is everything OK?”

“Of course, Tom. It’s just that I have to travel again for work and I understand that you are saving money for a car for college, so I thought I would see if you could help my wife do some work around the house next week? Would you like that, Tom? I can’t pay much, but good, hard work never hurt anyone, did it?”

“No sir, it didn’t. In fact, the harder and the dirtier, the better. I’m sure I can handle it.”

“Great! My wife will call you next week when she’s ready for you. Now, is your father home, I have a few things I need to talk to him about.”

“Sure, Mr. Martinez. I’ll get him for you.”

The next week arrived and no sooner than Mr. Martinez’s car pulled out of the driveway, his wife was on the phone.

“Tom, I know you spoke to my husband. He said you were willing to help me with a few things around the house. Could you come over now?”

“Uh, okay. Are you sure it’s all right?”

“Why, whatever do you mean, Tom? Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Great. Come over as soon as you can.”

I got off the phone and ran to my room to pick out clothes and take a shower. While in the shower, I trimmed my pubic hair so that Mrs. Martinez wouldn’t get anything caught in her teeth, like the last time. When I was done, I slapped on some cologne, to smell more sophisticated, and pulled on some board shorts and a tank top. Then, I dropped to the floor and did 40 push-ups, to pump up my chest.

As casually, as I could, I crossed over our yard into hers and walked up to her front door. I rang the door bell. All the blinds were up and the curtains were back in every window.

Mrs. Martinez came to the door in a bikini cover up. “Tom, I am so glad you are here. Step inside. We have so much to do!”

No sooner than I had closed the door, Mrs. Martinez was rubbing my chest. “Tom, your pecs are so huge and firm.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” I reciprocated by rubbing her beautiful tits through the gauzy fabric. I could tell that she wore only bikini panties-no bra-underneath her cover-up. Our eyes locked and we kissed. Mrs. Martinez pulled me slowly into the kitchen, just off to the side of the hallway to the front door. When I realized what she was doing, I backed her up against the table and she sat up on it as we made out and I pulled her cover up off and pulled her towards me to suck on her tits. The table was the same one that she and her family had breakfast at every morning.

Mrs. Martinez, are you sure your husband won’t be coming back soon?”

“Yes, I’m positive. He’s scheduled to be gone four to seven days this trip.”

“What about your kid, Mrs. Martinez?”

“Summer camp, Tom. Are you scared? You’re shaking a lot. You must be.”

“No, I just wanted to be certain we would not be disturbed.”

“I made sure we wouldn’t.” she said. Then, she lay back on the table and said “Lunch is served!” while pulling the crotch of her see-through panties to the side. Her pussy was now completely bare, glistening with sweat and pussy juice.

Dropping to my knees before her, I pulled her bottoms aside and then went to work on the slick, tight pussy of hers, fingering and sucking it until she came for me. I stretched her panties out wide trying to gobble up every bit of her musky juice.

Mrs. Martinez pulled my head into her crotch. “Yeah, that’s it. Eat my married pussy, lawn boy!”

I worked up and down her crotch, from her clit to her asshole, poking her rosebud and pussy from time to time with my tongue. Then I sucked her clit hard. Mrs. Martinez had shown me where the g-spot was so I worked the inside of her pussy with three fingers to stimulate it.

With a gush, more than a spray, Mrs. Martinez came quickly, soaking my face. She grabbed me by the hair and made me look at her.

“Sit down in my husband’s chair, Tom. Now let me see Mr. Happy.” I complied and she pulled down my board shorts and vigorously sucked my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore. When my hips began to shake, she pulled my cock out of her mouth so that I would spray her face and chest with my jism.

My cock pulsed in her hands as she said, “Let me clean you and Mr. Happy up and then we can go upstairs and get comfortable.”

What she didn’t rub into her breasts, Mrs. Martinez licked off of me. Then, gracefully she stood up and took my hand, escorting me upstairs. We left our clothes on the floor of the kitchen.

Once we got to her bedroom, Mrs. Martinez pulled the covers back and pushed me down onto the bed. Climbing on top of me, she pushed her slippery pussy down onto my body, sliding it down to my cock where she stopped. Moving slowly on my shaft, her outer and inner lips parted until I could feel the wetness of her cunt dripping down to my balls. I was hard again.

“Now I’m going to ride you, just like I rode my husband, in the very same spot! What do you think about that, Tom?”

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