So You Were Watching? Pt. 03

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In the wonderful, satisfied, sweaty, harsh-breathing aftermath of dominating Marie, I had a quandary. Respect for women is ingrained in me. I love to play mutual games, but she needed the real thing. She needed to feel dominated and act it out. It was a path to fulfilment nothing else provided. Could I do that with her? What would be the consequences for our friendship? Dammit, I really liked her and admired her commitment to being true to herself.

I’d started work at a dive shop, working days, and one evening the following week I came home with quandary in mind, and after a long kiss, asked her “Am I making you happy?”

“Of course.”

“No. I mean fulfillingly happy. You’re taking me places I never imagined. You have people from your club who take you there as well. I want to be better than that.”

“You are.”

“Fuck don’t humor me! I really mean this!”

“Okay. I’m sorry. I get it now. You are asking what makes you different?”

“Uh-huh. And how I can be sure this is special for you. It’s okay if it’s not. You are giving me… fuck. Wonder!”

“You just are special. Why should I have to justify it? You turn me on at every level. And it sets me free as well. I might not find that again.”

“What about those things I called you the other day? You aren’t a whore, or a bitch to me. You are fantastic!”

“Well I AM a slut. You can’t deny me that. And I love being at your will, knowing you own me. Knowing you can make me do anything. Fuck! I would love to suck a woman off so you escort gaziantep özbek bayan can watch. Hold her hair and give orders while she sucks you off. Put your cock in her cunt so you can fuck her! God… you can bring one of your Navy buddies here, and just gesture to me, and I’ll drop down and give him the blowjob of his life. I WANT to do that! Are you going to be prissy?”


“Then be my partner. Love me the way I am. Get off on me. And I mean it every way you like!”

“Okay,” I said.

“Can we pick a special word that’s ours?” I like Bitch. It means I have to put my ass in the air for you to fuck anytime?”

“Okay. And gladly. And you are just fucking amazing!”

We kissed a long time, then I said, “Okay I’ll love you the way you want, but no half way, okay? I want it all. And I mean all the things you have told me about. I’d like to try as many as can be arranged.”


“I’d particularly like to meet Melanie.”


“Yes Bitch?”

“I’m not questioning your wishes, but she’s a serious pain and humiliation slut now. That can take a little getting used to. I mean she really craves a lot of rough stuff, with other people, kind of demeaning stuff. If I bring her here you will have to get right into that. Okay”

“Bitch I said I wanted to try everything.”

“Yes dear. When do you want to start?”

“Friday night.”

“Any particular order?”

“I’ll let you decide.”



But the very pretty woman who stood in our doorway the following Friday evening, didn’t look at all like the Melanie she’d described.

This woman was Asian, late-twenties and slim and long legged like she’d been a track star at some previous age. Marie had said Melanie was curvy. This lady’s tits were perky, and her straight black hair was almost waist-length. She was dressed to impress in cutoff shorts and a see through blouse that showed small black nipples.

“Is Marie home?”


Marie porno videolar came downstairs in a purple see-through negligee with snaps in the front, which had become her standard dress around the house.

“Ashika Darling. This is Glenn.”

Ashika gave me a shy smile.

Marie pulled her into a long wet kiss with a lot of tongue. Then they walked past me and upstairs, never breaking contact. I followed.

In Marie’s bedroom they took a long time undressing each other considering they were only wearing five pieces between them if you counted Ashika’s slip-on shoes as two. Every movement was a caress. By that time I was naked too, and lying on the far edge of Marie’s king size bed, stroking my rock-hard cock.

They lay down and Ashika went hard at work sucking on Marie’s tits. In the next fifteen minutes the Asian girl brought Marie to two shuddering orgasms. She did it with both force and tenderness, not an easy combination. It was fascinating and beautiful.

The second time I leaned in close, enjoying the smell and the sound. Ashika knelt in front of Marie with two fingers of her left hand in Marie’s ass and a thumb in her cunt, and sucked her clit like it was a tiny cock, until Marie groaned uncontrollably, arched her back and slowly subsided.

In the afterglow Marie pulled the young woman into her bosom and held her tight. She said “Glenn, Ashika is a true dyke but she will do anything she’s told. You can fuck her with that hard cock you are holding if you like. I’m going to.”

“It’s okay. I love watching. You go ahead. We can do that later.”

Marie licked the Asian girl for a minute or two. Long strokes of her tongue. Ashika’s bald and very wet pussy was a turn on. Marie just had hers trimmed really short. Marie then got up and produced a strap-on from a drawer under the bed. The dildo part was flesh colored and probably seven inches.

When she came back to the bed Ashika sat up so the pink plastic cock was in front of her face. Marie entwined both hands in the smaller girl’s hair and pulled her face to rus escort bayan gaziantep it. The Asian girl licked and slobbered on the fake cock for at least a minute, then lay back with her legs hanging over the bed. Bitch slid it straight in and began to fuck her, at first slowly, and then building until it was almost savage. The Asian girl barely reacted except to move her body for the most comfortable position.

The look on Bitch’s face was amazing. A mask of lust had crept over it. I realized this was for her pleasure, not Ashika’s. She was letting her dominant streak rise the surface and getting into it. The front of the harness was sliding between her pussy lips and rubbing on her clit, giving her intense pleasure. The both arched backs and groaned as she came.

Marie took the harness off and lay down with the girl, their faces close. She said quietly, “Thank you,” and kissed her sweetly. The Asian girl said tearily, “I love you,” and they lay face to face a little while. The voluptuous American and the petite Asian. Astonishingly beautiful.

Then Ashika got up without another word, picked up her clothes and shoes without stopping and walked out the door. I hadn’t once touched her.

After a few more moments Bitch’s glassy eyes refocused and she asked “Did I please you Master?”

“Yes Bitch. Very much.”

“Ashika is the best cunt eater on earth. I was sure you would like it.”

“I did very much. You fucking her was amazing.”

“She loves me. It’s my way of making her mine. If I’d made her fuck you it would have meant the same. But it’s only a power thing. She’s a pure lesbian.”

After a few more moments she said “But you haven’t cum.”

“I want to do something about that now.”

“Yes Master. Where would you like it? On my sweaty tits? In my mouth? Please not in my cunt. It’s slightly sore.”

“I would like to fuck your ass.”

“Ooo God. Ashika’s fingers have made it nice and loose for you. If I had thought about it, I would have made the slut fist me to open it wide for you. But it’s wet with my cunt juices and your hard cock will slide right in.

Please fuck me in the ass. Bend me over like the whore bitch I am, and stick that throbbing fucking cock up my ass. Please Master.”

I did. It was one of most fulfilling fucks of my life.


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LOHL 5/18/17

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