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This is a true story about my sister and I. Our names have been changed for obvious reasons.   My names is James, I first met my sister Dawn when I was fourteen and she was eleven. My mother married her father and suddenly I was in a house full of new brothers and sisters. It really was innocent at first, I liked to hang out with her and we would often tickle and cuddle with each other it just seemed natural. Over the years Dawn and I grew even closer. Soon she started telling me about her boyfriends and all the dirty things she had started to do. I was sort of a late bloomer despite being handsome or so I am told I really lacked the confidence to make anything happen. Dawn on the other hand by the time she turned sixteen she had threesomes and tried anal and so many things i still cant remember them all. I left the house at 18 and joined the USMC and soon found myself on my way to Iraq.     Fast forward now I was turning nineteen soon and I would be lucky enough to finally be back home for the party. I was spending my last few weeks in country and i was seriously excited to see my family but especially little Dawn I missed her a lot. Not to mention the talks we had started having. My brothers told me they thought her and my best friend were istanbul travesti fooling around so I asked her. At first she sternly denied it, then it slipped out. After 7 months in a desert you get horny and you get nasty. “I wouldn’t blame either of you. I would have if I ever got the chance” I froze when i said it but her reply nearly bowled me over. ” what if you do have a chance?” from then on out we spent the last weeks of my tour saying things that no brother and sister should ever say to each other.      When I landed at the airport I dropped my bags and grinned from ear to ear as I saw my parents running up to me. I looked over my moms shoulder and could see my sister standing  behind them waiting patiently looking at the ground shyly. My god she looked amazing. she wore a short yellow skirt and a innocent looking white button up blouse. Her long brown hair framed her face perfectly and when she looked up at me her blue eyes could have melted butter.      I acted as cool as I could with an overactive hard on pushing out my pants as I hugged my sister close and twirled her around. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered ” is that what i think it is poking me?” I laughed hard and set her down my dad grabbed istanbul travestileri one bag and I held the other one over my erection while we headed to the truck.      A long drive later I found myself at home and the party in full swing. It was typical lots of booze  some good friends and even an ex girlfriend stopping by at the bonfire. then I woke up the next day. My parents had been called in to work and that left just me and my sister in the house. I walked to her room and saw her sprawled out on her bed her yellow skirt flipped up and her matching yellow thong looking as sexy as it could possibly look. I took a minute to let my eyes walk up and down her long smooth and tanned legs. thank god she loved her job as a lifeguard. I could see the edges around her pussy and it looked smooth and clean shaven and it looked a little damp. My prick was at full attention as i stared hungrily at her.  I jumped on the bed startling her awake  ” HEY JAMES” she tried to yell through her cotton mouth. I laughed and handed her a bottle of water from her night stand. ” god I feel dirty I am still in these clothes” something about the way she said it made me sit and watch. It was seductive but almost hidden like a faint smell that travesti istanbul you can barely detect in the air.      Dawn stood and walked over to her dresser rummaging through the drawers, after finding something she wanted she started pulling off her shirt. That was it, the braking point. I hopped off the bed and stood behind her pressing my swollen dick against her ass while my hands slipped around and cupped her breasts. She leaned her head back and moaned while i pinched her nipples. The harder I rolled them across my fingers the harder she pushed her ass into me. I watched her bite her lip in the mirror and I asked her why she hadn’t made a move last night.      ” I wasn’t sure if you were all talk or not” she moaned as my hand slid down her stomach and into her panties quickly finding and teasing her already wet pussy ” I’m glad your not”     I spun her around and then we kissed it seemed like forever while our hands groped around and our tongues danced in each others mouths. I reached up and grabbed a-hold of her hair ( that was conveniently thrown in a pony tail at some time throughout the night) and pulled her towards the bed behind us. I threw her on her back and she landed with her legs spread, seconds later I ripped her panties off as I knelt teasing her. I kissed her thigh, inching my way up towards her dripping pussy then when she could feel my breath on her most private area I jumped to the other side, while i kissed her thigh i let my finger brush against her clit and she gave me a satisfying moan.

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