So Much In Common Ch. 02

Who would have thought that two long time friends would become lovers. Especially when it took the internet to bring out the fact that we were both bi. I have never been shy or concerned about sharing the fact that I was bisexual but with Robyn I felt that our friendship was so amazing that being bisexual didn’t seem as though it was an issue. Meaning that regardless, we were such good friends.

I had just brought my best friend to orgasm and now she is working on doing the same for me all of it seemed to good to be true.

I lay there with my legs spread wide as Robyn worked her tongue magically over my clit. She was sending tingles up and down my spine and I continuously had to fight off a twitch in my legs as she was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

I wasn’t used to a woman making me cum so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with a woman, enjoying their scent, taste and touch. But never before had I felt such a sensation so quickly.

She would tease me. I could feel her tongue run up one side of my pussy lips, right between the crevice of where my thigh met my pussy, and then down the otherside. Over and over again and when she went down, I could feel her rigid tongue probe deep inside my wet hole.

I couldn’t take it much longer. “Robyn, I am going to cum”

Suddenly she took my clit into her mouth, rolling it between her teeth gently and flicking bursa eskort it with her tongue as she slipped one finger into my pussy. I felt beads of sweat forming on my face and chest. I arched my back and held onto the bed rails as I moaned and groaned. Suddenly I felt myself orgasm, my whole entire body. I released the wrought iron bed rails and starting massaging my breasts as my pussy throbbed and tightened with each orgasm. Not for one moment did her tongue leave my cunt.

“oh god you taste so good, its been so long that I have wanted to taste you” she said while diving into my pussy. She savoured all of my juices and each touch of her tongue made my legs twitch with desire. I felt her tongue leave my pussy. And as fulfilled as I was I couldn’t help but want more, she was driving me crazy.

Robyn then crawled her way up my body. I reached upwards placing my hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Her breasts pressing against mine, I could feel her pussy against my thigh since she her legs were placed between mine. It was moist. Knowing that made me even hotter. Her tongue and mine danced in eachothers mouths and I could taste my own juices.

We both began to moan softly as we rolled over, leaving me now on top of her.

Through the years and discussions we had shared I knew that Robyn was almost as kinky as myself. So I left the bed for just a moment as bursa bayan escort I went into my closet. I quickly grabbed an 8inch pink vibrator and the leaped onto the bed. We both began laughing.

“and just what do you plan on doing with that” robyn smiled knowing full well that the 8inch cock was about to explore her body.

“well why don’t you roll over and get on your knees and find out”

Quickly she did as I asked. Her ass was gorgeous. I kissed it softly and ran my hands up and down her body and reached down and firmly cupped her breasts. I then turned my body around so that I was now laying on my back facing the opposite direction and my head was placed under her sweet pussy.

Suddenly she began to giggle in anticipation.

I began softly sucking on her clit while rubbing her ass with both my hands and lowering her down further. She was so wet. As I sucked her clit I placed two fingers in her tight wet hole getting them saturated in her juices. I then ran my fingers up and down her pussy then to her ass.

Already she was beginning to slowly grind my face. Slowly I began to tease her ass with the vibrator as I licked and sucked her pussy. She was bucking back and forth as if she was begging me to fuck her ass with the vibrator. Who was I to deny her of such a pleasure.

Slowly the vibrator was inserted. Inch bursa ucuz escort by inch it delve deeper into her tight ass. I could hear her moaning into the pillow and I could feel her pushing back against it. As I fucked her ass I began caressing her pussy with my tongue. Her clit was now harder than ever and I could feel her pussy vibrating against my tongue.

Robyn began to grind into my face, moaning unlike I had ever heard before.

“fuck me, oh god please”

The vibrator was now going in deep and fast. My tongue worked hard to keep up with the motion. It was then that I felt her wetness surround my face. She screamed and moaned as she was cumming. I licked up every drop that I could and I felt her taking the vibrator deep into her ass. I was now just holding it as she fucked it hard and fast. I couldn’t get over how much she liked it. Another orgasm hit and by now I was behind her watching the vibrator and moving it back and forth as fast as I could. I could see sweat trailing down her spine.

After one last orgasm her body went limp and was now laying on the bed. I then licked my way up her back, tasting her sweat. I took her hair and placed it on the side and softly kissed her neck.

“I hope you cum by more often”

She started laughing and rolled over. “Oh I think you will be seeing a lot more of me”

We lay there for awhile talking and laughing at the circumstances that brought us together.

Then in no time it was time for her to head home.

My husband came home that night and asked how the day went with Robyn and what we ended up doing.

I just smiled and said “oh the usual hun”

At least I hope it becomes the usual.

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