Sports Star


Laura was a physiotherapist for the local Gridiron team. She was 28 years old and had been qualified now for about seven years, and was enjoying her work. She stood about 5’8”, had long red/brown hair that she wore in a pony tail most of the time, grey eyes that sparkled, and a complexion that was tanned from her surfing.  Gavin was one of the quarterbacks of the team. Standing about 6’2”, he was about 30 years old, was very muscular and had dark brown hair and grey eyes. They had seen each other on the days that there was a game on and were on a “Hello, how are you” conversation basis. This day at the game, Gavin fell and twisted his leg. He was helped off the field by the trainer and coach. Laura went to his side and grabbed hold of his arm before he collapsed. “You had better sit down for a moment while I go and get my car. I doubt If you could walk to the clinic with that leg.” One of the other girls came up and asked if there was anything she could do. “You can stay with him for a moment. If you have water or a sports drink I think he could use it.” She left them and sprinted across to the car and drove it right up to the closest part of the field. Kate and Cleo had helped Jake to that point. She jumped out of the car and noticed as he sat in the front seat that his leg tightened in the restricted space. She thanked the girls and drove the short distance to the clinic. She helped him out of the car and guided him into the clinic. “Are you okay.” He smiled grimly and said, “I think I am getting too old for this. But don’t worry, the cramp will ease.” She knew that as soon as she had a chance to work on his calf and thigh-muscles, that things would ease. She led him to the massage table and told him to strip to his boxers and lie down. “I will be back in a moment,” she said and walked out the door, allowing him some privacy. When she walked back into the room, he was lying face down on the table. Laura swallowed, but she was a professional and had a job to do. Running through her mind were the most outrageous, salacious and erotic fantasies. If she kept reminding herself that she was a professional, she knew that she could get through this. Taking a bottle of embrocation and ignoring the hands that were shaking, şişli escort she approached the table. She noticed how sculptured his legs were, all toned and suntanned. “Are you ready for this?” she quipped. “Do your worst, Laura.” Working the oil in her hands to warm it, she bent over her patient and began to slowly rub his calf and leg muscles; ignoring all the thoughts going through her head. She could feel the tension in the muscles starting to ease as she worked her way up the leg. She then started on the other leg and continued to work on both of them. “Turn over please,” she directed. “I think it is fine now,” Gavin replied. She stood there and frowned wondering what the problem was. He huffed, but rolled over. She then realized why he had been so reticent. The tented towel gave evidence of the arousal which matched her own. Gavin sat up and swung his legs off the table. He cupped her face in his hands, raising it until she was looking into his eyes, so hot and dark with desire. “Gavin….” She barely whispered his name before his mouth met hers; firm, demanding and delicious. The plastic bottle she was holding fell to the floor, as her fingers trailed up the muscular contours of his arms. She had yearned for this moment, to taste him and now she was. There was no awkwardness in the first kiss. It was if they were one. One arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer so that she was planted between his thighs. The fingers of the other hand sank into her hair, tilting her head so the contact deepened between them. Her legs threatened to give way and she clung to him for support. Her tongue twined with his, and she sucked on him, feeling the excitement when he nibbled at her lips. She reveled in the response, the passion between them intensifying. Gavin lost himself in the sweet heat of Laura’s kiss. Her small, firm breasts pressed against his chest, and he could feel her hardened nipples. He ran his hand down to grasp her enticing rear and pulled her tighter. An answering groan escaped as she wriggled closer, as she rubbed herself against him. He wanted this woman more that he had wanted anything in his life. He wanted to take this passion all the way. A loud knock at the door escort şişli brought them to reality. How could they have forgotten where they were? “Wrong time, wrong place,” he cursed. “I had better get that,” she forced the words out but they sounded hoarse. Gavin sighed. “I know.” Laura opened the door and Adam apologized for disturbing her. “I hope Gavin is OK.” “I have brought over two more players who need treatment,” he explained. “I am just going to stitch Jack’s cut – and by the way – we won. Dan Somers has pulled his hamstring, a pretty bad one, so he will need follow-up treatment. Can you see what you can do for him?” “Of course.” Gavin heard the reluctance in her voice because of the interruption. Dan was the son of one of the local farmers and had played for a few years with the team. He pulled on his shorts and sat down to sort out his socks and boots. Once this was done, he pulled back the curtain in time to see Laura glance over her shoulder. “We’re nearly finished here,” she told Adam. “I will be ready in about five minutes. Tell Dan to sit outside and wait.” She closed the door and looked at Gavin. He came to her and kissed her gently. “Till later, my sweet lady.” “Would you like to come over for dinner?” she asked him. “If that is what you want, I would love to. But do not go to too much trouble.” “I will see you about 8 o’clock then.” She handed him her card with her phone number and address on it. “Until then Laura.” Gavin arrived at the house about 8 o’clock and Laura greeted him at the door. He closed the door behind him with one hand and with the other, grabbed her and planted a hard kiss on her mouth. “That’s what I have wanted to do for the last three hours.” She looked up at him and couldn’t believe that she could feel this way in such a short time. Although they had been casual friends over the years, and she’d had a crush on him; she never thought that he would feel the same. They made their way into the dining room where Laura had already set the table and had a bottle of Merlot sitting in an ice bucket beside the table. The settings were very elaborate and Gavin turned to her and told her that he hadn’t expected treatment like this. “Well, I don’t entertain mecidiyeköy very often and I enjoy doing it in style,” Laura replied. They ate dinner and drank the wine. As Laura cleared the dishes from the table, Gavin stood up and gathered some and took them to the kitchen. He then took her in his arms and said, “I think we should finish what we started this afternoon. What do you say?” Laura wound her arms around his neck and kissed him. “This way, sir.” With that she led him to the bedroom. She had set candles around the room and it was exquisitely furnished. She explained that had lived in the house all her life and inherited it when her father died. Her parents had been separated and Mother lived in another State. She kept in touch with her but only on an intermittent basis. She also mentioned that she had a brother but didn’t know where he was. Gavin started to touch her and ran his hands up and down her body, feeling the curves through her clothing. He unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders, and then undid her bra and took it down her arms. She stood before him in just her panties, garters and stockings and 3inch heels. He stood her back from him and just gazed at her. He had never seen such a beautiful woman and he was now going to make her all his. He wasn’t touching her at all, but it felt as though he was. “You want to make love, and be fully satisfied.” It was a statement, not a question. “Yes,” she admitted. “You want the man to be your equal and to explore your sexuality, and to challenge you.” She found it impossible to speak. He was seducing her with words and the promise that as yet, remained unspoken. Excitement fired her blood. He had a hot, sexy glint in his eyes as he spoke that made her breathless. She had no doubt that making love to this man would fulfill all her passions. He stepped closer, reaching out to take her hands. It was their only point of contact but her body vibrated with sensation. He fisted her fingers in his own and joined them behind her back. He whispered in her ear, and brought his mouth round to run his tongue over the outline of hers, stroking it around the corners. As she moaned, she involuntarily opened her mouth, her lips clinging to his as he gave her what she needed. From the first touch of their lips, passion flared out of control, they all but devoured each other; dueling and entwining. His free hand began to explore her. He trailed his fingers down her face and throat, making her tingle with every touch.

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