Straight Boy Makes Money Ch. 05


Last time on Straight Boy Makes Money – Harvey does a collab with a hugely popular gay man on the NoodMe app with hopes of getting more followers. During his collab Harvey found himself getting hornier and hornier as the two men touched each other and undressed. Harvey fingered Jimmy a little before Jimmy had Harvey on his hands and knees and used a dildo to fuck Harvey’s arsehole. Harvey ended up cumming whilst fucking himself with the dildo and with Jimmy’s cum over his back.

In the end, the still unknown MrGTop told Harvey that he no longer has a decision and that he is going to suck his cock!


No, no, no, no this can’t be happening!! Harvey panicked, he kept reading the messages from this MrGTop.

MrGTop: Harvey, I am not asking. It’s decided, soon you are going to be choking on my big, hard cock like the gay whore you really are.

Over and over he read the words and his heart raced. Harvey knew that this stranger had a whole lot of blackmail ammunition to use against him. So far, this MrGTop had been demanding but Harvey never expected him to go this far, to actually force him into a sexual act.

Harvey’s breathing become more and more erratic and his chest heaved up and down.

Come on Harvey, you need to calm yourself. He thought, he sat down on his bed and tried to get in control of his breathing.

I need to distract myself. He thought.

He grabbed his phone and called his girlfriend Daisy.

“Hey hun.” She said with a little giggle when she answered the phone.

“Hey.” Harvey replied, his breathing still a little loud.

“Is everything alright?” She asked, clearly picking up on his panicked nature.

“Yeah, just not feeling very well,” Harvey told her, “How are you?”

“Aww that’s shit to hear,” She replied sympathetically, “Yeah I’m good, just getting ready to go out with some of the guys.”

“Some of the guys?” Harvey questioned, still feeling jealous of all the time she is spending with these guys.

“Yeah, you know George and them?” She said back to him.

“You seem to hang out with this George a lot?” Harvey asked her without thinking. As soon as the words left his mouth he knew he was going to be in trouble.

“What’s that supposed to be Harvey?!” Daisy shouted down the phone.

“Nothing, I…” Harvey went to defend himself but she cut him off.

“You don’t trust me now? I cannot believe you!” She shouted.

“Please, Daisy, I’m sorry.” Harvey managed to get out before Daisy interrupted him again.

“No, you know what Harvey, it’s fine, I get it. Thanks.” Then she hung up the phone.

Oh, for fuck’s sake! Harvey moaned in his head, That’s only made things worse!! What am I supposed to do, I don’t want to suck a dick! I mean, I was tempted when I was with Jimmy but… wait, that’s it! Jimmy, I can talk to him about it!

Harvey went onto his chat with Jimmy and typed a message to him.

SlutHarvey: Hey Jimmy, is there any chance you’re free tomorrow to hang out?

It didn’t take long for Jimmy to reply, Harvey assumed that he spent most of his time on the app given that it’s his main source of income.

Jimmy30: Ready for round 2 already? Check you out!

No not that! Harvey said to himself.

SlutHarvey: I just need someone to talk to, please, are you free tomorrow?

Jimmy30: Of course, come round at midday?

SlutHarvey: Perfect, thank you!

Harvey put his phone down and realised that he had calmed down a little. He closed his eyes until he felt back to normal. He grabbed his phone and had looked at his chat with Jimmy, he scrolled up and once again looked at the video that was going to be put on of him.

He watched his body as Jimmy rubbed him all over, when he watched himself start to finger Jimmy he realised he was actually getting turned on.

Maybe I can distract myself with a wank? He thought.

Harvey lay back on his bed and carried on watching the video, he watched the part where it looked like he was sucking Jimmy’s cock.

Harvey remembered feeling Jimmy’s big cock pressed against the side of his head as he sucked on the dildo, he felt precum being spread on his cheek and to be honest Harvey did have a split second thought of just doing it.

By the time Harvey got to the point where Jimmy was pushing the dildo in and out of Harvey’s arse as he was on his hands and knees he was wanking furiously and getting closer to cumming. Then, a message came through that stopped him.

MrGTop: Hi there slut, so we are going to meet up in three days. I’m getting it all sorted.

3 days?! Oh god, what can I do?! Harvey panicked.

Getting this message from MrGTop and the panic coming back to him, Harvey stopped wanking and put his clothes back on.

Maybe Jimmy can help, he’s a big name on NoodMe, maybe he knows who MrGTop is, Harvey hoped.

CHAPTER altyazılı porno 2

Harvey barely slept for a minute last night, the whole time he was panicking over this MrGTop. He even tried to watch some gay porn to see if it turned him on, it didn’t.

He couldn’t explain it, watching himself with a guy turned him on immensely but looking at other men did nothing for him.

Harvey got out of bed and went into the living room to see his roommate Tom sat watching TV.

“Hey mate.” Harvey grunted as he walked towards the kitchen.

“Jesus, you look like shit!” Tom said to him, It must be obvious I barely slept, Harvey thought. “What’s wrong?” Tom asked him

“Nothing.” Harvey said to him then turned the kettle on.

“What are you up to today?” Tom asked.

“I’m erm, going out to see my family today.” Harvey lied to him, definitely not wanting Tom to know he is pretty much doing gay porn.

“Fair enough, when are you next going to see Daisy?” Tom asked him, his main attention on the TV though.

“I don’t know,” Harvey replied, “We had a bit of a fight last night.”

“Oh, is that why you look so shit?” Tom asked him.

“I guess.” Tom grunted, sitting down next to him with a cup of tea.

“So, what was the fight about?” Tom asked.

“I got jealous over her hanging out with this guy called George a lot, I didn’t mean to say anything it just came out!” Harvey told him.

“Ah yeah the old jealousy argument, that was always going to happen with her going to Uni though.” Tom said to him, “Have you met this George guy?”

“Yeah, he’s alright to be fair to him.” Harvey told him.

“Do you think he would try it with Daisy?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know, I mean who wouldn’t.” Harvey told him, knowing that Daisy was a ten out of ten, “He seems like a cool guy, I guess girls would find him good looking.”

“Hmm, you should go down there again. Say you want to make it up to her or something.” Tom suggested.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.” Harvey said back, his head feeling like a grenade had gone off inside.

An hour later, Harvey had showered, eaten and was getting in his car to go to Jimmy’s house. The entire drive he was trying to think of what he would say, Do I just tell him everything? Will he think that’s a bit weird though?

He pulled up outside of Jimmy’s huge house, he looked at Jimmy’s very expensive looking car and made his way to the door.

“Harvey, good to see you again.” Jimmy said when he opened the door.

Jimmy’s incredibly muscular arms pulled Harvey in for a hug.

“Hey Jimmy.” Harvey said as he was held close again to the larger man.

“Come in, come in.” Jimmy said kindly and they both headed into Jimmy’s large living room.

Harvey sat down again on his black, leather sofa and looked up at the giant TV that hung on the wall.

“No bag today? Guess you don’t want another dildo in your arse?” Jimmy laughed out but it only made Harvey more embarrassed, “Aww I’m sorry, I was only joking.”

“It’s okay.” Harvey whispered out.

“So, what’s going on?” Jimmy asked.

Then an idea came to Harvey’s mind. I can’t see a way to get out of doing what this MrGTop wants me to do without him leaking my videos and photos, but maybe, Jimmy can help me with knowing what to expect.

“I… I wanted to know more about what it’s like to…. You know… give a blowjob.” Harvey stuttered out, his eye locked to the floor as he couldn’t look Jimmy in the eye.

“Ohhhhh,” Jimmy said with a huge smile, “Been thinking about it after our last session?”

“I just…. Wanted to know.” Harvey asked, his face burnt red with humiliation with having to ask this.

I don’t want to suck a dick, Harvey thought, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Jimmy what was going on.

“Well…” Jimmy said, “It’s fucking amazing!”

Harvey lifted his head up when he heard that! I don’t know why, I just expected it to be horrible! Harvey thought to himself.

“R-really?” Harvey asked him, looking into Jimmy’s eyes as he smiled at the younger lad.

“Listen,” Jimmy said, he stood up and walked over to Harvey and sat down next to him. They were so close that their thighs were touching, although Harvey tried to move a little away, Jimmy just moved closer again, “Having a nice, hard cock in your mouth is so hot. To feel him twitching in your mouth because of the pleasure you’re giving to him. It just feels natural to have a warm, hard cock in between your lips.”

“I… I couldn’t imagine.” Harvey said, his hands playing in his lap with nerves.

“Well, you sucked on that dildo next to my cock, how was that?” Jimmy asked him.

“It was… alright.” Harvey told him, not wanting to admit that he did think of just sucking Jimmy’s cock in that moment.

“Please, I saw your hard cock and how you moaned around it,” Jimmy told him, “It didn’t take a lot for you to let me fuck your arse with that dildo.”

Harvey felt more mobil porno and more embarrassment hearing this.

“Oh god, I still can’t believe all that happened.” Harvey admitted.

Suddenly, Jimmy’s hand landed on Harvey’s thigh and gave him a squeeze.

“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Jimmy whispered.

Oh god, Harvey thought to himself as his cock started to grow in his jeans, Go down, please go down!

“I… I… I…” Harvey stuttered, unable to find the words.

Jimmy’s hand remained on his thigh, lightly squeezing him but strong enough to remind Harvey of how strong Jimmy is.

Then, Harvey felt a warmth breath in his ear and he sensed Jimmy’s lips just inches away from him.

“You really seemed to enjoy being covered in my cum as your arsehole was filled and you wanked your big, hard cock…” Jimmy whispered.

Oooohhh god, what is happening! Harvey thought to himself.

“I… I have a….” But before Harvey could finish his sentence Jimmy cut him off.

“Shhhhh, you don’t need to say anything.” Jimmy whispered.

“Oooooohhhh.” Harvey let out a quite moan when he felt Jimmy’s soft lips press against his neck. Jimmy’s wet tongue lightly touching his sensitive skin. Then Jimmy gave Harvey’s neck a light nibble from his teeth.

If Harvey’s cock wasn’t fully hard before, it definitely was rock solid now.

“I know what you want.” Jimmy whispered, his tongue ever so seductively running around Harvey’s neck. Without even realising what he was doing Harvey tilted his head to allow Jimmy more room to lick and kiss him.

As he kissed, licked and bit Harvey’s neck, Jimmy’s hand slowly moved up the younger man’s thigh until he had a firm grip onto Harvey’s cock from outside of his jeans.

“It seems you like this.” Jimmy whispered.

Oh fuck, why does this feel so good? Harvey thought to himself.

He couldn’t move, his body felt like it was going to explode from Jimmy’s effect.

“I should…” Harvey went to speak again, planning on saying he should go home but once again Jimmy interrupted him.

“Come with me.” Jimmy whispered but even in a hush his voice sounded dominant.

Harvey felt Jimmy grip onto his hand and stand up, bringing Harvey with him. Harvey couldn’t speak, This isn’t what I came here for? Harvey what are you doing, go home! You have a girlfriend!

Harvey kept arguing in his head but it his body followed slightly behind Jimmy and wouldn’t let go of his hand.

As they walked through the house, Harvey couldn’t help but stare at Jimmy’s muscular back and arms that were being shown off by his tight t-shirt.

“In here.” Jimmy said opening a door. He led the way and Harvey realised they were going into his very large bedroom.

“W-what are we…” Harvey went to ask but Jimmy stopped him again.

“Shhhh.” Jimmy hushed him, turning around and holding onto the younger man’s hips, “We’re going to take a quick shower together.”

Harvey stared at this big, strong man in front of him.

“O-okay.” He stuttered out, Okay?! What do you mean okay?! Harvey argued to himself.

“Good, now take off my clothes.” Jimmy told him.

Although Harvey’s head was screaming no, his body was complying with everything Jimmy was telling him.

Harvey’s hands grabbed onto the bottom of Jimmy’s t-shirt and peeled it over his head, unleashing his amazingly toned and smooth body.

I forgot how hot his body was, Harvey thought, Wait, did I just think he was hot?

“Now my jeans.” Jimmy ordered in a soft tone.

“Y-yes.” Harvey stuttered, he felt like his head was about to explode, not believing he was so willingly going along with this.

Harvey’s fingers fumbled around Jimmy’s belt until he managed to undo it. He slowly unzipped his jeans and with a little effort he started to pull them down. Jimmy’s hands remained by his side, not helping Harvey and then he realised he would have to get onto his knees to take off Jimmy’s jeans entirely.

Harvey never broke eye contact with Jimmy as he slowly knelt down in front of him. He grabbed hold of his jeans once again and pulled them down to his ankles. Then Jimmy helped kick them off.

Harvey looked up and saw Jimmy’s hard cock bulging through his tight boxers at eye level.

I’ve seen him naked before, this is no big deal, right? Harvey though.

“Take them off.” Jimmy told him.

Harvey looked up and Jimmy was staring at him straight faced. Harvey hated to admit it, but his cock was rock hard in his own jeans.

His hands were shaking but Harvey didn’t know if that was with nerves or excitement as he wrapped his fingers around Jimmy’s white, tight boxers.

He slowly pulled them down and Jimmy’s huge, hard cock sprung free in front of him. I almost forgot how big his cock is! Harvey thought, he saw some precum dripping out of the tip and wondered if he had gotten Jimmy horny.

Harvey pulled Jimmy’s boxers all the way off but remained on his knees, face to face with sex izle Jimmy’s beautiful, hard cock. He examined all over Jimmy’s cock, looking at every curve, every ridge, every vein. Harvey found himself lost whilst staring at it.

Drool started to form in Harvey’s mouth and he went to reach up and grab hold of his cock.

“Stand up.” Jimmy ordered.

Harvey’s mouth was slightly open and his breathing was heavy as he looked up at Jimmy.

“Stand up.” Jimmy repeated.

Without saying a word Harvey got to his feet and Jimmy grabbed onto his t-shirt and ripped it off from him.

Harvey stood perfectly still as Jimmy lightly ran his hands all over his body. His fingers teased and lightly twisted Harvey’s nipples.

“Ooohh.” Harvey moaned from his nipples being played with.

“Oh, you like that?” Jimmy asked, his mouth giving a half smile.

“I… I don’t know.” Harvey nervously replied, never having had his nipples played with before.

Jimmy’s thumbs kept circling both of Harvey’s nipples, forcing little high pitched moans from him as his cock twitched in his jeans.

Jimmy’s hands slowly moved down the Harvey’s jeans, he easily undid the belt and unzipped him. Similar to what Harvey did, Jimmy got onto his knees in front of Harvey and pulled his jeans and boxers off.

Harvey suddenly realised he was standing there completely naked with another naked man. Harvey looked down and saw Jimmy looking at his hard cock that was in front of his face.

Harvey’s body felt frozen solid, he couldn’t move or speak when he watched Jimmy’s hand reach up and grab hold of his rock hard cock.

“You do have a delicious looking cock,” Jimmy whispered as he slowly ran his hand up and down Harvey’s shaft, “I thought that last time you were here.”

“Oooohhhh.” Harvey moaned, Jimmy wasn’t wanking his cock. He was more gripping onto him and squeezing the head so more precum poured out of him.

Before he knew it, Jimmy stood back up and grabbed hold of Harvey’s hand again.

“Come with me.” He said and guided Harvey to the en-suite bathroom. Harvey couldn’t help but stare at Jimmy’s perfectly chiselled arse as he walked.

They entered the bathroom and Harvey watched in silent as Jimmy turned on the waterfall shower head. Jimmy entered first on his own and Harvey got lost as he watched the warm water trickle down Harvey’s amazing body.

“Get in here.” Jimmy ordered.

Oh god, is this really happening? Harvey thought to himself, but his feet moved for him and he entered the shower.

Although there was more than enough room for both of them, it seemed Harvey couldn’t move without accidentally pressing his body up against Jimmy. A few times he felt Jimmy’s big, hard cock hit him.

Harvey got himself completely under the water until he was soaking wet.

“Here you go.” Jimmy said handing Harvey the shower gel, “Clean me all over.”

“O-okay.” Harvey stuttered.

He looked Jimmy in the eyes as he squirted the shower gel onto his hands and rubbed them together.

I can’t believe I am about to wash another man in the shower, this is not why I came here! Harvey thought.

Then he reached forward and pressed his hands against Jimmy’s firm chest. He started to rub the gel all over his pecks and his abs until the white foam started to form all over his body.

This man is like a god, he must work out every day! Harvey thought, amazed at how chiselled he actually is.

As Harvey started to rub into Jimmy’s lower abs, his hand slipped down and he felt his palm run against the head of Jimmy’s cock.

“S-sorry.” Harvey said looking into Jimmy’s eyes.

“You know what’s going to be happening soon right?” Jimmy said looking into Harvey, “You don’t have to apologise.” He whispered.

“Oh… okay.” Harvey whispered, That’s it, I’ve just agreed to go ahead with whatever he has planned! Oh my god am I actually doing this?!

Harvey’s hands kept spreading the shower gel all over Jimmy’s body, making sure to spread it all down his arms.

“Now, clean my cock.” Jimmy told him.

“Okay.” Harvey whispered, he looked down and stared at Jimmy’s cock for a moment. It was so big, so hard, so smooth, so… beautiful.

He kept his fingertips on Jimmy’s abs and he slowly moved them down, further and further until his fingertips were touching the base of Jimmy’s cock.

With just his fingertips, Harvey started to spread the shower gel up and down Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy didn’t say anything, he just allowed Harvey to keep going. Harvey couldn’t take his eyes away from Jimmy’s cock.

As he kept running his fingers up and down the shaft, Harvey’s fingers started to move around until he finally took a grip onto the shaft.

This was the first time Harvey has ever held another man’s cock in his hands. He slowly moved his hand that was holding onto Jimmy’s cock up and down, in his head he was just spreading the soap around and not wanking him off.

“Mmmm, that’s nice.” Jimmy moaned out.

Harvey still didn’t look at him, instead he just watched his hand moving up and down Jimmy’s cock. He pressed his thumb around the head and spread the soap around and watched as the precum stuck to him.

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