Signed, Sealed, Delivered


Sofia was bored. Another day, another long sales pitch to sit through; probably with some wrinkly old man droning on and on about some boring new service. Stifling a yawn, she walked in through the large mahogany doors of her boardroom. The sight that greeted Sofia made her pause in her tracks. The man who was quietly conversing with her own Head of Sales was definitely not old or wrinkly. He looked to be in his mid thirties, tall, with the physique of a Greek god, and the most perfect face she had ever seen on a man! His curling hair was slicked back, set atop a high, strong brow. His chiseled cheeks were framed by a killer, angular jawline, which looked sharp enough to cut through glass. His jaws and pointed double chin were accentuated by a five o’clock shadow. Sofia’s eyes drank in every detail of his majestic face, then slowly moved down to his powerful body. The man wore a tailored blue shirt which couldn’t hide the bunch and ripple of his muscles. Her eyes flitted over his broad shoulders and bulging chest muscles, so big that it was a wonder his shirt didn’t rip open at any moment! Below the colossal chest, his abs were flat and hard. Sofia could almost see the ridges of his well-defined six pack, hidden just beneath the material of his shirt. The sleeves were rolled back neatly three fourths of the way to reveal slightly flexed, barreling forearms that stretched from elbow to wrist. Noticing Sofia’s arrival, the man turned and smiled. Sofia’s knees grew slightly weak as his piercing light blue eyes seemed to melt through her own. Is this some kind of a dream?

After a deep breath to calm herself, Sofia strode over to him, and extended a smooth, toned arm. “Sofia Gadot, Managing Director.”

Immediately, she could sense that he too was intrigued by her. There was an all too familiar look of shock etched across his face, caught off guard by this unexpected face-to-face meeting with a beautiful stranger. Sophia’s tall, slender figure inevitably caught everyone’s attention. With her pretty face and long, sensual hazel brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled, she was naturally a treat to look at. She looked extra sexy today, wearing a tight champagne-pink off-shoulder peplum dress that gave her an innocent girlish touch, while highlighting her hourglass figure. The dress stopped halfway down her shapely thighs, exposing the smooth, bare skin on her legs. In a second that seemed like an eternity, his blue eyes stared right at her own, and then slowly traced each and every curve on her body. Sofia saw his mouth drop open slightly. She smiled knowingly to herself, having gone through the same sensation mere moments ago. Seeing her smile, he composed himself almost instantly, and flashed a warm, full smile, accentuating the chiseled features of his face.

“Henry Caville, VP of sales. Pleasure to meet you. Shall we get started?”

“Indeed we may,” Sofia said, and settled into the expensive leather chair at the head of the boardroom table. “A deep voice to match the killer looks. Great! Today is definitely going to be a good day,” she thought to herself.

Henry started his pitch, but Sofia hardly heard a single word. Instead, her attention was focused only on the charming presenter himself. Her long, shapely eyes savored every movement of his powerful body. As he turned to face the screen to explain some nuanced detail, she honed in on his tight ass, prominently showcased through the thin fabric of his slim fitting trousers. Sofia began to Tokat Escort undress him with her eyes, imagining the hardness of his colossal chest, the girth of his cock, the smoothness of his balls. On more than a few occasions, Henry caught her hungry gaze, but she didn’t look away. She could tell he was thoroughly enjoying her unabashed admiration.

The pitch was a resounding success. The terms and conditions of the deal were signed and agreed upon. But Sofia had her eyes set upon another trophy. “Would you like have a drink at my office Henry? To celebrate the success of our deal?” she asked. He agreed, and they walked to her office.

“Please make yourself comfortable, and fix yourself a drink,” Sofia said to Henry. “I’ll freshen up and be with you in a second.”

She quickly stepped into her private washroom, and took off her lacy, strapless bra. Her small, pink nipples were already quiet hard and engorged, but the sudden burst of bitterly cold air conditioning made them even harder. Next, she dabbed her favorite perfume on her supple neck, behind each ear, and between her shapely breasts. Pleased with her efforts, she stepped back into her office and saw that Henry was sitting on the far edge of the plush, leather sofa, with a drink in hand. She walked over and sat down very close to him. Sofia saw Henry’s eyes drift over her breasts, feasting on the shape of her engorged nipples. She saw his nostrils flare, breathing in the scent of her perfume, and the more subtle scent of her arousal. She shifted closer.

“How is the drink?” she asked, and leaned over him to reach the empty glass resting on the table just beside the Sofa. While doing so, she deliberately let her hand glide over his crotch. Even from that brief touch, she could tell that his cock was big, much bigger than she had imagined. She smiled teasingly at him, satisfied, as she saw his member grow hard underneath his trousers, forming an impressive and inviting bulge. He didn’t try to hide it, but instead moved his legs apart, making his bulge even more noticeable. There they sat, for the briefest of moments, regarding each other quietly, reveling in each others arousal.

Taking a sip from his drink, Henry broke the heavy silence.

“The drink is good,” he said, his sharp blue eyes moving slowly down her lean, athletic frame. “But I think I see something that will taste better.”

“So do I,” Sofia said, gently licking her lips, glancing down at his now visibly throbbing cock. Henry looked inquisitively at her.

“My place?”


A split second after Henry disengaged the parking brake of his M5, Sofia’s hand was already snaking up to his hard cock, running her hand up and down the length of the shaft over his trouser. Her other hand stole inside her short dress, rubbing her warm, wet folds of her pussy. “Want to have an entrée course?” she asked, her index and middle fingers now practically dripping from her own delicious juices. Without waiting for his reply, she leaned over and brushed her damp, sticky fingers against his lips. Henry felt as though an electric shock was applied directly to his body. She tasted so good! He sucked on her moist fingers hungrily, breathing in the hot, briny smell of her wetness. The effect was instantaneous. Sofia felt his cock jerk violently, incensed by her sweet taste and smell.

Henry began to push his car harder than he ever had.


Sofia was all over Henry the moment he closed the Escort Tokat front door to his apartment. She gripped him hard by the hips and pulled him close, pressing her whole body tightly against his own. Henry could feel the tips of her nipples digging hard into his chest, his own pulsing cock was pushing up against her tight little wet pussy. He could feel her warm wetness creep through the layers of their clothing. Henry pulled her closer against him, as she let out a sharp excited gasp, and pressed his lips against hers. With parted mouths and inquisitive tongues they explored each other breathlessly. Still locked to each other, he pushed her roughly against the hallway wall. She almost yelped in excitement, her hands running up his broad, muscular back to wrap tightly around his neck, while her fingers ran through the curly hair on the back of his head. With Sofia pinned against the wall, Henry began to remove her tight dress, allowing his fingers to gently caress her skin as he lifted it from the bottom. As the dress fell in a heap on the ground, Henry saw Sofia’s gorgeous, hockey-ball sized breasts, tipped with hard, dark eraser shaped nipples, set against delicate pink areoles. He broke off from her lips, leaned down, and took one engorged nipple in his mouth, sucking on it hard, now and then gently biting down on it with his teeth. His tongue swirled around her nipple, exploring every single texture and contour, while his hand moved to her other nipple, gently pulling and twisting it with strong, deft fingers. Sofia moaned, pushing her hips harder against his, rubbing her incredibly wet pussy against the bulge of his trousers. The nipple escaped from the wet confines of Henry’s mouth with an audible “pop”, as his hungry mouth traversed across to her other nipple.

“Take your cloths off,” Sofia whispered. “Quickly!” He obliged, and promptly stripped off his shirt, revealing his enormous, muscular chest, covered in a fine layer of short, curly hair. Meanwhile, Sofia knelt down, her face almost touching his bulging crotch, which throbbed against his trousers like an enraged animal struggling against its cage. She unbuckled his belt, undid his trouser buttons, and shoved both his trouser and boxer shorts down in one swift motion. She giggled in mock surprise, as the full length of his engorged member sprang up like a jack-in-a-box to slap her squarely on her nose. She drew back, admiring his beautiful cock, adorned with a neat bush of dark pubic hair on top. His balls were ripe and plump, sheathed in a smooth, shaven sack. She couldn’t wait any longer. With one hand she gripped his pulsating shaft, and pressed her warm, wet mouth against his tip, while squeezing and pulling on his smooth balls from the other. She began to bob her head up and down, moving her soft lips down the length of him. This time it was Henry’s turn to let out a low, guttural groan. If anything, the sound made her even wetter. Her tongue flitted along the tip and underside of his member, still sucking hard with her cheeks. The bobbing of her head became faster and faster, as she felt him thrust deeper and deeper into her warm mouth.

With a wet, slurping sound her mouth popped off his cock. She looked up at him, and gently traced a path down his shaft with her tongue, all the way down to his balls. She peppered his smooth sack with soft kisses, biting and pulling the soft skin gently with her lips and teeth. Sofia pulled one ball into her mouth, sucking on Tokat Escort Bayan it as if it was a hard, round piece of rock candy. She loved the feeling of his ball in her mouth. She pulled away, and looked back at his face. Henry’s eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open in absolute pleasure. This time, she took both of his balls in her mouth, and started sucking on them harder than ever before. Henry’s cock throbbed and twitched like it had a life of its own. She cannot believe how good he tasted in her mouth.

Henry’s hand slipped down to cup the back of her neck, his fingers weaving through her thick dark hair, guiding her mouth as she gorged on his most private regions. Suddenly, his fingers tightened, pulling at her hair, forcing her head away from his crotch. He slammed Sofia against the wall again, while his free hand roughly pulled her soaked black panties down to her ankles. His hands squeezed her tight ass, cupping each perfect cheek, and pulled her towards him, pressing her pussy against him. He lifted her up, her legs flying around his waist, and her strong arms wrapped around the back of his neck. They locked their lips together again. “I want you inside me, now!” she moaned into his mouth.

She gasped as he slid inside her, slowly, gently, all the way, until his balls rested against her hot, dripping mound. Her ravenous pussy clamped down on his full length, squeezing and massaging. He gripped Sofia by her hips, and drew back, until just the head of his cock remained inside her, and then plunged back deep into her. He felt her whole body shudder against his own. Henry pulled back and plunged again, and again, the ferocity increasing with every single thrust. Sophia’s moans grew louder and louder with each thrust, wrapped in waves of never-ending ecstasy, as his cock teased her clit, before diving inside her pink walls to explore the warm depths of her sweet tenderness. Trapped between Henry’s strong arms and toned torso, with her back pressed hard against the wall, Sophia felt Henry penetrate her to down to her innermost core. The rhythmic “thunk” of his balls smacking against the soft skin right beneath her opening, drove her crazy. Drops of sweat trickled down his forehead, his curly hair damp from the heat, as he rammed into her with all his energy. Her gorgeous breasts danced with equal force, bouncing up and down in time to every hard deep thrust, while her nails dug deep into the straining muscles on his back, letting him feel every bit of that bittersweet combination of pain and ecstasy he was making her feel down there. He pulled his mouth away from Sofia’s, slid down to her exposed, enticing neck, and bit down hard, sucking on the soft delicate skin.

They were now both close to cumming. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, he could feel the weight of his balls as they filled to the brim with cum. Henry and Sofia both erupted at the same time, groaning ecstatically, jet after jet of hot cum shooting deep inside her, while her whole body shook against his own, convulsing uncontrollably. Sophia let out one last wail and closed her eyes tight, rejoicing in the crashing waves of exquisite pleasure that overwhelmed her core, with Henry still holding her pressed against the wall. A tiny droplet of a tear of joy escaped the corner of her left eye as she released her fingers from his back and spent a few seconds, enveloped in absolute bliss.

They drew apart, panting heavily, both with a satisfied smile playing on their lips. Sofia looked back at him, while with one finger caught a stray drip of his cum, leaking out from her pussy. “Well,” she said, never breaking eye contact, “I guess the deal is sealed,” as she popped her dripping finger into her own wet mouth.

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