Shooting Matt Ch. 27


Randy and Kent make a video. Time moves along. Darren returns.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle.


Even though she fully expected the result, Glenna burst into tears when she turned the white stick over and saw the two pink lines. Leon pulled her close with one arm. His choked voice made it difficult to whisper all that was in his heart. She squeezed him back, letting him know she didn’t need his words; she knew what was in his heart. She dashed the tears off her cheeks with her fingertips and they stood. They made their way down to the gift shop. Mary Beth and Rosalina saw the news in her eyes and promptly burst into tears themselves. Even Leon’s cheeks were damp. So? Even avuncular stoics have emotions, they simple guard who they share them with.

The Fourth past quietly. Glenna made an appointment with her family physician. He ran his own test using the same brand of little white stick. He explained to her that she would be considered high risk, given her age. He went over a schedule of testing, blood work, and ultrasounds. He could do the blood work through his office but he would send her to see a specialist in high-risk pregnancies in Pittsburgh for the ultrasounds. He recommended she consider delivering there, in Pittsburgh. That was, more likely than not, over-kill but he hated to take any risks that could be avoided.

Matt and Liam spent July in their own world. Matt spent long hours with Leon in the weight room and in the water, Liam somewhat less. Nonetheless, Liam was in better shape than at any other time in his life. Dr. Price had been pleased with the MRI of Matt’s back. He wanted to see him in early August, right before Matt had to report back to the team but he was no longer worried that Matt would not be ready. Neither was Matt, he felt stronger than ever, he was swimming better than ever. He could see, almost literally, in his mind a gold medal around his neck next year. He left the mundane tasks of setting up the apartment to Liam. Their new landlady had adopted them. They were a little worried they were spending more time at her house than their apartment; it was a good worry to have. Matt made sure Liam understood how much he appreciated him dealing with all this, not just in bed but with little gestures and random silly gifts. Liam had been blown away by the video but he didn’t care for Matt’s suggestion that they make money by becoming gay cam stars.

Randy roamed the upper Midwest but made sure he was back in Pittsburgh or the resort a few days every couple of weeks. As July baked into August, he was done with the roaming. Now came the sorting, grading, and composing. Most of those days were spent at the resort as he, Leon, and Glenna walked around the resort making plans for the winter and renovation. Glenna had, essentially, ceded the running of the bakery to Mary Beth. Randy could barely recognize the woman he’d once been in love with. Rosalita and Liam had taken over the snack bar. Randy was beginning to wonder if Liam’s plan to become a nurse was a mistake; the kitchen seemed his true element. Kent was there a great deal of the time. He didn’t say much but if he offered a suggestion, it was a good one. After a few visits, he was still quiet but no longer felt left out of the group.

Glenna talked to Kate at least once a week. Her classes were going great. Roy was good, working too hard, but good. They loved the house. They made plans for Glenna and Leon to spend a few days with them. They’d drive up after Glenna’s OB visit in Pittsburg, make a mini-vacation of it. Kate could barely keep from blurting out her own news.


“Jeez, Liam, you studying already?” Matt is standing drying his hair with a towel. He’s naked. He had honored Liam’s request to not shave his cock and balls or his armpits. There’s not a lot of hair but what has grown in is fucking hot, or so Liam feels. When he reports back for training, the pit hair will go, and the crotch will need a bit of manscaping, but Liam has convinced him to leave a patch peeking above the top of his suit. Liam draws the line at becoming a cam star but if someone wants to pay Matt to do some modeling, well fuck yeah.

Liam is sitting crossed-legged in the bed surrounded by books. He’d stopped at the Student Union on his way back from one of his trips dealing with the apartment and meeting with his new advisor and bought his textbooks early. He told himself it was to avoid the crowds before classes started but, in truth, he’s panicking a little. He’d taken advanced chemistry in high school but that was a couple of years ago. He’d aced it but flipping through the college chemistry text in his lap is making him nervous. Matt sees the worry in his eyes.

He drapes his towel over his shoulder and crosses the small room to the bed. He takes the text from Liam’s lap, marks his place with one of the blank index cards strewn about the bed, and closes it. He stacks the chemistry, cellular biology text, and human anatomy and physiology text beside the bed, before kissing Liam on the forehead.

“Lie on your stomach.”

Liam does as he’s asked and Matt, kneeling Betturkey beside his lover, kneads the tension out of his shoulders and back. One thing leads to another and, not surprisingly, they make slow, gentle love to each other. They cuddle together in the drowsy after-glow and Matt tells him he’ll do great, he’ll be fine, not to worry so much. Liam believes him. They rest and when he takes Matt’s cock into his mouth, Liam’s mind is at peace.


Kent and I are lying atop a sheet on the air mattress, the camp cot is only big enough for one. The flaps of the tent are open and there’s a breeze but it feels like the air is coming straight out of one of Nena’s ovens. The breeze is so dry and hot I can feel my body desiccating under its touch. I distract myself by kissing the sweat off Kent’s chest. I wiggle and clench the muscles in my ass, trying to re-awaken the sensation of being filled by his dick.

“Poor baby,” I murmur, my lips pressed to his chest. “You’re overheated. I don’t want you to get heat stroke.” I kiss my way up his neck and along his hair line. He’s drenched in sweat. His skin is hot against my lips. I sit up. “I’m not kidding. You’re too hot. Come on, hide that beautiful dick of yours inside your swimming trunks. We need to get you cooled off.” He lies there smiling at me. “Seriously, Kent,” I tell him, standing and pulling my own trunks on over my boner. “Come on. I’ll get you a bottle of water out of the cooler. Let’s get you in the lake.”

“Okay, okay,” he sighs, sitting up and pushing himself off the air mattress. “I am hot but you’re so cute when you worry I didn’t want to stop you.”

He chugs half the bottle and pours the rest over the back of his head and neck, shivering. He’s still naked, which I don’t mind at all, but I worry someone will get a stick up their ass about it. He shakes the water out of his hair and steps into his swim trunks. Despite his lavish use of sun screen, he’s gotten tan. I love the pale white of his ass framed by his tanned back and legs. We hold hands on the way to the dock. If someone wants to get a stick up their ass about that — fuck ’em.

The water is delicious. The surface is warm but duck down a few feet and the sun has yet to banish the chill. The swim platform is covered with kids, mostly teenagers. “Hey, you want to go kayaking? There’s a place I’d like to show you.”

“Sure, sounds great.”

We climb up the ladder at the end of the dock. “We’ll need sun screen and a couple towels. You want to go grab them or sign out the kayaks?” I pause and look at him. “Or, would you rather take the canoe? It’s not being used.”

“I’ll grab the towels,” Kent decides. “Let’s take the canoe and I’ll bring the small cooler with some water.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Rosalita is in the snack shop. Fernando is sitting in his high chair scrawling away with the stub of a crayon at the maze on the kid’s menu. He appears to have elected to fill in the maze and walk out atop the thick layer of waxy black crayon. Mary Beth appears from the kitchen. I consider asking her if she wants to join us and decide not to, maybe another time. She and Kent don’t seem to have a problem with each other. She told me she likes him and I believe her. When we were together she never suggested a threesome with another woman but she and Rosalita spend a lot to time together. To say nothing of the way they smile when they see each other. I remind myself to pick at Glenna, make sure she’s not holding out on me.

Kent is waiting when I go back outside. We put a heavy layer of sun screen on, put the stuff in the canoe, and push off. I take him to the rock slide, to the east side, the side not accessible by the trail. The scrubby trees are a bit worse for the hot weather.

I find a broken branch and pick it up. “Follow me, watch out for snakes.” At the mention of snakes his face falls. “Where are we going, Randy?” I point up the hill. “Not far. It’s not as bad as it looks. I haven’t seen any snakes but it’s hot and they’ll be trying to stay cool under rocks or brush. Just be careful where you put your hands and feet. I’ll go in front.” He looks dubious but nods. I make my way up to the rock wall. “This is the only tricky part and it’s not that bad. Just be careful, the edges of the rock are sharp. I’ll go first.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“It’ll be fine, Kent. Would I let Liam, do it? Probably. He’s a careful sort. The far side of the slide is a different story. Unfortunately, that’s the side the trail leads to. I would not mess around on the rocks on that side. Over here, this wall is part of the ridge; it’s not going anywhere. From the top of it you can make it to the giant boulder I showed you from the lake. It ain’t going anywhere either. It’s a great view and I think it’ll be a great place to spread out our blankets and relax, especially now, with the sun finally not blazing down directly on us.”

He doesn’t reply. I take that as consent and begin to climb the short stretch of wall. I make it to the top without peeling back one of my toenails this time, so that’s a plus. I turn around Betturkey Giriş and lie down on top of the rough stone and hold my hand out to Kent. “Here, grab ahold.” He shakes his head. “No, I’d rather have both hands free.” He proceeds to zip up the rock face likes he’s a monkey or something.

“Have you climbed before?” I ask him as he stands up. “No, not really. Fooling around at the gym but not for real,” he answers. I pat him on the shoulder. “Well, you learned something. I’m sorry if I sounded patronizing.”

“You didn’t. Come on, show me this view.”

I lead him across the few remaining rocks and we’re on top of the big one. This time I walk to the edge and look over. I see a few rocks under the water. I don’t see any that I think I would have hit if I’d jumped that time. Although, for a hallucination, the train engineer seemed to have been right most of the time. Okay, I’m not jumping off this rock, I tell myself.

“You’re right, it is a great view,” Kent says, looking around. He walks over to the west side of the slide and looks down. “This is what Matt and Liam climbed? Are they insane?” He turns to look up the ridge. The foliage is thicker and browner and dustier than the last time I was up here but you can still make out stretches of the trail as it snakes down toward the lake. While Kent is exploring, I spread our blankets out. I shed my trunks and cover my junk and ass with sunscreen. I don’t want anything down there blistering.

Kent’s eyes widen a bit when he turns around but he doesn’t say anything. He takes off his trunks, lotions up, and lies down beside me. “I should point out,” he whispers as he settles himself, “sunscreen doesn’t taste very good. So, if you were planning on getting me high on sunshine and then getting your dick sucked, no dice.”

“Well, I guess I’m shit out of luck then.”

“For now, perhaps,” Kent chuckles.

We don’t spend much time atop the rock. Even though the afternoon is wearing down, the sun is still hot. After fifteen minutes, twenty tops, I concede that this was a bad idea and stand up.

“Come on, Kent. This was a stupid idea. The sun is baking my brain. Let’s go back down and swim.”

“Fine by me.”

The trip down is uneventful, mostly. I spot a rattler, way off our trail, curled up under an overhanging rock. I almost let it slide but I want Kent to know what to watch out for. I point it out. He clutches my arm the rest of the way down to the lake. I know, without him saying a word, that I’ll never get him on top of the rock again. I’m thinking hiking and camping may not be high on the list of things we do together.

“Bud, you’re a farm kid. You must have seen plenty of snakes, maybe not rattlers but still.”

“So? I’m terrified of snakes.”

“No worries,” I tell him as I wrap him up in my arms. “I’m not too keen on spiders. You take care of them. I’ll watch for snakes.”

“Spiders? Really?”

I’m not but it seems like an acceptable white lie, so I nod.

The water feels good after the sun. We cool off and then sit on two of the larger, and exceedingly uncomfortable rocks to dry off. We haven’t bothered with our trunks, it’s so quiet and we’d seen no one canoeing or kayaking anywhere near the rock slide. I pull him to his feet and hug him again, rubbing my cock against his. We move back a little, so we’re not right out in the open. I check carefully for snakes. Kent leans his butt against a rock and I sink onto my haunches.

His cock tastes of lake water at first. As I suck his cock, the taste of dick and pre-jizz, starts to come through. He runs his fingers through my hair as I deep-throat his cock, holding him deep in my throat for long moments. I can breathe but I can’t swallow and spit begins to run off my chin. I sink to my knees, managing to miss any sharp stones. I tilt my head back, offering him my mouth. He understands. We’re learning to read each other’s signals. He begins to fuck my mouth. I can feel my own spittle flung onto my chest as his thrusts shake me. He hits the back of my throat a little too hard and I gag. He slows for a second to make sure I’m okay and then begins to push his cock deep into my throat again.

When he uses my mouth like a cunt in this way, my hands are free. I pinch, pull, and twist my nipples. I can tell by his pace he’s close to cumming. He stops thrusting and lets the head of his cock rest on my outstretched tongue. He strokes his cock until he cums. We’ve fucked and sucked so much the past couple of days, there’s not much cum but what there is I swallow greedily.

When his breathing slows, Kent helps me to my feet. He wipes my chest and chin before kissing me. He reaches for my cock but I pull my hips back. He looks at me puzzled. I smile. “I have an idea.”


Kent nixed my original suggestion. It was too close to the hospital where he worked. We stopped at a couple other places on the outskirts of town before finding a spot that looked like it would work. We entered separately. After getting a discrete okay from Kent, I order. I make sure the messenger bag over my shoulder, hides Betturkey Güncel Giriş the front of my shorts. I’m not wearing underwear and the anticipation of what I plan to do is already making my dick hard. There are eight tables in a half-assed nook, four to a side, each seating two. I pick one of the tables near the waist-high wall that separates the tables from the rest of the coffee shop. Kent sits on the opposite side and one table down. I sip my coffee and pull out my phone. I made sure it’s muted and open the browser. I guess Kent doesn’t like the angle because he moves over a table. He pulls out his phone. He holds it up, moving it around, as if he’s looking for a signal. He’s not. He’s taking a video of the place, being careful I hope, to keep my face out of the shots. I have a baseball cap pulled low but I don’t want to take any chances.

I watch myself, on my phone, jerking off in a grocery store. My cock, already hard at the idea grows even stiffer. I set my coffee mug down, still staring at my phone and drop my arm to my crotch. I’ve sat so that my right arm is next to the wall, offering a bit of privacy. I do my best not to look at Kent. Most people will know this was set up but it’s nice to allow them the option of imagining it was spontaneous. I simply need to trust that he’s catching me rubbing my hardon through my shorts. I do that for a few moments, then take a few more sips of my coffee. As I do, a middle-aged woman chooses the table directly opposite me. She sits along the wall, facing me. I can see her crotch beneath her table. I’m gambling that the way I’m turned she can’t see mine. I notice Kent moving the phone around, doing the I-need-a-better-signal trick again and I know he’s recording the fact that she’s sitting there.

My hand goes back under my table. I pull the loose waistband of my shorts down and my cock springs free. As I watch a loop of myself jerking off on my phone, that’s what I start to do under the table. When a man walks past, looking for a table, I pause but don’t put my cock away. He goes to the far end and sits at the table next to Kent. If he looks in my direction, he’ll see me. I feel my heart rate kick up a notch. My hand covers my cock but I hold off on pulling the top of my shorts back up. I glance up and casually scan the room. The new guy, a budding young professional no doubt, is sipping his coffee and, of course, looking at his phone. I can see Kent eyeing him out of the corner of his eye. Kent’s phone looks to be pointed under my table. The other guy glances up, catching me looking at him. I hold his eye for a second, then look back at my phone. I take a sip of coffee. When I glance over the top of my phone, the young professional is looking at me over the top of his phone. While his eyes are on my face, I move my hand away from my cock.

I can see him jump a bit when he happens to glance down. The fact he looks at my crotch at all confirms my impression that he’s interested. This is not part of our plan. Kent was going to video me jerking off under the table at a restaurant. That’s it, nothing more. But, you know, the best laid plans, etc, etc.

The young professional, the YP for brevity’s sake, doesn’t do anything. I twitch my cock. He keeps watching. I rub my finger up and down the shaft. Kent shifts, drawing YP’s attention. YP glances at Kent, who doesn’t look away from his phone. I see YP’s eyes widen and know he’s noticed that Kent isn’t reading emails, or surfing Reddit, he’s videoing me playing with my dick. I have no idea if he realizes Kent is with me or not. He glances back at me, back at Kent. When his eyes settle on me again, or my cock at least, I begin to stroke it.

The lady across from me is oblivious. She has a laptop open and a folder of papers beside it. She only has eyes for her work.

I glance back and it’s my turn to be startled. YP is squeezing the crotch of his pants. I can’t really beat off. I keep my motions slow and steady, no noise. I can, however, run the palm of my hand over the head of my cock. I can rub the tip of my forefinger over the slit. YP gets up, coffee cup in hand. I stop and cover my cock. He walks over and re-seats himself at the table beside me. He looks at me in an almost challenging way. I use my foot to pull the other chair at my table over a little. The empty messenger bag I’d used for camouflage is sitting on its seat. I move it so it is in the line of sight of the woman engrossed in her spreadsheets. I make sure it’s not in Kent’s way and I breathe a silent wish that he’ll be okay with this. My hand leaves my cock. I switch my phone to my right hand.

Still looking towards my phone but actually keeping an eye on the woman across from me, I reach over and put my left hand on YP’s crotch. He doesn’t pull away. I squeeze his cock. It feels like a nice one. I feel his hand near mine, followed by the sound of his zipper. He goes incredibly slow, still the sound seems as loud as a chain saw in my ears. Ms. Spreadsheet doesn’t even glance up. I put a couple of fingers inside the open fly and touch his cock through his underwear. His hand moves mine aside. I sense more than see him fumbling. When I move my hand back, I feel the warm skin of his bare cock jutting from his fly. Watching the woman while pretending to be looking at my phone, I start to jerk him off. As with my own cock, I can’t go fast or hard. It doesn’t matter.

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