Someone Else


By her own admission, this Practice Guest and her husband led a relatively simple and uneventful life. Even sex was unassuming and routine, although neither of them had expectations of something more exciting. That was until the charming Doctor Love discovered someone else deeply hidden in her subconscious. Someone else she named Candice, a very naughty Guest.

It was you, wasn’t it Maddisyn? FYI. The sexy lingerie is working! Love you both, Candice.

I was hesitant to share my story about the Practice when asked. Even more surprising and bizarre was my new doctor’s proposal of sexual therapy. But someone else inside me was excited. I’ve surprised myself at what unfolded, discovering the naughty side of me and how exhilarating it’s been. It’s a little secret I’ve only shared with Doctor Love, until now.

Rodney doesn’t know how badly I’ve behaved. Hubby would also be surprised, and shocked. Of course, I knew it was wrong. I might have been Miss Innocent but I wasn’t that naïve. I should have been appalled, never returned to the Practice or even exposed what was going on. I obviously didn’t do any of those things as I mused over the titillating trickle of temptation.

The Practice is an exclusive medical centre for women known as Guests. I knew the historic precinct well, having studied at the nearby university. An architect, I fell in love with the beautifully restored two-story terrace house with its ornate plasterwork and period features. Every room is just gorgeous, furnished with lovely antique furniture and fittings. I soon discovered something far more interesting than the Practice’s lovely architecture.

Somehow Doctor Love’s treatment for a routine woman’s issue morphed into something far more exciting. I instantly felt comfortable with him, even a little intrigued. He’s certainly handsome and fit for late 50s, tall with salt and pepper hair and engaging eyes that gave him an alluring look. That gorgeous smile he kept flashing me and his charming manner were a pleasant distraction. I’ve never enjoyed doctor visits so much.

I was shocked at first but the therapy soon aroused my dormant naughty side. It was so unlike me. Rodney’s the same. We’re both out of the same conservative mould. We meet at university studying architecture. He was my first ever date and I was his first girlfriend. We married after graduating. The only other exciting thing we’ve ever done was getting a loan to establish our business! Plain and uncomplicated, but that’s me . . . or so I thought.

Even sex was predictable and tame, not that either of us complained. We probably didn’t know any better. We thought doggy was wild and even that was for special occasions! But it was different at the Practice. A sexual education, actually. More than once I had to remind myself to tone it down with Rodney, fearing he may become suspicious. It wasn’t as if I was cheating and had a lover. Doctor Love is my sex therapist after all, so I kept telling myself.

I’m a conservative dresser, preferring slacks and a loose-fitting blouse buttoned to the neck. But I soon felt underdress going to the Practice after work, it was that sort of place. I bought several new dresses for my appointments with Doctor Love. My ‘Practice outfits’ I call them. Hardly anything I’d normally wear to a medical appointment, or anywhere else for that matter! That someone else certainly had a fascination for revealing outfits.

It’s exciting being someone you’re not at the Practice, wearing a sexy dress and doing things I really shouldn’t. I’d changed into an above the knee dress with a split displaying a little too much thigh for today’s appointment. The dress clung to my shapely 38-year-old body and with far too many buttons undone, displaying a little of my new white lacey bra and some enticing cleavage. Teasing the charming Doctor Love just makes the sex more exciting.

I only had a short walk from my car and entered the wrought iron gate to ring the bell on the large stained-glass door. ‘Hi Maddisyn,’ I smiled as she opened the door.

‘It’s so nice to see you again Candice. Please come through to the Sitting Room,’ she replied with a lovely smile that welcomed every Guest.

Candice isn’t my real name. My parents weren’t that kind, naming me after their favourite great aunt. It probably suited the dowdy old spinster I could imagine. My sexy Guest name and revealing Practice outfits aren’t the only things I get excited about once I step into the Practice. I’ve discovered the thrill of being someone else and escaping the humdrum of life.

The Sitting Room is a gorgeous chandelier lit room for relaxing with antique furniture, decoratively papered walls with lovely paintings and lace curtains at the bay window. Maddisyn has an old-fashioned wooden desk in the lounge near the decorative arched entrance where she normally worked. The kitchenette behind her desk was an obvious renovation but the design blended nicely with the period décor of the room.

‘Would you like something Zonguldak Escort before seeing Doctor Love?’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

I returned her lovely smile. ‘May I have some tea?’ I answered, taking a seat on one of the luxurious couches nestled in front of the white marble fireplace.

‘Certainly,’ Maddisyn replied in her calm and soothing tone before leaving for the kitchenette at the other end of the Sitting Room.

Maddisyn’s an attractive brunette with shoulder length loose curls and a lovely figure of a young woman in her mid-20s. We first met over six months ago when she gave me a tour of the Practice before registering as a Guest. Maddisyn’s lovely and her soft and caring nature would put any new Guest at ease.

Maddisyn soon returned with a silver tray and poured me a cup of tea. ‘Thank you,’ I smiled, feeling like a special Guest as my eyes roamed over a selection of cakes.

‘Would you like help with your hair and makeup again?’ She offered with an angelic smile.

I’ve never been a slave to makeup like other women. ‘Thank you. That would be lovely,’ I smiled back, the naughty side of me excited at how beautify she could make me look.

I thought it strange when Maddisyn first offered, despite mentioning she’d worked in the spa and beauty industry. My suspicions were soon aroused when Doctor Love proposed sexual therapy. What Guest would want to look her best? But there was never a hint she knew what was happening behind the closed door of his suite. Maddisyn even jested how Guest’s liked looking nice for the charming Doctor Love. Innocent enough, I thought.

In some ways Maddisyn reminded me of myself, quiet and a little reserved. The more I’ve got to know Maddisyn, the less I could imagine her being involved or even knowing what went on. Maddisyn’s kind and angelic, almost spiritual nature seemed more appropriate to the warm and elegant ambiance of the Practice than a business offering intimate services.

Finishing my tea and picking up my carry-bag, I attracted Maddisyn’s attention. ‘I’m just going to use the Guest Lounge to freshen up,’ I mentioned.

‘I’ll join you in a few minutes after I take care of this,’ she replied, joining me to take the tray back to the kitchenette.

The lounge is conveniently off the Sitting Room. A second side door opens to the main passageway to the back of the building, providing discrete access to Doctor Love’s suite. The white antique dressing table has a large ornate mirror that is wonderful for grooming and makeup. Guests could indulge in a spar bath set in a wrap-around window and Maddisyn said she provided massages. I could just imagine how delightfully relaxing they would be.

I sat at the mirror waiting for Maddisyn, smiling at my reflection and enjoying the trickle of arousal with the thought of more sexual therapy entertaining my mind. I’d never even dreamt of being so wild. Doctor Love just brought the naughtiness out of me I didn’t know was there. Every session’s taken me to another level of pleasure. I was incredibly horny by the time my attention was drawn to Maddisyn’s high-heels echoing on the polished floorboards.

There was a gentle knock at the door before she entered. ‘Make me beautify for the charming Doctor Love,’ I smiled, not entirely joking.

Maddisyn softly laughed, almost to herself. ‘I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that,’ she innocently teased.

Her humour brought a smile to my face. I enjoy our time together before seeing Doctor Love, assisting with my hair and makeup. Maddisyn sat on a stool with wheels opposite me and to the side so I could see my reflection. She did my makeup with some of the lovely cosmetics provided and then stood behind me to do my hair.

‘What do you think?’ Maddisyn asked my reflection, looking very pleased.

Standing up, I turned around gazing at the mirror. ‘Wonderful. Thank you so much,’ I exclaimed, excited at the sexy look.

My reaction brought a smile to her face. ‘I love your outfit by the way,’ she commented.

‘You must think it silly, getting dressed up and looking good to see your doctor,’ I softly laughed.

‘Not really. Doctor Love is handsome and what’s the harm with a little pampering if it takes your mind off the appointment?’ She naïvely offered.

Looking at Maddisyn’s innocent gaze and demure smile, I knew she had no idea of the real motive. I wondered how Maddisyn would react if she knew as I watched her tidy up before leaving. She’s be shocked and probably die of embarrassment I imagined, unknowingly grooming Guests for her naughty doctor.

I used the side door and made my way along the Baltic Pine passageway towards Doctor Love’s suite. I loved the way my outfit added extra sway to my hips, causing my high-heels to sound seductive on the polished floorboards and adding a little extra bounce to my breasts. I wondered how many naughty Guests had walked the passage for sexual therapy, beautifully dressed and made up. I felt my Zonguldak Escort Bayan pussy throb and moisten as I entered the suite, shutting the door behind me.

Doctor Love was sitting at his desk and turned to meet my gaze. ‘Good evening doctor,’ I grinned knowingly. I waited for a response as his eyes wandered over my body, not bothering to disguise their interest.

Doctor Love’s eyes lifted to mine. ‘Hello Candice, please come and make yourself comfortable. You look lovely,’ he finally welcomed, delighting me with his gorgeous smile.

His appraising gaze always sends a ripple down my spine and a contented smile filled my face. Even at his age, the charming Doctor Love could interest much younger women and he obviously enjoys their company. I instantly liked him. It’s hard to explain. He didn’t just charm his way into my panties. He drew the naughty girl out of me and had me almost begging for it. I felt as if someone else was in control. I wouldn’t be the only Guest who couldn’t resist.

‘Thank you,’ I simply replied, enjoying the wet heat between my thighs as we made our way to the two couches nestled in front of the magnificent marble fireplace.

I sat down and placed my bag on the floor while Doctor Love sat opposite. The suite is another wonderful room, nothing like any other doctor’s room I’ve seen. A lovely chandelier hangs overhead from an ornate ceiling rose painted in bright intricate colours. The comfortable couches, period furniture and soft lighting provides an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for meeting with Doctor Love.

I moistened my lips, feeling my nipples tighten under his gaze. ‘Have you spoken with Rodney?’ Doctor Love commenced.

It was the elephant in the room. I love Rodney and the other part of me couldn’t be happier. How do you mention to your husband that your sex therapist is fucking you senseless and you’ve learnt some techniques you’d like to try? Well, maybe not the first part about the sexual therapy but Guest Candice certainly wanted more action between the sheets.

‘Not yet but I’ve had an idea,’ I replied, undoing another button of my dress.

Doctor Love’s eyes widened with his interest. ‘When I bought this lacy bra, I thought of buying some sexy lingerie and who knows where it may lead,’ I smiled.

My pussy pulsed seeing Doctor Love’s lips curl into a sexy smile. ‘I think you’d look stunning in lingerie,’ he complimented.

My eyes lit up at the thought of a naughty reply. ‘You don’t need sexy lingerie to give me a wild fuck. Isn’t that right Doctor Love?’ I teased with a sultry purr.

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed during an awkward lingering silence that was familiar. ‘I’ve explained before that it’s sexual therapy. I’ve prescribed the treatment for your supressed sexual predispositions,’ his professional tone amusing the wicked side of me that was his doing.

I smiled recalling when Doctor Love suggested therapy. I was in shock at first, listening to his rational explanation for the treatment. It was so sincere, so natural and plausible and without the slightest hint of anything illicit. I almost believed it for a moment, my mind a cocktail of disbelief, curiosity and arousal. I’d be lying if I said the thought of us having sex hadn’t already been a turn-on. I may have even begged for sex if he hadn’t suggested it.

Doctor Love can call it what he likes but Candice knows when she’s had a good fucking. ‘Shall we move through to the bedroom?’ I softly smiled, neatly side-stepping the differing opinions.

Doctor Love quietly cleared his throat and discreetly moistened his lips. ‘I’ve planned something I think you should find helpful,’ his circumspect reply making me smile.

I stood to make my way to the bedroom off the suite. ‘Should be fun as well,’ I grinned knowingly, continuing my little wicked game.

The bedroom is through a lovely decorative archway and a wonderful room for therapy. There’s a king-sized bed with a luxurious bedspread opposite a beautiful ornate fireplace with a large mirror above. The room is exquisitely furnished with period furniture and velvet drapes with fine lace filling the bay window. The bedroom’s ensuite is also so convenient.

Doctor Love sat on the bed and I felt the heat of his gaze as I got undressed. Our eyes locked as I undid the last remaining button and reached behind to unzip my dress. I eased it off my shoulders and allowed it to drop to my hips, revealing my new white lace bra.

I started to reach behind to unclip the bra when Doctor Love interrupted me. ‘Please leave your bra and panties on. Your new bra looks lovely,’ he smiled appreciatively.

With my best little sexy shimmy, the dress fell to the floor pooling around my ankles and I stepped free of the garment. ‘My panties seem a little wet,’ I softly laughed, caressing the damp spot.

Slipping off my high-heels, I climbed onto the bed next to Doctor Love and sat with my legs curled up beneath me. I watched as he picked Escort Zonguldak up the dress and neatly suspended it over the blue velvet antique chair and placed my high-heels on the seat. His neatness eccentricity always amuses me.

A cocktail of apprehension and sexual arousal cursed through my body as Doctor Love moved to the bedside table. ‘What are you going to do to me doctor?’ I grinned, with a heavily teasing undertone.

I watched excitedly as he removed some bright-red scarfs from the draw. ‘Lay on your back and spread your arms out. I promise the sexual therapy will be even more enjoyable than you asked for last time,’ he smiled placing the scarfs on the bed and selecting one.

My mind began to race at what was unfolding. We’d discussed a fantasy about light-bondage last session and the naughty me didn’t hesitate to join in. I listened to my pounding heart as Doctor Love doubled the scarf in two and ran its full length through his curled hand. He skilfully formed a loop and placed it over my wrist before tying a single knot. So practiced was his actions, I wondered how many times he’d done it before.

Crashing waves of arousal surge through me with the thought of forfeiting all control of my own pleasure. It was a strange combination of excitement and fear but I trusted Doctor Love. I rolled my lower lip and bit down as a wet heat throbbed between my thighs with images of surrendering my body to Doctor Love’s sexual whims.

‘Are you going to punish your naughty girl?’ I teased, playing along.

The fabric felt silky smooth, tugging at my arm as he secured it to the leg of the bed. ‘There’s nothing to worry about. If the pleasure is too much for you just say the word Parkville,’ Doctor Love instructed, moving around the bed to restrain the other arm.

I smiled, amused at the choice of word. ‘I’m not likely to forget Parkville, no matter what you do to me,’ I baited, testing the tightness of the surprisingly strong restraints.

Doctor Love’s wicked smile was his only reply, sending a ripple down my spine. He secured my ankles and left me spread eagled in my white underwear. My eyes widened noticing Doctor Love running his clenched fists along the one remaining red scarf.

‘What’s that for?’ I anxiously asked, letting nerves finally get the better of me.

‘A blind fold you’re going to wear,’ he decisively commanded. ‘Don’t you recall mentioning your fantasy of being intimate with someone else, someone you didn’t know?’ he reminded me.

‘But I want to watch you fuck me,’ I growled, pulling at the silk bindings and summoning feigned nerve.

I watched as Doctor Love’s eye narrowed. ‘I’ve explained before it’s sexual therapy,’ he reiterated in a firm professional tone. ‘I’m only satisfying your need. You only have to say the word and the pleasure will stop,’ he added, his manner softening a little.

Doctor Love placed the silky scarf over my eyes and wrapped it around my head, tying it firmly in front of my eyes. ‘These are the last words you will hear until you say Parkville. Understand?’ He asked disparagingly.

I wasn’t that gullible. ‘I understand all right. I need a fuck and you love fucking Guests, don’t you doctor?’ I teased, listening to the stillness but no reply came.

I could image his rehearsed response as I listened intently, hearing footsteps over my pounding heart. There was the familiar sound of unzipping a fly, tugging at a belt buckle and unleashing the belt. Doctor Love’s meticulously undressing frustrated me, neatly folding or suspending his clothing and even placing a sock in each shoe. But strapped to the bed and listening to his preparation, my body was buzzing with anticipation it was so erotic.

Silence filled the room. I moistened my lips, adrenaline cursing through me as I waited. My outstretched leg suddenly tensed under the touch of fingertips running up my inner thigh and discovering the damp fabric of my panties. I moaned deeply and thrust my hips forward as much as the restraints permitted, wanting more of his pleasing fingers.

Doctor Love’s caresses became firmer and more invasive, tracing my intimate folds through the sodden fabric. ‘See how wet I am? I need a fuck. I need you to fuck me,’ I teasingly moaned, smiling wickedly to myself at the one control I had over him.

Doctor Love’s other soft hand glided over my stomach and worked under the waist band of my panties. I moaned as one hand teased through the flimsy fabric and his other fingers combed through my pussy fur, sudden flinching as a fingertip swirled over my throbbing clit.

My ass writhe against the luxurious bed cover with the torturous pleasure. ‘Oh yeah. Finger fuck me. Please,’ I finally begged.

His other fingers pulled my panties aside and his thumb pad swept through the pooled moisture between my intimate lips. It was a tormenting mix of pleasure and frustration, helplessly bound captive but loving the thrill of it. I arched my back, the scarfs strained and moaning loudly as he finally applied direct pressure to my clit.

I gasped at the shock of two fingers suddenly thrusting inside me. ‘Oh yeah . . . finger that pussy good,’ I growled as Doctor Love’s fingers worked a slow but steady rhythm while teased my clit, urging me closer and closer to an orgasm.

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