Story 02

Big Tits

“I really appreciate you making dinner tonight,” Ellie says as she puts a green bean into her mouth.

“Well, what else is there to do besides spend the evening with you?” replies Josh. Ellie smiles and puts her hand on top of his.

As she continues her meal, Josh slides his hand out from underneath hers and begins to slowly trace his index finger on the outline of her hand. Ellie looks up slowly at her hand. She raises her head more and leans in for a kiss; a small peck. She finishes her glass of water and stands up. She takes his plate to the sink and begins to wash the plates. He comes up from behind, slowly dragging his finger tips along the small of her back, across her sides and reaches her stomach to rest his hands under her shirt, just above her jeans. Ellie leans back, hands still in the sink, and kisses his neck softly but wet.

She leans back and smiles contently. He stands there, arms wrapped around her waist. She grabs the faucet hose and squirts him on his grey t-shirt. He yelps and tries to wrestle the faucet from her hands and finally turns the water on her, soaking her turquoise tank top.

Ellie laughs and shuts off the water, then turns to kiss him. Her breast press hard against his chest, nipples erect from the cold water and excitement. He slowly moves his hands up and down her back, occasionally slips them into the back of her pants to feel her bare ass inside. From this, Josh’s cock starts to throb. He grabs her ass cheeks from outside her pants and presses Ellie’s already wet snatch even closer to his raging member. Ellie moans slightly from feeling his cock pressing against her clit. They begin to walk backwards, sloppily kissing, Ellie pushing him down the hall towards the bedroom. She stops him in front of the door and stares him down seductively. She puts her finger up to her mouth making a “shh” noise. She opens the door to the bedroom and to his surprise; the bed is covered in plastic.

“What the…” he begins to say, but she silences him by placing her finger on his lips.

Ellie pulls him bilecik escort into the room and looks at his somewhat confused face. She sets him on the bed, which makes a noise like a plastic bag. She stands in front of him and leans in to take off his t-shirt. She throws it on the floor and proceeds to pull her tank top off. She throws that to the floor. This reveals her chest sitting in a black lacy wire bra that just barely covers the nipples, so much that a little bit of pink sticks out of the top. Josh just sits back in amazement and confusion. Ellie slowly crawls on top of him and straddles his pelvis, pressing her hot box on his large erection.

“Reach into the middle drawer and pull out everything in there,” she says, “I’m sure you’ll like what you find.”

So Josh scoots up on the bed a little more and reaches backwards into the middle drawer on the dresser. He pulls out 3 bottles of liquid latex and a towel.

“OH, god, I… wow.”

“Hehe, I thought you would like it.”

Josh begins to undo her button and zipper on her pants. Ellie rolls on her back on the mattress as he takes her pants off. He tosses them with the other clothes and proceeds to do the same with his pants. Ellie lays there in a black bra, nipples half exposed, and a mesh black thong exposing her wetness. Josh breathes in her aroma and gets on his knees on the side of the bed.

He begins to lick the top of her left foot dragged his tongue up her calf, licking her knee, kissing slowly up her thigh leaving traces of his saliva up her whole leg. He kisses on the inside of her thighs which is wet with her juices. And slowly licks around her snatch. Ellie lays back in pleasure as he gets closer to her. He drags down her black thong off her legs which leaves her exposed to both their delights. He pets the top occasionally flicking her clit with his thumb. Ellie shivers, gripping the plastic.

He kisses her left pelvic bone, licks all the way over to her right one. He drags his tongue around her belly button, manisa escort often tugging the bottom of it with his pinky. His mouth makes its way up to her chest as he licks the top half of her nipple and then lower half through the thin lacy material. He pulls the material down, exposing both breasts. He places his mouth on the left nipple, while slowly caressing the right one, stopping once and a while to tweak the nipple.

Josh soon meets his mouth with hers. As they exchange saliva, Ellie massages his hard cock through his blue boxers. He moans ever so slightly when she moves her hand near the tip.

Ellie then pulls her head away from his and smiles. She grabs a bottle of the liquid latex and hands it to him.

“Where do you want me to pour it?” Josh asks.

“Start here,” as she points to her stomach just below her breasts.

He pours the black thick liquid on her and slowly spreads it around; on top of and just under her breasts. He pours more on her chest and spreads it around, covering her top like a shirt. He pours more on her belly and covers her more, reaches her wet crotch and pours it on her thighs around it. As it begins to dry, Josh anticipates their fucking even more. He completely covers her legs, ass, back and front.

Ellie smiles as her body is black except her snatch. Josh just looks back and takes a deep breath. He sits down next to her in bed and grabs a section at her leg, begins to pull off, showing her skin. He completely uncovers her right leg, and then moves onto the left.

He leans over her to un-peal her side stomach and ass he begins with the lower tummy then drags the direction of the latex towards the back. Josh turns her over and slowly takes off the latex on her ass. He smacks it after it is fully exposed. Ellie giggles and moans at his action. He continues to take off the latex on her back.

Ellie’s body is completely naked except her chest which he works on next. But now, it’s coming down to the wire and Ellie gets anxious to fuck.

“Just mersin escort take it off now, get the latex off of me, I want you to fuck me so bad right now, I need to feel you inside me.” She says.

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, Josh quickly peels off the rest of the latex and presses his body on hers and then kisses her yearning mouth. She reaches down to pull off his boxers and to expose what she’s been wanting inside her this whole night. Josh kicks off his boxers and positions his cock to tease just the front of her willing snatch. She moans with each tease.

She grabs his hair and pulls his head close to her. She whispers in his ear, “Fuck me, fast. I want you inside me, now.”

With that he raises her pelvis off of the bed a bit and thrusts his member, burying it inside her, she moans loudly. Josh grunts with the first thrust. He quickly turns her around and she sits on top of him. She leans closely to his chest as he inserts. He buries even deeper into her snatch thrusting slowly, but he remembers how she wanted it fast. He gets two slow thrusts in and then begins to push harder and faster. As he does this, she places her hands on the bed post, gripping them tightly. Josh grabs her side and her ass as he fucks her. He moans as he feels her tighten around his throbbing hard cock.

He pulls out and changes her position to doggy style. They move quickly and he puts his cock back into her hot box, meeting almost like two magnets pulling each other together. Her hands are still on the bed post she moans and breathes harder as he pounds her. A squeak of delight leaves her mouth as her twat tightens around him; his cock reaching her g-spot with every hit.

She moans even louder now and manages to say, “Oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

With her louder noises and tight pussy Josh begins to moan more now. Knowing he’s going to come soon, he thrusts faster than before.

“Oh, yeah baby, oh shit,” she says. She lets out a loud moan as she feels her intense orgasm. Shivers twist through her body causing her legs to shake. She then feels his last thrust as he comes inside her.

Ellie feels the warmth of his come inside her as she takes her hand off of the bed post and supports her body. He pulls his cock out and lets out a sigh. They lay next to each other, sweaty and sticking to the plastic on the bed.

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