Son Controls Indian Parents Ch. 04


It was almost dark when I woke up. I went to check on my parents in the living room. Both of them were sitting on couch and watching TV. Before, they would be sitting closer to each other, but now, there was considerable space between them. My mom had changed and was wearing a black bra and pink panties now. My confidence in my powers grew more, as she was still following the instruction that I gave earlier.

“Have you taken a shower today,” I asked Mom.

“Not yet ” she replied.

“Let’s shower together” I said. Mom looked unconvinced. So I thought, it’s normal for us to take shower together since you consider me your husband.

Mom stood up and started walking to my parent’s room. I followed her, but turned to dad and gave him a wink, checking to see if he would stop me. But he just smiled back at me. I chuckling to myself, entered their bedroom.

Mom was waiting for me in front of the bathroom. But I stood there checking out the mess we left after our earlier fuck session. Mom’s saree that she was wearing that day, was left on their bed, while her blouse and underskirt were scattered on the floor. I remembered when mom wearing those, had came to check on me and how both our lives changed drastically after that. Now I looked at mom, looking like a milf model in her undergarments, waiting to take a bath with her son.

I took off my clothes, and walked naked into my parent’s bathroom. Mom followed me and started to take off her bra and panty. Seeing mom bath has always been one of my fantasies. I had even considered putting a hidden camera in my parent’s bathroom, few years back, but backed out due to the risk involved. Now I had a chance at seeing that same scene, live.

“Shower like you normally do” I thought and mom obeyed.

She turned the shower on, got under the stream of water and started to take a bath, oblivious to the fact that I was rubbing my dick looking at her.

She shampooed her wet hair, and applied soap to her whole body. Everything looked to me, as though it happened rus escort in slow-motion. I remembered how mom said, she sometimes would masturbate in shower and smiled at the image. She looked like a goddess, with her wet hair down, her pussy hair drenched and water glistening on her skin.

My dick stood at full mast, while I continued masturbating looking at my naked mom. She turned the shower off and was going to dry herself, when I walked towards her. I hugged her and inhaled my mom’s fresh scent.

“Give me a bath” I thought to her.

She once again turned on the shower, getting both of us wet. I took my mom’s chin with both my hands and started to kiss her under the shower. Mom meanwhile put her hands on my back and started caressing me, her hands moving around my back.

One I broke the kiss, she turned the shower off and started rubbing soap over me. Even though I didn’t order her, she spent more time than necessary, rubbing my dick with soap, a mischievous smile on her face. This was the first time I was seeing the naughty side of her. I laughed and hugged her, the soap causing our bodies to almost slide against one another.

She turned the shower on once again and I resumed kissing her. Both of us were thrusting our tongues to each other’s mouths. I could feel her hardened nipples against me and my dick was rubbing against her wet mound. At that moment, I genuinely believed the mature woman in front of me was my lover, and not my mom.

After few moments, I stopped kissing her. The shower was still running, and both of us were panting, out of our breaths. I turned the shower off and took mom’s towel from the rack, and started drying her. I took my time, and by the end, every inch of my mom’s naked body was engraved in my mind. I used the same wet towel to dry myself up.

I took my mom’s hand in mine, and holding her hand, both of us got out from the bath, naked.

I guided her to the front of the mirror which she used to get ready normally. escort rus I stood behind her, and resting my hands on her stomach, hugged her. Both of us were looking at our naked reflections, and I gave her a small peck on her cheek. She smiled shyly and looked away from the mirror.

I chuckled and moved back. I opened mom’s dressing cupboard.

“Wear the dress I choose” I thought. I then took out a black bra and panty, which were the most sexiest pair she owned. I remembered the day, when I had found them in laundry once and was surprised at the fact mom had worn them. I then took out a costly red silky saree, that she only wore during important functions. On one such function in the past, that saree had showed her perfect figure and later I had jerked off countless times to her photos from that function.

“Don’t wear blouse and underskirt” I thought again.

I put on my underwear, went outside to the living room,and still with a huge boner, sat in the couch beside dad.

“I enjoyed my time with mom.” I said sarcastically to dad, but he just nodded. I laughed and waited for mom.

When mom finally came outside, my jaw dropped seeing her. She looked as though she was wearing a sleeveless saree, that clung to her body, both her bra straps visible. She looked like a Bollywood actress but appeared to be more sexier, by her wet hair, that still had some water drops dripping from it.

I got up, went near her, and gave her a loud smooch on her lips. It was almost late and I was hungry.

“Please bring me dinner.” I said to mom.

We had dinner together, the three of us. I was openly flirting with and touching mom constantly. We were like lovers on a date, dad watching us like a third wheel.

I kind of felt sorry for dad. ” Answer truthfully” I thought to dad, who was sitting opposite mom and me.

“Have you been attracted to any woman, other than mom?” I asked.

“Yes,Seema.” he replied. I gasped. Seema was my aunt, mom’s younger sister. rus escort bayan My dad was attracted to his sister-in-law. No wonder I grew up craving an incest relationship.

In some sense, I could see why dad was attracted to my aunt. She was the complete opposite to mom in all aspects. She was 38 years old, 7 years younger than mom. She was a modern lady, chubby with huge boobs. She considered herself to be a feminist, and was the black sheep of mom’s family. She had been divorced twice, and was now raising my cousin, Deepthi, 18 years old, as a single mom.

Even though both of them were hot, I was always annoyed with both my aunt and her daughter. They constantly made fun of me. I even believe both of somehow had suspicions of my hidden perverted side.

” Have you done something with her? What did you do about your fantasies?” I asked him

“No, I have not acted on my fantasies. I kept it under control by masturbating to her photos and fucked my wife imagining instead it was Seema that I was fucking ” My dad said, not realizing his wife was sitting next to me. However, mom was not even bothered, since she did not consider him her husband at the moment.

All the guilt I felt for cuckolding Dad was now gone. I gave mom a quick kiss on her cheeks and said,” You are more gorgeous than both those women combined.”

“Clean the table, wash the dishes and go sleep in my room.”I thought to Dad, and he stood up obeying.

After washing our hands, I took mom to once again to my what used to be my parent’s and now my bedroom. I lifted mom’s saree, and took off her panty. Then I lied down and asked mom to get on top of me and fuck me, cowgirl style. She climbed on top of me and took my dick in her hands and guided it to her pussy.

She started riding my dick, her saree drape falling down down due to the movement. I lied on my back, looking up at mom, her head tilted back in pleasure and her boobs bobbing up and down in her bra.

However, what Dad had revealed stayed on the back of my mind, and I started imagining few scenarios, where I could make my aunt, my personal bitch, with my new powers.

I smiled pushing aside the thoughts for the moment and started thrusting my dick back into mom, hoping sincerely my dad next room could hear my mom’s screams of pleasure that followed after.

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