Stiff Kid to Smooth Lover


We’ve been together since high school. I was 14, she was 16 then. She was the one who taught me how to love. I knew how it is to be loved and to love because of her. Ah, Yna. My one great love. My home.

As I key in the letters in my fone’s SMS menu, I can’t help smiling. I can’t get enough of her. Depeche Mode’s song keeps on running in my head, I let out a silly grin. She always makes me feel this way. I teased her with my message, almost daring her. And she gamely played along, challenged by my constant prodding.

“Can you keep up with me?” she asked. I teasingly answered, “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

And from then on, I knew everything will be different.

We agreed to meet up at a place where we could spend time alone, by ourselves. I arrived early at the terminal, glancing at my watch, it was only 6:30 in the morning. I am 30 minutes early. I let out a sigh. Can I really do this? I asked myself. I have been physically intimate with one girl in my entire lesbian life. Yna doesn’t know that. And now, I am almost trembling at the thought of it all. What if I failed to please her? What if she laughs straight to my face? What would I do? A pat on my back jolted me back to reality. I stood sex izle in awe as she smiled at me and said, “Let’s go?” I nodded, dumbfounded. God, she is beautiful.

The ride was refreshing, with all the scenery along the way, it helped me relax a bit. I was thinking of climbing the summit of the mountain. Can I sustain the hike?

“Hey there poet, where are you?” I looked at her and smiled coyly, “Oh, I am sorry. I was lost in my thoughts.” She touched me gently and said, “You’re trembling.” I felt stupid. I regained consciousness at once and said, “You’re beautiful Yna.” I watched her as she blushed, shaking her head, “No, look at me I am fat. I’m not the Yna you used to know way back in high school. But thanks, I am glad you think so.” I reached for her hand, squeezed it lightly as I smiled at her. My voice lowered, “You are beautiful and I am going to make you believe that you are.” My eyes looked straight in hers.

We got off the bus and walked hand in hand, straight to the reserved room. I took one look at her, smiled and winked without saying a word. After locking the door, my hands moves to her neck, gently massaging. I watched her close her eyes. I couldn’t believe that I am with her. I have longed for her alt yazılı porno my entire life, resigned to the fact that I cannot have her. For she has already tied the knot. But here I am, with her. Alone. I run my fingers through her hair, moved closer as I inhaled her scent. I miss her so much, I still remember her scent. Her scent that I have always dreamed of, searched for, yet never found in another. She leans her head back while releasing a soft moan. That made me feel relieved. It encouraged me to continue. And I did.

Slowly, I gazed into her eyes, waiting for her move. That certain look gave herself away, and I gently kissed her. Parting her lips with my tongue. Teasing her with my feather like kisses, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled me back onto her, as our tongue fooled around. Finally, I allowed my fingers to run through the curves of her body. My eyes travel down her body, and saw the twin mountains that I wish to climb. Again, the question in my mind bothered me, “Can I do it? Can I sustain it?” Her nipples were erect, begging to be touched. I bit my lip and run my tongue over it. Anticipating the moment I take them with my parted lips. And willingly, I obliged.

My altyazılı sex izle free hand moves to her thighs, slowly creeping, massaging the insides of her thigh. I can feel her burning. Her breathing changed as my hand contiues to roam higher up her thigh. Willingly, her legs part making way for my hand. I can feel myself throbbing down there. My fingers found their goal, they gently brushes against her clit. I felt tickled by the softness and wetness of her womanhood. It felt good and made we want to stroke it more with my feather like touch. The moment seemed like an eternity as I felt her clit harden at my touch. She inhales harshly, and from then on I knew she wanted to come. I shifted my moves. I comtinued stroking her while positioning my legs in between her. I let her rub her now swollen and begging clit to my strong and sturdy legs. And then nice and slow, I thrusted forward. Gently at first, then picking up the pace. She let out a very sexy moan almost like a scream as I continued thrusting my legs in between her wanting clit, faster, harder alternatng motions as she flushed and let out a long and wild scream. She came again and again until she told me stop. “Please, I could not take it anymore. My whole body is sore.”

Only then did I stop. I kissed her gently as I smiled. “Come here, I want to tell you something.” And so, I put my ear near her mouth as she whispered, “You know what? I don’t see you as a kid anymore.” I smiled at her and thought to myself, I’m not a kid anymore.

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