Stormy Night Ch. 03


This is a continuation of a true story that took place a few years ago during Hurricane Charlie.


The night went by like a restless journey on an uncomfortable bus. The wind continued to howl and you could hear the cracking sound of branches breaking. Somewhere around 4 am I got up and inspected the house for damage. The back corner of the house had sprung a leak, so I moved the furniture and pulled the carpet back and placed buckets to catch the water. Once daylight broke the storm had mostly pasted on except for an occasional band of rain that pasted through. I went outside and inspected the damage. I could not see any major structural damage to the house just several shingles missing from the roof where the leak had developed. Throughout the day I worked at putting tarp on the roof at places that I thought might prove to be a problem later. We also helped the neighbor’s tarp their roofs.

My sister-in-law, Susan, pulled some meat that was now thawing in the freezer and fired up the grill and started cooking. We invited some of the neighbors to join us with some beer that was still cold somehow. After everyone was gone, we cleaned up from dinner, got he kids to bed in the same room, and we sat in the living room couch and listen to the radio.

We did not speak of what had occurred the night before but there was an uneasy silence between us. At soon as it got too dark to make it worth staying up any longer, Susan got up and said she was going to bed. We had filled the tubs in the house so that we could have water to wash with. Susan went into her bathroom and took a wet towel bath.

The reason I knew that was because I stood at her bedroom door and watcher her. She left the bathroom door open. I’m not sure if she did it on purpose or not, but at one point she looked up and saw me standing outside her bedroom.

She smiled at me but continued to wash. Surprisingly, she did not close the door.

I went to the other bathroom and stripped down and did the same. I washed with a wet cloth and soap. Brushed my teeth and even zenci escort gaziantep bayan attempted to shave with cold water.

Once I was done, I wrapped myself with a towel around the waist and went back to living room. I heard her moving around in her bedroom with the door still opened. I went to the doorway and looked and saw that she was turning down her bed. She too was wrapped in a towel.

Her skin glowed in the gleam of the light of the kerosene lamp. I cleared my throat and asked in a sheepish way if I could borrow some boxers from her husband because I had no more clean cloths.

She looked back at me and smiled and said “sure there are some in that drawer over there”, pointing to a large dresser on the far side of the room.

As walked over, from the corner of my eye I could see her remove the towel and crawl into bed with just a light sheet covering her. I took a pair of boxers out of the drawer and turned to walk out and notice that she was sitting up in bed with the sheet down around her waist and her perky breasts exposed.

She made no attempted to cover up. I stood there almost frozen in place.

She smiled and said, “Do you need something else?”

I was still speechless unable to remove my gaze from her sweet tits.

Again she spoke softly, “Would you like a closer look?”

Almost as though I was floating across the room I walked towards her and sat at edge of the bed still looking at her breasts. I lowered my head and softly kissed each nipple until they stood straight out. I looked back up at her and she was smiling with her eyes closed. I kissed her lips softly and she opened up her mouth and our tongues met.

We held this embrace for a few long tender moments and then she broke if off and looked up at me and said, “I want you in me.”

I removed the towel, pulled back the sheets and crawled into bed with her. She opened her legs to receive my body. We continued to kiss as my cock found its way into her wet pussy. escort bayan gaziantep It was a slow pace to start with but the deeper I pumped in her, the quicker the pace got.

She was moaning in my mouth as I kissed her. She then wrapped her legs around my waist and began to move her body in rhythm with mine. I could feel her tightening her pussy muscles around my cock and her moans grew deeper and longer. She threw her head back as the pace became intense and I could feel her coming.

That was enough to get me off and I began to fill her pussy with hot cum. I fell breathless on top of her and she gently milked my cock with her pussy until it slid out of her dripping pussy. We kissed and hugged for awhile and talked about how awesome that felt.

About an hour later she looked at me and told me how good it felt when I licked her ass the night before.

She said that nobody had ever done that to her before. It was awesome. She asked if I could do that again.

I said, sure, but only if I could try something with her that I had ever done before either.

She asked what that was, but I told her that when the time came I would tell her and I promised that if she did not want to do it I would not force it.

She rolled over on her stomach putting her ass in the air. I moved down and started to lick her pussy that was still leaking my cum. I moved up and I licked her ass and she moaned and shivered. As I licked her ass I played with her clit with my thumb. She started wiggling in excitement. I could tell that this would not last long and before I knew she was crying out in strong climax. She buried her face in her pillow so as to not wake up the kids.

Once it subsided, I moved up took my now reinvigorated cock and placed at the opening of her pussy and put it in. I started to pump her slowly but increasing my pace the deeper I went. I could feel my balls slapping her clit.

She was moaning again. After a few minutes of pounding her doggy style, I pulled out much to her disappointed.

She complained, “Don’t stop please.”

I said, “I want to try something now. If you don’t want to I will understand.”

She asked what?

I took my wet, hard cock and placed at the opening of her ass.

The moment she felt that she looked back at me with wide eyes and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Something I have always wanted to do, but I won’t if you don’t want me too.”

She turned her head back towards her pillow and slid back her ass toward my cock. I slowly worked the head of my cock into her virgin ass. I couldn’t tell if her moans were now from pleasure, pain, or both. I took it very slow and just pushed in when she relaxed.

It took a while to get just half of my cock in her ass. It was so tight that it actually hurt a bit going in, but her fine, sweet ass kept me motivated. I wanted to see my cock buried deeply in her ass. I kept working it in slowly not backing out too much so as to not cause her more discomfort. Finally I was in almost up to my balls. I started move in and out slowly at first until she got used to it.

She started to moan a little and I could feel her hand on her pussy and occasionally I guess just to feel what it was like she would reach back and touch my cock as it was humping her ass. She started fingering her clit harder and moaning loader. I quicken my pace. Her moans were driving me crazy. Her sweet little ass in the air and my cock buried in it were also driving me wild. I reach around her waist and grabbed her tits cupping them as I humped her. This threw her over the edge and she climaxed with me in her. Her ass muscles tighten and I thought she would drain the blood out of my cock.

I kept pumping as she continued to shiver in excitement. Finally, I’d had all I could take and unloaded in her ass. We both collapsed on the bed trying to catch our breath.

She looked over at me and smiled saying, “Wow, I never knew that would feel so good.”

“Me neither, I said.” We laughed and kissed.

“And to think it took a hurricane for us to discover this…” she said between kisses.

We fell off to sleep and the next morning her husband arrived and I left to go check on my house. In the past four years we have snuck off a couple of times and repeated the performance with different variations. But that is another story.

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