Stranger In The Night


After dinner and drinks at a local pub, we decide to take a stroll as our evening winds down. We have been talking all evening as if we are old friends getting together after a long hiatus.

The nervousness we both felt about initially meeting is gone, but as we stroll, there is an uneasiness about what may happen next. We stop at some point so you can point out something of interest and at that moment our eyes lock and not a word is spoken. I move my face closer to yours and tilt my head slightly as you do the same, I hold your face lightly in my hands and we meet in a most tender kiss. We separate slowly and look at each other without a word said and once again join our lips but with more reckless abandon this time. With our lips joined and our mouths open, we interlace our tongues like long last friends separated by time. Our arms and hands entwine as we pull each other closer as if to bring ourselves nearer then we possibly can. Our breathing becomes rampant as our kiss becomes more fervent and our bodies mesh from the desire to get closer. We part for a moment to catch our breath, but one look into each others eyes continues where we had left off. My hands pull you closer and travel down your back to hold your buttocks and pull you closer toward my mounting excitement which is evident by my obvious condition. As we once again come up for air, I shyly ask if you would like to join me at my room at the Hilton. In a breathy whisper, you say “yes”.

We travel to the hotel holding hands nervous as two teenagers, but are excited by the anticipation of the evening’s possibilities. We enter the elevator and find ourselves alone and we embrace while we travel upwards to my floor. I hold your hand as we exit the elevator and travel down the hallway towards my room with not a word said. As we enter the room, I remove your jacket and mine and you slip into my arms once again as we pull each other closer then before in a passionate tangle of tongues, arms, and bodies. I pull slightly away and begin to remove your jacket and mine and you slip into my arms once again as we pull each other closer then before in a passionate tangle of tongues, arms, and bodies.

I pull slightly away and begin to deliberately unbutton and remove your blouse as you offer no resistance. I pause to lightly kiss your fragrant neck and proceed to undo the clasp on your bra and release your breasts which ache to be fondled and caressed. Your arousal is quite evident by your panting breath and your engorged nipples. I run my hands over your breasts while I kiss your cheek and neck making my way ever so slowly down to your waiting rose-colored nipples. As I encircle your nipples with my tongue you hold my head in your hands. My hands move down and I hook my thumbs in your slacks and slowly pull them down and off after removing your shoes and stockings. On my knees yenibosna escort I reach up and draw your panties down and reveal your moist and eager love mound. I am tempted to touch and taste you but arise so I may disrobe and hold you in my arms flesh to flesh.

I start to undo my shirt buttons but you push my hands away and undo them and remove my shirt. You run your hands over my chest and lower them attentively to my belt and undo the buckle and gain access to the clasp and zipper on my pants. I kick off my shoes as you lower my pants around my ankles and lift each foot to help in the removal. You remove my socks and look up as my excitement is apparent by the straining material of my underwear. You put your fingers in my waistband and slowly pull them down with some resistance from my manhood which stands rigid. As you pull them down, my member stands at full attention as I am glad to be rid of my confining clothing. You run your hand over my excitement and lower your mouth and gently kiss the tip before taking the head in your mouth. After running your tongue around once or twice I gently pull you up so I can claim that kiss I wanted in holding your nakedness close to me. Our mouths and bodies embrace as I pull you closer to me, and our hands caress each others bodies as we are joined in a fierce and passionate kiss that has our bodies undulating against each other.

I slowly move you back towards the bed without breaking the kiss or the passion we have created. We part as I lie you down on the bed and lie beside you and continue with our kiss. We embrace and kiss as we entwine our legs together and rub up against each other in earnest. My hands travel to your breasts and encircle each as I make circular movements around each moving slowly towards your nipples and giving them a playful squeeze. I unlock my lips from yours and move my way to your ears and down your neck pausing briefly. I move lower to your breasts and lick each one around your nipples and drawing each one into my mouth as I suck and gently bite each one. At this point my hand has traveled to the source of your desire.

I run my fingers up and down to part your lips and gain access to your clitoris which I gently rub while mouthing your engorged nipples. Your hips start to thrust and meet the movements of my hand and I hear your breath start to quicken. I remove my hand and kiss my way lower to your waiting love mound. I position myself between your legs so I may use both my hand and tongue as I part your lips with my fingers to provide access for my tongue. I lower my head and taste your sweet nectar as I run my tongue up and down your womanhood. I target your clitoris and run my tongue over and around it to heighten your desire.

You now have both hands on my head as if to encourage me zeytinburnu escort on. You move your hips and catch your breath at those moments when I hit that most tender spot of your excitement. I replace my tongue with my fingers and plunge my tongue into you as if I was mounting you. Your gyrations and breathing become faster as my combined efforts bring you closer to a well deserved release. You push my head harder into you as you move more violently and a cry escapes you as you shudder into one of the most violent orgasms you have had in a while. You reach crescendo after crescendo before collapsing in a state of euphoric sexual bliss. I lie beside you while you regain your breath and caress your body as you slowly regain your composure.

You smile and beckon me up to lie by you as you begin to recover from your recent splendor. We proceed to cuddle and fondle each other when your hands suddenly wander to my hardness which has endured since our undressing. You stroke me slowly with light fingertips up and down my shaft while your other hand feels my balls which drives me wild with ecstasy. After a few minutes of your handling of my situation, your kisses move south from my lips to my neck. You slowly move down, kissing my chest and making a line of kisses down the middle of my stomach towards my burning desire. My member throbs in anticipation as I feel your breath on my glands. You once again circle the head with your tongue before encompassing my shaft in your soft warm mouth. As you fondle my balls in your one hand, your other hand holds me straight up so you can pump me into your mouth slowly up and down. You plunge your mouth down on me swallowing my length as your tongue glides along leaving an electric sensation nearing me to the brink. You stroke me up and down with your hand while you concentrate your efforts on and around the head of my penis.

I cannot take much more as I try to draw you up so we can couple in the traditional sense. You push away my hands and continue your assault with your tongue and hands. I feel the flood of desire approaching and tell you that I am about to spill my seed. Instead of backing off you increase your hand motion while sucking my manhood deep in your mouth. When I think I can take no more, you gently squeeze my balls as I cry out and release my essence into your mouth. You draw the last drops out of me leaving me well spent and in the afterglow of a tremendous climax. You move back up the bed and lie beside me and we collapse in each others arms in a contented lovers embrace.

It is not long before we start to hug one another and our mouths and tongues find each other in an increasing state of sexual fervor. I rapidly become aroused once again and raise my self up and position myself over you in order to gain access acıbadem escort to your well moistened valley. You reach down and grasp my hardness and guide it into your warm envelope of desire. I plunge deep into you holding myself still for just a moment to relish in your tenderness and quivering desire. You raise your knees up and apart opening up and giving yourself completely to me. I take long and slow thrusts into you as we start a steady rhythm, moving our hips and bodies in synch to each other. I increase the tempo as our breathing becomes labored and hook your legs in the crook of my arms, to fully expose and penetrate you to your furthest depths.

After some time, I feel my urge to erupt coming closer and want to prolong this exquisite pleasure as long as possible. I release your legs and gently turn you on your side facing away from me and bring your top knee up. I position myself between your legs and run my length up and down your womanly opening using your juices to lubricate my stiffness. I then slide easily into you and draw your knee higher as I plunge into you and feel you respond beneath me. As we start to fall into a comfortable tempo, I reach down and gently rub your enlarged rose-bud of a clitoris. I immediately feel you respond to this added stimulation as your hips respond in a more frenzied pace. We increase our thrusting and a moan escapes you as I run my fingers over your clitoris while sinking into you over and over. I feel you stiffen, and then start to shudder, as you are overcome by waves of desire and succumb to an earth shattering climax. You cry out as waves of pleasure pulse in your opening gripping me like a vise over and over as you grind against me trying to milk my very essence. I ride out your satisfaction and remain rigid but not moving as you start to relax in the after glow of our most recent union.

I slowly withdraw while you protest but I tenderly turn you over on your stomach. I spread your legs out, draw your knees up a bit, and position myself between your legs. I lie lightly upon you and align my hardness between your thighs and slowly insert myself into your waiting opening. You push back against me as I thrust into you feeling myself penetrate you to your furthest depths of desire. I do not last long and feel the heat rising in me as we increase our pumping of one another’s bodies into each other. I start to pump furiously into your deepness as I feel my orgasm growing near.

Feeling my urgency, you push back against me harder and reach down between us and take hold of my balls to rub and gently squeeze them. I cannot hold out any longer and take several final rapid thrusts into you before I plunge all the way in to your furthest depths and explode shooting stream after stream of my hot juice deep inside you. You feel my release deep within you and feel the sensations assault you and bring you to another satisfying orgasm. We lay still together in our unison, relishing our exquisite love making session we have just had. I slowly wither inside you and start to raise my self off you. I lie down next to you, side by side, drawing you into my arms. We lie like this for what seems like an eternity when I suggest we …………

To be continued

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