Spreadsheet Olivia – The Admin Assistant


She was sitting at her workstation, looking oh, so sexy and nice. Her name was Olivia and she was the picture of loveliness, with her long jet-black hair that hung almost to the middle of her lower back, and that was pinned up. She had a dark skin tone, but not too dark, just a lighter shade than most, which indicated she was of a mixed race.She sported a short mini skirt with a side slit that allowed her to show off her long and slender legs and upper thigh. Her shirt was a button-down type with the top two buttons casually unfastened, allowing for a glimpse of her cleavage, which was very easily accentuated since her shirt was probably a size too small and fit very snugly. Whenever she would shift in her seat, the openings between buttons made it painfully obvious that she had assets that would cause any guy to salivate. She didn’t have on pantyhose and sported some very sexy looking six-inch black stiletto pumps.I watched from my office as she made her way to the office copy machine and the back to her desk. My, oh my! She was what some of the office guys referred to as “easy on the eyes.”Olivia was new to her job as an office assistant. I quickly scanned her hand for a wedding band and not seeing one, I decided to try and make a play. We had already been introduced to each other, but only casually so by our human resources manager on the day Olivia was hired, just a few days prior.“Hey,” I casually greeted her as I walked by her workstation.“Hey,” Olivia responded back, looking in my direction as I walked by her workstation. She batted her oval eyes, as she smiled at me.“I forgot your name,” she said softly.“Sam,” I replied. “Sam Johnson.”“Tell me again what you do,” she said.“I am the sales manager,” I replied.“Oh yeah,” she replied. “I remember you now.”I wanted to ask out to lunch, but her stark beauty distracted me so much so, that I lost every decent thought possible.“We’re going to have chat,” I said. The words simply fell out of my mouth, before I knew what was going on.“Sure,” she replied, waving back an errant strand of her long black hair.“Just tell me when,” she added, proffering a very pronounced wink in my direction.I beylikdüzü escort sauntered off to the break room and quickly dumped three glasses of water down my throat. This girl was captivating.As I sauntered back to my office, she looked up at me from behind her computer screen.I proffered a wink back at her and smiled.“Let me get caught up on a few things,” I said as I walked past her, adding, “Can you give me a couple of hours?”“Sure, Mr. Johnson,” she replied.“You can simply call me ‘Sam’, I shot back. “There’s no need to be formal with me.”She smiled and nodded her head, as I disappeared back into my office. I had two executive sales summary reports to complete and set about to data dump our individual sales dates by product line on to a computer spreadsheet. I added the summary feature, but when things didn’t add up, I let out an angry epithet.Olivia appeared in my office doorway.“Is everything OK?” she asked.“I hate these freaking spreadsheets,” I angrily remarked.“Is there something I can do to help?” Olivia asked.I appreciated her offer to help, but I didn’t really have the time to try and explain the complexities of what I was trying to accomplish. I had a self-imposed deadline and I was bumping up against the timeline to get things accomplished.“I’ve got spreadsheet experience,” Olivia proffered from the doorway. “Just show me what you want done and I can do it for you.”“I am trying to graph out sales figures by product line,” I said. “I put in the formula, but the graphing isn’t happening.”Olivia made her way into my office and around the side of my desk. She leaned forward, placing her hands on my desk, to peer at the computer screen. The light aroma of her perfume was tantalizingly sweet. She studied my computer screen as I studied the opening gap of her button-down shirt, looking straight at her breasts tucked neatly away in her white lace brassiere.She placed her hand on my mouse, and I watched as she highlighted a square on the spreadsheet and then she asked me to type in a formula. I typed what she instructed and then she clicked on the mouse. A graph magically appeared beylikdüzü escort bayan on top of my spreadsheet.“Damn,” I exclaimed staring at the computer screen. “How did you do that?”“I have magic fingers,” she replied, cocking her head sideways and looking straight at me.I damn near melted at that point.“Well,” I said in reply, “I think I like your magic fingers.”Olivia stood up straight and smiled. She had an air of confidence I hadn’t seen in a lot of administrative assistants. She stuck a lone finger into the gap of her shirt and rested it in place, pulling down on her shirt.“If there is anything else, I can help you with,” she said, using a very soft and suggestive intonation, while looking down at me, “Just let me know.”“Nothing comes to mind right off the bat,” I said,” But it’s nice to know you have special skills.”Olivia smiled, proffered yet another wink at me and then she silently sauntered back to my office door, glancing back at me over her shoulder in my direction as she reached the threshold.“Just holler if you need me,” she said. “I’ll be right out here.”I was both impressed and smitten. The closeness with which Olivia had placed herself next to me was intoxicating. And, then, there were her winks. She was obviously sending off good vibes. I decided to throw caution to the wind and see where I stood with her. I was aware of the sexual harassment policies of the company. I knew I was risking the loss of my job if I was wrong, but to me, the risk of becoming very lucky outweighed the risks associated with getting it wrong.I buzzed Olivia’s phone extension.“Yes, Mr. Johnson,” she answered.“Sam,” I replied.“I’m sorry,” Olivia shot back. “It’s just that I am new at this.”“That’s fine,” I said.“Thanks for the help on the spreadsheet,” I replied.“No problem,” she replied.“Can I ask you a personal question?” I asked.“Sure,” Olivia replied.“I didn’t see a ring on your hand. Are you married?” I asked.“Nope, not married,” Olivia replied, “and no, I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”I chuckled.“That’s nice to know,” I noted. “Am I safe in asking if you want to share a drink escort beylikdüzü with me after work?”“Sure,” Olivia. “But I haven’t gotten my first paycheck, so I’m a little light on cash.”“It’s on me,” I said. “My way of saying ‘thanks.’”“Sure,” Olivia replied.I was ecstatic and a little cautious at the same time. As it got closer to five, I raised my voice and asked out loud,“Are you ready?”Olivia quickly replied, “Let me make the ladies room.”I waited at my desk, looking through emails and trying to not think about how lucky I was and hoped to be.Olivia reappeared in the threshold to my office door. She had her purse strung lazily over her shoulder as she looked in my direction and pronounced herself ready to go.“Do you want to follow me in your car or ride with me?” I asked.“Can I ride with you?” she asked.“Sure,” I happily replied as I approached where she stood in my office doorway. She followed me to the elevator that led to the first floor and then we headed out to my car, which was parking in the parking garage.I have a two-seater Mazda Miata sports car and Olivia immediately fell in love with it, as I opened the passenger side door.“Wow!” she exclaimed as she settled into the leather seats.“It’s a couple of years old,” I said, setting into the driver’s seat and pushing the button to raise the convertible roof, allowing it to self-fold into the storage compartment behind the seats. I backed out of the parking space and pushed the radio button.“You’ve got a right to party!” blared from the radio speakers. Olivia nodded her head to the hard rock beat of the radio tune as I steered out of the parking garage and down the roadway by our offices. The wind caught Olivia long hair and she struggled to hold it in place.I rolled up the windows, which seemed to help a little bit.“What’s your favorite drink?” I asked.Without any hesitation, she responded, “Sex on the beach.”I damn neared wrecked at that point.I laughed.“Is that an offer or a drink,” I quickly responded.“That’s up to you to decide,” Olivia shot back.“Too bad we don’t have a beach around here,” I replied.“Well,” Olivia replied, proffering a very pronounced wink and a smile, “There’s always the pool, the patio or the park.”“We just met,” I said. “Maybe we should try the drink first then see how things go.”“OK,” Olivia replied, “But I have to warn you. I have a tendency to become a little uninhibited when I drink.”“Does that mean you lose any clothing?” I asked.

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