Straight Best Friends Roll Together


This story features drug use, spontaneous gay kink, and straight guys being forced to think about their sexuality. If that isn’t your bag, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Finn was incredibly excited as the end of his shift at the restaurant quickly approached. He looked over at his friend Peyton who was standing across the dining room taking care of another table while sneaking him the occasionally bored yet excited look.

And that was because they had some very fun plans for that night after they got off work. They were going to take ecstasy and roll together.

The two had been friends for a couple of years now. They were in their mid-20s and worked as servers at a fine dining restaurant in LA. They hadn’t originally started out as friends, but over time the two guys found they had a lot in common and so a natural sort of bond formed between them as often happens when you work for a long time with the same people.

Finn was 27 and newly-wedded to a beautiful young wife a couple of years older than Peyton; he was still single and making time for all of the sexual adventures the world had to offer an attractive 24 year old guy in incredibly good shape.

They liked hanging out with each other, and after their hardest shifts, they enjoyed heading to a local dive bar to sit in silence and drink frothy, cold pints of therapeutic brews as they analyzed how their nights had gone, or to simply pontificate about life in general.

It was a solid friendship. They didn’t require any intense amount of each other’s time, but they were also there for each other when they needed. Men were easier like that.

The idea to take E had been one of those passing suggestions that one of them mentioned almost as a joke. They were chatting one very slow night about how much they both missed rolling. It had been a while for either of them—some forever-ago music festival or some crazy trip to Vegas—they could hardly remember the last time they’d gotten to enjoy the, well, ecstasy of the drug. But then the joke started to sound like a plausible idea. Why not take E together? That sounded pretty amazing.

They started to plan for when they could get together to do just such a thing. They wanted to find some night they’d both be off the next day so they could recover fully from the drug’s intense come-down.

There was an approaching weekend where Finn’s wife would be away visiting family and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. This way it would just be them and no one would have to put up with their silly, euphoric attitudes while they rolled but each other, and that was kind of the point.

The boys made plans for that Saturday night and as their shift came to end, they found themselves standing in the parking lot by their cars, giddy with anticipation.

Peyton went to his trunk where he’d packed all of his things. He grabbed the first two pills of the evening and handed Finn one as they stood there in the warm night air outside their workplace.

These were a particularly strong type of MDMA designed in the shape of a blue Transformer. They bumped fists in a sort of drug cheers and said something silly about allowing their brains to enter into some sort of hyper warp, then they said good-bye and got into their cars as they’d be seeing each other again in about 10 minutes.

Finn lived very close to work and they knew that they had about a good twenty to thirty minutes before the first affects of the pills started to tickle their spines.

Peyton parked at the sprawling apartment complex and Finn met him to help him carry in all of his things. He had party lights and glow-sticks of every possible shape and color. He had a bag full of incredibly soft clothing. He had basically every possible thing you could want when dedicating an entire evening to the magic of Ecstasy and friendship.

“Dude, I am fucking STOKED for this night we’re about to have!” Peyton said as he gave his friend a fist bump when they met at his car. They headed down to Finn’s apartment through the comfy night air and already there were the earliest hints of their body’s reactions to the powerful pills.

Finn had arranged the apartment for optimum ecstasy enjoyment. He’d pushed the couch against the wall and spread all of his softest blankets and comforters out over the floor with a barrier made up of just about every pillow that they owned. There were throw pillows and the memory foam versions from the bed and so on.

The laptop was set up and connected to the surround-sound speakers and they put on some chill mix of house and hip hop music as they got changed into their chosen outfits.

Finn wore a pair of soft, charcoal pajama bottoms with an equally soft cotton t-shirt. Peyton was in equally soft shorts and a tank-top.

They got large glasses of water and used the restroom and they fell in with the typical jokes they were used to lobbing at each other. The fun had already begun.

When they were fully settled in and Betturkey the drug had begun its earliest exploratory missions into the synapsis of their brains, they settled in at the base of the couch sitting opposite each other and the conversation spanned all sorts of interesting topics.

They talked about past experiences on E and what they were like on E. They talked about how great dancing was. They talked about lights and sounds and becoming open and intimate. They were guys so of course they talked about sex. They were just thirty minutes in and the conversation was already more open than they probably would’ve typically been with each other.

“Dude, are you feeling it?” Peyton asked as hey danced his fingers down his own legs in subtle little maneuvers.

“Yeah man, I’m definitely starting to feel it. Fucking pretty outstanding so far.”

“Yeah man, it’s incredible. Now remember, if you start to freak out at all we can go outside, and I’ve also go the chill out hat.” Peyton grabbed a big fuzzy, fur-trapper hat from the inside of his duffel. It was silly, but on ecstasy it would feel comforting and calming. It was important to have these types of elements when you rolled—anchors of sanity in the most intense of moments. MDMA kept you on a constant edge of being radiantly happy, but you had to make sure you didn’t allow your mind to become worried or paranoid. That’s why it was always important to roll with people that you knew or trusted, and both boys trusted each other immensely.

They turned most of the lights down and even lit a couple of candles which created plenty of light throughout the small apartment living room.

Peyton took out some light up finger gloves from his festival-going days and put them on.

“Hey, stare directly into my hands okay?” He said to Finn, and then began some amazing finger tracing in the air in front of Finn’s face. The lights danced around in his vision like a tapestry of razzle-dazzle interstellar ball-trippage.

“Fuck dude, that looks amazing,” Finn said in a sleepy trance.

They took turns with the gloves doing their very best to create interesting patterns in front of each others faces. Your eyes on ecstasy played tricks on you and light seemed to slow down and leave luminous residues in the air. It was like seeing ultraviolet for the first time, but in slow-motion. Their bodies melted into the high and they felt completely aloft as their endorphins spiked. Being on ecstasy felt like all of the butterflies that usually hung out in your stomach were doing lines of cocaine all over your body. It was rhapsody in blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

After a while they changed the music to another playlist they enjoyed and they began to delve into each other’s lives. They gave lots of advice on love and sex and work and the directions they were both headed.

They really cared about each other and each new topic of conversation was another excuse to tell each other how much they appreciated their friendship. Men are rarely so forthcoming about the importance of such things.

At one point the inevitable need to be touched came over them both and they found themselves facing one another on the blankets.

“I’m gonna put my hands here, is that okay?” Peyton asked, as he put his hands on Finn’s thighs, and of course it was. There was nothing sexual about it. This was par for the course when you were rolling—the want and need for human contact. Everything felt good and right about it.

“Of course man, absolutely.” Finn put both of his legs just over Peyton’s and rested them at his side as Peyton slid his legs underneath his friend’s to mirror him. They were sitting closer now which allowed for the conversation to become more intimate, even conspiratorial at times. Both boys rubbed their hands along each other’s arms or legs as they talked. It was just natural. There wasn’t anything weird about it. This was just what you did on Ecstasy.

As the talk drifted over to sex they both enjoyed regaling each other with some of the crazier things they had done in the bedroom. They also loved talking about all of the naughty sexcapades they’d engaged in while on E.

Peyton talked about the threesome he’d had with his girlfriend in his freshman year of college and her best friend. Finn talked about the kinky girl who would rim his ass while she jacked him off.

“That’s so fucking hot, dude!” Peyton said as he massaged his friend’s legs deeply while enjoying the idea of such a kinky girl.

“Dude, I feel so good right now. Your hands feel really good rubbing my thighs like that.” Finn said, and Peyton agreed.

“Yeah man, these pills are really fucking strong, definitely starting to feel the beginning of the roll right now.” Peyton stated.

“If there wasn’t such an intense hangover I would do this every fucking weekend!” Finn said as he smiled.

“Fucking yes, dude!” Peyton laughed at the idea of it, but he was in complete agreement. Betturkey Giriş It really was the best kind of high.

“Mmmm…I need the hat man.” Finn said suddenly, and Peyton grabbed his large, furry, Ushanka hat and placed it squarely on his buddy’s head. He pushed it firmly down and then put his hands on Finn’s shoulder and chest to calm him as he rubbed him softly.

“You okay?” Peyton asked, and Finn closed his eyes and enjoyed the way the floppy hat and his friend’s closeness seemed to instantly calm him.

“Yeah dude, whoa, you were right, the hat totally works. I’m like, instantly better.”

“Yeah sometimes the roll gets really strong and you just need all the comforts you can find so this hat comes with me anytime I do E. It’s a lifesaver.”

They continued talking and as the music changed over to a more chill house track, Peyton looked to his friend suddenly.

“Hey…I have an idea, do you want a massage?” Peyton suggested.

“Amazing idea, yes please, that would feel so good right now.” Finn said, and the boys situated themselves so that Peyton was sitting on the edge of the couch and Finn was sitting against his legs on the blanketed floor.

“Take your shirt off for me.” Peyton said, and Finn did so immediately.

This was the first moment through their roll that a quickened pulse hit Finn and caused him to analyze the situation. They were close so it wasn’t weird what was happening…but he had certainly never given his friend a massage, much less one where they were taking pieces of clothing off. Then again, this was the ecstasy doing what it did, so it was probably nothing.

Finn would’ve described himself as straight, but drugs have a funny way of making you think funny things, particularly drugs that make you feel incredibly horny and open with yourself and anyone who is around you.

Peyton was 6’1 and very muscular. He kept himself in great shape from surfing, yoga, rock climbing, and every other possible outdoor activity you could imagine. He slayed pussy like a knight that never stopped questing. He had all-American boy good looks—tanned skin, chiseled chest, geometrically admirable cheekbones, and a good set of finely coifed hair which he wore mostly trimmed and parted to the side. Finn on the other hand was around 5’8, he was also in fairly good shape and did just fine with the ladies himself, but his muscles weren’t quite as defined as his workout prone friend. He was a little skinnier with a more defined lower body from years of running and soccer.

As Finn felt Peyton’s strong hands kneading into his back muscles for the first time he gasped a little. The drugs and the skin on skin attention were all pretty spectacular in that moment. He placed his hands over his friend’s legs and held onto his hairy calf muscles while he was rubbed.

Everything felt incredible.

“Dude…I wish Bella was free tonight…we could’ve invited her over and gotten her to roll with us and then just fucked her all night.” Peyton said as his hands fully worked Finn’s relaxed body.

“Fuck, dude, that would’ve been amazing. A little Guy, Girl, Guy action.” Finn agreed. Bella was a particularly wild fling that Peyton had entertained himself with all that summer and the two of them had made their way through the various mind-altering substances that enhanced their various sexual kinks to the max. Finn had loved hearing these stories of their adventures.

“That girl man…she would take ecstasy and would turn into the biggest fucking freak I have ever been with. She would fuck a lamppost if she thought it would turn me on…God, she was so hot.” Peyton said, his mind wandering to his former conquest.

“I love when you tell me stories about her man, she was so fucking hot in those pictures you took of her.” Finn was thinking about her now too. Peyton had shown Finn some naughty photos she had sent him a few months back. She would snap naughty shots of herself with various sex toys and slutty outfits and then send them to Peyton when she wanted to have some fun.

The drug had revved the boys up a little bit and the sex talk was a big sign of that.

“She had the best asshole I have ever fucked…and she loved it…she would take my entire cock in her ass and wouldn’t complain at all, it was incredible because I’m definitely not small!” Peyton said now.

“How big are you?” Finn asked without even thinking about how strange the question might sound. He was imagining Bella bent over with a cock in her ass.

“I measured once when I was younger…about eight inches and change, and I’m thick too.” For whatever reason, Finn liked hearing his friend describe how big he was. He knew it was the drugs, but there was something kind of naughty and forbidden about talking about cock size so freely and without embarrassment with another masculine guy. Finn was very intrigued at the thought of his large penis.

“How big are you?” Peyton asked back.

“I’m about seven inches so you have me beat by one inch.” Finn said as he squeezed Peyton’s calves playfully. He didn’t know why he did that. It just felt right. Ecstasy was intimacy—you couldn’t escape how natural and easy everything felt—touching wasn’t off-putting or unexpected. They talked about each other’s cocks with ease thanks to their airy state of mind and relaxed euphoria.

“That’s still big, dude, well done.” Peyton complimented him as if it was something he had achieved. They laughed at that idea together.

“I think it’s definitely your turn, man,” Finn said as he got up. He left his shirt off and was just wearing the super soft sweat pants as he took Peyton’s spot on the edge of the couch and Peyton sat with his legs crossed between Finn’s legs against the base.

Finn began to give Peyton the same type of strong massage that he had gotten from him. There was a nearby bottle of Burt’s Bees lotion on the side table and he stretched out to grab that and squirt some onto his friend’s taut back. The music had created a really chill vibe and both boys were lavishing the attention they were getting from each other.

As Finn began to massage Peyton firmly, he was immediately struck by how impressively-sized his shoulder muscles were. Peyton was well built. Finn appreciated the power of his friend’s form and the way he was proportioned. Finn thought that if he ever fooled around with a guy, it would probably we someone that looked like Peyton—manly, clean cut, well-groomed. He wondered why he was thinking about that as his hands charted courses across Peyton’s trapezius muscles.

“Dude, you are so fucking ripped right now.” Finn said as Peyton closed his eyes and enjoyed the way his friend’s hands felt as they destroyed the recently formed knots in his muscles.

“Yeah…gotta give the ladies something to appreciate man!” He said and Finn laughed at that too.

“So, tell me more about Bella dude. Like, what did you guys do in bed?” Finn prodded his friend to keep talking about the incredibly hot girl he’d recently fallen in with.

Peyton described in great detail all the amazing sex he’d had with the girl at her apartment. As he spoke Finn’s hands continued to wander all over his friend’s defined frame.

He massaged his friend’s neck and head and Peyton liked that a lot. Then Peyton was a bit surprised when he felt Finn’s hands massaging his chest. It was surprisingly nice to feel his fingers drifting over his nipples and a set of pectoral muscles often forgotten for carrying their own kind of stresses. It still didn’t seem too weird though. They were just getting super close to each other to enjoy the physical awesomeness of their rolls. Skin on skin was just the best part of rolling in a lot of ways.

Finn found himself getting hard from listening to Peyton’s stories of Bella’s craziness. He wondered if Peyton was turned on from the drug too. He’d never been turned on before around another guy. It was fucking weird, but not, terrible he supposed. He’d just have to hide it a little, maybe.

Peyton would stop talking sometimes when Finn’s hands would push deeply into a stiff chest muscle from a recent workout. Finn could hear him breathing in and out deeply as he enjoyed the attention.

“Dude, that feels really good.” Peyton said, and Finn agreed. He was enjoying the way Peyton’s muscles felt in his hand. It was very different than touching a girl. Touching a guy felt a little scarier, but because of that, kind of exciting too.

Finn had to snap himself out of his daze because he was starting to go lower down on Peyton’s chest and he didn’t want to weird out his friend.

“Fuck,” Finn said as he sat back on the couch. Peyton turned to look at him.

“You alright?” Peyton asked.

“Yeah, sorry, I feel weird telling you this but like, the ecstasy has me really horny right now!” He said, even as he drifted his hands over his own chest and enjoyed feeling himself. He shivered a little from the way his light fingertips felt against his skin.

Peyton cracked up laughing. “Oh my God, thank god! I thought I was the only one!” They both laughed again together now that the top layer of ice had broken.

“It’s weird to admit that to another guy, but it’s totally the drugs—so don’t feel weird at all man,” Peyton assured him. “I always get stupidly fucking horny on E and I can seriously have sex on this drug like, all night.”

“I think it was a combo of the E and the really good massages and the stories about Bella.” Finn reasoned. Peyton glanced down and saw his friend’s hard-on outlined in his soft and thin sweat pants.

“Well, now that we’ve totally admitted to the embarrassing fact that we’re both horny, can we go back to all the awesome massaging and touching? Cuz that was making me feel really good! We should keep massaging each other and keep talking about stuff that we like or that turns us on. I’m not weirded out if you’re not.” Peyton said quite simply, and Finn felt a giant weight drop off of his back. Now they could hang out and not worry about what anything meant. They were on a very powerful happiness high and they could both relax with each other again and just enjoy everything as it was.

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