Sorority Supplicant Ch. 03.5


Kim sat naked on the toilet as she towel-dried her hair. Her eyes fixed on Joan as she towelled her slim dark-skinned body. Kim could not keep the satisfied, lust filled grin from her face as she remembered the passionate, body exploring, cum filled shower that she and Joan had shared. She had fingered Joan to orgasm on the bed and immediately after, they had retired to the bathroom. Tentatively at first, but then with growing confidence and desire they had touched, felt, explored and satisfied each other till the water had run cold.

She shook her head to clear her mind of the sex-fuelled mist that was overpowering her. She tried to examine Joan in a detached fashion. Examine the first person she had been truly intimate with. True, she may have masturbated for Jamie, but that had only been a test. With Joan it had been unplanned, unlooked for and overwhelmingly satisfying. Her eyes travelled quickly the full length of Joan’s 6-foot long frame. She could not help noticing that in this relaxed state there was none of the reserve that usually rounded Joan’s shoulders. She stood tall and proud and exotically beautiful.

Her eyes then lingered on the untidy hair, the unshaven pits and the forest between her legs. She shook her head and decided that no one this beautiful should allow her body to be so ignored. If sex could straighten Joan’s shoulders then maybe it would also inspire her to improve on her already near perfect appearance. She stood up and stepped towards Joan. She reached up and took Joan’s face gently in her hands. She stretched her body up on her toes and slowly, gently kissed Joan on the lips, all the time maintaining eye contact. She pulled her face back a few inches and smiled.

“My god Joan you are beautiful. Already I’m wishing this weekend would never end.”

She allowed her hands to drop, her palms keeping contact as they reached and rested on Joan’s hips.

“However I think there are a few things I can show you that will make this body of yours even sexier.”

Joan smiled down at her, “anything you want Kim, after how good you made me feel you can do whatever you wish.”

Se smiled mischiefiously, “but you had better be ready with those fingers soon, I’m already missing them between my legs.”

Her hands cupped Kim’s bottom as she bent down and kissed Kim hard and hungrily, her tongue reaching far into Kim’s mouth. Kim felt her knees weaken and her pussy moisten, her hands moved to cup and squeeze Joan’s small breasts and their large bullet nipples. She alternated between fondling Joan’s chocolate coloured breasts with her hands and rolling the even darker coloured nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She then remembered the task she had in mind and pushed Joan away.

“Enough wench or we will get nothing done this weekend.”

She shook her head smiling at Joan and then walked back into the living quarters. She pulled out her desk chair and altyazılı porno placed it in the middle of the floor. She pointed at Joan who had followed her and then to the chair. Joan nodded and sat down. Kim stood in front of her and spread her legs so that she could sit on Joan’s lap, facing her.

“Now my sexy queen, I think some minor adjustments are in order. Is that ok with you?”

Joan smiled and nodded in response. Kim stood again and took a pair of scissors and a comb from her bedside locker. She looked at Joan’s untended Afro hairstyle and sighed. She began cutting, inch long locks of hair fluttering to the floor or coming to rest on Joan’s smooth skin. She was careful not to brush against Joan too closely as she was worried about messing up her job if she got too distracted. The only sound that could be heard was the incessant snip-snip of the scissors and the deep breaths of the two naked young women.

After thirty minutes of effort Kim stood back to examine her work. She was satisfied with what she had done but worried that it might too radical for Joan. Joan’s hair was now tight to her scalp, arranged in gentle ringlets, hiding none of her face. Joan’s hands attentively examined her new cut. She looked expectantly at Kim.

“Can I look?” she asked. Kim nodded and took her hand. Standing her up but facing away from the larger wall mounted mirror.

“It’s very different Joan, but I think it’s the perfect cut to show off just how beautiful you are. So please don’t freak when you see it.”

Joan nodded and slowly turned. She saw herself in the mirror, her hands again exploring her head as she gazed at her reflection. Kim held her breath dreading the possibility of Joan not only hating it but being upset by its severity. She looked at the play of emotions sweeping over Joan’s face. Then suddenly it appeared that Joan had made a decision. Her shoulders straightened again and she stood tall, her hands at her sides as she looked at the mirror.

“I like it Kim. I really like it. I would never have chosen it for myself but I do like it.”

Kim hugged her closely and whispered in her ear, “fucking hell Joan that’s a relief, because it’s so short now all you could do if you didn’t like is buy a wig.”

They laughed as they hugged, both taking the opportunity to give the other a light-hearted grope. Again however Kim stood back.

“There’s more to do young lady,” she said in a mock serious voice, “she pointed to the hair on the ground, “you clear that up and I will get ready for what’s coming next.”

Joan nodded and set to work as Kim disappeared into the bathroom. As Joan was cleaning the last of her shorn hair Kim returned with a towel, a basin of warm water and a small bag of toiletries. She waited as Joan finished, then spread the towel over the floor. She then placed a pillow under the towel and then set the basin beside it. She knelt down and motioned zenci porno for Joan to join her. They knelt facing each other.

“This would be easier in the bath but I wanted to make it different as it is your first time. Now raise your arms above your head.”

Joan complied wordlessly and Kim wetted a cloth in the water and proceeded to dampen Joan’s pits. Joan felt the heat from the water and continued to keep her ands raised. Kim then sprayed a generous amount of shaving foam over her hands before applying it under Joan’s arms. Joan giggled at the ticklish sensation, which caused Kim to giggle in sympathy. She continued however and began to use the razor. Within a few minutes she had successfully rid Joan of all the hair under her arms. She then put on some moisturiser.

“Now hun the final hurdle, are you ready to have that sexy pussy of yours made smooth and bald?”

Joan smiled and nodded; she got on her back as directed, her bottom on the pillow. She laid back, her hips raised and her legs spread. She stared at the ceiling taking in every sensation as Kim shaved her cunt. She quickly forgot whatever unease she felt at having a blade so close to her privates as having her most intimate area so minutely examined by another girl began to turn her on. She squirmed, struggling to stay still as her juices began to mingle with the water and shaving foam.

“My my Joan I do believe I smell a wet cunt. Are you by any chance enjoying being on your back with a white girl between your legs?”

Joan laughed, “Damn right I am. Are you almost finished girl, I need some relief before I explode.”

Kim’s only answer was to run her thumb over Joan’s exposed clit, causing her hips to jerk in response. Joan looked at her and shook her head in frustration. She stilled herself and waited, her body tense and tingling.

Finally she felt Kim gently towel her pubic area dry and run her fingers up and down the now bald area. Joan’s hands joined her as they both familiarised themselves with this new territory. She looked down at Kim, whose face was only inches from her cunt. Kim looked back at her, their hands touching as they felt Joan’s entire pelvic area.

Joan moved her hands so that she could pinch her nipples, grunting as the sensation joined with that building between her legs. Kim’s face moved closer to Joan’s pussy. She marvelled at the darkly textured colours of the bald lips before her. She exhaled deeply and noticed the shudder it caused in Joan. She smiled to herself and began to blow lightly up and down the length of Joan’s pussy lips. She noticed the tight little hole just below Joan’s lips and with wicked glee blew a breath of air over it. She heard Joan gasp at the attention given to her bottom hole.

She moved her face even closer, accidentally brushing her nose over Joan’s lips. She loved the heady aroma of Joan’s arousal and felt impelled aldatma porno to taste this pussy, any pussy, for the first time. She reached out her tongue and began to trail it from the top of Joan’s cunt down her lips, over the little stretch of flesh between her lips and bottom and finally pressed her tongue over Joan’s dark bottom hole. She raised her head and looked at Joan who nodded assurance. Kim smiled up at her comfortable now in what she as about to do. She pushed her hands under Joan’s bottom, squeezing it and levering her legs further apart with her elbows.

She again reached out her tongue, and traced the outline of Joan’s puffy lips, slowly and repeatedly licking her way around Joan’s cunt without touching the growing wet gap her tongue was causing. Her eyes met Joan’s and she smiled to herself at the undisguised lust in Joan’s eyes. Her tongue was now at the lowest part of its journey, she paused and then began to lick downwards. Her nose pressed between Joan’s sopping cunt as her tongue circled her now slick ass hole. She used her thumbs to push apart Joan’s butt cheeks and she then pressed her tongue hard into the tight dark hole before her.

Joan experienced overwhelming shudders go through her body as she felt her most private hole being attacked by Kim’s hard wet tongue. The quivering sensations this intrusion were causing made it difficult to focus on just how nasty it was to have someone lick her butt hole. Her last rational thought was an impatience to know exactly how Kim’s puckered little hole would taste. Her hands continued to fondle her breasts as her fingers tweaked and stroked her nipples. The tongue probing her ass began to press in and out of her hard and fast. She felt Kim’s fingers on her cunt. She looked down to see her bald cunt covered by Kim’s pretty white hand.

Kim began to feel her tongue ache as it strained to plunger ever deeper into her friends little poop chute. She was determined however to hear Joan scream under her ministrations. As she continued to push her tongue hard her hand began to stroke Joan’s hairless cunt. She reached between the puffy lips and with her thumb discovered just how wet Joan was. She pushed her thumb deeper between the lips, immersing it in the freely flowing cunt juices. Then with her slick thumb she began to stroke Joan’s hungry clit.

The reaction was instantaneous. Joan’s body went tense, only the suggestion of a quiver running under her smooth dark skin. She was hit by orgasm and repeated orgasm. Unable to breath, her overly stimulated sphincter spasming around Kim’s tongue, so intense and unrelenting was the attention given to her clit that the pleasure threatened to become painful. She was powerless however to reach down and push Kim’s hands away. She remained rigid, senseless with pleasure, unaware of time or space, focused only on her body’s joy.

Kim could no longer sustain her effort and gently slowed then stopped. She looked up between Joan’s legs, watching her friend’s breasts heaving as Joan struggled to breath. Joan opened her eyes and they stared at each other. One shocked at the pleasure she had just experienced the other proud to have been so daring in her education.

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