Sleeping with my Mother-in-Law


“Three weeks! Are you serious?”

“She’s not that bad. Plus, you really haven’t had a chance to get to know her. This will be your chance, especially with me being out-of-town the first three days.”

“Are you kidding? That’s what makes it so much worse! I can’t believe you’re leaving me with her. That’s just not right.”

In the end, it was a battle I was never going to win. My mother-in-law was coming to stay, and that was that.

But truth be told, although I made a big deal over her staying at our place, I really didn’t mind…not one bit. Why? Simply put, my wife’s mother was the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

My wife, Summer, was born when her mother was only 16. Seeing that we were both only 20 when we got married last year, that put Summer’s mother Wendy only in her mid 30’s. And honestly, she hardly looked that old.

To describe Wendy in words will hardly do her justice. But Wendy was of average height — about 5 foot 6 — and had curves in all the right places. She had an hourglass figure, with a waist you could almost put your hands around. Below her waist she had long, slender legs that made her look taller than she was. Above her waist, though, laid without question her best assets. Simply put, her tits were huge…and firm.

After meeting my mother-in-law for the first time while we were dating, I once asked Summer if “they were real?” Summer didn’t take too kindly to the question — accusing me of oodling over her mother — but she did say that as far as she knew, they were real. I’m not sure I believed it, but I didn’t really care.

I think Summer was a little sensitive to my question because in contrast to her mother, she did not have a big chest. Summer had more of the athletic body, seeing that she was on the college cross country team. She was sexy in her own way, but in a totally different way than her mother.

So all that said, I was actually real excited to spend some time with my mother-in-law.

The next few weeks flew by and, before I knew it, the day was here that Wendy was coming to stay. Summer had left for a friend’s wedding the day before, and I was responsible for picking Wendy up from the airport.

Driving to the airport, I tried to put out of my mind any thoughts I had for Wendy. I knew they were wrong, so I tried to just think of my life with Summer and how great it was.

I stopped at the loading zone and waited for Wendy. A few minutes later, the airport doors opened, and I knew I was in very big trouble.

Dressed in a skin-tight pair of capris and a t-shirt that showed off her belly button, Wendy immediately started smiling at me and walked straight to the car. I got out to the car and opened the trunk. When Wendy got to the trunk, she dropped her luggage and put her arms around me.

“So good to see you! I’ve missed you and Summer so much.”

Hugging her back, I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth. As she put her arms around me, all I could think about was her massive chest rubbing up against my own.

The hug seemed to last forever, and had the result of making my cock rock hard. I ended the hug, put her luggage in the trunk, and got into the car.

On the way home, Wendy fell asleep. Given she had three flights to get across the country to see us, it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, though, was what I saw when I looked over at the passenger’s seat.

Wendy’s low cut t-shirt was basically falling off. Not only had the bottom of her t-shirt ridden up on her stomach, gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan but the way she was leaning against the door, I could basically see most all of her right boob.

Not wanting to be caught, I was careful to only look over in glimpses, but each glimpse just made me want more and more. Suddenly, at one point, she woke up…

“What are looking…” Looking down, she then saw her shirt barely covering her chest. “Oh I’m sorry!”

“Oh I didn’t mind,” I grumbled.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, never mind.”

“No really, what did you say?”

“No, you don’t want to know.”

“Yes I do! What did you say?”

“Oh, I just said that I didn’t mind.”

The moment I said it, I regretted it. For the next few miles, there was a very awkward silence. She must have realized that I was turned on by her body, and she didn’t how to respond. So we just drove in silence.

“So,” she finally said, “are you saying you liked what you saw?”

“Well, um, I guess so. Yes. How could I not, look at you!”

“Oh. I didn’t realize you thought of me that way.”

“I’m pretty sure any guy would die to be with a woman with a body like yours.”

“Including you?”

“Well, I mean, I am married to your daughter, so no.”

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t have me if you had a chance.”

I didn’t know where this conversation was going, so I was glad when we pulled up to the driveway.

“Let’s just get your stuff and go inside.”

I got out of the car and took Wendy’s stuff up to her room.

“Here’s your room,” I said. “Make yourself at home. I’ll be going to bed pretty soon because I have to get to work early tomorrow.

“Me too. I’ll be taking a shower and then getting some sleep.”

“Alright, well I’ll see you in the morning.”

I closed the door to the guest room and went back to my room, but I just couldn’t get our conversation out of my mind. Was she coming on to me? I wasn’t sure, but I just knew I needed to get some sleep and get my thoughts clean again.

A few minutes later, though, as I was about to jump in bed, I heard a knock on the door…

“You awake?”

“Ya, come on in.”

Suddenly, the door opened, and my mouth dropped. Dressed in a short, one-piece nightie that accentuated her chest more than before, Wendy walked over to me.

“I’ve got a problem,” she started. So did I, but I quickly covered mine with a pillow.

“I just can’t sleep on water beds,” she said.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, my back just doesn’t agree with them…I need something firmer. Do you have somewhere else I can sleep?”

Thinking fast, I couldn’t think of anywhere else. Our couches and sofas were just too short to have anyone sleep on them, and I actually didn’t like water beds either.

“I don’t know why Summer insisted on getting a water bed for the guest room — we’ve had trouble with this before. Some people just don’t like water beds. Honestly, I just don’t know another place for you to sleep.”

“What if we switched beds?” she asked.

“No, I hate water beds myself. We’ll have to go out tomorrow and buy you a different bed. For tonight, we’ll have to figure out something else.”

Thinking harder, I began to look at my bed. It was a king bed, and there would be plenty of room. Before I could think through it all, Wendy blurted out.

“How about your bed? Do you think we could share, just gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan for one night?”

Looking at her sexy body, I knew that wasn’t a good idea. There’s no way in the world I could keep to myself with such a hot body in bed with me.

“Well, I don’t know. What would Summer say?”

“Oh, she’s my daughter. She wouldn’t mind. Plus, there’s really no other options are there?”

She had a point.

So we both got in bed. Me on the left, she on the right.

“Goodnight Wendy.”

“Goodnight. Thanks for understanding.”

As the lights went out, Wendy took the covers over her body, turned over, and went to sleep. I just laid there, stunned that I was in bed with my wife’s mother. But I eventually fell asleep.

Half way through the night, I woke up, shivering. Looking over at Wendy, she had taken all of the covers, and I was freezing. I worked my way over to her, and started to gently peel off the covers from her body. As I lifted up the covers from her body, I got the shock of my life. Her nightie had completely bundled up at her waist, and her ass was completely exposed! Not only that, but she had no underwear on at all!

I just laid there in shock, and stared. I couldn’t believe how sexy of an ass she had. Her ass was toned, tanned, and perfectly shaped.

I had to touch it.

Lifting up the covers, I gently slid my body closer to her body, and brought my hand down to her ass. Slowly, I ran my hand along the tops of her thighs and crease of her ass. I didn’t know what I was doing anymore and didn’t really care.

Then, suddenly, I heard a moan come out of Wendy’s mouth…

“Oooo. Mmmm. Don’t stop.”

I was caught.

“Please don’t stop. It’s been so long.”

Before thinking about whether I should continue, she reached her right hand around her body and went down inside my pants.

“Oh wow. Looks like someone is ready for some fun.”

Grabbing my dick, she started pumping my cock up and down, as I started to play deeper into her ass.

As we kept going, I started instinctively getting closer and closer to her body. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and reached around her body and grabbed her tits. Pulling her closer and closer into my body, I started rubbing my cock up and down her ass.

Laying there body-to-body next to a goddess, grinding my cock against her backside, was the most erotic moment of my life.

Out of the blue, Wendy stopped everything, pushing her body away from mine. Thinking she had gotten second thoughts on what we were doing, I dropped my hands to my side and looked up at her, sadly.

Wendy then got up on her knees, looked right at me, and then got a huge smile on her face. Lifting her nightie up over her body, she was completely naked right in front of me.

Looking over her body, I couldn’t take my eyes off her massive, firm, but well-proportioned tits.

“You like? Considering how small my daughter’s chest is, I don’t blame you for liking these!”

She was right. Even though Summer was smoking hot, her mother had curves that were unmatched. The more I stared at Wendy’s curves and tits, the more my lust took over my body.

With that, I grabbed her around the waist, bringing her back down to the bed. I began to take her tits in my mouth, sucking on her nipples with reckless abandon. As I sucked on her tits, her hand kept massaging my rock hard dick, as she went up and down on gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan my cock.

As my lips kept at her nipples, I could feel the heat coming from below. I slowly started to kiss her lower and lower, making my way down her stomach to her waiting love hole.

Starting with the area around her pussy lips, I gently kissed her upper thighs, then inside her legs, then around her pussy. Without warning, I plunged my tongue down her hole and started french kissing her pussy lips. Stroke after stroke, I used my tongue like a sex toy. Pulling her body closer and closer to me, I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Feeling the ecstasy coming from my tongue, Wendy put both hands behind my head and pulled me closer and closer into her pussy. Barely able to breathe, I keep licking and kissing every fold of her pussy.

Finally, I could feel her whole body tense up. Pulling me deeper into her body, she let out a deafening scream. Her body cumming in force, I felt her pussy contract again and again, cumming all over my mouth. Letting out a huge sigh, she fell onto her pillows.

A few seconds later, she crawled up to me and said, “your turn!”

With that, she grabbed a hold of my cock and quickly swallowed it whole. Using her tongue with expert precision, she went up and down on my cock, sucking the head of my cock deep into her throat. Every time I thought I was about to cum, she would slow down and look into my eyes, as if to say, ‘not yet big boy’…

As she sucked on my cock, I took my hands and placed them on the back of her head, pulling her closer and closer to my body. I was in heaven, and the best was yet to come.

After a few minutes, I decided enough was enough. I needed to get inside her pussy. I grabbed her by the shoulders and started kissing her. Laying next to her body, looking into her eyes, I knew I had found the lust of my life.

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you,” I said.

Hearing that, she grabbed my cock, and guided it into her soaking pussy hole. I could tell she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

As my cock went deeper and deeper into her pussy, her firm tits kept rubbing up against my chest. Most of the way in, I finally gave one huge push, and my balls slapped against her ass.

I was bigger than I’d ever been before, and her pussy swallowed me whole. Once inside, I started pounding her again and again. With each thrust I could feel my cock hit the deep end of her pussy. I was so deep I felt like I was in her stomach.

As I kept fucking my wife’s mother, I never wanted it to end. Plunging deeper and deeper into her pussy, I started kissing her with passion.

Wendy started to moan louder and louder, finally letting out…

“I’m cumming!”

With my cock pistoning her pussy faster and faster, I could feel her pussy start to contract. Finally pulsating over and over again, I could feel her reach a massive orgasm that flooded my cock with loads of cum.

Feeling her pussy pulsate with pure ecstasy was too much for me…I was feeling my eruption coming on. As I kept pounding her throughout her orgasm, I finally wrapped my arms around her body, which she responded with wrapping her legs around my waist.

With my cock deep within her pussy, her huge tits rubbing up against my chest, our lips pressed together in lust, I gave one more thrust with my big thick cock.

Feeling the semen go right through my cock, I deposited stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. Holding her tighter and tighter, I could feel my cock completely empty itself of all cum. Her screams of pleasure just added to the ecstasy of moment, as I looked in her eyes with my cock fully engorging her pussy.

Finally empty of all cum, I fell next her body and looked her squarely in the face.

“Maybe I’ll hold off on getting you a new bed for a couple days.”

Her smile back to me said it all.

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