Smooth as Silk Ch. 01


I stood in the bedroom upstairs, waiting for you.

I had gone upstairs about an hour earlier, saying I was sleepy. I’d taken a long, slow bath. Before that I had watched you all evening, and watching your hands always excites me. You were working on plans for something you wanted to build, and I watched you bending over the desk, measuring, making notes, holding the pencil, your eyes intent. Your silky dark hair fell forward, almost into your eyes, and occasionally you brushed it away from your forehead with those big, deft fingers. I knew how those fingers felt on my skin … how they stroked and prodded, caressed and teased, and how gently they could penetrate damp little openings … and their strength, their power when they thrust inside my warm, eager flesh.

Your birthday was coming up in just a few days. We had plans with family on that day, but tonight … as a surprise … I’d made sure the kids were spending the night with grandparents, and I smiled as I watched you working, not wanting to interrupt your concentration. I kissed you softly on the cheek and told you I was going upstairs to bed. I allowed you think I was too sleepy for anything to happen … I hadn’t told you about any surprise … so you kissed me, and whispered good night, and went back to your work.

As I smoothed your favorite scented lotion on, I wondered how you would react when you saw what I had done, there in the bathtub. I felt nervous … a little apprehensive. I put on a new silk nightgown, floor length, deep cherry red, enhancing the pink tones in my fair skin. It was fitted closely at the top, so my full breasts were nearly spilling out of the low-cut lace, and with a slit up the front so high it was really indecent. I smiled, thinking about what you were going to see at the top of the lacy slit … and then I heard you turning off the lights downstairs, locking the door, and my heart began to hammer as I heard you come up the stairs.

I stood with my back to the dresser, my hands behind me, my blondish-brown hair flowing over my shoulders, the way you loved. Candles softly lit the room. I wanted you to feel the tension in the air … to feel my excitement … and to wonder what was behind it. You opened the door softly, thinking I was sleeping, but when you noticed the empty bed … covers pulled back and some of my favorite toys spread out over the pillows … you looked over at me, and I heard you take a deep, slow breath.

“Honey,” you said softly, your eyes narrowing as you closed the door behind you. “You look like a woman who wants to get fucked.”

“Is that what you think?” I giggled softly, standing with one foot slightly in front of the other to draw your eyes to that slit in my gown. It worked. Your eyes dropped and I felt them warming a path from my ankles up the insides of my thighs, then resting at the top of the slit. It was too dark for you to see clearly, but you tried, and I shifted, slowly circling my hips, to give you something to look at.

“I don’t think it, darlin, I know it. If you stand there like that in that sexy nightgown, you know damn well you’re gonna get fucked …so of course, you want it.” Your voice was low, intense, Yozgat Escort and thick with sex, and I squirmed, my nerves jumping.

“You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you,” I murmured softly, and you grinned. “You know what I’m sure of? I’m sure of how hot you are … of how sexy you

are … and of how much you love having my big, hard dick inside you … so yeah, I’m pretty sure I know what you want.”

“Then give me what I want,” I whispered. You crossed the room in long strides and caught me in your arms, pulling me so tight against you I could hardly breathe, kissing me, tongue thrusting inside, hot and demanding. I wrapped my arms around your neck and surrendered, drinking in that passion, that heat, letting that urgent hot desire burn against me. You moved me toward the bed and lifted me onto it, spreading open the slit in my skirt, and when your hands brushed up the long smooth muscle of my inner thighs I heard you catch your breath.

“What do we have here?” You leaned forward till your lips hovered just above my pussy and your voice was low, aroused, amused. I felt your warm breath on my newly-exposed skin. “Oh my yes … let me look at this …let me see how pretty it looks …”

I giggled, squirming, but as you put your hands between my thighs and pushed them apart, I spread them for you. “Baby, you shaved your pussy for me,” you breathed. “So pretty and pink and soft … I’m just gonna have to lick it now …” and your tongue traced over the newly-bared skin, leaving a wet trail over my pubic mound, licking it thoroughly. Your tongue moved in slow smooth circles, pressing firmly, then lightly teasing, then you blew on my damp, bare skin. I shivered, feeling that warm breath turning cold when it reached my heated skin. And then you bit me. You slowly sank your teeth into my smooth tender skin, and then you sucked it into your mouth, that mound of flesh just over my clit … and I moaned, and spread my legs wider, and pressed my hands into your hair and pulled your head down hard against me, wriggling against your warm wet mouth.

“I do love you all smooth and soft, baby,” you whispered, and then used the tip of your tongue to separate the lips of my quivering, fluttering pussy. Your tongue slid all the way down from my clit and further, slowly … making tiny circles as you pressed harder, wriggling it just a little down to the hot, wet opening … circling it slowly, delicately, and then plunging deep inside, swift, hard, deep penetration, and I arched my back and nearly came off the bed, crying out. You withdrew your tongue, and I moaned, twisting under your mouth, trying to press my hungry little cunt against your stiffened tongue, but you pushed my thighs upward, and then your tongue circled lightly around the tight little opening of my ass, and I gave a high-pitched little whimpering moan and pushed two fingers deep into my pussy while you tongued my ass, and in no time at all I came, my pussy pulsing over my probing fingers, your tongue strumming across that tight sensitive bud, and the lights flashing brilliant dazzling white behind my eyes.

You laughed and pulled me to the edge of the bed, your big, Yozgat Escort Bayan strong fingers stroking my soft skin. “You did an excellent job shaving, baby,” you told me seriously. “This sweet little pussy is as soft as that pretty nightgown … and it feels so good against my tongue, I think I’m gonna have to try something more.”

I started giggling as you reached out to the pillows, and then showed me a long, smooth, pink plastic vibrator. “You think this is funny, do you?” you murmured, smiling against my ear, “OK, but in just a few minutes you’re not gonna be laughing, honey … oh no … you’re gonna be moaning … you’re gonna fight me to get this thing inside that hot little pussy of yours…” You paused, rubbing it slowly against my lips. “Hmmm … I think I may have to take action here … to keep you from getting too excited, you know. Now lick this thing, baby, get it all wet …” I opened my lips to the smooth hard plastic, eyes locked with yours while you pressed the tapered tip in, licking it, wetting the smooth shaft. I loved watching you watch me while I did it … seeing your eyes turn brilliant green, hearing your deep sigh of satisfaction as I swirled my tongue over it. You leaned forward to kiss me as you pulled it out, and your tongue replaced it, stroking sweetly in my mouth, and I sucked that tongue like I was sucking your cock.

You pulled away, smiling, but shook your head. “No, I don’t think I can trust you,” you said solemnly, and again reached for the pillow … pulling out the silk scarves.

“Honey,” I said, half laughing, half alarmed, “You are NOT going to tie me up …!”

And you smiled. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Acknowledging my protests (“Yes, honey, I know how mad you are. This is very bad of me. Yes, it’s really really bad, I know it, but trust me, you’re gonna love it …”) Calmly, coolly, you tied my wrists to the bed posts and then, without warning, took that pink vibrator and held it against my pussy, separating the lips with your fingers and pressing it against my slit, letting the length slide up and down. I held my breath, waiting, and almost immediately you turned it on. I felt, and heard, that high-pitched little hum, and I gasped sharply.

“Tell me how it feels, baby,” you whispered against my lips, slowly stroking that humming plastic rod up and down my slit. I could feel the wetness spreading as you moved it, and as my pussy lips wrapped around that cool plastic, greedy cunt muscles tried to grab it, and I twisted my body. “Oh, god, it feels … it’s hard and cold, it’s smooth, it’s warm and slippery … all at the same time.” You pulled it away, looking at me, a question in your eyes, and then you placed the pink tip right at the opening of my pussy and pushed it in … slowly … fractions at a time.

“Tell me how this feels, darlin,” you urged as I gasped. “I want it to be good for you, so talk to me, tell me if you like it …” and I arched my back, moaning as it sank more than halfway in. “It’s so good … so smooth and hard … yes … oh yes …”

You pulled it away, smiling. “I can see that you like it,” you whispered again, and then you leaned Escort Yozgat over and licked my hot cunt, right there where it was gaping open from the vibrator. You swirled your tongue around that opening, licking inside me, moving to the outer edges, tasting those juices while I squealed in delight. “But there are several things I want to try … so you will need to be patient …” I groaned, recognizing that finality in your voice.

You placed soft sweet kisses over my forehead, my cheeks, and brushed my lips tenderly, waiting for my breathing to slow. When I felt my heart rate returning to normal you smiled into my eyes, shifting to balance on your elbows on either side of me, and then you began kissing your way down, taking one nipple into your mouth, your tongue licking back and forth, wetting the cherry colored silk as I arched my back.

“Sweetheart,” I whispered. “There’s just one little thing …” You raised your head, searching my eyes. I was breathless, trying not to laugh, half-excited, half-scared, and you pulled back to look more closely.

“What?” you asked, deeply suspicious.

“What are you up to now?” I giggled, but my throat was tight. “Well … I arranged a little surprise for you … uh, another surprise, I mean.” “What is it?” you demanded, intrigued.

“I don’t want to tell you right now, but … if someone knocks on the front door … well, if you hadn’t tied me I was going to do this myself, but if you hear something, please just go downstairs and open the door, OK? Please. You have to trust ME,” I ended, nearly pleading. I saw your eyes searching my face.

“You won’t tell me what it is?” you asked, and I hesitated, but shook my head. “I want to surprise you,” I whispered, and finally you nodded in agreement.

“You’re gonna have to pay for this, you know,” you told me seriously. I smiled. “You may not feel that way … once it happens,” I replied. “Maybe not,” you grinned, “but for now … here’s what I want …” and your hand reached down to unzip your pants. “Oh?” I purred low. “And what do you want me to do with this?”

“YOU have to tell ME,” you said, your voice low and thick. “Tell me what you want to do with my dick. Tell me how much you want it.”

I loved this game. “I want that big hard cock in my mouth. I want to suck you, I want to taste it right now baby, let me wrap my lips around it …” and you groaned deep and put the warm, velvet head at my lips. I opened them wide, and you placed the head inside my mouth, but no more than that. I tried to lean forward to suck it deeper but I couldn’t reach further, so I tightened my lips and let my tongue slide all over the head, wetting it thoroughly, licking it, slurping the precum and then feathering the tip of my tongue over that little slit at the tip.

You pushed it in deeper, just a little, and I mouthed it like I was swallowing it, and you shivered. “Suck me, baby,” you said. “Suck my cock. Yes, baby, suck it good and I’ll make it throb right between your sweet lips, the way you like to feel it. Oh god yes,” you groaned again, and then, as I had been expecting, the doorbell rang.

I had to remind you that you’d promised to answer the door. You were cursing fluently as you zipped your pants. You went down two steps at a time, then the front door opened and then … silence … soft giggling … and footsteps coming up the stairs. I saw Sherry’s soft brown curls … and I knew Part II was about to begin.

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