Starting Over Pt. 05 Ch. 01


Starting Over V, Chapter 1.

This is the fifth section of the continuing saga “Starting Over”. In Part I, LTC (Retired) John Jackson had moved to Seattle after being widowed. He ran into some trouble and some decent people (okay, and a few strippers), while working towards getting his private investigator license. That took place between Sep and Dec 2012.

In Part II, he got involved in a ring trafficking in young women. The main perpetrators were captured, but the hired gun/enforcer slipped away. That took place in Apr and May 2013.

In Part III, which took place in 2013 and 2014, John managed to find the enforcer in Key West and was planning to kill him, but changed his mind. He really didn’t know if he could kill someone in cold blood, but the man was living with a woman and had decided that he was retiring. John let him go with a promise to do intelligence work for him and returned to Seattle, where Maggie gave indications that she wanted a serious relationship. Then he used that enforcer from Key West to assist in capturing an assassin. The assassin had been hired to kill him and the detective who helped him break up a leg of a human trafficking chain.

In Part IV, it’s 2019. John and Maggie couldn’t work things out and now John was working on a case that, at first, involved someone who had assaulted Luke’s wife Maria. John then had two men try to break into his apartment to attack him. The authorities caught the two men by tracking them to a strip club, but John got beat up by them before the police got there. When he woke, he found that Vanessa, his waitress at the strip club, was an undercover officer. There were several events that were taking place and it was being done by an anarchist group. However, funding for these events was tracked to someone in human trafficking in Singapore by a hacker that John found through Bob in Key West. He returned to Seattle with the information on a thumb drive, and the FBI and others started tracking him. Finally, the master of the human trafficking ring had his son try to soft sell John’s daughter into visiting Asia with him, primarily to kidnap her. John found out, he and his buddies stopped it, and then John, feeling the rage, flew to Singapore and, with the backdoor assistance of a government person, was armed and killed both the leader and his son of this trafficking ring.

Recurring Characters

LTC (Retired) John Jackson, 5’11”, 180, 55 years old.

Marie Jackson, John’s dead wife, 5’8″, 140, 44 years old, died 15 Jan 2012

Angelica Jackson (Angel), John and Marie’s daughter, 5’5″, 125, 28 years old.

Mary Bradford, bartender, 5’5″, 120, 48 years old.

Margaret (Maggie) Bradford, Mary’s sister, 5’6″, 115, 46 years old, and John’s love interest.

Madeleine (Maddie) Bradford, Maggie’s daughter, 16 years old.

Juliet Margolin, waitress, 5’4″, 145, 24 years old, Mary’s cousin.

Samantha (Sam) Walker, 5’6″, 130 pounds, 48 years old, John’s neighbor.

Joyce Walker, Sam’s daughter, 5’4″, 120 pounds, 28 years old, and now an exotic dancer using the name Lily

Marion Walker, Sam’s daughter, 5’4″, 115 pounds, 26 years old.

SFC (Retired) Craig Smithson, 6′, 190, 55 years old, NCO from John’s Army unit.

Captain Jeff Smithson, 5’11’, 185, 53 years old, SFC Smithson’s brother and a captain in the Seattle Police Department.

George Watkins, 6’4″, 280, 45 years old, bouncer.

Jeanne (aka Jasmine) Welch, 5’5″, 110, 23 years old, exotic dancer.

Olivia, 5’4″, 120 pounds, 30 years old, called Livy, exotic dancer.

Luke Cole, 5’10”, 180, detective in the Seattle Police Department.

Maria Cole, 5’6″, 135, Luke’s wife.

Marcus Candiotti, strip club manager.

Max Meridian (real name Harold Johnson), Mark’s lead kidnapper and enforcer. Now changed his name to Bob Thomas and is married to Susan. They own and operate a bar in Key West.

Susan Thomas, Bob’s new wife.

George Watson, a new member of the detective agency.

Vanessa Williams, 5’6″, 130, detective in the Seattle Police Department.

Yvonne, 5’2″, 105, illegal hacker who helped find the human trafficker who had funded the anarchists in Seattle.

—————————- Saturday, 6 June, 2020, John’s apartment, Seattle, WA

John sat and watched the TV as the coverage about COVID continued non-stop. It was hitting everywhere now, and appeared to be spreading in many ways. John thought about the significance of the date. June 6, 1944 was D-Day in Europe. Now the remembrance of that seemed lost in the affect of this global pandemic. It was killing thousands. He went online and ordered dinner — again. He was almost completely housebound. The only time he went out was for a bike ride or to drive to the grocery store, where he pre-ordered and just had it put into the back of his car.

—————————- Wednesday, 30 Dec, 2020, John’s apartment, Seattle, WA

John was binge-watching the first six seasons of Bosch when the Ring doorbell Anadolu Yakası Escort went off. He had taken to binge-watching all his favorite shows to pass the time. Being alone was really hard during the pandemic.

John looked at his phone to see who was at his door. He hadn’t ordered anything lately because he had been trying to cook better food to prevent his middle from spreading. But he was still getting bike rides in to help with his metabolism and burning calories.

When John saw a small person with a hoodie, carrying a backpack and a computer case, who looked feminine, he immediately hoped that it was Yvonne, the hacker who helped on the last project. She was also alone, a very good hacker, and had a good appetite for sex.

John put on his mask and opened the door. It was definitely Yvonne. He could tell despite the mask and hoodie.

“Hello, Yvonne.”

“Hey. Can I come in?”

“Sure. You don’t have any symptoms of COVID, right?”

Yvonne shook her head as she entered and stood a few feet away from John. She put her bags down. “No, I have been getting tested regularly and want to make sure to get the vaccine as soon as I can, but it’s difficult when you don’t live anywhere or have an address.”

John chucked. “Yeah, I get that. I’m planning on getting my shots as soon as I can. I should be able to get them next month, if the supply chain gets enough out. You can probably come with me.”

Yvonne backed off some more and took off her mask. “Do you think it’s safe to go without masks?”

“Have you been around anyone lately?”

“Not for over two weeks.”

“Okay, me neither. And since we’ve been tested, I think we can take our masks off.”

They both did and Yvonne smiled and groaned. “That’s so much better. I haven’t been out much at all lately. I’ve only had to wear it a little, but I was traveling across the country in an expanded van that I bought that I can sleep in. I’ve been staying all over the place trying to stay safe. Finally, I thought of you, and really felt like I needed some human contact.”

“Yeah, I’ve been feeling really lonely, too. We can sit and watch something and then eat later.”

“And fuck.” Yvonne was always very straightforward. “I am really horny, too. I really need to have sex with someone.”

John grinned. “Well, in that case, you can stay as long as you like.”

Yvonne grinned back. “Yeah, I figured that would make it worth your while to put me up.”

“I would have put you up, anyway, Yvonne. You are a good person, albeit a little shady.”

She shrugged. “A little. Anyway, what do you have to eat that is not junk. I’ve had nothing but junk lately.”

“I have some leftover linguine in the fridge. We can just heat that up for you.”

“God, that sounds good. I haven’t had anything but junk for three weeks.” She headed for the kitchen. “I can fix it,” she said when she saw John heading that way, “I’ve been sitting for too long. Go sit and watch whatever it was you were watching.”

“Okay.” John went and sat down, but turned off Bosch. He turned on one of the pay channels that was airing an older movie and waited for Yvonne.

When Yvonne finished heating the linguine, she came over and sat down next to John. She had also brought a diet Pepsi with her. She sat down and put the tray with the items on it down on the table. She leaned back and sighed. “Ahhh. I couch to sit on. I haven’t had a comfortable one of these in a while, either.”

John watched as she then sat forward, grabbed the tray so she could eat and drink. She wolfed down a large plate of linguine and John was watching her more than the movie. When she was done, he grinned at her. “I guess you really needed that.”

“Definitely. I have been on the road eating pick up at most everywhere I have gone. I don’t think I found but a couple of restaurants where I could sit inside and eat. I got some decent food at some places, but mostly I subsisted on fast food and bags of chips and pretzels.”

John made a scrunchy face. “Ugh. That’s awful.”

“Yes. That’s why I really wanted that linguine that I know you made here. I haven’t been anywhere where I could buy groceries and cook things myself. It’s been awful.”

“Well, you can cook here all you want. I wouldn’t mind someone else helping with that.”

“Great. I’ll look through your cabinets later and then decide what kinds of things I need for the type of cooking I like to do. But for now, you can put that Bosch series you were binging back on. I just want to sit here and lean up against a live human being again and relax.”

“Okay.” John went back to Amazon Prime and back to Bosch. He was in Season 2, rewatching the first six seasons before Season 7 came out. “Have you seen any of it? You want me to start over so we can watch the entire series?”

“That would be good. What else do we have to do for the next few months, right?”

“Okay.” John went to the episode list and started with Season 1, Episode 1. “I like this series Pendik Escort and I have been reading all of Michael Connelly’s books for years. This is a pretty good representation of Bosch.”

Yvonne was now sitting close to John and leaning up against his arm. “I was an art history major, so I love the name Hieronymus Bosch. Interesting artist from a long time ago. You know about his triptychs, right?”

“Yeah. In one of the books there is a reference to how he got his name so I looked it up. Also, my daughter was a fan and pointed out his triptych ‘The Garden…’ something or other.”

“It was ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ and it shows both heavenly and hellish images. There is disagreement amongst a lot of art experts on what he was saying, but it is a great work, in my mind.”

“Interesting. Anyway, let’s watch the first episode.” John started the episode.

They had only been watching about 20 minutes when John realized that Yvonne had dozed off. She was obviously exhausted. He slowly extricated himself from her leaning figure, and lay her down. He covered her with a light blanket and turned off the TV. It was just after dinnertime and he wasn’t that tired, so he went to his computer to check email and see if Craig had said anything about doing some work. By 10pm, Yvonne was still sleeping, so John went into his room, took a shower, and lay down to read. He dozed off somewhere around midnight.

—————————- Thursday, 31 Dec, 2020, John’s apartment, Seattle, WA

Yvonne woke up at 5am and looked around. It took her a minute to get her bearings. She finally figured out that she was still on John’s couch, that it was 05:05, according to her phone, and that John had covered her and gone to bed. She had been exhausted, so she really needed a long sleep.

Yvonne got up and went into the bedroom. John had a couple of low-level nightlights that he kept plugged in, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, so she could see a little. She could tell that John was on the left-hand side of the bed as she faced it, and laying on his right side, his back towards the middle of the bed. She quickly stripped and crawled into the bed. She snuggled up behind him and felt to see if he was naked. She remembered that he slept naked, and he was.

Yvonne wondered if he would be upset by being awakened at just after 5 for sex. She was now awake and horny from almost a year without sex. She figured he was a good guy and wouldn’t mind a young woman waking him up for sex. What man would?

Yvonne slowly pulled on his shoulder and hip and he turned over without waking. She watched him for a few seconds to make sure he was still asleep. Since he hadn’t had sex in a while, she figured she’d wake him with a blowjob. She grinned to herself. What straight male wouldn’t like that?

Yvonne pulled back the covers to bare him to his thighs. She looked. His soft cock lay there against his thigh. She stared at it. How did these things come about? What made a cock so soft, but fill with blood and get so hard and penetrative? Oh, well. That was a question that she couldn’t answer. But she could definitely make it fill with blood and get hard.

Yvonne leaned over and lightly suckled on the limp appendage. She licked and suckled for a few seconds and it started filling up. It slowly extended itself and started hardening. This was a nice cock. It was circumcised, which she liked, it was fairly fat, but not enough to hurt, and had just the right length to not hit her cervix. At about 7″ and nicely fat, it was perfect for her. It was a bonus that it came attached to an older man who was a good person and not full of himself. He had self-actualized, as the psychologists said.

Yvonne got the cock fully erect in about 30 seconds. It was standing tall and hard. She again marveled at it and pushed her mouth down over it. John woke up at that point.

John woke to the feeling of someone sucking his cock. It felt wonderful. It had been almost a year since his last sexual encounter. He raised his head. Yvonne. Oh, yes, she was here. He put his head back down and moaned. “I’ll give you 5 minutes to stop that.”

Yvonne took her mouth off this cock, chuckling. “I doubt if you’d last 5 minutes.”

“True. It’s been a while and you’re pretty good.”

“Pretty good? That’s it? I wake you with a phenomenal blowjob and you say pretty good?”

John shook his head. “You’re right. Phenomenal blowjob. Stupendous cock-sucking. Okay? You’re an expert at it.”

“You bet I am. Now lay there and take it.”

“I’ve got no problem with that.” John just enjoyed it while Yvonne sucked and licked and made love to his cock. “I admit, you really know how to do that.”

Yvonne just kept sucking. She was going to suck his cock until he exploded. She knew from being with him before and from her research, that she would get hers. He was an expert, considerate lover. She figured this first blowjob was the least she could do for him. He was letting her stay here Kurtköy Escort and she has been craving any kind of human interaction. This was part of her craving. She needed sex. She focused back in on his cock.

“Oh, fuck. You’re right. I’m not going to last five minutes.” John tightened his legs a little as he started little thrusts up into her mouth. “Fuck, Yvonne, you are so good at that.”

Yvonne kept sucking and soon John was ready to blow.

“Here it comes. I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

Yvonne kept sucking and sucking, wanting that cum. She didn’t particularly like the taste, but she loved the way she could suck a man’s cock and get them so excited that they lost control. She would nurse on that cock and suck all that cum out until they pushed her away. She knew how to get them going, well, and cumming.

“Fuucccckkkkk!” John came, his body racked with the spasms of an orgasm as he thrust and spurted into Yvonne’s mouth.

Yvonne swallowed and swallowed. It had been a while and she expected this. She loved his reaction. His instinctive thrusting and grabbing. She grinned to herself. She knew that when she had a man’s erection in her mouth, she owned him.

When Yvonne felt that she had everything, she released John’s cock and sat up. “I think you needed that.”

John didn’t even lift his head. “Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

Yvonne lay down next to him. “It’s early. Go back to sleep and you can return the favor later in the morning.”

John rolled over on top of Yvonne, pinning her. “Not a chance.” He leaned over and whispered to her, “I’m going to eat that pussy of yours until you beg me to stop.”

Yvonne said huskily, “I may never ask you to stop.”

“We’ll see.”

John kissed her. Their tongues fenced as they both got heated. John then left her mouth and started working his way down her body. He feasted on her nice, small tits. Her nipples were sensitive and she moaned as he licked and nipped both of them.

Yvonne reveled in John’s mouth on her. He licked and nipped at her nipples, which always turned her on, but which she didn’t need much of right now. She was already very wet just from thinking about sex and sucking his cock.

She didn’t have to wait long. John slowly trailed kisses down across her belly, his moustache tickling her a little, and then settled in between her legs. She lay there, waiting for the contact to her pussy.

Nothing happened. She looked up. John was laying there grinning at her. She put her hand on his head and said, “Quit teasing me. I’m zero for 2020 and I need it bad.”

John took his hands and spread her legs and pushed them back to her chest. He wanted all of her right now. He slowly paid attention to her lips, licking and plunging into her pussy. He licked up over her clit once and she moaned. He then went down and lightly rimmed her asshole. She groaned and rolled her hips up for the attention. She showed she loved it.

Yvonne was holding her legs up now, and rolled her hips up. John was teasing her ass, and the nerve endings there, along with the dirtiness of the action, caused her to really start breathing hard and wish for an orgasm.

John then licked up across her pussy and then her clit. She moaned again and grabbed his head.

Yvonne buried her hands in his short hair and held him to her pussy. She wanted the attention on her clit right now and was showing it. She knew John knew that, so she didn’t worry about it. And then he inserted two fingers into her pussy, rubbed her g-spot, and hummed on her clit.

“Fuuuccckkkk!” Yvonne’s legs clinched around John’s head as he brought her off. She took a deep breath and then her body would spasm; again, and again. She writhed on the bed as he brought her off and maintained her orgasm until she could take no more. She pushed him away.

John felt her push on his head and he rose up onto his hands and knees, his face and moustache wet with Yvonne’s juices. “How was that, my little pet.”

Yvonne reached down and grabbed him to pull him up alongside her. “That was just what I needed. I really needed another human induced orgasm. It’s been over a year. Whew! It didn’t take long for either of us, did it?”

“No.” John grinned and ran his hands over her body. It had burst with heat just after her orgasm, as if the body was storing it up, and now she was hot and panting. “I think you might need another later this morning.”

“Yes, I will. I will need it from that nice cock you have. I need to feel a man in me again.”

John lay down. “Okay, I think we can sleep for a while now.”

Yvonne chuckled. “I’m going to pass out again. Thank you.”

“Thank you for being here and thinking of me.”

Yvonne was quiet for a second before she said anymore. “I think of you a lot more than I should. We can talk more in the morning.”

“Okay. G’night.”

“Mmmm.” Yvonne was settling down and ready to go back to sleep. She had been very sleep deprived for a while now. She really needed this.

John was awakened a little later by the sound of Yvonne crying. He glanced at the bedside clock and it was 7:30. He turned toward her and she was turned away from him, lightly crying. He spooned up against her.

“Hey, everything’s going to be fine. You’re safe.”

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