Stolen Smile Ch. 02: Weekend


The week that followed was eventful, fall term midterms were in full swing and I spent several sleepless nights writing a paper on Community funded health organizations, editing a project for my group on nonresidential zoning permits, and working 20 hours a week delivering pizza. It hadn’t been without its highlights. Alyssa and I had texted at least once a day since Friday and several photos had been passed back and forth along with a fair amount of dirty talk. Though our first encounter had been somewhat vanilla, I had an inkling she was spicier than she let on. Her skills at working my cock had been just a little too smooth. Not that I was complaining of course, she was talented; and honestly, a girl’s body count was nothing I really cared much about. While I might have some niche sexual fixations, virgin breaking was certainly not one of them.

At long last, Friday arrived. As 3pm neared I anxiously watched the clock mounted over the automatic dish sanitizer, it’s face fogged by the nearly nonstop clouds of steam that poured from the monster we named ‘Hobart’.

“What burr is up your bonnet?” asked Daniel, our prep cook. “You’ve been clock watching for the last half hour.”

“Well, maybe I’m just tired at looking at your ugly ass” I countered with a wink.

“Go on, git!” he snapped a dish towel in my direction with a laugh, dismissing me for the day. I didn’t need to be told twice.

Hanging up my apron and punching out, I felt like I floated through the leaves that littered the sidewalk on my 5 block walk home.

By 3:15 I was roaring west down highway 99 once again. Unlike last week, the weather was not cooperating, it was feeling much more like fall. Rain flecked my windshield as the solid gray sky sprinkled the valley with rain.

It took me circling the campus parking lots twice to find an available parking spot that didn’t require a parking pass. As I killed the engine, I picked up my phone.

“Just arrived! Ready for tacos?”

I was surprised when the reply was almost instant: “Be down in 5! :)” I smiled, I was already horny. Alyssa had assured me that this weekend her roommate was spending it with her boyfriend in Corvallis and wouldn’t be disturbing us.

She appeared shortly; she had chosen a flirty but reserved black dress that just passed her knees. She smiled and waved as she approached my truck, all but jumping into the cab she greeted me: “Hey!”

“Hi there, you look nice!” I responded. Up close I noticed she had done her makeup to compliment her hair. Mascara, pink eye shadow, and some contouring gave her a grown, sophisticated look. A silver, glittery necklace hung above the cut of her dress. I wasn’t perhaps as subtle as I could have been, she smiled “Like my outfit?”

“You’re very dressed up. You’re sure you still want tacos?” I teased. She would have fit right in an upscale steakhouse in my opinion.

“Haha, always. This girls’ always ready for some” she gave me a flirty look and I understood the double entendre with a smile as I merged onto Pacific Hwy.

We chatted as we passed through downtown. She pointed out points of interest. A coffee shop that had a particularly good chai, a bar she’d been to with friends, things were starting to feel more comfortable. We had texted a lot the past week and I had gotten to know much more about her. And the more I learned, the more I liked.

We pulled into the cramped parking lot of what had clearly once been an Olive Garden that had been resurrected as a familia resturante. I was excited, these were the best kind of places. Where the chips and dip were endless, the portions huge and the pours heavy. The inside was a classic Mexican family restaurant. Painted a violently bright shade of yellow with fake plants, parrots and vistas of Mexican country sides painted on the wall and mariachi music playing slightly too loud.

“Two?” Asked the hostess, who must have been 15. “follow me…”

For a Friday evening it was about half full. Families out for dinner at the end of the week, a table of tired looking construction workers, simultaneous girls and guy’s nights out. We were sat in a booth at the end of the hallway, near the door to the kitchen. The hostess dropped off two menus and wandered off.

Debating what looked good revealed more about Alyssa. Was she going to be one of those girls who just gets a salad? I would have been surprised. Her knowledge of kitchen craft, especially the minutia of handmade tamales led me to believe that this was a girl who enjoyed making and eating food that wasn’t also the preferential diet of rabbits. Was she one of those people who ordered everything with 5 out of 5 stars spicy? You can get to know a person pretty well just by sharing a meal.

“Check it out” she pointed to the menu, “They have molé! I love molé”

“Isn’t that the sauce that’s like spicy Incan chocolate?”

“Aztec” she corrected “And it isn’t always spicy. I bet you’d like it”

“I’ll try anything once” I winked suggestively. It’s true. Especially in the bedroom.

She raised an eyebrow and then laughed knowingly. “Well, I hope you’ll try this, because I am definitely ordering it.” Punctuating her declaration by closing Anadolu Yakası Escort her menu with a snap.

Catching up on the topics of school, part-time work at the different restaurants we both worked at, it was laid back and easy. We’d already gotten to know each other preliminarily, and the conversation flowed. As we reached the bottom of our basket of chips, a waiter came by and refilled our water glasses. We placed our orders; I had a hard time deciding between Carnitas Jalisco and Carne Asada but was satisfied with my choice. Alyssa ordered a margarita, and we handed our menus over as he disappeared into the kitchen.

“So” Alyssa asked in a suggestively lowered voice, “What have you tried? You know…more than once”

I shook my head and smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know weather girl.”

“Mmmm, I bet it’s dirty. Is it? I bet you’ve done some fucked up stuff” she said with a devilish grin. In the restaurants low light, I caught the faint glint of her hardware and I could feel something inside me stir.

“Okay, well….I’m not much of a kiss and tell–“

“Oh how noble, a real gen-til-man” she interrupted in a sanctimonious voice. We both laughed. “Okay, I’ll guess. Ummm…have you had a threesome?”

“What!?” I was taken aback by the gumption of her question. “Haha, who do you think I am??” Not that I didn’t think it was hot, nor was I opposed; I had never been given the opportunity. “That is something I have yet to try. What about you?”

She smiled, showing me my first good look at her braces for the evening. Fuck. I had been thinking about those nonstop for the past week. I had definitely gotten off probably 3 times that week to the photo she had sent last Friday. I had had filthy thoughts about what could happen tonight.

“Yeah…maybe.” She continued upon seeing my stunned expression: “It was my freshman year. My teammate and her girlfriend” A nervous giggle followed as she ran her bright pink hair behind her ear. “So?”

“Really?” I paused “interesting…. An all-girl threesome. Not what I was expecting”

“What were you expecting?” She asked with a raised eyebrow “Something more…penis-ey?”

“Hahahaha, is that even a word?” She was funny. “I definitely want to hear more about” that I teased. “Three girls, hot-damn!”

“Okay, well, you’re too good at dodging my questions to get any more information right now. What’s the wildest place you’ve done it?” She pressed.

That one I had an answer for, and a good one at that. “Oregon Zoo” I fired back immediately “We did it in the reptile house.”

Her jaw dropped and stunned silence was filled with the chatter of the restaurant.

“No fucking way.”


“Oh my God. How?? Didn’t everyone see you? Where’d you do it?”

Before I could answer, the waiter arrived with our drinks and assured us our food was almost ready.

“Okay, well…” I began as she sipped her margarita, her eyes glued to me. “I was kinda seeing this girl who worked at the zoo as a habitat maintenance person. And when you work at the zoo, you’re allowed to let people in for free, so, one of our dates was to the zoo, and she gave me a…. uhh… behind the scenes tour.”

“That’s unbelievable.” She looked shook. “Was it like…. In a habitat? Were you in there with a snake or something?”

“Hahaha, not at all. Honestly, it was in a maintenance room where they store all the habitat stuff they don’t need. Dead branches, ropes, etc.” Her head had tilted in a knowing way when I said ropes. I needed to remember that. “What about you? What’s your crazy story?”

She took breath and dawned a faraway look before coming back to the present. “Arches National Park. My ex and I went hiking out to one of the arches and found a secluded spot off the trail and decided that was a good place for some….”

“Funny business?” I finished.

“haha, yeah. Wouldn’t recommend it though.”

I scrunched up my face. “Sand?”

“Yeah, it was bad”

“Well, to less sandy sex” I toasted as I raised my glass and they met with a resounding clink.

We both took a drag and let the moment simmer. I was enjoying this, and I could tell she was comfortable in the conversation as well. That was important. It was only a second date, and if we were being honest, perhaps a genuine first one at that.

“So,” she continued. “Did you like the photos I sent you?” Damn this girl was horny.

Midweek, as I had been sitting in my Communications 339 class, I had received about 4 photos in rapid succession of Alyssa in the shower. The first was taken from an angle that showed just her back, ass and hair. Hiding her face but promoting her sizeable rib tattoo. The second had been of her looking at the camera with a smokey expression, similar to those seen in fashion magazines. The stereotypical “sexy” look, her tits covered in lather, her hands softly cupping them, her lips slightly parted. But it was the 3rd and 4th photos that had really captured my attention, for starters, the point of view had shifted to the perspective of the shower head, where she was forced to look up in a very submissive angle. In the 3rd photo she had pressed her tits together Avrupa Yakası Escort and looked very doe eyed at the camera in a very classic “who, me?” face that lied of innocence. Coupled with her curves and cleavage, it had been a struggle to maintain a straight face in lecture. The fourth photo was unfair and completely disarmed me. I had walked straight home after class to immediately stroke my cock it had gotten me so riled. She was kneeling on the shower floor, the camera obviously positioned right above her, her legs spread with a hand on her pussy spreading her dark skin to expose the pink folds inside. Her face was one of relaxed ecstasy I had seen once before. Her tongue sticking out, licking her upper lip, and exposing her braces. The message had not been clearer: ‘fuck me. Cum on me’.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t paying attention to the lecture anymore” I finally answered. “You know how to get my attention.”

“Mmm good. I couldn’t stop thinking about Friday all week. I need another orgasm like that.”

“Oh yeah? I think we could probably find time” I joked, pantomiming checking my watch.

Just then our waiter approached with an oversized tray with dinner, and we hastily suspended our steamy conversation until we were sure we wouldn’t be overheard. We ate and laughed for the better part of an hour, I tried her Molé enchiladas, and was surprised with how familiar, yet unusual the dish was. We laughed and shared anecdotes about professors, classmates, and every student’s shared dread of the group project.

After 2 drinks I decided to ease up as I did have to drive us home later that night, but Alyssa had another and I could see the blush in her cheeks begin to glow. Thirty minutes later we left the restaurant, my arm wrapped around her shoulders, partially for affection, partially for support. The sky had faded to black, stars were visible between clouds that loomed overhead. She looked up at me and puckered her lips for a kiss. Obliging I returned the gesture and she softly moaned. Standing next to my truck, a quick kiss had turned into an impromptu parking lot make-out session. My arm in the small of her back, hers wrapped around my neck, it was a cute moment.

20 minutes later I cajoled my Toyota into a spot between a beat-up Honda civic and little old Volvo sedan.

“–anyway, I guess I just feel like she’s being dramatic about the whole deal. We all wish we had had more court time last season. I don’t know why she thinks she’s special.” Alyssa concluded, complaining about her teammate who had apparently started quite the stir after lamenting about their time and seniority on the team. She took a deep breath and shifted her gaze to me; “Haha, rant over. Sorry.”

“It certainly sounds important” I added, having very little experience with collegiate volleyball team dynamics to say the least.

“Not really, it’s just drama. We did so well last year, our coach has been optimistic, I’m just soooo tired of her.” She sighed, then smiled. “Thanks for listening”

“Of course. I like listening to you, you have a nice voice.”

“A nice voice??” She asked “I hate my voice!”

“We all do. I dunno, it just makes me happy.” Yeesh, I was getting kind of sappy. I wasn’t bullshitting her though, her voice was nice. Soft and feminine, but not squeaky or high pitched like some girls modulated their voices.

“What else do you like about me?” She asked with a hint of suspicion “My ears? Or elbow?” She was giggling now “Or my spleen?”

We were both laughing now. I did an igor impression about harvesting her precious spleen and we dissolved into a laughing fit.

“Well thank you. I like your voice too.” She finally said, catching her breath from laughter. “It suits you.”

“Yeah?” I asked softly, intentionally trying to change the mood. The windows were beginning to fog up, and I figured we might as well be doing what everyone would think would happen in a truck with fogged up windows on a college campus. “You know what I like the most about you right now?”

“Tell me.” She matched my lowered, almost bedroom voice

I leaned closer, put my finger on her chin and lifted her lips to mine. She met my lips softly and we held a kiss that sent electricity down my body. It felt so intimate in that moment. She shifted closer to me on the seat, and we continued to kiss. Her tongue gently pressing against my lips and our kissing became more passionate. I could feel her breathing intensify as she slid closer to me. Her hand on my neck, she pressed into me. I could feel her braces through her lips with mine and it turned me on. All the dirty thoughts of the week were passing through my head as my hand moved from her ribs to her right breast, cupping her and gently squeezing. She softly moaned and I knew I had permission to turn up the heat.

I kissed her hard as I wrapped my right arm underneath her, shifting her body, rotating it towards the dash, positioning myself on her left side. With my left hand, I began to pull her dress up and ran my hands up her thigh. Her only response was to moan again and thrust her tongue inside my mouth. I could feel her hips rise as my hand reached the top İstanbul Escort of her thigh. I felt the softness of her skin, she had shaved her legs recently, something I appreciated, and hopefully her pussy would be too. Last week had been a bit course. Though I hadn’t mentioned it, I did prefer the soft, smooth feel of the skin around a pussy. With a shock I realized that my fingers were wet. I was already pressing against her aroused labia. I hadn’t encountered any underwear, and that got me hard. Our tongues were dancing between each other’s mouths as we moaned together. My fingers curling inside her soft, very wet pussy as my cock grew stiff under my fly.

Now not many people know this, but right inside a woman’s vagina, just above the opening is a patch of nerves that when aroused become enlarged and almost sandpapery in nature. This is the key to excellent fingering. It is a delicate dance of exploring her most sensitive areas, taking care not to overstimulate any one part so it becomes painful. As I curled my index and middle finger inside her, I felt her pussy pulse with arousal. Slowly I rubbed up and down, concentrating on the areas around her entrance, finding her spots and responding to how her body reacted. Before long Alyssa pulled away, gasping for a breath and moaning aloud. Her face in a grimace of pleasure, her pussy growing wetter by the second, we were well on our way to another orgasm and I hadn’t even touched her clit.

“Yo, someone in there is getting’ it!” Came a guy’s voice from outside. We both froze as my stomach filled with dread.

“How do you know?” came a second voice.

“Brah, the windows are all fogged up. That’s how you know” responded the first guy. He then howled like a coyote and a chorus of laughter followed. Glancing at the locks, I was relieved to see we were secure in our foggy little bubble. The voices receded as we sat frozen, our eyes wide.

“Maybe this isn’t the best place for this” smiled Alyssa, the streetlight glinting off the wire stretching across her teeth. I was so turned on, I would have fucked her on the hood of my truck.

“Shall we go up to your room?”

“Oh shit, you got me so fucking wet” teased Alyssa as we climbed the stairs to her dorm. I turned around and winked at her. “Hot damn.”

No sooner had the door to her dorm room shut than was she kissing me hard. Both her hands gripped my face as she held me against her in an aggressive embrace. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned back, lifting her off the ground. She squeaked in in surprise and gracefully wrapped her legs around me. Moving my hands under her legs to support her, we stood in the corner of her dorm, breathing hard, tasting each other’s growing excitement and lust.

“Put me down” she whispered. I complied and she dropped to the floor. Without hesitating she sank to her knees and attacked my belt. Ripping the leather out of the way to unbutton my jeans. With a delighted gasp she revealed my already hard cock. “There he is.” She kissed the tip. Looking up at me “I missed him.”

Before I could reply she took him in her mouth and I was lost in a symphony of sensation. She moaned a long low sound that I felt in my cock as her tongue explored the underside of my head. Her eyes closed in relaxed enjoyment, she began sliding her mouth up and down my shaft, ever further with every stroke while I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes” I moaned. This was incredible. Pausing for a second, she rested the tip of my cock on her tongue, looking up at me with her dark, brown eyes in a smolder. I took a mental picture of this perfect moment; my cock perched on her tongue, her chin and lips beginning to accumulate drool, and several strands of spit and precum stretched from my head to her lips. She flashed me the quickest smile and went back to sucking me with renewed vigor. I could feel myself getting even harder as my head hit the back of her throat as she took me deeper than she had previously. A gagging sound escaped her mouth as I impulsively put my hand on the back of her head, I briefly prevented her from backing off my cock and felt her gag against it. A moment later I relented, she pulled back and coughed, spit hanging from her mouth and chin as she gasped for a breath. I was afraid I had gone too far too quickly and anticipated her reprimand. Instead, what followed was one of the hottest things someone has ever said to me:

“Do that again.”

The rush of arousal that I felt made me lightheaded as my cock bulged and flexed with approval. This time I wasn’t shy. I grabbed Alyssa’s hair in a fist making her moan as I pushed my cock deep in her throat. Her mouth relaxed as I stretched deeper. I felt her tongue protruding, lubricating my length as it entered her glorious mouth. Her eyes began to water and squeezed shut as she gagged on my cock. I could feel her throat throb around my head as she gagged. It was an ugly noise, but one that was incredible in that moment. I backed off just enough to let her relax her throat and breathe. Repeating this filthy action three times, each time extending the amount of time she gagged and spluttered around my throbbing cock, I was edging closer to orgasm. When I pulled her head off my cock, her makeup was running down her cheeks, her lips coated in a froth of spit and precum, with ropes that dangled, hanging from her chin and braces. This was better than I imagined, and consciously reminded myself not to cum. We had a long night ahead of us.

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