Something More Vol. 01


He was probably her best friend. He was there when she needed an ear, a shoulder. A great friend but never more, every time a man would break he heart he would be there to listen and hold her but he never asked that she let him “hold” her. Until one day…

They worked together every Saturday night and closed up the store around midnight. They were running slightly behind tonight due to a last minute straggler. As he finished up everything she said she needed to use the ladies room and excused herself. He had no idea the surprise that awaited him when he came out of the office and all the lights to the storage room where off.

He felt a firm hand push him against the door, and full warm lips pressed against his. Instinctively he let his lips part as her tongue found his. He knew she was finally ready to love him. It had always been there an untapped emotion between them. She would not risk losing him as a friend if their love could not last. He didn’t want to try to force her to love him and lose her all together.

Their kiss continued in the darkness. He placed his hands on her face and held her, as he had wanted to hold her for so long. She held him at the waist. As much as he didn’t want to rush her he couldn’t ignore the bulge growing steadily against his leg.

He broke the kiss and held her face in between his palms.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Let this be your answer.”

She walked away from him and he heard the lights switch click. He shielded his eyes from the sudden brightness. As his eyes adjusted he knew she wanted to go through with it. She stood before him as she had a Halloween night a few years ago, an image that had a common place in his imagination many a night.

Her sleek brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. She wore black rimmed glasses that made her brown eyes glint beautifully. Her d-cup breasts were held tight by a white button down shirt which was tied in a bow accenting her smooth tan stomach. A short plaid skirt, that he remembered being slightly longer, barely covered her perfect girl next door butt. White stockings hugged her long sensuous legs stopping half way up her thighs.

She walked towards him and grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze which caused a moan to escape her sweet lips. He paused not wanting to force her.

“Do you real…”

She placed a finger on his face; the stubble of his beard tickled her finger tip.

“Please teacher I need to get my grades up somehow.” She was about a foot shorter than him so she looked up from under her bangs and slowly slipped her other index finger in her mouth and sucked it.

He couldn’t postpone his feelings any more. He slipped a hand around her uncovered back and pulled her close kissing her full on the mouth. His cock set hard against her pelvic bone.

He moved from her lips to her neck, moving very slowly taking time to give her İstanbul Escort ear a little nibble. She once again let a sigh of pleasure escape, she had told him so many intimate things and he remembered. His right hand held its place at her breast slipping inside the shirt caressing it slow and tenderly. His left moved around and pulled her skirt up above, she knew exactly what would turn him on the black boy shorts hugged her ass perfectly. It took everything he had not to come right then.

Grabbing her hand he opened the door to the office and pulled her inside. He spun her around and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her skirt up sitting her on the desk sending pens and paperwork sprawling.

“Well now lets see if we can figure how you can get up those grades.” He said kissing his way down her to her perfect tits.

He slowly undid the shirt with his teeth exposing her orange bra. He slid the shirt off her back kissing her on the forehead as he did so. The snaps on the bra came free easily as they embraced in a passionate kiss. Her breasts sprang free when he pulled the bra down her arms. He took his time; kissing all over both of them sucking and nibbling the nipples like she had told him had happened in high school that had made her crazy as she was now.

She wrapped her legs around him again pulling him to her. She moaned scratching into his back. He felt her wetness and warmth saturating his crotch. He thrust forward making sure she felt his cock against her moist mound.

“Please Greg, FUCK ME!!” Ashlynn screamed throwing he hair back.

“Shhhh.” He said kissing his way down her stomach finding her treasure trove.

Greg slid her underwear down her legs taking care not to remove her stockings. He pulled her skirt up to her stomach and was mesmerized by her beautiful sex. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a perfect triangle pointing towards a gateway of pleasure. Her slit had no hanging lips no worn out look. It was perfect, the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen.

He began by kissing his way from her belly button down to her triangle, making every kiss slow and passionate. He lifted her so he could have a better view. He spread her lips and kissed her clit, savoring her sweet taste like that of honeysuckle in the first days of spring. Ashlynn ran her hands through his hair and pressed his face into her mound his stubble adding extra sensation as his tongue found every sensitive spot her slit had to hide. She screamed out in pleasure as he slipped a finger inside her finding her g-spot with ease. She couldn’t hold back anymore as her body sending multiple gushes of her juices over his face. It didn’t deter him he kept his finger inside her mouth over her clit sending her over the edge multiple times. She leaned forward putting her hands under his chin bringing him up to kiss her.

“Do you like your taste?” He asked running his finger around İstanbul Escort bayan her lips.

She answered by taking his finger in her mouth and licking it clean. She kissed him again, and rubbed her hand over the bulge in his pants that was begging for release. She gently pushed him back, stepping down she sat him in a desk chair and slid his jeans to the floor. Three inches of his rock hard cock stuck through the hole in his boxers. She removed his shirt revealing his defined chest. She kissed his chest knowing it would drive him wild if she bit his nipples, so she did making sure her tits touched his cock causing it to twitch exposing more of his man meat.

“It looks like I got something up Teacher.” She said in her baby doll voice.

“Indeed you did, now tell me what are you going to do about you naughty little bitch.” Greg said smacking her on the ass, leaving a red mark.

She bit her lower lip and tensed up as a surge of pleasure passed over her. He was making her orgasm without even touching her pussy. She wanted him, she needed him, and he is hers.

She pulled Greg’s boxers down revealing his 9″ long monster. It was thick and veined down it entire length. He took pride in his cock, keeping his pubic hair trimmed with a thin line making its way to his navel. She kissed her way down his body making sure to nuzzle in his hair taking in his musty scent.

“Teacher, what’s that?!” She cooed in her baby doll voice.

“Well, that is lollypop, and it’s all yours.”

“Really, maybe I should lick it.” Her tongue darted out moving up the length of his shaft.

Greg moaned pursing his lips. “If you want the full flavor you need to do more than that you naughty little girl.”

She gently massaged his balls as she kissed up and down the length of his cock. Every time her lips touched his member he moaned. He placed his on her check with a loving touch moving to the back of her head pulling her ponytail down. Her mouth enveloped his cock as he pushed her down on him.

Grunts filled the room when she wrapped her hands around the shaft of his rod and pumped in time with her mouth. Her tongue caressed the sensitive area under the head of his cock. She took her time loving his rock hard member just as he had with her cunt. The view of her lips wrapped around him cock with her hair flowing around her face along with her hand and tongue work were enough to send him over the edge. He took his hands and held her head on as he shot spurt after spurt of his juice down her throat, all the while she swallowed every drop.

“Oh that was a good lollypop Teacher, especially the creamy center.”

“Thought *huff* you might *huff* like it.”

Her face was flushed as when Greg stood up and laid her on her back on the floor. She wanted him inside her to fill her and hold her afterward. Greg kissed her on the forehead working his way down to her full tits absorbing their warmth. Escort İstanbul He put his knees on either side of her positioning his semi-hard cock between her breasts.

“Do it Teacher fuck my big tits.”

“My we are a naughty student aren’t we, you dirty little cunt!” he leaned down kissing her hard.

He pressed her tits together completely covering his dick. It was still slick with her spit so it slid easily back and forth as she thumbed her clit. When his cock would emerge she would gently flick her tongue out like a snake, making him groan intensely when it touched his head.

She could feel his rod recovering with every thrust between her full tits. His hands where roaming all over her beautiful tits making short work of her nipples between his strong fingers. Ashlynn moved her free hand down to her snatch slicking it with her juices she moved back up to Greg’s well muscled ass. She slowly moved her hand down his crack letting her nectar spread over his tight hole. She slid her finger in before he could think on a back stroke.

“Oh, babe, finger my fucking hole. Your tits feel so good.”

“Teacher, I need it!”

“Say you fucking cunt, beg me for it!” Greg said moving down so his cock was hovering inches from her cunt.

“Please Teacher, put you big cock in my little pussy. Fuck my hole like you’ve always wanted.”

He couldn’t hold off anymore, he thrust forward his cock slipping easily into her waiting slit. He leaned forward with a long stroke his cock rubbed her g-spot sending her over the edge. She dug her nails into his back leaving long scratches, her pussy clutched hard around his dick. He held his position kissing her full on the mouth.

“There’s something I’ve need to tell Ash.” Greg whispered in her ear.

“What, am I doing something wrong? Gre…”

He kissed her again. He looked deep into her eyes the love was in the open now. They didn’t have to worry about losing each other, they were meant to be. He hugged her and she wrapped her legs around him, the stockings smooth silk felt soft on his skin. He stood still holding her on his member. He moved towards the door putting her back against it. He slowly began thrusting in and out of her sweet sex.

“You…you’re my first Ash.” He said in a moaning voice.

“But you, oh God it feels so good, you know so much.” Her eyes were closed as she bit her lower lip pure ecstasy on her face.

“I’ve watched a lot of porn.” He said laughing.

His thrusts were becoming quicker as his climax neared. He moved back away from the door letting Ashlynn rest upon his cock as his semen exploded into her causing her to bite into his shoulder blade as climax racked her body. He sat down on the desk his cock still inside her. They embraced.

“Ash, I love you, I only want to love you, I’ve always loved you.” He said kissing her.

“I love you too, Tea…I love you too, Greg.”

They held each other for awhile longer before leaving together, off to finally be together.

“A lot of porn, huh.” She said holding his hand as they walked out. “What’s your favorite kind?”

He pulled her close kissing her, and whispered in her ear as he grabbed her ass, “Anal.”

To Be Continued…

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