Succubus Teacher-Intro To Sex


An aura of sex. There was no better way to describe it. They were warned about the visit of a succubus today, but few had seen one in the flesh before. None of the boys were prepared for the intense and instant desire to ejaculate in or on the gorgeous creature after her first step into the classroom.

These were model students, the best and brightest seniors, but their parents worried that their social skills were suffering because of their high intellect, so a sexual education specialist was brought in.

She looked like the perfect human specimen, which was ironically how you could tell a succubus apart. Everything about them seemed too good to be true and perverted to the core.

The young woman with long, shiny black hair had a belt for a shirt. A simple belt that covered the nipples and let the ample amount of bosom overflow under and above the strap. 

The bottom part of the sensual hourglass had unfinished pants of mostly sheer mesh that exposed her spankable booty. The black leather in the front was not there for modesty as it channeled a laced pussy cleavage for a peek of heavenly, hairless slit above her thigh gap. This wardrobe was in no way appropriate for a teacher (or anyone) to wear, but Succubus culture was founded on sex, and so they were given more leeway than most.

“Good morning class! I’ve always wanted to say that. My name is Lustvia Analasia but you can call me Miss Lust or Miss Anal or Dirty Slut, anything you want.”

Both male and female students were already looking at each other wondering if this lady was for real. The boys were trying to hide their erections under the desks, and the girls, their profound insecurities and unexplained loin warmth.

“You’re stuck with me for a whole day every week, so let’s try to make the best of it. Fucking is the most fun thing you can do and you should do it as much as possible. Show of hands, is there anyone here that has never had sex before?”

The class silently agreed to refute their virginity, but Felicia was in the front row and too intent on turning red and staring at her desk to read the room. Her hand was the only one raised.

“That’s OK, don’t be embarrassed. Sex is all about first experiences. I try new things every day. Like…” Lustvia put a hand to her chin to help her think, “I’m pretty sure this morning was the first time I was suspended by nipple clamps while wild dogs licked peanut butter spread on my cervix. Their noses feel cold in there. It’s nice.”

Students chuckled nervously despite no indication that the teacher was kidding.

“Anyway, come up here and we’ll get you started with the basics. Don’t worry, I’ll let you pop your cherry on your own time.”

That was not reassuring to bashful little Felicia in the least, but obeying a escort gaziantep manken bayan teacher’s request was an even stronger part of her personality.

“Let’s see what we’re dealing with here.” Plopping her big tits on the short girl’s red hair, Lustvia began exploring her teenage body with her hands like she was admiring the intricacies of a tactile work of art. Piece by piece, the schoolgirl outfit Felicia wore found its way to the floor.

The touch of a succubus had Felicia in a storm of conflicting emotions. Being naked in front of the class had been a recurring nightmare of hers yet the warm hands fondling her modest pear-shaped B-cups made her feel safe, and the natural fragrance of a succubus so close had her head spinning. The teacher was not shy about running an index down the crack of her little butt and vulva like she was swiping a credit card.

“You shouldn’t try to hide this body. It’s so pale, petite, and delicate. I love it!” For some reason, the teacher’s approval of her physique made Felicia melt, but the spell was quickly broken. “I want you to come naked to school for the rest of the year so you learn to be more comfortable with who you are. I’ll get special permission from the principal and the gym teacher. Don’t worry, I’m naked all the time and the boys don’t seem to mind. Speaking of boys, can we have some volunteers?” This time every male hand shot up. “Wow, well, how about… you three?”

Without the teacher’s reassuring hands on her breasts, Felicia was back to hiding her bits, shrinking into a crouched fetal position while holding back tears. The request that she should remain naked at school had finally reached her hazed brain.

“Not bad for a little virgin; you’re already in position,” Lustiva said, noticing Felicia’s mouth at crotch level. “As the rest of you probably know, it’s always better to start with a blowjob unless you like your penetration extra raw and painful like I do.”

“Pull those pants down. Let’s see what Felicia will have to work with.” The teacher’s beaming smile when she saw their erect boyhood nearly had them cumming. “These are fine penises, but let’s give them a little boost to make her first time a bit more special, shall we?”

Lustvia spat in both her hands and swayed her hips until she was behind the row of three boys standing at attention. With her breasts pressed against his neck, she stroke the first student’s little stick, making it inflate in her hands like a party balloon. After refreshing the saliva in her palms a few times, she had the whole class, including the owners, gaping at three thick cocks, erect and covered in throbbing veins.

“So, boys, your partner’s saliva might not have that engorging effect, escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan but you can always come see me at any time before or after class, and I will be happy to turn you into temporary pornstars or pussy-destroying freaks. Felicia, they’re all yours. Take the middle one in your mouth and use your hands on the other two.”

“…” It was a simple request, but Felicia’s hands and mouth had no idea where to even start. The three cocks were so alien and intimidating like they would bite her fingers and tongue with their pulsing pee holes if she got too close. They were still absorbing the last of the spit, growing thicker through every moment of hesitation.

“Do you need a demonstration?” Miss Lust asked the quivering girl, sensing she might have been taking things too quickly for a complete beginner. She took Felicia’s silence for a yes. “If you force your lips around the knob and push, eventually you’ll hear a click. That’s your jaw unhinging. It means you’re ready to throat cocks much bigger than you might think is possible.”

Before taking the middle cock in her inviting mouth with strings of delicious-looking saliva, Miss Lust wrapped her hands around the base of the also unnaturally large ballsack. “I’m squeezing the balls to add just enough pain and tension to keep him from cumming inside my throat because when a man cums while engorged by a succubus’ kiss, he won’t stop for hours.”

Lustvia went deep, her shiny black eyes looking up at her partner who was caught on the knife’s edge of the purest orgasm he could ever know. Her fingers were dancing on the throbbing cockheads of the boys to her left, an index finger occasionally fingering the large pee hole.

The deepthroating noises were visceral like the succubus was choking herself with perfect control. Her lips seem to part wider around the base of the shaft while it lingered in her massaging throat. What followed was akin to a magic trick. As she extracted it from her mouth, the cock stretched on and on until her precum-covered lips released an absolute monster from a different reality that made the boy lurch forward under its weight.

“Whoops, that’s no good; now they’re mismatched. Let me just…” She grabbed the scrotum of the first boy’s neighbor and gave him the same sloppy throat-work. Other than waiting a few days like a hickey, there was no way to reverse a succubus’ kiss, no way to meet in the middle.

At the end of the third demonstration, the first boy’s cock, as gigantic as it was, seemed a bit smaller than the other two now. So, Lustvia ran her long tongue in a straight line from balls to tip to give the throbbing member that extra inch. She turned to Felicia with an enthusiastic gaziantep masöz escort bayan smile to discover, again, that the girl did not share her excitement and was trembling for the wrong reasons. “Shucks, did I make them too big? I always forget that for humans girls, bigger is better only until a certain point. Tell you what, you can practice your deepthroat with my arm; I’m pretty skinny, so it’s a good warm-up.”

“Um, actually… gluck, huuugh, huuuhm.” Felicia tried to say something about the epiglottis before her jaw was pried open by an elbow. Her teacher’s entire forearm had plunged down her throat.

“Sometimes, the element of surprise is the best way to get over cold feet. If your sexual partner hesitates too much, just shove it in.” A few students wrote that down as their sex education teacher began moving her arm like the coupling rod of a locomotive inside the wide-eyed girl’s throat. She did not stop as she spoke.

“OK, boys, since I already got you all primed and ready, you might as well put those erections to good use. You said you had experience, right? Then I want you three to practice an intermediate technique: the triple anal. Triple anal is, ahhhh, it’s just heaven. Every cock in a girl’s ass is a multiplier for pleasure, but it can be tricky to find a good position for three people back there.

With Miss Lust giving instructions as she fisted Felicia’s esophagus, the three boys were able to contort around their classmate’s backside with cocks pointing as her quivering asshole. Felicia could not scream, not with the entrance to her stomach being fingered, but some of the other girls gasped for her when the teacher gave the go-ahead, and the eager boys pushed their monster cocks through the same tiny opening. 

At first, the rectum could only house one cock at a time so the anal invaders had to work out a rhythm of penetration, but the pace was quickening and Felicia’s asshole was ever-expanding. The class was watching, stunned and silent, for the entire seven minutes it took for the cocks to work their way balls-deep into an ass stretched out like a vase. 

When all three erupted thick milk into her bowels, Felicia remembered something about succubus-primed ejaculation lasting hours and wondered if they would be done before her cello lesson.

“Good job, guys! Keep it up! I want everyone to get in groups of six and practice your triple anal. Any girl waiting their turn to get their ass destroyed should practice their rimming. I’ll be doing the rounds to give more challenging sizes to the boys as soon as figure out a way to get my arm out of this tight throat.”

“Excuse miss, shouldn’t we be using condoms?” A boy with thick glasses and greasy hair asked.

“Eww, no. Girls want to feel the flow of your hot cum running through their bowels. Wearing a condom during the exam is an automatic fail.”

Murmurs and shuffles stirred in every corner of the classroom. Panties dropped, groups formed. Cocks and tongues began penetrating assholes with no hesitation. Even Felicia was putting her hips into her anal demise. They didn’t know there was going to be an exam… 

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