Sigma Epsilon Chi Ch. 03

Big Tits

Sigma Epsilon Chi – Marsha

I was lying across the bed, boning up on Sociology for a test Friday, when I heard the sound of the lock. This wasn’t terribly surprising, since Karen or Melanie had been dropping by pretty much every day since I’d signed up as a “mascot” for Sigma Epsilon Chi. Hell, on occasion they’d even dropped by together. But it promised to be damned inconvenient (I couldn’tbelieveI was thinking that!) if they were showing up for some boytoy action right now. I had to study for this test!

I looked up and whatever I was going to say died in my throat.

It was Marsha.

Oh, shit.

* * * * *

Even among the more-than-usually-libidinous ladies of Sigma Eps, Marsha stood out. She was a devotee of what we’d probably refer to today as Extreme Sex. Want just one example? One of her lovers had accidentally cum on her face – just a little bit – when she was giving him head; a week later, she organized an orgy with just her – and fifteen guys from the Sigma Eps stable. By the time it was over, she was glazed from head to foot like a whole box of Krispy Kremes. I’d seen the pictures. Phil, one of the survivors of Marsha’s Cum Orgy, told me he’d never seen anything like it.

“There werefifteenof us, man. She’d have one guy in her mouth and another in her pussy, and sometimes one in her ass. As soon as one of ’em came, she’d motion someone else over and jump on him, too!”

And now she was standing at the side of the bed, looking down at me like a shark that’s just spotted dinner.



“Marsha.” I tried to sound interested – but not allthatinterested – but it was a wasted effort. All I was wearing was the lower half of a pair of sweats, and she could tell at a glance just how interested I was.

Marsha looked just like Tinkerbelle – a five-foot-three Tinkerbelle without wings. Her blonde hair was cut in a short shag, she had naughty blue eyes and a smile that made me wonder if she ever got lipstick on her ears. Her round little butt was packed into a pair of faded jeans and she wore a blue chambray workshirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top three buttons undone.

“We’ve never been formally introduced,” she purred. “I thought I’d drop by while I have a free period and” – her gaze flicked pointedly to my crotch – “get to know you better.”

Oh, geez. Less than three weeks with Sigma Eps and they’re tossing me to Marsha the Maneater? (And yes, they really called her that!)

Well. I couldn’t really afford to turn her down, could I? I had to get “approved” by at least six members of the sorority, and so far I only had two. Besides, she was just so damncute!

“Maybe I could do Sociology later,” I conceded.

Her grin grew even broader as I sat up and she sat down beside me. “I hear Mel and Karen have signed off on you,” she said. “Want to try for number three?”

Oh, yeah. Sitting there in jeans she must have put on with a spray gun and giving me the full benefit of her cleavage, and she expected me to sayno? So instead of saying anything, I just pulled her into me, feeling her arms wrap around my back to pull herself closer still. The softness of her cheek was against my face and it suddenly became impossible for me to resist kissing her.

Her lips were soft and warm and very, very talented. She kissed slowly but thoroughly, a sensual caress with lips and tongue that melted every circuit in my brain. I pulled her shirt away from her shoulder and pressed my lips to it, working my way up to her neck while I undid more buttons. I unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped them, pulled her shirt off entirely. Yes, that might seem like rushing things, but not with Sigma Eps girls and not with Marsha in particular. She wore a lacy black bra with a front hook and her tits were all but spilling out of it. I unhooked her, removed it entirely and as she leaned into me they pressed against my bare chest. Her nipples were hard and stiff; so was I. I leaned down, taking one nipple into my mouth, between my teeth, nibbling gently, biting down just a little. It was apparently the right thing to do, because she moaned and her eyes rolled up. I laid her back on the bed. She giggled throatily as I wrestled with those thrice-damned jeans, working them over her hips and finally dropping them to the floor, panting like I’d run the Boston Marathon.

She was naked beneath them. That was convenient. Her pussy was completely bald, something I’d never seen before. Trimmed, yes. Completely shaved, no. Her lips were swollen and flushed-looking as I slipped one finger gently between her folds. She gasped – WAAAY out of proportion to anything I was doing – and I realized all the hype about Marsha hadn’t been hype. I fingered her lightly, feeling her warm juices coat my finger, then I slipped a second finger inside her. Another gasp. I played with her a little while longer, eliciting more moans, and then realized that I was still istanbul escort dressed.

I stood up and quickly dropped my sweats to the floor and crawled onto the bed next to her. Her hand immediately went to my cock, squeezing it tight and giving it a couple of leisurely strokes. I sat with my back against the head of the bed and crooked a finger at her. She crawled over to me slowly, giving me an eyeful as she went. “Come on, sit down in front of me – your back against my chest.” She obeyed, raising up slightly as if to impale herself on me. “Not yet,” I said, while my mind screamedYOU IDIOT! She sat back down and scooted up as tight as she could fit herself into me. My hands went around, cupped her tits. I started out a little rough, pinching and twisting her nipples, then I cupped my hands and using only the palms, proceeded to caress her nipples ever so lightly, the barest contact I could manage. She moaned and pushed back against me. My cock was stiff against the warm skin of her back. She leaned slightly to one side and I kissed her, our tongues dancing that primal dance of lust, my palms never stopping as I teased her nipples harder still. She whimpered, leaning back against my shoulder, opening her legs.

I took it as an invitation and pushed her forward so I could slide out from behind her, then pushed her back again so she lay against the headboard at an angle. I lay down in front of her and tasted her naked pussy. She moaned and her legs slid further apart, giving me full access. I licked her slowly – very slowly indeed – but thoroughly, coating every inch with my hot wet saliva. I worked my tongue between her folds, penetrating her slowly, giving her every inch of tongue I could manage. Slowly in and out, one finger stroking lightly just above her clit. She moaned loudly, and I increased my pace, stabbing my tongue in and out of her tasty wetness. I circled her clit with my tongue in steadily decreasing circles while I slipped two fingers deep inside her. Her breathing was harsh and ragged, her head thrown back, her eyes slitted. I slid one finger up her ass and her breath hitched in her throat, her moaning rising to a new pitch. My tongue brushed the underside of her clit and she almost screamed. Then I pounced right on it and now shedidscream, a banshee wail of lust and delight. I lashed her clit unmercifully with my tongue, never stopping the motion of my finger in her ass. She was going to cum any minute now, I could feel it. I moved dead center and sucked and her ass arched right off the bed and I was waiting for her when she came down, never missing a beat. My tongue played a tune on her pussy and she screamed and moaned and whimpered and came again and again and again.


When she got her breath back (and it didn’t takenearlyas long as I would have wished), she had that look on her face again, a combination of a kid in a candy store and the shark that’s just spotted dinner.

This was going to be a very interesting morning indeed….

* * * * *

“Mmmmm – that was nice,” she purred. “You get a gold star. Get a few more and I’ll sign off on you and we can do thisallthe time.” She slid her hand around my cock, caressed it lightly. “Let’s check your endurance.”

She took my cock between the palms of her hands, running them up and down the stiffened shaft, cupping my balls lightly.

Her eyes glinted mischievously. “You like that?”

I groaned with desire. The caresses went on and on, gentle, insistent… maddening. My cock couldn’t get any stiffer, but it could grow, and it did. By the time she lowered her mouth to the head and began licking, I was sporting eight or nine inches worth of raging hard-on. Her tongue flicked slowly, lazily around the head. I could swear from her expression that she wastastingme. Slowly she lowered her mouth until she engulfed just the head and began circling it with her tongue, her short but sharp fingernails gliding over my balls as she sucked. I lay still, or tried to – I couldn’t help jerking occasionally, and she’d look up and smile before engulfing the head again. Damn, she was good, and she had only tasted the first inch of my cock! Just as I was thinking that, she took another inch and began moving her hot, wet mouth up and down, each time going lower, taking more of me. My balls were tight and I shivered as she moved her mouth down my shaft and licked at the same time.

Finally she had every inch of me in her mouth, with the head of my dick deep in her throat. She swallowed – once – twice – a third time – and I held back by the thinnest margin. With me deep in her throat, she sucked lightly, caressing my balls and I held my breath. Then she slid her mouthupward, licking me all the way out of her mouth, fluttering her tongue all around the head. Without warning she went down on me again, her lips sliding from the head kadıköy escort to my balls with the speed of thought.

That was it. I blasted off in her mouth, shooting again and again and again, and she didn’t lose a drop. Her mouth kept moving up and down, coaxing blast after blast out of me, and I saw her eyes roll up in her head as if she were cumming, too. My God, what a mouth!

When it was over, she moved to lie beside me and kissed me, her tongue slipping past my lips and into my mouth, and I realized she hadn’t swallowed it all after all. I kissed back enthusiastically, and our lips stayed together until every drop was gone.

“Sorry about that,” I muttered huskily.

She gave me that sexy grin. “What, you think you could hold out whenIwanted your cum? Not happening. You did pretty damn good for a Marsha virgin.”

“So you’ll sign off on my membership?”

“Oh, no, not yet. I want to play with you some more.” She stretched, arching her back, displaying every inch of that gorgeous body. She give me a wicked look from under lowered lashes. “What would you like to do to me now?”

For answer, I made her turn over and get on her knees, as if I was going to fuck her doggy-style. I spread her asscheeks apart and slid my tongue between them, licking at her tight little asshole. She gave a throaty moan and I rubbed two fingers over her clit, very lightly, barely touching her at all. Then I slid my fingers deep into her pussy and synchronized my licking with my fingering. Her moaning increased in volume. I could make her cum this way, I knew. Though many guys like anal sex, few of them will treat a woman’s ass as an erogenous zone in its own right. This being Marsha, I figured she might have known a few guys who did, but I was betting they had been few and far between. I had no problem with licking her asshole until she came, and my gentle fingering was making that imminent. Her moans had turned to shrill little cries, whimpers almost, and I knew she was close. I deliberately kept to the same pace, the same tempo, showing her without words that I was in no rush. Her pussy was dripping all over my hand, and I gave her a third finger, licking the entire time. Her legs began to tremble and without warning she exploded, stifling a scream as she gushed all over my fingers. While she was still cumming, I fell to my back and pulled her onto my face. My tongue stabbed inside her, in and out, circling her clit, my hands squeezing her tight ass as she screamed. I fluttered my tongue against her clit and she let go with another scream that should have broken every window in the place, and drenched my face again with her hot wet juices.

She was still twitching and jerking when she climbed off my face and lay down beside me, pulling me close, kissing me deep, tasting herself on my mouth. I hid a grin as she shivered with the aftermath of her climax and pulled the comforter up over her, kissing her neck as I did.

She looked up at me with wide, slightly unfocused eyes and that same sexy, mischievous smile in place. “Get some rest,” she ordered. “We’re gonna grab a little nap and when I wake up, I’m gonna fuck your eyes out. Better conserve your strength.”

I pulled her tight against me, she pillowed her head on my shoulder and fell asleep within ten minutes. I closed my eyes, reveling in my own afterglow, and within minutes I was asleep, too.

* * * * *

I woke up with Marsha lightly caressing my cock.

I cautiously propped open one eye, and there she was, giving me that evil-Tinkerbelle smile, stroking my cock…. I took a deep breath. Okay – round two.

I looked at her, gave her a lazy grin, and said, “Oooohhh. You aresucha bad girl.”

The evil-Tinkerbelle smile went to full wattage. “Whatcha gonna do about it… spank me?”

Still giving her that deceptive grin, I said in a husky voice, “…Nowthere’san idea. Come here.”

She came over on her hands and knees. “Yeah? What do you want me to do, stud?”

“Bend over my lap.”

She gave me a smoldering look from under half-lowered lids. “Ohhh… gonna spank my round little ass? Make me beg you to stop? Let’s see….”

Without another word, she bent over my lap, her tight little ass positioned just right. I reached a hand out and caressed it lightly, gliding my hand lightly over the smooth skin. I used the edge of my hand to separate her buttocks, squeezed them with both hands, then resumed the gliding motion. My hand came closer and closer to her pussy, and she bit her lip. In another two or three sweeps, I would be touching her there; another two after that and I’d encounter her clit….

Without warning, my hand came down and cracked hard across her ass. She gasped and I did it again. One leg went up to pin her legs in place, and I smacked her again. She was wiggling to get free, but I was relentless. Her ass kağıthane escort was turning cherry-red and suddenly she screamed, “YES! Bust my ass, you bastard! Make it hurt!”

And I did just that, being careful to use just enough force to sting, not enough to bruise. She writhed like a snake, crying now, and still I continued to spank her. Then, with no more warning than before, I slid a single finger deep inside her and she lost it, wailing like a lost soul. Another finger, and the pitch of her wail went higher. I finger-fucked her hard and fast, and she gasped in time with the thrusts inside her. Her ass was bright red and she was screaming now as her climax overtook her, dropped her screaming into the abyss….

* * * * *

When she caught her breath again, I had shifted position so that my back was flat against the headboard of the bed, my legs spread, and my dick sticking straight up. I crooked a finger.

“C’mere, baby.”

She scooted between my legs and sat waiting for other instructions.

“Okay, scoot in tight, your back against my chest. Then hands behind your back and put these on.”

I dropped a pair of handcuffs into her lap.

She did as she was told, fastening one bracelet and leaving the other for me. I ratcheted it shut, then leaned her back against my chest. “Spread your legs.”

I started with deep kisses while teasing her nipples into stiff swollen points. Then I dipped my head farther down and took her nipples into my mouth… licking… sucking….

The SMACK! and Marsha’s gasp and look of indignation were simultaneous. Before she got a word out, I smacked her pussy with the flat of my hand again. I saw anger flare up in her eyes and I did it again. She started swearing at me and I began to spank her pussy with a regular rhythm, almost, but not quite hard enough to hurt. I smacked her pussy all over, carefully avoiding her clit, and as she got used to it, she began to gasp in a distinctly different way. Her pussy was dripping, wetting my hand, and I suddenly drove two fingers straight into the core of her. She gasped again, and then I pulled them out and smacked her pussy again, and she whimpered. I went back to the spanking rhythm and now it was definitely turning her on. Within two minutes she was on the verge of another climax. I stopped spanking and kissed her, my tongue in her mouth, my hands all over her tits, squeezing, pinching and twisting her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, clearly frustrated, and I grinned inwardly. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples and my hands never once got near her pussy. I squeezed her tight little ass, slid a finger into her asshole, and she moaned again as I finger-fucked her ass. I got on my knees, grabbed the back of her head by the hair and shoved my cock into her mouth, down her throat. I fucked her mouth a good five minutes (a VERY good five minutes), then I pulled out and came all over her face. Before she recovered from that, I started spanking her pussy again, but this time I didn’t stop, and she wailed and screamed and groaned and came all over my hand. I slid two fingers into her juicy cunt and she clenched around them and I finger-fucked her till she came again.

Afterwards, I unlocked the cuffs, gathered her into my arms and gave her a scorching kiss. Undaunted, her hand went immediately to my dick and began caressing. I sighed. Wasn’t thereanythingthat could slow this woman down?

* * * * *

An hour later….

Marsha certainly understood the male animal. Between her stroking and sucking, she had gotten athirderection out of me, and it was throbbing to be buried between her legs. But at the moment, that’s where my mouth was, and had been for twenty minutes. I was giving her the full treatment, teasing her to the edge of orgasm, then backing off. She couldn’t do anything to hurry me because her wrists were tied to the bedposts; all she could do was wail and moan, which she was doing now.

I love to eat pussy, and it’s not often that I get to take my time and do it right, so when Marsha allowed herself to be tied to the bedposts, I knew I could keep her cumming all day. I dove right in and began licking – first up and down the length of her inner lips, then slowly thrusting my tongue into her. I was utterly confident in what I could do with my mouth, and the bonds at her wrists made it impossible for her to hurry things. She was helpless to do anything except to accept whatever I chose to do to her, and I chose to eat her pussy, slowly and thoroughly, hitting every intimate place within her with my tongue, loving the taste of her. Above me, she moaned and begged and whimpered, but I ignored her and loved her pussy with my mouth… licking her lips… penetrating her depths with my tongue… circling, but never touching her clit… kissing her pussy, her inner thighs…

I slid a finger inside her and her back arched, crying out, but then I removed it and slid it up her ass. I fingered her gently while my mouth continued to work her pussy and her moans and cries increased. God, I could do this all day, keep her right on the edge, and I was tempted to do just that, the sense of power was so heady…. Her juices were an aphrodisiac that spurred me on to make her cum, but still I held back….

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