Stuck For The Night


“They are never going to let me out of here,” Karen typed into the computer.

“Want to get a room with me and spend the night?”

“That’s a great idea!” came the reply from Karen’s new friend Bill. “I need to finish some things up myself, it’s already 8:00 and it’s raining. At this rate I won’t be home before 10:00, so not going home at all won’t be a surprise, let me call my wife”

One hour later Bill had already been to the grocery store and picked up a bottle of champagne, some fruit and cheese and was standing outside the Marriott dialing the phone. “Karen, what, I mean where am I going? I mean where are you?” his voice crackled like a 13 year old. “what’s the matter lover? Having problems talking?” Karen teased.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny, I’m just a little nervous, can you blame me?”

Karen had already made a quick phone call to a business acquaintance that managed the hotel. The room was on the top floor, a suite with all the trimmings. A football ticket and a couple free rounds of golf last year had paid off. It always amazed her that the idiot who had her job previously had never made friends with anyone “some people just don’t get it” she thought to herself.

There was a knock on the door and Karen used her sexiest voice, “Come on in, did you run all the way here” she said as she opened the door. “Uhhhh, … room service” replied the red faced kid. “Just put it right in here” Karen said as she turned her back buttoning her blouse back up. “Put it right in here?” thought the young man, “I would LOVE to put it right in there” he mummbled to himself.

“Ummm, I didn’t order anything” Karen told him. “Compliments of the management, ma’am” “oh, please thank Jeff for me, okay?” she said as she scurried into the other room looking for her bag to find a couple bills.

“Helllloooo,” Bill said as he walked through the open door wondering if he had the right room.

“Bill, can you take care of the nice young man out there” Karen yelled from the other room.

“Take care of him?” He’s really not my type” Bill joked

“Yikes, that is DEFINITELY not what I had in mind” thought Büyükesat Escort the kid as Bill gave him a wink and pulled a $10 bill out of his pocket. “God Damn that guy is lucky” the kid cursed as he pushed the cart down the hall.

“Open up that champagne!… Did you miss me?” Karen was yelling from the bathroom over the sound of the water pouring into the bathtub.

Bill dropped his brown paper Safeway bag on the floor. “Guess that was a wasted five minutes he thought to himself, then again… Hmmm, maybe not” as he looked at the champagne bottle and pulled his own bottle out of the bag. “well save my bottle for later, just incase I spill a little of this one” he thought to himself as an evil grin crept over his face.

“Jesus Karen, I’ve been chasing you for two months on the computer and calling you on the phone every day. Now I’m in the same hotel room and I can’t find you!” Bill said as he stuck his head into the bathroom and then around the corner looking into the bedroom.

“Oh man, what the fuck have I gotten myself into now” thought Bill as he seriously wondered what was happening. “Karen, cut it out, where are you?”

As Bill turned back toward the sitting area of the suite, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. With a bottle of champagne in one hand and a pair of glasses in the other, Bill was sort of caught defenseless. “Hey sexy, nice tie” Karen said as she slipped it off his neck. “Hey, cut it out, let me look at you!” Bill said trying to turn one way then the next. Karen just laughed at him, hiding behind one shoulder, then the next. “Just relax” Karen said stripping the tie from around his neck. As Karen pulled the last of the tie off Bills neck and unbuttoned his shirt, she had an evil idea come over her. With a quick flip of the wrist, Karen had Bills glasses off and the tie over hi eyes as a blindfold.

“No, No, No, No … that’s not fair!” Bill protested.

“Come on honnneyyyy, I’m just having fun with yoooou.” She said in that cute southern tone. “Now don’t take it off!” she said as she slipped away.

“Ohhh Beşevler Escort Bill … come here!” Karen squealed as she kept an arm length away.

“I can see your feet and I’m gonna…” Bill said as he tried to jump forward the grab her, but unfortunately, the champagne and glasses made it futile.

Karen hit the light switch as she ran out of the room. “I’m in heeeere” she cooed. Bill fumbled his way across the room bumping into the side of the bed and following Karen’s voice. By the time Bill made it to the bathroom, Karen was behind the door ready for another attack. This time she grabbed the bottle away from him and set it and the glasses on a ledge next to the Jacuzzi tub. “You are a BADDDD girl” Bill said as he felt Karens hands unbuttoning his shirt and belt.

If I didn’t know you had to wear this same suit tomorrow to work, I would have pulled you straight into the tub” Karen said as she ran her hands under Bill’s T-shirt.

“Oh my God Karen,” Bill said as he felt Karen’s bare breasts against his back when she pulled his undershirt off.

“Mmmmm, you are as excited as I am.” she said, slipping a hand down her lover’s pants and letting Bill turn toward her for their first kiss. Bill was out of his mind, this woman he felt he knew so well, was in his arms, their tongues were intertwined and both of them were moaning and sighing as if neither had ever been kissed before. He wanted to look into her eyes, but his senses were already overloaded taking in everything that was happening between them.

“If I had known you kissed like that I would have met you a month ago” said Karen as she came up for air.

She kissed her way down Bills chest and slid his pants down. “Mmmmmm” Karen said as caressed him through his boxers. “God I love the feel of a man when he is hard like this” she said as Bill kicked his shoes pants the rest of the way off.

Karen stood up and took Bills hand, stepping into the tub. “better loose these” she said as she Bill pulled the elastic band out and over Bills erect cock. “Hmmmm, here is a good way to lead you Cebeci Escort around” she said pulling on his member as Karen slid into the water bringing Bill in with her.

“Come on, can’t I take this off now” Bill said pointing to the blindfold who’s end was now in the water.

“Hee, hee, guess we’ll have to find you a new tie for the morning” she said slipping her wet body across bills legs and letting her chest hang down to brush his cock. Karen lifted her head up to meet Bill’s lips and they kissed again. Bill slid down the side of the tub into the water and wrapped his arms around Karen’s back. Karen lifted her leg over Bills erect cock and settled in next to him in the big tub one leg across his body and one hip on the tub’s floor.

Bill and Karen never wanted the kiss to end. Karen fumbled for the champagne and finally gave up and broke their second kiss. Karen scooted up to pour some champagne and Bill took the opportunity to kiss her breasts now inches from his face. “Ohhhhhh, Bill” Karen said she put down the bottle and ran her fingers through his hair.

Karen finally decided to end Bill’s misery as she slipped the tie off his head. ” I thought about making you wait until after you had made love to me, but I wanted to look into your eyes too much” Karen said as she leaned down for another kiss.

“God, you are more beautiful in real life than I ever imagined in my fantasies” said Bill. As they both stared into each others eyes between kisses.

Bill ran his hands across Karen’s face, combed his fingers through her hair and just smiled. Another Kiss, and more caresses. Karen grabbed the champagne off the ledge and took a sip, then offered the glass to Bill.

Taking some soap and a lathering his hands, Bill ran his palms across Karen’s Breasts and Belly, her body sitting between his legs by then. Bill was nibbling at her neck and ears as Karen moaned in enjoyment. “I can’t wait to be inside you” Bill said as he ran his hand over her mound. “I’ve been dreaming about you night and day ever since I found you on that damn computer”

“I want to taste you. I want to make love to you and cum inside you but never stop. I want to feel your orgasm all around me. I want to wake you up in the middle of the night to make love to you. I want to fall asleep in each others arms with my cock still hard inside you. I want to take you like you have never been taken before”

“Take me Bill. Take me, please”

To be continued…

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