Sniffing a Teen’s Butt


Sniffing a Teen’s ButtIt was actually quite awhile since I had an opportunity to sniff some strange girls bum. It seemed the chances were few and far between, and when opportunity did present itself, I either wasn’t alone or there were people around. Of course I wasn’t really trying either, I was just keeping my eyes open for a chance encounter. I was almost caught off guard when the chance came around. I was in a deli that was very popular. They have great sandwhiches and hot food and at noon you can end up waiting a long time to get served, but it’s well worth it so people still go. I just got there and took a number when I saw her. She was late teens, not overly pretty, but was wearing a yellow sun dress that barley covered her small ass. She was skinny, long slim legs, slender arms holding a basket with an assortment of things in it. The deli wasn’t overly large, but was packed with speciality canned foods and such, so there are shelves throughout, with just enough room for one person to walk through. I waited until she moved to the corner of one of these shelves and walked around and pretended to look at something on the lower shelf. My heart skipped a beat when I looked up and seen her ass hung out the bottom of the skirt about three inches! Her white cotton panties with flower print were fully exposed, hugging her small little bum cheeks. I looked around and seen no one behind us so I got as close as I could to her bum and sniffed. She smelt amazing! Just a hint of BO mixed with ass smell and sweaty pussy stink. I kept sniffing for a bit until I had to look around. Now I had a few things working in my favor that day, first it Ankara Escort was busy in there, meaning a longer wait, secondly, I had just came from cruising the park and had played around with a few guys, making me super horny, but not cumming. Third and final thing, because I had been out cruising, I was only wearing my running shorts which I had ripped the netting out of allowing my naked crotch to be easily accessed through the leg holes which were very loose. With no one around us I stuck my face under her skirt again and sniffed her sweaty ass as I reached through a leg hole and began tugging my hard penis. I was fully aroused when she stepped back and almost face planted her ass into me! I luckily seen her move and quickly moved back and stood up. She just turned to look at me and smiled politely before looking at her number and sighing, obviously far from being called. I stood behind her for a minute or so, tugging on my dick the whole time, leaning over smelling her hair. I noticed if I looked over her shoulder I could see her tits down the front of her dress! They were small, pretty much just puffy nipples, and it was all could do from not reaching over her shoulder and fondling them as I jerked off. I settled for staring at them over her shoulder as I jerked off through the leg hole of my shorts. I decided to try something bold and let my free hand fall in between us and lightly reach up and touch her panty covered ass. I just lightly fondled her ass, feeling the crack of her small ass under the cotton, and running my finger lightly up and down it, hoping to get Balgat Escort her ass stink on it. All of a sudden she bent down as she dropped her ticket and my finger pressed firmly against the sweaty cotton fabric, getting caught between her firm cheeks as she stood back up. There I stood, my finger stuck between the ass cheeks of a perfect stranger, in the middle of lunch rush, and she didn’t even notice! Her crack was really sweaty and I felt my finger moisten with her ass juice, but I didn’t dare move it for fear she’d realize what I was doing. I had just began to wonder what to do when she reached behind her and grabbed the leg of her panties and pulled, obviously to get rid of the wedge that was obviously up her bum crack making her uncomfortable. Little did she know it was my finger stuck there making her uncomfortable! As I felt the material lift beside my finger, I gently pulled it out and away, holding my breath as I watched for any reaction from her. She just grabbed her basket with the other hand and reached to the other side of her panties and pulled that side away from her bum, before running it the length of her crack to make sure the wedgie was gone. She again looked my way, but I pretended to be looking away at something else. I didn’t think she realized what was going on at all! Once she seemed to go back to waiting, I lifted my finger to nose and sniffed it. I almost moaned as I smelt the raunchy stench of her sweaty ass. It was like I was sniffing it up close and I began jerking off again as I sniffed her ass juice on my finger and peered over her shoulder Çankaya Escort to stare at her cone shaped puffy tits. I leaned back a little and took in the sight of her cotton covered bum, smelling it on my finger, bringing me close to orgasm. I decided to look at her budding boobies and sniff her sweaty bum as I came, so I leaned forward and stared down her dress and sniffed my finger. Just as I felt the cum boiling up to the surface, she turned and looked at me, smelling my finger, staring down her dress. I’m not sure if she noticed the movement of my arm as I jerked off or not, but she turned around and started to move through the lineup of people in front of her just as I shot my first load of cum. It jetted out and I watched as it landed on the back of her dress. I stepped up behind her as the second shot came spewing out, landing on her cotton covered bum. The third shot fell on the floor between her legs and as I stepped towards her again, the forth and fifth load landed on the back of her thighs. I just stood there after that jerking off until my orgasm subsided. The last I saw of her she was pointing to the type of meat she wanted on her sandwich, my cum running down the back of her legs and dripping from the edge of her dress. Her panties had an obvious wet stain on them and I smiled knowing what it was and then headed to opposite side of the counter as my number was called down there. I watched from afar as she grabbed her sandwhich, put it in her basket and walked towards the front to pay for it. I paid for mine at the counter and walked out as she stood in line at the front. It was there she was looking at her fingers, rubbing them together. It took me a second to realize she had finally felt my jizz and was checking it out to see what it was! She made a funny face as she sniffed it before wiping it on the side of dress. She looked at me as I walked out and gave me a funny look. I wonder if she figured out what had happened while she waited at the meat counter!

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