Slap , Tickle Ch. 8


I carried Julie’s bags to her car, “I wish I could come with you, four weeks by yourself is a long time,” I said. “Pete we have discussed this, I’m going to be in and out of conference rooms every day it wouldn’t be any fun, besides Linda is looking forward to staying and playing mother and wife so just go with it,” Julie said smiling. I knew I was being silly Julie enjoyed her job and it came with responsibilities, which were part and parcel of it. Julie kissed the kids goodbye, she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “now you and Linda get on, wont you?” “Sure no problems,” I replied.

Julie looked directly into my eyes and said ” no your not understanding what I am telling you, I want you and Linda to be intimate as many times as you like, just don’t let the kids see you it will just confuse them-“

I interrupted Julie, “look Jules your only gone four weeks and well I would feel uncomfortable, it would be like cheating.” “Pete for fucks sake just relax, how plainer can I put it to you, I’ve spoken to Linda and told her I would be disappointed in her if she didn’t look after you and your desire if you know what I mean, it will be good for you to be alone with a different women for awhile, its not like you haven’t had sex with her before.” I blushed, its true I have had sex with Linda before but it was always with Julie, or instigated by Julie whilst she was in the house.

We all waved goodbye and I ushered the kids inside, telling them to clean up their rooms before Aunty Linda arrived. Linda bounced into the room full of her usual boundless energy, she patted the kids on the head and produced a wrapped present for each one of them, she followed me into the kitchen, “Coffee,” I asked. Linda nodded a yes. “Well handsome it just you, and me hubby and wife for four weeks,” she said with a big smile. I glanced over towards her and acknowledged her with a nervous look. ” You are a bit out of sorts with this aren’t you? Julie said you were, just relax we will have a good long talk tonight when the kids are in bed I’m sure we can sort out your fucked male hang ups.

After dinner I put the kids to bed and Linda washed the dishes, Linda produced a bottle of vodka, I grabbed a couple of glasses and we moved to the lounge, I sat at one end of the sofa and Linda at the other. Linda crossed her legs, her back supported by the arm of the sofa so she could face me, her short dress riding high enough for me to catch a glimpse of her black panties. We talked about different topics and Linda didn’t broach the subject of sex until we were half way through the bottle of vodka.

“So you don’t think I’m sexy?” she asked, “no its not that at all, its well I cant really explain it,” I replied. Linda changed the subject for awhile and then somehow combined it back into the current topic, she expressed that we had been intimate before, and that she loved both Julie and I, not in the relationship sense, but in the way we had open minds and could enjoy our sexual pursuits, and that we all had great sex together. “That right together,” I said. “Look handsome if Julie didn’t want you to have sex with me she would not have suggested it to me,” she replied. “Julie suggested it,” I said surprised. “Oh handsome you came be such a dickhead sometimes, do you really think I offered to be here while she was away with the condition I could have you please me, fuck Pete you really do surprise me sometimes.”

” Look its all too hard, its was supposed to be a bit of fun, I don’t need this, I going to bed at least I can fuck my vibrator with mecidiyeköy escort out having to pry into its fucking mind, goodnight.” Linda announced, and ascended the stairs to her bedroom. I decided I should sleep on the whole thing, as I passed Linda’s bedroom I could hear the hum of her vibrator, I wanted to go in and watch, however I hadn’t seen Linda in a mood like tonight before and I didn’t think that I could push my luck.

The next morning I had to be up early to drop the kids off at their friend’s house, Linda was still in bed when I arrived home, I made a pot of coffee and sat reading the Saturday paper. Linda startled me as she entered the kitchen, ” your up early handsome,” she said. Linda was wearing a striped bed shirt it barely covered her buttocks she stood by the coffee pot peering out the window, “it looks like its going to be a nice day,” she commented, Linda yawned and stretched, her shirt lifting, I could see the shape of her pussy between her closed legs, she turned around my eyes raced back towards the paper, ” another coffee? naughty boy” she asked. I was embarrassed that she had caught me looking.

“About last night sorry for the hard time, I was tired from the long drive and too much Vodka made me a bit shitty, apology accepted?” I smiled at Linda she accepted that as forgiveness, Linda sat opposite me, I kept reading the paper I could sense she was staring at me, I looked up and Linda was watching me. “Pete the reason Julie wanted us to have some time together is that she is really into this spanking thing as you know and she needs it to get off all the time and she believes that you like doing it to her , however she knows you are a romantic at heart and that well its all been slap and tickle and not much passion.” Linda had hit the nail on the head I enjoyed Julie and my sexual encounters it was a great turn on I did miss the tenderness of a woman’s touch from time to time.

Linda served herself another coffee, “The arse slapping thing is great I really enjoy it it’s a great turn on, however I like a little more variation in my sex life,” Linda said. She placed her coffee cup on the table and moved in front of me, her dark eyes looking deep into mine, she straddled my legs and kissed my forehead softly, then my nose until her lips met mine her tongue caressing my lips, we kissed slowly, Linda unbuttoned her shirt exposing her breasts to the morning air, she ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my head into her breasts her hand cupping my head into her bosoms, my mouth petting her breasts and nipples, Linda’s breathing became heavy, my mouth and tongue exploring her smooth skin, the pointy ness of her nipples the roundness of her tits.

Linda moved my head away and kissed me passionately, her pelvis moving slowly against my closed legs, Linda pulled my t-shirt over my head and her mouth turned its attention to my shoulders, soft kisses followed by her trailing tongue on my skin, her tongue working its way up to my ear, Linda nibbled on my lobe, her hands still caressing my scalp, her fingers gently running through my hair back and forth. I could feel her groin pushing into the bulge in my pants. I laid soft kisses along her arm, stopping to pleasure her breasts as I moved to her other arm and repeated my kisses. I ran my hands along her silky smooth back, I could feel the goose bumps on her skin, Linda over sensitive to my touch , my hands trailed across her shoulders to the nape of her neck my fingers tangling merter escort in her red hair, my thumbs moved along her spine and back up again, Linda’s body moving with their motion.

Linda’s kisses became tiny bites as her mouth moved down my neck to my shoulders, and along my chest to my stomach, she slid from my legs pulling off my tack pants, her hand grasping my cock as it sprung out from its confines, Linda’s tongue ascended my inner thighs until her nose pushed against my scrotum, she paused, her nostrils filling with my smell, her lips surrounded my cock and she gently sucked along my shaft until she reached the tip of my dick, her tongue darting across its head flickering over my eye. Linda looked up at me and smiled then her mouth slowly descended down my cock until it filled her , she sucked until my ball bag lifted and then her mouth eased slowly back to the top, Linda released the pressure and then repeated the technique again, after a couple of minutes of Linda doing this I needed to be inside her, Linda sensed this and straddled my legs this time she positioned my cock so that I could enter her .

The tip of my cock parted her moist lips and when Linda felt its touch against the entrance to her hole she sighed, I eased my rod slowly into her, the tightness and warmth of her pussy increased the hardness of my manhood, Linda’s body remained stationary, she wanted my cock in as deep as she could take me, when I had filled her completely Linda rested her arse against my legs, her pussy fully engulfing my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deep with her tongue, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing around my cock, I moved my hand between her legs my fingers exploring her baldness, she was very wet and when I touched her swollen clit Linda moaned, I tenderly rubbed her love pearl, Linda’s hips began to move slowly, grinding against the tops of my thighs, causing my cock to slightly move in and out of her hot hole.

Linda placed her hands on to the tops of my shoulders, she pushed against them her smooth inner thighs gliding against my legs, her arse lifting, she began to gradually pump my cock inside her, she edged my dick little by little until the tip of it verged at the end of her tiny hole, holding it their for a few seconds and then sliding it deep back into her. My mouth sucked at her firm pale breasts, my tongue running round her erect nipples, I suckled harder as Linda increased her strokes and rhythm, she pushed harder with each thrust her hips moving back and forth with every up and down motion, my finger hard-pressed against her clit increasing the pressure, this sent her over the edge her puffy pussy lips quivered around my cock, Linda pushed hard against my groin as her orgasm erupted inside her, her hands pulled at my hair the sensation of her pussy erupting around my cock made me cum, the splashing of my juice inside Linda set her body into another pleasure release, her hips slowly rocked into me she grabbed me by my cheeks and planted a long passionate kiss on my mouth her fiery red hair matting with my sweat, we embraced each other until our fires within subsided.

The rest of the day could not have been more perfect Linda and I talked about her and Julie their university days, Linda described their sexual encounters together, the boys they dated, we discussed what I was going to do, where my writing was going, it was just nice to get to know your wife’s best friend in a one on one situation mutlukent escort with out interruptions. Our discussions went on all after noon and well into the late hours of the night only stopping for toilet breaks and dinner. Linda looked at her watch, “my god is that the time,” she said. I glanced over at the wall clock and agreed that yes it was two am, we had been drinking since lunch time, and we were both a little drunk to say the least, “I think we should both go to bed,” Linda announced and pulled my arm to help me off the sofa.

We reached Linda’s bedroom and Linda gave me a goodnight kiss, “I think I need a shower before I go to sleep,” I said. Linda smiled, “would you like some company?” “that would be nice,” I replied. The warmth of the shower felt great on my weary drunk body, the shower cubicle was not really built for two and brushing up against Linda’s body was unavoidable, she turned to wash her hair and my dick rubbed against her arse, it wasn’t long before it became enlarged pocking into Linda’s arse crack as she tried to wash the soap from her hair, “cheeky boy,” Linda laughed as she turned around to inspect my soldier on parade, she grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it over my chest and stomach, edging her way down to my groin, Linda rubbed the soap in her hands and cupped my scrotum gently massaging the suds into it, she then stroked my cock with her slippery hands, we kissed eagerly, Linda slipping my lathered cock between her legs positioning it to lubricate her swollen pussy.

I took the soap and ran it across her breasts, my stimulation causing her breasts to firm and tighten, her nipples growing with each passing of the soap. The soap slipped out of my hands and I bent down to reach it, her pussy was at my eye level I knelt down and spread Linda’s legs I ran my tongue along her wet thighs, until I reached her protruding clit, I suckled her little man in the boat with my lips, increasing the blood flow to the area Linda leaned back against the tiles trying to move my mouth from her clit to her aching hole, I persisted in pleasing her clit, Linda pressed my head harder against her bald pussy, her hips swaying smearing my face with her juices.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” Linda whispered in a sexy voice. I stood in front of her and she held my cock and slid it between her pouting lips running it up and down her cunt, only stopping to push it against her clit, I put my hands on her hips and lifted her slightly so Linda could enter her hole with my erect cock, it slid into her hot pussy with ease, Linda wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my torso, I leaned Linda back against the tiles under the falling water, I moved in and out of her slowly.

“Handsome I need you to be quick, my cunt needs to be pleased, I don’t think I can wait very long,” Linda pleaded. I increased my rhythm and the length of my strokes, Linda pushed her clit hard into my groin gyrating her hips into me, her thighs clamped tight against me her arms around my neck pulling her breasts against my chest, the intensity of her orgasm forcing her body to pump up and down on my cock, her pussy muscles tightened, Linda screamed, “yes, yes, yes, oh yesss,” I gripped her hips with my hands and drilled my cock deep into her the tip of it hitting deep inside her, Linda pushed her body up forcing her tits into my face, my cock unable to reach her deepness, she controlled my penetration, keeping the tip of my cock just inside of her, securing her cunt muscles around my head, she milked my member until I could not bear the pressure any longer, when Linda knew I was ready she released her hold letting me plunge deep into her my hot jism filling her.

The hot water had run out, tired, drunk and sexually spent, we fore went drying off our damp bodies and went to bed. When Julie comes home I will have plenty of adventures to share with her.

To Be Continued…

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