Sister’s Revenge Ch. 05


Warning: This story contains incest, futanari, forced sex, slight body stretching (big dick/lots of cum deforming a stomach), and if you don’t like these themes then STOP READING. I know it took a while., but here’s chapter five. Enjoy!


“How do I look, Jen?” Amanda asked, smirking at the surprised look on her sister’s face. Jenny was kneeling by Amanda’s bed, completely naked. Her arms were cuffed behind her back, and she was sitting up straight so her tits were pushed forward. The little silver rings through her nipples always caught Amanda’s eye when she looked at her slut.

“G-great, Master. You look… incredible.” Jenny’s voice was almost a whisper. Their fuck session earlier that day had made her scream enough to make her voice hoarse. Chuckling, Amanda looked herself over in the mirror again.

Normally, when she went to a bar or club to pick up girls, she’d go in jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just something that could cover her and came off quickly for when she got lucky. This time, however, she wanted to show off a bit — even if she wasn’t the one going to the bar.

A black skirt that went to her knees, so she could get her dick out easily. Her shirt was laughably tight, just reaching her belly button with the word’s Horny as F@%k written across the chest. She’d grabbed a pair of flip flops that she could ditch and not worry about losing, and she’d pulled her hair back into a short ponytail, glad that it was just long enough again to do that without looking weird.

She’d decided against make-up, since anything she put on would likely be ruined by the end of the night. Turning away from the mirror, she walked to her sister, pulling the smaller girl to her feet. Jenny kept her gaze downwards, either at her feet or at Amanda’s crotch, and made no noise as she was pulled into a deep kiss. Amanda held her by the back of the neck, keeping her close, while her other hand clamped tightly onto an ass cheek.

Breaking away from her slut, she turned Jenny around and undid the cuffs. Amanda let her go and made for her bedroom door.

“I’ll be back late or in the morning. Don’t wait up for me — I’ll wake you up if I need you when I’m back.” Amanda couldn’t help the warm glow inside her as Jenny nodded to her orders, following at her heel all the way to their front door. Timidly, Jenny spoke up.

“Be careful, Master.”

She gripped Jenny’s chin and made her meet her eyes.

“I expect my bed to be warm and you naked if I’m back before morning, slut.” Not waiting for a response, Amanda opened the door, showing a glimpse of Jenny to the red sports car parked outside, and closed it behind her.

It had been a decent few days since Monday. Alex had convinced her to let her take care of their plan to get Roxanne Smith where they wanted her. All she’d actually done since their first planning/anger management session on Monday was continue training Jenny, who was starting to get the hang of her new place in life.

Now, Thursday evening, Alex’s plan was ready to go. Amanda had talked to her mother, who was getting ready to leave the resort with her Aunt to go back to her aunt’s house a couple hours away. The woman would be back Saturday evening, which left Amanda with just a couple days to finish breaking Jenny in.

Once their mom was back, all of the Master/Slave stuff would have to be kept under wraps. At least, for a little while. Amanda had come up with her own plan to take care of her mother coming to terms with Jenny’s new lease on life.

Opening the door to Alex’s car, she got into the passenger seat. She barely had time to close the door before they were moving, tearing down the road. Clicking her seat belt, Amanda took a good look at Alex.

Her best friend had gone heavy on the butch look, with black skinny jeans and a white tank top. A heavy chain hung around her neck with a silver skull hanging from it. Matching skull studs were in her ears, and her formerly purple hair was not a bright crimson color, and had been cut into almost a buzz cut look.

Noticing Amanda’s wandering eye, Alex raised an eyebrow.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked, and Amanda reached over to give Alex’s tit a flick.

“Yep. After this, any chance I could have a go with you?” Amanda knew the answer to that question was no. It was always the answer. But they’d made a ritual of the back and forth, and Alex didn’t hesitate with her response.

“Maybe if you get your little soldier fixed, so I don’t have to worry about any kids running around. And let me tie you up, of course.”

Amanda snorted, and they both broke into laughter. They knew each other fairly well — Alex was allergic to most birth controls, and was terrified of being as bad a parent as her own, meaning she wouldn’t let a real dick anywhere near her. And Amanda had the same apprehension as any guy about getting snipped, as well as a serious dislike for being tied up in any way.

They made great friends escort beşiktaş without benefits, even if they both had an urge to jump each other and rip their clothes off every once in a while. Even if, deep down, part of Amanda wanted to take Alex to this motel room she’d set up and take her instead of Roxanne.

Remembering their destination, Amanda got serious. Alex turned them onto the interstate and sped up to the speed limit.

“So, you’ve got everything figured out?” Amanda asked.

“Yep. Roxanne likes to hit up a specific bar about an hour away. She goes every weekend, telling her parents that she’s at a friends house. School’s off tomorrow, and she mentioned to one of my girlfriends at work that she’s treating herself tonight, as a late 19th birthday present to herself. And she’s got a thing for butch girls, which is why I’m doing this and not one of my girlfriends. Motel rooms are booked, cameras and toys are in the trunk, and I’d say we’re both horny enough to do this.”

Amanda just grinned at this and turned the radio on, blasting pop music through the speakers. They made small talk while they drove, and as Alex took an exit and made her way to the motel Amanda started to get a bit nervous.

Taking and breaking Jenny had been easy. She knew her sister, enough to know that blackmailing her with a video was enough to keep her quiet, even if her plan hadn’t gone right. And her mom would be easy, since she knew how to play her. But she knew almost nothing about Roxanne Smith. Alex said that the same strategy would work here, since Roxanne’s parent’s were very conservative and popular in the town. But even so, Amanda couldn’t help but wonder if she’d need a different strategy to handle this girl. Maybe one that was a bit more… persuasive.

Amanda stayed in the car as Alex parked and went into the motel office to get the room key. After coming back out, they drove around to the other side of the building and parked, getting out and grabbing a duffel bag from the trunk. Amanda had only stayed in a motel once before, and the room they had for the night was pretty much the same.

A single bed sat against the left wall, and a dresser with a small TV sat against the right wall. A nightstand on each side of the bed had lamps on each one, and a sliding closet door sat on the back wall, next to an open door revealing the bathroom.

They closed the door behind them and got to work. The blinds were pulled as shut as they could get, and two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs went into a nightstand drawer along with a blindfold, a gag, a strap on, and a short paddle.

The TV had a cable box sitting next to it, and they took the first camera and set it up behind the box, trying to conceal the small gray cube with a take out menu from the nightstand. The second camera went into the closet, and the door left open just enough to give it a perfect view of the bed.

Finally, the blanket was taken from the bed and stuffed into the dresser along with the second pillow, leaving only a set of sheets and a pillow on the mattress. Tossing Amanda a second room key, Alex grabbed the duffel bag and put it in the dresser with the blanket.

“It’s show time, I guess.” Leaving the room, Amanda gave Alex a smack on the ass as she walked away, earning her a glare from the punk butch. Alex got into the car and drove away, and Amanda went into the room next door, which was a mirror of the other room. Plopping down on the bed, she grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned the TV on.

Waiting a few days to pull this off had been easy, with Jenny to distract her. Waiting a couple hours for Alex was much harder. She regretted not letting a load loose in Jenny before she’d left. She was on the verge of painting a wall white in her boredom.

After what felt like forever, after the sun went down, she finally heard a car pull up outside. Jumping up, she ran to the window and very carefully peaked outside. It was Alex’s car alright, and another car parked next to it. Walking forward, Amanda caught a look at Roxanne for the first time before she was gone from her view again and gasped.

Amanda had thought Jenny was short at five foot two. But Roxanne could only be four and a half feet tall, and that was generous. Amanda could see the girl’s lips were painted bright red, and her platinum blond hair was pulled into two pigtails. Roxanne was only wearing a short red dress that barely covered her pussy, and left most of her c-cups tits exposed. She couldn’t have been more than 100 pounds soaking wet, with that petite frame. A pair of heels dangled from her hands.

As Alex led the girl into the room next door, Amanda struggled not to drop her skirt and go next door immediately. It wasn’t that Roxanne was irresistible — while she was definitely hotter than most girls in their town, but that was kind of a low bar. It was the thought of taking the girl and breaking her, making her scream and beg for more, that had Amanda eskort istanbul ready to throw the plan out the window.

Returning to the bed, she took a deep breath and stared at her phone, waiting for Alex’s call. It only took a few minutes, surprisingly, before Alex’s name flickered onto the screen. Hitting answer, she quietly listened to the slightly distant voices.

“Damn girl, look at you. Barely a dress, no panties… Someone wanted to get lucky tonight.” Alex said.

“Yeah, I did. Am I gonna get lucky tonight, baby?” A new voice said, Amanda’s barely calmed down hard on rushing back at Roxanne’s voice.

“Why else would I cuff you, short stuff?” Alex asked condescendingly, and Amanda heard a light smack over the phone.

“Barely in here five minutes, and you’re spread eagle, naked on my bed with a blindfold on. You’re definitely a slut. I may not be your first, but I’ll make sure you remember me.”

All Amanda heard for the next ten minutes was Roxanne’s moaning, and Alex’s occasional dirty talk. At some point Alex must have slipped into the strap on, because Roxanne finally spoke.

“Oooh, that’s not a finger, did you bring more toys-” Her question was cut short by a loud scream, followed by much louder moaning and the audible sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the occasional paddle smack. Alex was starting rough, from the sounds of it.

Amanda couldn’t help herself and let a hand drift under her skirt, pulling the fabric up so she could stroke herself gently. Alex was making Roxanne beg her for more, and finally Amanda could hear the girl’s scream through the wall.

“PLEASE LET ME CUM ON YOUR COCK!” Roxanne screamed, and then all she could hear was the slap slap slap of Alex’s movements. Finally, the phone went silent, and Amanda could hear a quiet moan as Roxanne came.

More silence followed, for several minutes, before Roxanne spoke again.

“That was amazing, baby. Let me up so I can return the favor,” Roxanne said in a sultry voice, and Alex laughed.

“Tell me, Roxxy, you ever been with a futa?” Alex asked, and Amanda recognized her cue. Standing up, she held the phone to her ear as she left her room.

“What? No, I haven’t,” Roxanne answered, sounding unsettled. “Why would I sleep with a freak?”

Any hesitation Amanda had left died as she heard that. Ending the call, she tossed it into Alex’s car and went to the door. Almost on cue, Alex opened it and let Amanda in. She was covered in sweat, her tits glistening with it. The strap on hung from her hips, and if she hadn’t seen Roxanne over her friends shoulder, Amanda would have probably grabbed Alex instead and tried to take her.

Amanda saw Roxanne on the bed, her arms handcuffed to the corners of the bed and her legs were loose. The blindfold had been tied across her eyes, and the girl had a confused look, struggling to see who had opened the door.

“That’s rude, Roxxy,” Alex said while she closed the door. “Futas are people just like you and me. In fact, my friend here is a futa.”

Roxanne stiffened, and just looked in the direction of Alex’s voice.

“Friend?” she asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah, my friend. You might know her, actually.” Alex moved to the girl and loosened the blindfold, pulling it off. Roxanne blinked as she got used to the light, and when she saw Amanda she froze.

“You- you’re that freak from town. What are you doing here?!” she exclaimed, suddenly struggling against her handcuffs. Amanda walked up to her as Alex sat on the edge of the bed, holding Roxanne’s right leg in place.

“I’m here for you, Roxxy.” Amanda caught the look of fear in Roxanne’s eyes as she said that, and leaned over her.

“See, you got into a little fight with my sister. Remember that?” Roxanne looked confused for a moment, then smiled.

“Who, Jen? You’re here for that? I thought you hated her?” Roxanne laughed, and stopped struggling. “If you’re mad that I got a shot at her before you did, you should’ve just asked! I would have let you take a swing before-“

Amanda cut her off by grabbing the smaller girl by the throat. Roxanne’s eyes were wide, gasping as Amanda squeezed.

“Jen is off limits, you little bitch,” Amanda snarled, letting Roxanne go and standing up. Turning away, she started stripping, her clothes hitting the floor as she listened to Roxanne’s gasping breaths.

“And you laid your hands on her.” Amanda turned back around and watched Roxanne’s face as the girl saw her dick and paled.

“Y-you can’t touch me. I’ll call the cops!” Roxanne stuttered as Amanda climbed onto the bed. Alex stood up and moved to the bathroom, leaving Amanda with her captive. Amanda grabbed her hips and lined herself up with Roxanne’s cunt, noticing that the girl had her pubes shaved into a heart.

“Go ahead, Roxxy. We have cameras in here. Plenty of evidence to say that you were willing. And besides, the pastor’s daughter shacking up with a dyke in escort kağıthane a motel? You’ll be kicked out on the streets if word of that got around.”

Roxanne just looked at Amanda, horror on her face. But oddly, the look of horror turned into a smug smirk.

“Videos can be edited, freak. My daddy’s lawyers will have you thrown in jail as soon as I get home.”

Amanda looked down at the girl, realizing she had a point. With enough money and convincing, Roxanne could turn the whole town against her. But Amanda had been thinking all day about to handle this girl.

“True. But a video of you screaming for a futa to let you come on her cock? Even if I end up in prison, you’ll be left to live on whatever scraps you can find on the street. Your parent’s will throw you out, and anyone else you can ask for help won’t want to help you raise a kid.”

Roxanne looked confused. “But I never said-” she stopped, her face blanking at what Amanda had said.

“Kid?” she whispered. Amanda just grinned at her. Alex walked back into the room, coming to stand next to them.

“Am I wearing a condom, Roxxy? And I doubt the pastor would approve his daughter being on the pill, or getting an abortion. Like you said, video can be edited. You definitely said those words, if not to me. So, Roxxy, are you gonna keep trying to act high and mighty or…”

Amanda pressed the top of her dick to Roxanne’s still soaking wet slit and just barely pushed in, making the girl gasp.

“Are you going to accept your punishment?”

Alex, saying nothing but smirking at them, took the gag out of the nightstand and popped the ball into Roxanne’s mouth, who was still stunned and didn’t realize what it was until it was strapped tight.

Like she’d switched a flip, Roxanne started flailing her legs and struggling. Amanda let go of the girl’s hips and reached back, giving Roxanne a stinging SLAP to the face. She stopped fighting, just whimpering and staring at her in shock, tears in her eyes.

Amanda remembered seeing Jenny in this position just a few days ago, and leaned forward, returning her dick to Roxanne’s pussy. As a tear left her eye, Amanda licked it away, her face inches from Roxanne’s.

“Don’t worry, Roxxy,” she said quietly, staring into her eyes, “I won’t hurt you. When I’m done…” She moved her hips, pushing past Roxanne’s lips and spearing the girl down to the base in one strong thrust.

“You’ll be so happy to be with me.” She repeated what she’d told Jenny, and without giving Roxanne a chance to react, she pulled back out and slammed forward again. She wouldn’t take it easy on her. She needed to learn a lesson.

Roxanne’s screams were muffled by the gag, but they started to change to muffled moans as Amanda pounded her senseless. Amanda knew Alex was standing somewhere beside her, the strap-on abandoned so she could finger fuck herself. But all Amanda could focus on was Roxanne’s trembling body under her. Amanda groaned as she felt Roxanne’s inner walls clamp tightly onto her, and she realized that the girl was cumming.

She leaned forward and wrapped a hand behind Roxanne’s head, and pulled herself forward while forcing her dick as deep as she could go in her new cocksleeve. She made no noise as she came, just silent scream as she emptied her balls, shooting what seemed like gallons of cum into Roxanne’s womb, holding the girl closely. As she came down from the high, she let go and Roxanne just fell into the bed, breathing heavily. Her eyes were rolled back into her head so far, all Amanda could see was white.

Looking down at Roxanne, Amanda couldn’t help but gasp. The girl’s stomach was bloated out, giving her a noticeable baby-looking bump. Slowly, she pulled herself out of the girl with a pop, and just stared at the white goo that seemed to pour out of her.

Alex was there, laughing and putting a hand on Roxanne’s stomach. Pushing lightly, a torrent of white came out of her pussy and Roxanne moaned quietly, who was starting to recover from her rough fucking.

“Damn, Man, I’ve never seen you cum that much.” Alex gave Roxanne’s stomach another press and received another wave of cum onto the sheets.

Neither have I, Amanda thought. And while she knew that she should be spent for the rest of the night, seeing Roxanne there leaking cum had her dick as hard as before. She climbed off the bed, and reached over to undo the handcuffs on Roxanne’s wrists.

The girl finally looked up at her, and when her hands were free she tried to roll over away from her. Amanda stopped her, grabbing a wrist and pulling her towards the edge of the bed. Roxanne barely managed to find her feet, stumbling upright as she was yanked forward.

Looking down, Roxanne gave a muffled gasp at the sight of her still expanded stomach. Amanda spun the girl around, hooking one arm around her neck and the other around her waist, and pulled her against her. Roxanne’s head didn’t even reach her shoulders.

“I’m not done yet.” Amanda growled, and let go of her neck to pick the girl up. It took a moment of balancing while she used her free hand to grab her dick and line it up, and when she got it there she let Roxanne drop a little so her cockhead pressed against her asshole.

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