Something Old


“Damn, damn, damn!” Bridget thought as she tried to zip the back of her wedding dress. The zipper was stuck mid back and wouldn’t budge any higher.

“Bridget dear, do you need any help?” a velvety voice with a slight British accent called from outside the bedroom door. Only one person could have a voice that soothing, Charlie’s favorite Aunt Lucinda.

“Um…just a minute,” Bridget called as she stumbled to the door, still trying to yank up the zipper with her left hand. She opened the door to a stunning woman with cropped black hair. She was sophisticatedly dressed in cream-colored crepe pants with a taupe silk camisole that showed off her slender shoulders and small breasts.

“See, I’ve brought you some champagne to calm your nerves,” said Lucinda holding up two glasses brimming with golden bubbly, almost the exact shade of Bridget’s long, blonde hair.

“Thank you, Lucinda. I could use some help.” She willingly accepted the glass.

“Call me Aunt Cin, or better yet, just Cin please,” she smiled wickedly as she swept into the room. “No one calls me Lucinda,” she gave a soft laugh. “Now what seems to be the trouble, my love?”

“This dress fit perfectly two weeks ago, but now I can’t quite get it zipped up all the way,” Bridget exasperated, turning so that Cin could see.

“Well don’t fret dear, we have plenty of time before the portrait artist arrives, and I’m sure Cathy and Carolyn can entertain him in the garden until you are a vision of loveliness.” Bridget smirked at the thought. She’d seen Charlie’s younger twin sisters in action. That artist didn’t stand a chance against two voluptuous eighteen-year-old girls.

Cin walked around the canopy bed to the wardrobe and riffled through the drawers. “I think I have just the thing to solve the problem.”

“It’s so beautiful here, it’s like a dream.” Bridget leaned against the soft, over-sized bed, trying not to wrinkle her dress. “Thank you so much for letting us have the wedding here. I only wish Charlie’s mom could be here for the wedding.”

Cin turned to her with a slight sigh. “I know she would have adored you.” She leaned in closer to Bridget. “Now close your eyes my pretty and turn around.” Bridget smiled and obeyed. Cin placed her soft, warm hands expertly on Bridget’s shoulders, kneading the Bridget’s tense muscles as she moved them slowly across her shoulder blades. The intimate gesture made Bridget lose herself in a slight moan. “Relax, my sweet, you need to be glowing for your wedding portrait,” Cin slowly unzipped the dress, exposing Bridget’s well toned, tan back.

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting me into to the dress, not out of it?” Bridget breathed as Cin’s fingers traced the goose bumps forming on her spine.

“Trust me,” Cin whispered in her ear. “Step out of the dress.” Bridget heard the delicate fabric rustle as she gingerly lifted her long legs up, one at a time. Cin quickly hung the gown on the closet door and returned her attentions escort gaziantep sahibe bayan back to Bridget’s supple, young body. She smiled to herself as she realized Bridget’s eyes were still closed. “This one will serve Charlie well,” Cin thought as she reached for a silk scarf.

“Now listen to me carefully,” said Cin. “I’m going to blindfold you. What I’m going to give you is very special. In order for you to appreciate its full beauty, I want you to experience it first with your sense of touch. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Cin,” Bridget said. Her mind was reeling. What is going on here? Why am I standing here in only my panties in front of Charlie’s aunt? Should I stop this? She knew that those soft hands on her skin would not let her say stop, even if she wanted to. Her body was aflame, and she felt the familiar throb of her clit aching to be touched. The scarf encircled her head and Cin tied it tight.

“Now let me look at you,” Cin cooed. “You have a lovely ass.” She cupped one of the exposed cheeks firmly, appreciating the meatiness. “I think it’s begging to be spanked!” Bridget drew in her breath sharply. “All in good time, my pet, all in good time. I have to inspect you thoroughly first.” She turned Bridget around, by tugging on the white satin thong.

“Ah, what large, breasts you have,” said Cin as she cradled them in both hands. “You Americans always seem to be over-the-top in everything.” Bridget bristled as she felt Cin’s hot breath roll across her already-erect, pink nipples. Another moan escaped her full lips.

“So easily amused, as well,” Cin laughed softly. Her hands followed the curve of Bridget’s waist, over her slightly rounded stomach, and traced the skin just above the rim of Bridget’s panties. “I think that I need to see everything. It must be the very best for my Charles.” Cin grabbed the thong in her fist and yanked as hard as she could. The unexpected force of the fabric tearing off her body made Bridget’s wet pussy swell.

“That’s much better,” purred Cin. She knelt and spread the girl’s tanned thighs further apart. Bridget’s light brown hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart. The scent of her cunt was a mingling of musk and honey. “Mmm…you smell good enough to eat.” Cin glided her middle finger into the soft slit and brought them to her mouth. Bridget squirmed at the sudden contact against her clit. “Delicious.”

“Oh please!” Bridget cried, “Touch me please!”

“You must be an obedient wife to Charlie. Are you willing to do everything he tells you to do? “

“Yes”, sighed Bridget. “Just please don’t stop!”

“First you must be properly attired. Every bride should have a surprise waiting for her new groom. Lift your arms and hold up your hair please.” Bridget did as she was told. She felt something soft, but sturdy brushing up against her waist. The garment fit just underneath her breasts, jutting them forward. escort bayan şahinbey It ended just below her hipbone. “Stay still Bridget while I adjust the laces.” Suddenly Bridget felt the corset squeezing tight as Cin expertly laced up the back.

“It feels like leather!” Bridget exclaimed.

“It is, my sweet. You are truly a sight to behold. Look in the mirror,” Cin said as she lifted the scarf from Bridget’s eyes.

Bridget couldn’t believe that it was her reflection in the freestanding full-length mirror. She ran her hands along the sides of the blood red leather corset. There were exotic flowers tooled into the leather with immaculate precision. Her breasts were pushed forward, and the exposure of her nipples seemed deliciously indecent. Her waist was an exaggerated hourglass, accentuating the mound of her ripe sex. She turned to see the satin red laces pulled tight and tied, her hips flaring out to reveal the curve of her ass, almost making a perfect upside down heart.

“I remember lacing Charlie’s mother in this very same corset on her wedding day. She would want you to have it.”

“She wore this under her wedding dress?” Bridget gasped with disbelief.

“Charlie’s mother was a very unique woman. She always liked to keep her lovers guessing.” Cin moved in behind Bridget, letting her hands stroke lightly up and down the corset, gently brushing the tops of Bridget’s hardening nipples. “With this gift, you’ll have to carry on her legacy.”

Bridget’s brow furrowed at the thought. Truth be told, she was not a novice to the ways of love, but she held the vow of marriage to be sacred.

“But once I marry Charlie, he will be my only lover.”

Cin laughed. “My pet,” she said breathing again into Bridget’s ear, “You are not married yet. And you will soon learn what marriage in this family means.” Cin turned Bridget around by her shoulders and pushed her roughly back onto the luxurious bed. She quickly shed her shirt and slacks, exposing her small breasts and a mound of dark fur. “Now, to see to that rosy glow!”

Bridget closed her eyes in ecstasy as she felt her ass being lifted by the older woman’s hands. Cin licked slowly up the inside of Bridget’s thighs, teasing her, making Bridget squirm. The corset constricted Bridget’s every breath as she gasped in pleasure. With the tightening corset, it felt like all there was a direct energy link between her nipples and her clit. Cin slowly licked her cunt letting her tongue dart into the swelling lips. Lapping the sweet, slick juice of Bridget’s pussy.

“Oh God, yes! Lick me you naughty bitch! Lick me!” Bridget cried as Cin’s tongue flicked against her clit with rapid-fire speed. She pulled one hand free and fingered Bridget’s swelling clit as she tongued her sweet hole.

Bridget clawed at her own nipples, bucking under the intensity of Cin’s administrations. “Fuck me with your face! Fuck me!” She escort şahinbey screamed not caring who would hear her.

Cin slipped three fingers into Bridget’s cunt, sucking her clit hard while slamming her fingers in. Bridget was beyond speaking–only wave after wave of pleasure moans escaped her lips. She was falling and rising with the corset binding her to the brink of orgasm. Her body no longer under her control, she relinquished as Cin suckled her clit, biting the tender nub of flesh and releasing. When she slipped her entire hand in her slick pussy, Bridget exploded in orgasm, her cunt sending spasms against the clinched fist inside her. She felt she was being pulled and squeezed at the same time. The corset stuck to her sweaty flesh like a second skin. It closed in tighter like a vise, as Cin refused to stop. Her tongue lashing against Bridget’s clit, her fist still pounding her hole vigorously. Panting in time, Bridget let her body slam back into Cin’s fist engulfing her entire hand. Cin’s skillful tongue continued to lap in succession with the thrusts, as another orgasm ripped through her.

This time Cin seemed satisfied with the slick juice dripping down her chin. She gently removed her hand, sucking every last drop off her fingers. Bridget lay spent as Cin straddled her hips.

“There my love,” she said running her fingers down Bridget’s neck. “Now you are all aglow.” She smiled as she rolled off of Bridget. Downstairs the doorbell rang followed by a tittering of giggling. “That would be the artist. It’s best we get you back into your dress,” she purred.

“Ah yes, my dress,” Bridget said drowsily. She was high from their coupling and her thoughts floated gently to the surface of her mind. How will I explain this to Charlie? What kind of wife will I be?

“Never fear, my sweet. There are many secrets between women and men. I dare say even more between women and women,” Cin said as if reading her mind. “Years from now, you will be able to fuel his fire with stories of your ribald youth. Treasure this gift,” she said stroking the leather just underneath Bridget’s left breast. “There is, I believe, magic in its laces. As if each encounter has tied itself up. It remembers, where those who wear it may wish to forget.”

“I will wear it with pride Cin.” Bridget leaned in kissing Cin deeply. She sucked Cin’s lower lip gently pulling it into her mouth. Cin sighed.

“Ah my pet, you are a perfect match for my Charlie. Let’s get you dressed before the twins dismantle that poor painter.”

Bridget stood once more and stepped into her wedding gown. The stark contrast of the red leather against the white sateen thrilled her in a deliciously naughty way. Cin lifted the dress so she could place her arms through the short beaded sleeves. She was amazed how beautifully it fit as Cin zipped up the back. Thanks to my little secret, she thought. A smile crept to her lips.

“I am glowing,” she said as she twirled in front of the mirror.

“You are a true vision! Now come my pet, down to the garden. We shall be missed if we dally much longer.” Cin said tucking her blouse into her crisp pants. “There are many more adventures waiting for you to discover.”

Bridget turned, her face beaming.

“Truly you are a blushing bride!” Cin took her hand and led her downstairs for all to see.

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