Strawberries and Cream


Jimmy came in the front door, leaning against it to shut it, just resting there for a moment with a tired sigh. I could tell he’d had a rough day to round out his rough week; his salt-and-pepper hair bore the evidence of many frustrated finger combings. He dropped his laptop bag, just letting it stay where it landed, and his keys rattled in the ceramic bowl on the oak table in the foyer as he dropped them in.

As I padded in my stocking feet down the entry hall towards him, he was in the process of loosening his tie. I worked the knot the rest of the way out, letting the ends dangle over his chest as I reached up to unbutton his top two buttons, standing on tiptoe to meet his lips with mine. “Welcome home, sweetheart,” I said in between the nips I was taking on his luscious bottom lip. “Tell me about your day. I can look at you and tell it was a hard one.”

As Jimmy told me about the endless briefings and meetings, as well as the demands people were placing him on top of that, I worked on getting dinner on the table. Since I had something special planned for dessert, dinner was to be light – chicken and wild rice with baby portabellas, and spring green salads. A Chardonnay was breathing on the counter. I decided it could breathe a little bit longer as I stood in front of Jimmy just as he was finishing his account of his day. I traced a finger over his lips, looking up at him, knowing he could see my love for him in my eyes. The back of my hand caressed over his cheek, my fingertips brushing over his eyebrows before tunneling through his hair, smoothing with love the locks that had been mussed in frustration the better part of the afternoon.

When my hand reached the back of his head, I gently pulled it down, bringing his lips to mine. Softly I kissed him, brushing my lips against his before applying just the slightest bit more pressure. As my pink tongue slipped out to tease his lips, a soft low moan escaped his lips, and I could feel his desire twitch against me through my thin silk skirt. His arms tightened around me as his tongue twined with mine, renewing that sense of oneness we always find with each other. This time it was my own moan that reverberated between our mouths as I pressed myself against him, rising up on tiptoes in my attempt to erase any distance that would separate us.

After many long minutes, I stepped back, breaking the kiss. With a warm smile up at him, I said, “Dinner’s gonna get cold. Will you pour the wine while I serve?”

“Of course, sweetheart,” Jimmy replied as he took the wine glasses out of the cabinet. The sounds of wine gurgling out of the bottle underscored the scrape of metal spoons against metal pans as we worked in tandem to get dinner on the table. Stealthily, Jimmy crept up behind me, and my mind barely had time to register his heat against my back before I felt a little of the slightly cool wine against that special spot on the back of my neck. A single drop started to ease down towards my back, but it didn’t get far before his hot tongue captured it, following the trail the drop had taken, before his lips kissed where the wine had originated, gently sucking that one place that he knows makes me tremble in his arms.

I rubbed my bottom against his rigid cock before slipping out of his arms with a teasing look over my shoulder. I placed the plates on the table, and Jimmy followed me over with the wine, groping my ass after he set my glass down beside my plate. As we ate dinner, I told him about my day, which had been emotionally charged, but not stressful. I’d spent three hours facilitating a family meeting of one of our patients, and I told him about their struggle to accept their loved one’s terminal status and the tensions between them. Most people would hate my job, but walking beside people in this way always charges me and can energize me for hours. I knew the wine wouldn’t calm me down very much, and Jimmy was in for some attention from his Lady who’d be going strong for quite a few more hours yet.

After dinner, we cleared the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher before retiring to the living room with our refilled glasses of wine. I shimmied out of my skirt, leaving myself wearing only the tank top I’d worn over it, a lace thong and stockings. From his spot on the sofa, Jimmy just looked up at me appreciatively as he continued to sip his wine. I sauntered over to him, leaning over to take his wine glass out of his hand. My breasts anadolu yakası escort swayed under my shirt, giving him a clear view of the ample cleavage while leaving the tips still hidden from his view. Once his hands were empty, I started unbuttoning his shirt, slipping each button through its hole, kissing his furry chest as I exposed more and more of it to my heated gaze. I left his shirt on him, but open, and used my tongue to follow the intriguing line of hair down his chest and over his belly before the button of his trousers stopped my progress.

Stepping back, I unfastened his pants, allowing the heel of my hand to rest briefly over his bulging fly, gently putting a little pressure on it, rubbing it in small circles. His zipper rasped down over his cock, and I could see the circle of moisture on his silk boxers, evidence of his desire. I pulled his pants off, pausing only long enough to place nibbling kisses along his shaft through the silk, feeling it jerk and throb under my lips. Reaching up, I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it aside, leaving my Love clad only in now-tenting grey silk boxers.

I sank down to my knees in front of him, letting him feel my warm breath against his swollen member. I raised my eyes to his, giving him that look that I know he loves, the mixture of wide-eyed innocence and sex kitten, particularly when his cock is throbbing against my lips, right in front of his field of vision. My hands reached up to caress his chest, paying special attention to his small brown nipples, tight and puckered with his desire. I scraped my fingernails over them, sending electric arousal arching through his torso to his cock. My hands slowly glided down his body, my fingers tangling in the hairs on his muscular chest. I rubbed his belly before finding his deep belly button, which had been the subject of a lot of my attentions in the past. Maybe this time, but that wasn’t my priority this night.

When I came to the silk waistband of his boxers, I hooked my fingers along the sides, tugging them down, exposing his throbbing cock to my gaze, the slightly cool air chilling the precome dripping down the shaft. He raised his hips and I pulled them down and off, carelessly tossing them, letting them join the rest of the clothes on the floor. His hard member was in front of me, taunting me with its tumescence, teasing me with the dripping precome that I knew was for me and me alone.

My head dropped down, lapping at his bulbous head with my tongue. As I raised back off of his head, a string of my saliva mixed with his precome followed before it broke, creating a drop to land on my chin. I went back down on Jimmy, taking his thick penis deep into my mouth, the tip nudging the back of my throat. My hand cupped his huge sac, gently massaging the heavy balls within.

“Oh, gawd, baby, that feels so damn good! Mmmmmmm I love fucking your mouth. You’re so hot!” Jimmy exclaimed over and over.

Once more I looked up at him, my warm brown eyes turning golden with my own increasing desire. I massaged his balls a bit more firmly, putting the exact pressure on them that I knew would excite him the most. As I did so, I sucked his cock more avariciously, going up and down, my low moans of excitement blending with the light slurping noises my mouth was making around his thickness.

Taking all of him into my mouth, I dropped my tongue down to wind around the base of his shaft, teasing the sensitive skin there. He grabbed the back of my head, holding it in place as his hips raised up off the sofa, thrusting his length deeper into my mouth. I lubed a finger with the heat and moisture of my mouth, then tenderly, slowly slid the finger deep inside his tight pucker, curling it just so it’d stimulate his prostrate, working it in and out as I continued to suck him. The first hot jet of come surprised me, as it came without the warning to which I was accustomed. I met the following spurts of his white-hot explosion with my eager mouth, greedily sucking down the passion he was giving me, drinking his salty-sweet nectar until I’d milked the final drops out of him. As his aftershocks rippled through him, I felt his bum hole tighten around my finger, squeezing it as my pussy had done to him many times in the past.

I placed soft kisses on his belly, occasionally lapping up a stray drop of come that ventured atalar escort sluggishly out of his deflating cock. I removed my finger from his ass with the same gentleness with which I’d inserted it, knowing that skin would be tender. His hands, which had moments ago been grabbing and pulling at my hair, brushed it from my face, caressing my cheeks and gliding, just with his fingertips, across my lips. I smiled up at him, whispering, “I love you, Sweetheart,” before planting soft kisses against the palm of his hand.

I unfolded myself from between his legs, heading to the kitchen by way of the powder room. It was time to make this dessert I’d been planning all day. I mixed the ingredients I needed in the top of a double boiler and cut up fruit while they melted together. I placed pineapple chunks, thick banana slices and cheesecake squares on a plate. The strawberries were huge, some of the largest ones I’d ever seen, but I decided to leave them whole. Finally, the chocolate mixture on the stove was about done. Jimmy just looked at me questioningly as I took the plate of fruit and the base for the fondue pot into the living room and placed it on the coffee table. When I returned a second time from the kitchen, the scent of warm chocolate trailed behind me, and realization dawned in his eyes.

While I’d been in the kitchen, Jimmy had placed some floor pillows beside the coffee table, and I sat down on one, patting the one beside me in silent invitation for Jimmy to join me on the floor. I speared a pineapple chunk with the fondue fork and dipped it into the melted chocolate before bringing it to his lips. He blew on it to cool it down a little before eating it, his face rapturous as the juicy pineapple and rich chocolate mingled on his tongue. Knowing how much I love strawberries, he picked one of the large red fruits off the plate, holding it by the delicate green hull between long, thick fingers. He dipped and swirled it in the chocolate, coating the tip. Jimmy cooled it slightly with his breath before touching it, just barely, to my lips. I tried to grab it with my mouth, but he pulled it back out of reach, leaving me with only a chocolate smudge on my lower lip, which I erased with my tongue. Again he brought it down, leaving a trace of chocolate on my lips before pulling the berry away. Before my tongue could dart out to capture the richness, his tongue seized the opportunity, licking and kissing the chocolate off my lips.

I was just settling into the kiss when he backed away, replacing his lips with the strawberry. This time when I opened my mouth, he rewarded me with a bite of the strawberry; my eyes closed and a blissful moan reverberated up from my throat as I tasted the sweet-tart berry and the sweeter chocolate. After I swallowed that bite, Jimmy dipped the remainder of the berry into the hot chocolate, granting me another bite, until the entire berry was gone.

Jimmy was reclining on the floor, looking every bit like a man sated and relaxed after a hard week. I took another of the large strawberries, dipping it into the fondue, then slowly bringing it towards Jimmy’s mouth. He opened up, expecting me to just give him the strawberry. Instead, I touched it to a flat, brown nipple, causing the little bead to pucker. I then coated his other nipple with the chocolate before setting the berry aside. My tongue found the double treat hidden by his chest hairs, and I cleaned all the chocolate off of him, lapping and sucking his nipples.

The strawberry found itself once more suspended over the hot fondue, held by only my slender fingers grasping the hull. I dipped the berry, swirling it once more through the chocolate, adding another layer to the tip. Then, using it like an artist’s brush, I painted Jimmy’s chest and belly with the chocolate, trailing it through the thick mat of hair coating his torso and following the seductive line that runs from the bottom of his sternum to his thick cock. Once more the berry found itself immersed in seductive brown sweetness before it painted lines and sworls around Jimmy’s shaft. Then, his body sufficiently coated for my taste, I trailed the strawberry back up his body to his waiting mouth, placing it against his lips, inviting him to take a bite.

Jimmy’s moan of pleasure at the taste became one of erotic pleasure as my mouth worked to clean up my chocolate artistry. My tongue licked and ataşehir escort laved, my lips kissed and my teeth nibbled at all the warm chocolate coating his sexy body. As my mouth found his once more hard, throbbing member, I worked the same oral magic on it as I had the rest of him, licking and sucking, tonguing and kissing all the dark sweetness from his delicious skin.

I was just getting into blowing him again, craving the taste of the hot fondue and his hotter come, when he pushed my head away. I looked at him, puzzled. He loves the way I suck him, especially when I drain him dry. “It’s your turn, Baby girl,” he explained. “Yes, sometimes you’ll let your Gentleman come first, but I could never come twice before I had a chance to pleasure my Lady. First of all, you’re wearing way too many clothes,” he said, looking down at his own naked form before his eyes swept over me with all my parts still pretty much covered.

I stood up beside him, and he lightly tugged on the hip string on my thong, bringing me closer to him. Hooking his thumbs into the straps resting on either hip, he brought my panties down, exposing me to his gaze. I knew he could sense my excitement and could tell how moist and swollen my pussy was getting, just from him looking at me the way he was. Once Jimmy divested me of my panties, he lightly caressed my mound before working his hands up and under my tank, hinting that he wanted it off of me. I complied, pulling the top over my head and tossing it on the pile of clothes. Now I stood before him, wearing nothing but my white lace bra and stockings. The bra was the next to go, as it’s always my second favorite thing to take off at the end of a day, right after my shoes. I propped a foot on the sofa, opening my bare pussy to Jimmy’s eyes, prepared to roll the first stocking down my leg. With a hand over mine, he stopped me, saying, “No, leave it on” in a voice that brooked no argument.

Once I was dressed as he wanted me, he gently tugged me back down to the floor, making me lay back on the pillows. He knelt between my legs, pushing my knees apart so he could gaze at my swollen petals, now unfolded to him. He reached over and took another large strawberry from the plate – the biggest one from the carton – pinching the hull off, then dipping just the tip into the fondue before gliding it over my excited clit. He licked the chocolate off, sucking my hard nubbin between his lips before flicking it with his tongue, not leaving a bit behind. Then he sucked the chocolate off the berry, cleaning it with his hot mouth.

Next Jimmy ran the strawberry between my folds, moistening it with my juices. The chill thrilled and excited me, and my hips arched up towards him. He brought it down, letting the tip rest right against my slit. My legs fell open further as his mouth descended to my clit, his warm breath a sharp contrast against the cold fruit. He drew my clitty between his lips in that way that makes me buck wildly beneath the hot onslaught of his mouth. My clit was trapped between his lips, and he sucked it like a miniature penis, the pressure from his lips around the base causing the blood to pool, increasing the sensitivity as it pushed out from under its hood. His tongue flicked the ultra-responsive tip as he pushed the thick strawberry into my waiting cunt.

I grabbed the back of his head, my fingers tangling in his thick hair as the strawberry stretched me, cool against my hot wet skin. He slid the strawberry in and let it rest there, stretching me wide as he continued to suck and tongue my nub. His tongue glided down between my folds, sliding into my slit to taste the strawberry buried inside of me, before coming back up to once more tantalize my throbbing clit. The pressure building inside of me was intense as he continued his ministrations. I was mindless, panting his name through parted lips, grabbing his head to hold his mouth against me. My hips were bucking against him, close to my orgasm. The tension inside me erupted into an explosive orgasm. My hips arched up as I pulled his face tighter against my pussy, and my loud scream bounced off the high ceiling. As I came, the strawberry shot out of my convulsing cunt, popping into Jimmy’s waiting mouth. He smiled as he chewed the berry, and I gave him a very satisfied smile, chuckling over his enthusiastic appreciation for the now creamy fruit.

After Jimmy swallowed, he leaned down to kiss me, and I could taste the erotic blend of Jimmy, the strawberry and my own essence. He rubbed my pussy, using his hand to soothe the still heated skin through the last of my aftershocks, his touch both easing the inflamed flesh and creating new waves of excitement. As my body finally calmed down, Jimmy drew me close to his side, and my head found that spot on his shoulder created just for me.

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