Stepmom Lust


No, I never had any sexual adventures with my stepmother, but at 39 years old and being married for 12 years, I still fantasize about what, I wish, could have been.

She moved in with us (dad and 2 brothers) when I was young, she brought her 2 boys with her. I didn’t get along with her. She wasn’t my mom and I didn’t want to listen to her. As the years went by I despised her more.

When I was 18, I was gaining some respect for her. At this point, I somewhat understood what she went through to take care of us. I was starting to only think about girls at this point of my life and noticed that this woman was attractive. No, she wasn’t the bombshell that some folks write about. She was of average size, red haired, pale complexion with freckles on most of her body.

My lust for her was first seeded when her and I were going to the store together. She got in the car and was wearing a sundress. She leaned over from the drivers side of the car to put her purse on the floorboard next to me. When she did, I glanced down her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her dress was loose enough for me to see her full C cup sized tits. To this day, I will never forget the site. Her pink nipples and I noticed she had “watermelon” shaped breasts. Narrow near the chest, bulbous in the middle, and rounded near the nipples. I, instantly, got an erection. Fortunately, my erection subsided before I had to get out of the car.

From this day forward, escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli I would try to notice things about her, but I was not obsessed…not yet.

For the next year, I would not be fortunate to see much more of her, although I would find myself jerking off and referring to that first view of her tits.

When I was 19, my lust for her escalated greatly. She would walk around in nightgowns that would go down to about the middle of her thigh and usually some cleavage showing, or she would wear loose fitting night gowns that went down past her knees. Sometimes, she would wear her robe. One day I was sitting on the couch and she was in the kitchen, I got up to make a sandwich and dropped a jar. It shattered and she came over to help me pick up the pieces. She was wearing a loose nightgown and I couldn’t help but look down the front of it as we cleaned up, her tits were swaying just a foot away from me. I cleaned with her and stared. When she got a paper towel and started wiping the floor, the motion of her body made her lovely breasts swing back and forth, her nipples rubbing against the cloth. When we finished cleaning, I rushed to my room and jerked off so hard that my cum shot up to my face.

This started my “stalking” phase. When dad worked at night, I found myself not going out with my friends that much in hopes that I would see more of escort gaziantep yeni bayan Mom’s treasures. I would lay on the living room floor to watch tv so that when she walked by, I could glance up her nightgowns. It took weeks for me to figure out the right angle on this without being caught. She walked by and I peeked up, finally, I saw her beautiful, red haired, pussy. It was a quick glimpse, but enough for me to go the bedroom and play with my cock again. I would strategically sit in certain spots depending on the time of day and what she was wearing. She owned translucent nighties and in the mornings, I would sit on the couch opposite of the window so that when she walked by or let the dog out, I could see through her nighties because of the sunlight.

One night I got home late and quietly went to my room, my parents were in bed and I was hoping they wouldn’t notice how late I was. When I layed in my bed I could hear her moaning. I sat by their bedroom door and could hear them having sex. I could hear my dad fucking her hard…she was moaning loudly and I could hear flesh hitting flesh. I closed my eyes and imagined I was the one making her moan, that it was my stomach slamming against her ass as I fucked her from behind. I stroked myself through my boxers and came hard.

On another occasion, they went out and I was home alone. I went in their room, took a escort gaziantep zayıf bayan pair of her panties and wrapped them around my dick, I stroked myself until I came all over them. I put them back in the drawer.

Some nights, she would go to her room and I could hear the shower running in their bedroom. I worked up enough nerve to sneak into their room, she left the bedroom door shut and the bathroom door open. I layed on the floor and crawled like a marine, slowly to the edge of the bathroom doorway. I looked in and could see her naked silhouette on the other side of the glass door as she washed herself. She had the shower head in her hand and was spraying it directly into her ass. Again, I came in my pants watching her. I watched her shower many times…anytime I heard her turn the shower on, my cock would get throbbing hard. I think she realized I was doing that because after a few months, I went in and the bathroom door was shut.

I was hoping to seduce her…from time to time when I would lay on the couch, I would wear shorts with no underwear, I would put my leg up on the arm of the couch and fluff my shorts out to give her a view of my cock when she walked by. It didn’t work, I am sure she noticed, but she never said anything. A few times when I would jerk off thinking about her, I would leave my bedroom door cracked open…hoping she would see.

These activities went on from the time I was 18 until I was 22. I have probably masturbated thinking about my stepmom thousands of times. To no surprise, I married a redhead. My lust for my step mom naturally subsided…but lately, I have been thinking much about those days and wonder if I would have mentioned anything to her, how that would have turned out. Recently, my new fantasy is to find a woman in her late 50’s or 60’s to role play with me and be my “step mom”.

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