Stella’s Stressful Day


As Stella and I continued to chat and occasionally flirt today, she threw me for a loop. Stella was having a bad day at the office and getting the shitty end of the stick. I could tell she was fed up and didn’t want to be bothered today.

Stella takes lunch at the same time every day, but this day was different. She took lunch 45 minutes later than normal. I figured she was probably catching up on work. I normally take my lunch when she gets back.

As I was heading to the gym, I got a message from Stella stating, “I’m at Walmart, can you help me put something in my car?”

Since I could never say no to this woman, I went straight there.

Once I got to Walmart, I asked: “Where are you at?”

She replied, “In the back of the parking lot.”

I drove back there to see her with a red face like she’s been crying. I jumped out of my truck and got in her passenger seat. She vented and told me what was going on and how she feels as if everyone at the office hates her. I consulted and hugged her.

She stated, “You’re always here for me.”

I stated, “You’ll always have me.”

Then she said, “I’m running low on fuel, do you mind if we sit in your truck and talk?”

I said, “Sure.”

As she got out of her car, she went straight to the back seat of my truck.

Stella stated, “It’s roomier back here.”

I looked puzzled but agreed. I started the truck and got in the back with Stella.

She asked, “Can we not talked and just sit here for a while as I gathered my thoughts.”

I agreed and grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

Stella then said, “I like your truck, the tint is dark. No one could see anything in here.”

I agreed.

She then said, “I need a favor; this day has been the worst.”

I said, “Shoot.”

Stella looked a little shy and nervous and became hesitant, kırşehir escort then said, “Never mind.”

I said, “Do you not trust me.”

She said, “Yes, I do, but I’m scared.”

I said, “There is nothing to be afraid of around me.”

She said, “Okay, since this day has been fucked up for me, would you mind eating my pussy and relieve my anxiety and stress.”

I was stunned, and my face said it all.

She quickly said, “Please forget I said that.”

I put my hand on the side of Stella’s face and gave her a long deep kiss while guiding her down to lay on her back. Once Stella was on her back, I bent her legs up so I can get between them. I believed Stella planned out because she was in one of her sexy dresses and did not have any panties on. I wasn’t going to debate it.

Since my tint was blocking sunlight getting in my truck, I couldn’t get a perfect view of her pussy. I could see she was mostly bald but had a few prickly hairs. I went for it all and put my mouth around her entire pussy and stabbed her clit with my tongue.

By the sounds she was making, I could tell she wanted this and was already close. Her pussy juices were already filling my mouth up within seconds of starting. I did what any guy would do swallowed it.

She tasted and smelt incredible. I used my tongue to lick the folds of her meaty pussy lips. My tongue then lifted the hood off her clit and began twirling her button with the tip of my tongue. For some reason, this made Stella aggressive. Stella then locked her fingers behind my head and began grinding her hips up and down on my tongue.

Her moans were getting louder and louder. I could tell she was about to release. I assisted her more by sliding two fingers in her. My fingers felt as if I put my fingers in hot sauce due to her being kocaeli escort so hot and wet inside.

Seconds later, Stella let out a scream, and a long stream of fluid came out in my face. I wasn’t expecting her to be a squitter and move a bit, and she kept squirting all over my seats and even getting on the window.

Once Stella stopped squirting, I went back and started lapping her pussy lips with my tongue, savoring every drop of her pussy cum. I stuck my tongue in her creamy wet hole as I tried to absorb all of her juices. I then went back to her clit, which was becoming overly sensitive, and she pushed me off.

Stella said, “If you want to continue to please me, I have something else for you.”

Nearly slipping off the wet bench seat, Stella got on all fours arching her back to give me full access to her pink wagon wheel. Stella was a very clean girl, and I consider her a germaphobe the way she’s always cleaning her desk. I could immediately smell her now sweaty, tainted asshole.

I have never tried analingus before, and it had a bit of a musky smell, but the smell made me want to explore her even more, like a male dog when a female dog is in heat. I used both of my hands to spread her ass to get a better look. Stella began making her asshole wink at me. My dick was throbbing against my pants.

I couldn’t help but dart my tongue in her tight pink asshole. She let out a light squeak like she wasn’t expecting it, but I could tell it was a front, and she wanted it.

Her asshole aroma was very potent. I thought to myself, I would have never thought I would ever be licking an asshole, but it was so intoxicating. As I was licking, I saw her hand reach down and begin to rub her clit. I started tongue fucking her ass, forcing my tongue in her as far as possible.

I konya escort could feel Stella tightening her asshole around my tongue. Stella’s ass odor was mesmerizing me. After Eating her ass for about 3 minutes, her foot accidentally grazed the shaft of my dick. Incidentally, we both came at the same time. I hid my orgasm while she vocally let hers out due to me being embarrassed by ejaculating over a foot graze and potent odor of asshole.

She didn’t squirt this time, but her leg was shaking, vibrating the entire truck. She then sat upright in the seat, looking like she was about to fall asleep and said, “your turn.”

I said embarrassingly, “We are running low on time, but I’ll take a rain check and said tomorrow,” while covering my cum filled crotch.

Since Stella was wearing a dress, she only had it flipped up, so her clothes did not get wet. She adjusted herself and fixed her hair. Stella said, “I’ll see you back at the office.”

I took a while to get back to the office because I had to clean her squirt juices off the seat and window. To savor the taste, I licked the seat where it was mostly wet. I also had to change to my gym clothes due to my work attire was drenched with pussy juice. My slacks were also filled with cum from when Stella’s foot grazed my shaft. The dark stain was noticeable on my khakis.

Once I got back to the office, I went to my desk and took a seat. All I could think about is Stella. Not to mention, I still had the great stench of Stella’s tasty little asshole on my breath, which made me lick my lips. My dick was stiffening back up.

I was in a daze when I heard my boss Utah called me and said, “I’ve been looking for you, and why do you have your gym clothes on.”

I quickly put my hand over my hard dick and said, “I spilled coffee on my work clothes.”

He said, “Well sucks to be you. I need a ride to pick up my truck.”

I said, “Alright, let’s go.”

Once we got in my truck and was on the main street, Utah said, “Is it me or does it smell like pussy in here?”

P.S.A. This is a fictional story, but I came three times writing this. Stella also read this and enjoyed it.

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