Shirley’s Adventures Pt. 04


Mark One

My name is Shirley and at the time I had been a widow for nearly eighteen months. David and I had enjoyed nearly 45 years of a somewhat unconventional marriage. I didn’t sleep with other men, I slept with my David. My David didn’t sleep with other women, he slept with me. That which we did, jointly and severally, whilst we were awake was another matter entirely.

Just before My David passed he told me that I should continue to enjoy myself and that he would be with me every step of the way. It took me a while to get things organised but finally I’m on my way, retracing the routes we enjoyed together. Hopefully rediscovering the pleasures we had enjoyed en route. I am back in France with our camper van, remembering the past and looking for new adventures. My David is with me.

Please enjoy the previous chapters for details.

It was another bright, sunshiny day and I decided to work on my all over tan. The beach beckoned. Not the beach a short stroll from my door but part way to my next night stop at St. Valery-en-Caux. The little beach just past Dieppe was calling to me and at less than 40 miles it didn’t need to call very loudly. It took all of two hours but then I didn’t rush. I was on holiday.

Taking the D75 from Dieppe I was soon headed down the Gorge to the little, empty, car-park. Not a good sign but it was still a beautiful day and only about 100 yards to the sandy beach. I chuckled at the thought, Sandy the dog and now the horny bitch is on another sandy beach, hoping to find a friendly cock. Maybe it was a good omen?

Reversing into a parking space facing the entrance, it’s much easier to drive out of a parking space in a bigger vehicle than trying to reverse out if the car-park is busy, I changed from my almost respectable driving clothes and into my easy to remove beach wear. A simple, short dress with strappy shoulders that I could slip off in a moment. No undies of course.

With the essentials sorted I set about preparing my picnic lunch. As I was filling my shoulder bag with the required goodies for an afternoon on the beach a VW Split Screen camper van with a Belgian number plate pulled into the car-park. I wasn’t too sure if it was a guy or a girl driving as the hair was long, from the side view. It reversed in beside me, left hand drive and the good looking lad turned to smile at me through my big side window. I smiled back and gave him a little friendly wave which made him laugh. I say lad because that is what he was. Had I had any children he could easily have fathered a Great Grandchild for me. So, late teens very early twenties. He definitely had the student look about him. His VW was way older than him and probably older than his parents unless they started very late. 1965/1967? Not much younger than me and in just as good condition, if I say so myself.

I timed my exit to coincide with the opening of his side door.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted formally in perfect English, “did you come over on the early ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe?”

He obviously knew his cross channel ferry routes.

“No, came over on the train to Calais a couple of days ago. Were you on the ferry?”

“No, ferry Dover Calais yesterday morning. Granddad met me in his car. He lives in De Panne, know it? He gave me Betsy, he’s had her from new, for my eighteenth a couple of years back. Much easier to keep her over here and a good excuse to visit my GP’s regularly. Live in Canterbury so dead easy. Name’s Mark.”

He was a good looking lad, as I’ve said. Looked fit, nice tan, happy smiley face.

We shook hands.

“Shirley, very pleased to meet you Mark. Are we going to the beach together or shall I go alone?”

“Have you been here before Shirley?” he laughed.

“Yes, many times. Used to be a regular stop off when my husband was alive. Planning on reliving old times now.”

“Sorry to hear that, ’bout your Husband that is. Have we got a minute for me to throw as few things together? Lunch? Or are we planning to come back here to eat?”

I liked that. Offer, acceptance and confirmation in a couple of simple sentences.

“I’ve got a picnic, planned on staying until it’s time to leave. I can wait, no hurry.”

He’d clearly had a lot of experience of being in a small camper-van. Very efficient. Knew were everything was and tidied up as he went along. Impressive, considering his age… very impressive.

“So, how come a good looking lad like you doesn’t have a beautiful girl travelling with him?” I laughed nosily.

He snorted.

“Yeah! That was the plan. Blew me out at the last minute, she got a better offer.”

“Blew you out when you’d much rather she’d just blown you?” I teased.

His grin, as he looked at me, started small, almost half hearted then it grew into a big smile.

“Yeah! Something like that,” he chuckled, “I’m about done, we ready?”

We were. I slung my beach bag over my shoulder. He grabbed his beach mat and bag, closed the side doors and locked up. We headed for the beach.

“How Kıbrıs Escort far do you like to go?” he asked as we stood looking at the long, wide empty beach.

“Oh, I always like to go all the way,” I giggled wickedly, “mind seeing an old lady naked while we walk?”

He did no more than raise his hand to his forehead, to shade his eyes, then scanned the beach in both directions.

“Checking to see if anyone will see you?” I laughed.

“Nope! Looking for an old lady,” he chuckled.

“Silly bugger. You gonna undo me?”

I turned my back to him.

“See? That just proves it,” he exclaimed delightedly, “if you were the old lady you claim to be you’d be well able to unzip your dress yourself. So you must be as young as you look and haven’t gained those skills yet.”

“Silver tongued smoothie,” I laughed, “I can undo it myself but I’d feel so much younger if a handsome young man did it for me.”

“Does that mean I’d have to personally check how much younger you feel after I’ve undressed you?”

I felt his fingers at the back of my neck. He slid the zip down easily.

“I think you should, don’t you?”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than his hands were on my shoulders slipping the skinny straps of my beach dress off and down. Straightening my arms quickly I allowed the flimsy dress to pool at my feet. His hands followed my dress as far as my waist before ducking under my arms and reaching up to cup my full breasts. A twenty year old fondling my breasts without any hesitation whatsoever! My areola puckered and my nipples hardened instantly.

He stepped in close behind me leaving no useful air gaps between the top of my shoulders and the back of my thighs. Leaning into him I sighed contentedly while he toyed with my tits. I could already feel his stiff cock pushing into my bum crack. I wriggled against it encouragingly.

“You don’t feel like an old lady!” he chuckled.

“What do you expect when I’ve got a twenty year old’s hard cock pushing between my bum cheeks so wonderfully. Did I do that or are you thinking of the one that got away?” I teased.

“I’m thinking how lucky I was that she didn’t come or cum, else I wouldn’t be standing here with a beautiful naked woman in my arms?”

“Does that mean I have to remove your shorts myself or are you going to do it for me?”

“You can do it, if you must but only if you promise I can play with your tits when you’ve finished,” he laughed.

Turning in to face him I stretched up to kiss him softly on the lips. My hands automatically went to the waistband of his long shorts.

“Did I hear your correctly? I get your cock out and you want to play with my tits?” I said in mock horror, “didn’t they teach you anything at school?”

Sinking to my knees without waiting for an answer I started to work his shorts down. They caught on his cock head, making me laugh.

“Who’s eager for beaver then?” I teased delightedly.

Peeling his waistband carefully over his hard cock I soon had his shorts off and in a little pile with my discarded dress. Neither would be needed until very much later, if I had anything to do with it. I took a long hard look at his beautiful cock and smiled happily.

Cut, with a beautiful bulbous head all nice and purple with pre-cum dribbling invitingly from the top. The shaft was heavily veined with a very attractive curve upwards. That should reach the spots nicely, I thought to myself. The shaft was not overly long, I’ve had longer but it would reach all the required places without me regretting being too greedy the following morning. Where it did stand out was in the girth. That would bring a smile to my lips and no mistake. Fill my throat. Good job it wasn’t too long.

“Your girlfriend got a better offer?” I asked quizzically, “did she actually see this beauty for herself?”

“Not as such. It was a bit of a rushed arrangement. Was hoping that she would get acquainted with it last night at my Grandparents.”

“Lucky me!” I laughed delightedly.

Without any hesitation I opened my mouth and started to take his lovely cock as far into my throat as I possibly could. I was right about his delicious bulbous head, it felt lovely opening my throat for his curved shaft to follow. Couldn’t wait to feel it pushing into my cunt. Such a lovely boy!

“Ooh FUCK!”

I heard from above. Moving his delicious cock back up my throat I ‘popped’ it out of my mouth.

“Later. When we are much further down the beach and as much as you desire. For now I just want to feel you pumping spunk into my belly, OK?”

I’m very impatient. I didn’t wait for an answer, took him deep and started to feed his lovely cock back into my throat. We were only just on the beach, right at the end of the footpath from the car-park. Not the best place to give a blow job but needs must…

He needed and I felt that I must. No great subtlety was required. Just a very happy ending for a young man and a belly full of his delicious spunk Lefkoşa Escort for an old lady.

I sucked, stroked moaned and swallowed. Everything a good girl does when giving a speedy blow job. When his hands grabbed the back of my head and his hips started thrusting his cock even deeper into my throat I knew he was on his way.

I took his first load directly deep in my throat. The second filled my mouth. The third sprayed my face and the remainder I stroked onto my tits. Glorious!

The hands had eased from the back of my head. The thrusting hips had slowed to a standstill. I watched with enormous satisfaction as a very satisfied smile spread across his young face.

“Shit Shirley, that’s the best blow-job I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed as he offered his hand.

Grabbing my dress and his shorts I took his hand and let him haul me to my feet.

“Wow! That looks fabulous, can I take a photo?” he laughed reaching into his bag.

“Not planning on putting it on any Unsocial Media are you?”

“No! Promise. Just want to have a record of how it looks on your face and tits, promise no one else will see them.”

I agreed and he took half a dozen or so quick snaps while I posed for him.

“Err, would you like a tissue to wipe my spunk off?”

“Why don’t you feed me? Seems a pity to waste it, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah. Delighted.”

Tentatively he started to wipe his finger over my face.

“First time?” I enquired gently.

“With you? Yes,” he chuckled, “fed my spunk into a willing mouth more than a few times to be honest. I’ll treat this as a first time, so I can learn what you like? I’m always very happy to learn and practice new things,” he ended cheerfully.

“Just scoop it up with a finger then put the finger in my mouth for me to suck clean. If you’re really clever you can use both hands, production line job,” I teased, “when you’ve got most of it we can let the rest dry. When we find somewhere to picnic you can wash the rest off in the sea, that sound good?”

“Sounds perfect so I’d better get as much of this into your mouth before we go. Open wide.”

I opened wide and sucked his finger clean. Another appeared as soon as the first left my mouth. He completed the job by sucking my nipples then kissing me.

“Thank you,” he said, “I enjoyed that. I hope you did?”

Nice lad, polite.

“Good, pleased to hear it. I did too, very much. Do you eat cunt?”

“Ooh yes! You’ll have to help me though, it will be another first for me but after that blow-job I’d do anything. Anytime you like!”

“That’s the kind of answer an old lady likes to hear from a handsome young man. I’ll be happy to teach you anything you feel you should know.”

Putting my dress and his shorts in my beach bag I took hold of his hand, gave it a friendly squeeze and his cheek a friendly kiss. We set out for the far end of the beach.

“So Mark, apart from enticing old ladies to suck you off on a beach, what do you do with yourself?”

“I’ve been doing Graphic Design since I could hold a crayon. Drawing everything I could, cartoon characters I saw on TV, pictures in comics and magazines. Anything. I went to college to learn to do it properly and got bored. Found a job in a print shop and started producing all sorts of artwork. You want a complete set of company ID? I can do that. Want a beach scene full of nudes having sex on the back of your camper? I can design a wrap to suit anything you desire. The company sent me back to college to learn all the latest techniques. The pay’s good and I enjoy it. I earn six times as much from my hobby, designing heroes for computer games. That gives me enough to have the very best equipment for designing. Currently I’m trying to find a hook for an adult comic series. That about covers it. What about you?”

A good looking young man with a better than decent cock. Tell him the truth and hope he decides to stay the day and fuck me senseless rather than run a mile. Or a tale full of half truths?

“I was in the same job with the same organisation from when I left school until I took time off to look after my failing Husband, clerical work. I was a virgin when I met my Husband, a few months before I was nineteen. We fucked, for the first time, about ten minutes after we met. We were engaged within months and married within the year. No children, initially it was by choice but when we did decide to start a family, I couldn’t. With David now passed I’m on my own and planning on having a good time, in his memory and with his blessing. Hobbies? Sex. Part time activities? Sex.”

“Beg pardon?” he spluttered, “hobbies… sex, part time activities sex?”

“Can you think of anything more enjoyable? Building model railways layouts in the attic maybe?” I chuckled.

He paused for a moment seemingly deep in thought.

“Nope, can’t think of anything nearly as enjoyable. So, I’m thinking you’re about the same age as my Mother? Mid to lower forties? Which suggests that you and your Magosa Escort Husband have enjoyed your hobby for about 25 years? No wonder you do a fantastic blow-job.”

“Flatterer! I’m nearly Sixty Four, as the Beatles almost sang.”

“That I don’t believe. You’ve found the elixir of life?”

“If lots and lots of hard cocks and unknown quantities of nice fresh spunk constitutes the elixir of life then maybe… wasn’t just my Husband’s cock and spunk, although he was invariably present even if he was fucking somebody else at the time.”

“You were Swingers’?”

“Not as such. If I saw a cock I’d like to get to know better, David encouraged me. If he saw a cunt he’d like to fill, I encouraged him. I didn’t go off with any another men and he didn’t go off with any other women. We basically fucked other people together.”

“Before he passed he told you to carry on, fucking any cocks you fancied?”

“Yep! No hesitation. Said he’d be with me all the way. He’s probably… no better not tell you that, might put you off,” I giggled.

“… probably waiting for me to fuck you? Wouldn’t put me off one little bit. Just hope I’m worth it. So, gimme a clue. How did you work it? On a beach like today?”

“Exactly on a beach like today. We’ve been here many times. I’d head off from the car-park and hope to catch some guys eye. David stayed at this end while I went to the far end. After about half an hour he’d walk up. If I was with a guy he’d stop and look like a nosy stranger. I’d ask if he wanted to join in or just watch. He usually joined in and I got spoilt by both of them with the other guy constantly trying to out perform my Husband. No chance of that but it was great fun for all of us. Sometimes there would be a couple and we’d enjoy a foursome. Over the years we made lots of friends. Some I hope to hook up with on this trip. I’m hoping to make new friends as well. Old friends I don’t catch up with this trip I hope I’ll meet on my next trip. You horrified?”

“Horrified? No way! Finding it difficult to accept that you’re 63 though. My Mum would be delighted to look as good as you when she gets… err should I say that?” he laughed nervously.

“Yep, no problem. Makes me feel young to be told I look younger than I am. Might be a bit late for your Mum to start taking loads of new cock and buckets of spunk though. Mind you, having said that…” I chuckled.

We walked a little further. Mark was clearly in deep thought. Oh well, maybe a quick fuck before he dumps me for a more conventional pensioner.

“This do?”

I glanced up and down the beach.

“No, another 50 yards then we can see around the headland. Make sure nobody creeps up on us from behind, unless we want them to?” I giggled naughtily.

“50 yards it is. I’m always willing to learn from those with more experience,” he laughed.

Won’t be running away then? Good!


“Tell me more about your ‘Adult Comics’ I’m assuming they are sex orientated?” I asked as we were laying out the picnic rugs and getting ourselves organised.

“Totally. Sex fantasies. Not too much of a story line, basically man finds girl in a difficult situation and fucked her until she’s unconscious and his balls are empty. Then another guy turns up and fucks her some more. The girl is stunningly beautiful, obviously. Massive tits that never need a bra but might be resting on a sling sort of thing. Long, long legs, a cunt open, swollen and constantly dripping with lust. They’ve always got long hair for the guy to grab when he’s abusing her body. You get the picture?”

“I do. Sounds just my cuppa tea. So what’s with the hook?”

“OK, so the girl’s in some sort of trouble. She’s rescued and fucked. Where do you go from there? End of story.

Put the girl in a long white flowing dress, in the pouring rain so the dress is totally transparent, have her sheltering under and old oak tree. You’ve got the beginnings of as story board. Rescued by a Count in a horse drawn carriage, taken to his castle and fucked for a week or two. Then we have a bit of a story. Once he’s finished with her he sticks her back in the carriage with instructions to the driver to do with her what he will then return her to the tree. We have a chapter and we have a hook, the tree. Return her to the hook and wait for some other horny guy to rescue her and the start of chapter 2.”

“So you have your hook, your story line… what’s the problem?”

“Everyone’s doing it. Soaking female in skimpy clothes, horny men with cocks so big they could rest their chins on them to think, if they ever thought. I’m looking for something a bit different.”

We’d sorted out our spot to our liking. Much as I’d love to feel his bulbous cock-head opening up my cunt I didn’t want to risk totally frightening him off.

“Right, that looks good. If you’d be good enough to lay on your back, Shirley, I’d like to try my hand… err tongue and lips at eating pussy?”

“I’m happy with that but first I’d like to wash your spunk off. Don’t want to wake up in the morning with white splodges where your glorious spunk has filtered out the UV and stopped me getting an overall tan,” I laughed.

“Does spunk filter UV? I’ll have to remember that. ‘Let me cover you with spunk Sexy, then you won’t get sunburnt!’ think I might get away with it?”

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