Spring Break Ch. 01


Nickie, Matt, and Kaylee were on spring break and had traveled down to Miami. They were staying a very nice, upscale hotel. Their room was on the fifth floor and overlooked the beach. The room had one large bed, a couch which doubled as a pullout bed, a large shower/tub, and a hot tub. They were really excited that they had a hotel on the beach, but also very excited about the hot tub in the room.

One evening Matt walked down to the beach. Nickie and Kaylee had been laying out, perfecting their tans. Nickie was wearing a very sexy purple bikini, and Kaylee wore a pretty pink bikini.

“Hello, ladies,” Matt said.

“Hey,” said Nickie. “Where have you been?”

“I went out and golfed nine holes. Did pretty good.”

“Nice,” Kaylee said.

“Ready for dinner?” Matt asked. “I am starving.”

“Yes, me too,” Nickie said.

Nickie and Kaylee got up, grabbed their towels, and the three headed back to their room. Once inside, the girls changed into someone a little more appropriate for dinner. Kaylee was ready first; she wore a strapless blue dress and heels. Nickie wore a low-cut purple halter top and sandals. The three headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner. After a fine dinner of steak, baked potato, salad, and some wine, the three took a stroll along the beach.

“You know, you ladies look absolutely stunning,” Matt said.

Kaylee and Nickie blushed.

“Thanks,” they said shyly.

Matt put his arms around the girls’ waists and kissed each of them escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan on the cheek. Then he had an idea.

“What do you say we go utilize the hot tub in our room?” he said.

“I’d like that, alot,” Nickie smiled.

“Me, too,” Kaylee replied.

They walked back to the hotel room. Matt got the hot tub going. He removed his clothes down to his boxers. Then he looked up as Nickie and Kaylee walked over to join him. They were both completely naked.

“If we’re gonna do this, let’s do it right,” Nickie smirked. “Lose the pants, big brother.”

Matt stripped his boxers off. Kaylee noticed his cock. She couldn’t wait to feel it inside her. The three got into the tub and huddled close together. Matt was in the middle, Kaylee to his right, and Nickie to his left.

“How should we start this?” Kaylee asked.

After a pause, Nickie said, “I guess I will.”

She leaned over and kissed Kaylee on the lips. Kaylee kissed back passionately. Matt quickly became aroused, his cock stiffened almost immediately. Nickie reached her hand down under the water and smiled. She began to stroke her brother’s eight inch dick. Matt moaned and Kaylee broke her kiss with Nickie and began French kissing Matt. Their tongues swirled around each other. Kaylee was getting wetter by the second.

“Matt,” she said. “Sit on the edge of the tub. I want to suck you.”

Matt climbed up and sat on the edge of the escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan hot tub. Kaylee licked her lips then wrapped them around Matt’s cock. She began to suck hard and fast, moaning each time her mouth went down on his hard shaft. Nickie leaned over and began to rub Kaylee’s young tight pussy. Kaylee moved so her pussy was out of the water. Nickie moved under her and began to lick her clit. Kaylee moaned and sucked Matt harder.

“Suck me good,” Matt moaned, grabbing Kaylee’s hair.

Matt took control and pressed Kaylee’s head all the way down on his rod. Kaylee gagged as she felt him go down her throat. But she loved it; it made her so hot and wet. Nickie licked her pussy faster, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through Kaylee. Kaylee was trembling. She pulled her mouth off of Matt’s dick.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” she moaned. “Nickie, suck my clit hard, baby. I want to cum in your mouth.”

Nickie began sucking Kaylee hard. Kaylee was stroking Matt’s cock fast now and moaning loudly. Nickie could tell by how wet Kaylee was that she was very close to orgasm. She sucked harder and harder.

“Yes, Nickie! Harder! Make my cunt cum!”

Nickie sucked as hard as she could. She felt Kaylee shiver and heard her scream of pleasure as cum shot all over her face and into her mouth. She swallowed all she could. Kaylee was shaking, but smiling.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan she smiled.

“My turn,” Nickie smiled. “I want to ride you, Matt.”

Nickie straddled her big brother and lowered herself onto him. She gasped as his eight inches penetrated her moist pussy. She rocked back and forth on him. She loved the feel of him inside her, grinding against her. It felt so amazing. Kaylee was on her knees, sucking Matt’s balls. Matt was moaning while sucking his sister’s amazing tits.

“You like my titties, brother?” Nickie asked.

“I always have, little sis,” Matt said.

He took them in his mouth and bit down lightly. Nickie moaned. Kaylee stood up and moved to right behind Nickie.

“Just grind on your brother,” she commanded. “And stick your ass out.”

Nickie did so. Kaylee spread her ass open and began to lick it. Nickie loved being rimmed and rimming Kaylee. Kaylee’s tongue hit her little hole every time she moved to grind on Matt. Matt was moaning loudly; Nickie knew it wouldn’t be long until he exploded inside her. She rode him harder and faster. She began to moan louder each time his cock went hard and deep into her. Nickie couldn’t hold back any longer. She went all out. Matt was very close now. Nickie rode him as hard as she could. Soon her pussy was quivering.

“Yes, Matt, fuck me! Fill my pussy with your cum!”

“Fill her up, Matt. I want to taste her!” Kaylee said.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Matt groaned.

Nickie creamed. Her juices shot all over Matt’s hard dick. Then she felt him pulse as his hot thick cum filled her tight cunt. Nickie dismounted and straddled Kaylee’s face. Kaylee licked Nickie’s pussy dry as Nickie bent over and tasted herself on her brother’s cock.

“That was fucking hot,” Matt said, exhausted.

“Yeah it was,” Kaylee said. “We’ll have to do it again soon. But next time, Matt, I want to take you in my ass.”

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