Shelby Finally Shows Me Her Slutty Side!


If you’ve read my previous stories and blog post from my page you’ll know that Megan and I broke up several months ago. Unfortunately, we were growing apart and regardless of our amazing sexual compatibility toward the end of our relationship, we wanted different things in life.Since the breakup, I’ve been dating several girls on and off, meeting most through apps like Tinder and Bumble. This was how I met Megan, so I figured it was a good place to search for someone compatible with my advanced lifestyle interests. Unfortunately, I think I scared a few girls off by sharing way too much about my sex life too soon.One of the girls I’ve been dating recently, Shelby, has been difficult to read regarding whether or not she would accept my wilder sexual history. Our new relationship was unofficial at this point, and due to my previous dates, I feared to share too much too early. Also, our relationship was non-exclusive and by meeting on Bumble I figured she must be dating other guys or at least suspected it. That has become very normal in modern dating and luckily I’m not the jealous type as I’m sure people who’ve read my other stories would understand.The other thing that I caught her doing recently was posing sexy in her bathroom mirror while dressed in her lacy lingerie while holding her phone up to the mirror with the light on as if recording a video. I wondered if she shared the sexy video with another guy or was sharing it on something like Snapchat. When I caught her it was right before we were about to have sex.I was in the bed naked waiting for her to change when I got up to see what she was doing in the bathroom having taken longer than expected. I also suspect she must have sent the photo to someone because while fucking her doggie style that night someone texted her making her phone light up at 3 am in the morning. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was one of several guys in her rotation. The guy currently at-bat while another guy warmed up to hit next. Shelby is twenty-four years old and I’m thirty-six, so our age difference is much greater than Megan and mine was. However, it seemed like we had much more in common regarding life goals and the things that ultimately caused Megan and my breakup. One thing, in particular, was her supportive reaction in regards to my ambition in business, saying she was okay with the idea of me working hard and sometimes very long hours. She had similar entrepreneurial ambitions, starting her own dance studio. Shelby grew up in Oregon and comes from a very close nit family which is probably best described as being classy conservative. From photos she shared with me, her mother was definitely classy and didn’t look too much older than her daughter. I could sense that Shelby must have inherited her manners and mature personality from her mother. Her father, on the other hand, was like me, in that he enjoyed technology and building like I do. After she shared her family dynamics with me I remember myself thinking how I’d be blessed to have a family like hers.Regarding our sexual compatibility, the first night I took her out she definitely showed off her oral talents and I figured she must have a deeper wilder side because of how skillfully she sucked my cock and took my cum playfully into her mouth. We didn’t have sex for several weeks but she was definitely worth the wait. Also, regarding this story, unlike my previous relationships and stories, the images for this one I didn’t take and Shelby wouldn’t let me share them anyway if I did. In the future, I hope to convince her to share our photos on here as I did with my ex-girlfriends in the past. The header image is real though of Kristine so at least you guys can enjoy her body in the meantime. Back to the story, Shelby has long blond hair, real teardrop-shaped large D sized breasts, tight heart-shaped ass, and model like tight body which was always covered by cute form-fitting silky sundresses. When she didn’t wear a dress and would show off her amazing body in a swimsuit, her stomach was so tight her hip bones would create a small gap between her bikini bottoms and her skin. Another detail I love about her body in a bikini is how her large breasts would push the straps away from her upper chest leaving a gap which always drew my attention and sexual desire. Being summer now I’ve been blessed to see her in a bikini often. To have such an amazing body she definitely worked hard on it. She’d go to the gym daily with her trainer Mikey who she said was also one of her best guy friends. One night I joined her at the gym after work and I couldn’t help but sense that the guy, a little older than me probably in his early forties, had a thing for her.When I was lifting nearby that day I noticed him assisting her hip motion a bit closer than normal trainers might as she placed the bar on her hips and thrust upwards to work out her abs and butt. If I were honest, I probably saw what I wanted to see in my dirty mind since I think every straight guy must want her!In addition to being very physically attractive, Shelby is also intelligent which is much more attractive to me. This fueled my desire to be with her more after every deep conversation we’d have. I took her to a few business dinners recently and she impressed everyone, holding advanced intellectual conversations and definitely catching the eye of my lead investor Jarrod. I caught him looking a few times and I couldn’t help but sense Shelby knew my older investor friend was checking her out. Jarrod is in his late fifties and I could tell Shelby was enjoying the attention.I knew he must have wanted to see her naked because in the past while drunk, I openly shared pictures of my ex-girlfriends to tease him. He definitely knew my freaky side and always wished he could join in on the fun. He said that his wife would kill him.Over the following weeks, I attempted several times to test the waters and discover her sexual side. I started by playing porn on my laptop with her to see what she may be into but she immediately wanted me to fuck her and to turn off the video. I attempted to get permission to photograph her during sex but she immediately shot that down due to fear of it being posted online. I requested her to send me nude or sexy photos of herself in lingerie but she declined Ankara bayan escort which made me wonder why she would send some mystery person a video of herself and not me! More recently I even hinted my desire to watch her with a bigger cock by offering to purchase a large dildo for her on since she didn’t own one herself. Unfortunately, she shut me down that time as well.This left me feeling hornier than usual and one Friday night when I got home from the office I was extremely horny so I decided to beat off to a video I saved of my ex-girlfriend fucking my older neighbor Sean and his friend John. Unfortunately while beating off, Shelby quietly entered my house and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I expected her later in the evening because we were planning on heading to LA the next day but was surprised when she arrived early. As I sat on the couch I sensed someone entering my kitchen and was caught red-handed with my cock in hand mid-stroke. Shelby walked in on me completely naked and I quickly grabbed my remote control to exit the Plex media player app on my TV, fumbling it as I did.Shelby, amused by catching me, joined me on the couch. My hand instinctively went back to stroking until she stopped me by removing my hand. She immediately replaced it with her own tiny smooth hand as she stroked my cock for me as she smiled into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me. This relaxed me from the initial shock of being caught.Prior to this Shelby was supposed to be out with her girlfriends and smelled like she had been drinking but didn’t seem too drunk. She definitely seemed way more sexual though. As she stroked my cock, she teasingly pestered me to show her what I was watching. I couldn’t without exposing myself and potentially scaring her away. Eventually, after much cute begging and sexually suggestive teasing, I decided what the hell and grabbed my remote to open the Plex app again. This was my first time sharing my sex photos and videos openly with her as I launched my private Plex collection. After resuming the video, on-screen was my ex-girlfriend Megan on her knees as she sucked off two much older men, John and Sean. I was planning on quickly switching to another porn video since it didn’t show their faces when Shelby grabbed my remote from my hand and forced me to continue watching the screen. I probably would have put up more of a fight but she leaned over, taking my cock deep into her mouth which immediately pacified me. That’s when it was too late. In the video, John grabbed the camera to film Megan sucking only Sean’s big cock from above and the lens zoomed out showing Sean’s very satisfied face and the back top of the girl’s head bobbing on his huge cock as she pleased him. Megan’s face wasn’t visible.Shelby continued sucking my cock enjoying what she was seeing not realizing the older guy was my neighbor. She seemed to enjoy watching, even lifting off my cock to playfully ask, “Mmm, so you like watching younger girls sucking off older guys do you? His dick is huge!”I couldn’t believe my ears and how sexual she was acting! Shelby passionately sucked harder and faster as she resumed watching the screen, alternating between sucking my cock and licking my shaft. She continued as I moaned affirming that I did like watching older guys with younger women and she continued sucking me until she recognized Sean.I introduced them a few days ago in my front yard. After processing who the guy was and the size of his cock I’m sure, she eventually looked up at me with a huge grin on her face. She said as she squeezed my shaft, “Is that your neighbor? What the fuck!” She paused momentarily processing her feelings and continued, “You didn’t mention he was hung!”I laughed and responded, “Probably not the best thing to mention when introducing two people.”She laughed and looked back toward the screen and began sucking my cock again with even more passion as she watched Sean and John whom she hadn’t met get pleasured by this girl on her knees. I wasn’t sure if she stalked my Instagram feed for photos of my ex or not and hoped she wouldn’t recognize her. Shelby seemed very turned on watching Sean’s cock being sucked when the camera angle moved as John presented his cock to be sucked.That’s when Megan switched to sucking John and she looked up directly into the camera lens as she did so. Shelby’s head lifted from my cock and her head turned to lock eyes with me with an upset look. She was definitely shocked and disappointed, before calmly letting go of my cock, standing to walk out of the room. I went after her but the slamming door to my room told me all I needed to know.Shelby didn’t say much to me that evening and I was surprised she didn’t grab her stuff and leave right away. She slept in my bed that evening but still kept her distance from me and I let her have her space. I attempted to communicate with her to apologize and she immediately shut me down telling me that we’d talk about it tomorrow.When we awoke, we continued with our plans to leave for LA to join her friends for the weekend. I wasn’t sure if she still wanted me to go but she seemed to bury what had happened the previous day. During the drive, Shelby was silent until she calmly asked, “That was your ex wasn’t it?”Not sure what I should say I responded, “Yes. And I’m sorry about that. I just felt really horny and…” I stopped mid-sentence before continuing, “I hope you aren’t mad.”Shelby quickly said, “Aren’t mad?”She didn’t say a word for the next several miles and just stared out the window as we drove into the Hollywood Hills. She was acting very mature so far and didn’t show anger like I assumed she might be feeling at that very moment. Instead, I got the silent treatment. Her silence didn’t last long because minutes later Shelby brought out her fun bubbly personality as she introduced me to some of her college friends for the first time as we walked in the door. Her personality shifted as if we were totally fine at that moment and didn’t let on that we were technically not in a good place. It was St. Patrick’s day weekend 2019, and a perfect day to be at an LA pool party. That Saturday afternoon the weather was perfect for southern California, much hotter than the previous months Escort bayan Ankara had been. Shelby wore a tight white one-piece jumper which I wouldn’t know how to explain other than to say it was very short showing all of her legs. The back of the jumper cupped her heart-shaped ass cheeks, exposing a bit of the bottom curve before it met the back of her smooth thy. She also had a green headband which pulled her beautiful blond hair away from her innocent-looking young face and would also keep people from pinching her.During hours of conversation and drinking that evening, I was relieved to learn about some of Shelby’s wilder side during college. Here I thought she was this innocent girl I’d probably be corrupting but I was glad to learn she had a free spirit history as well. Tame stuff like going topless at nude beaches and such. At this point, we were only hooking up and weren’t exclusive yet so I figured she just needed to develop more trust with me.As the party continued into the evening, she introduced me to several more of her friends. Also, she introduced me to a group of guys who for some reason seemed cold toward me, shaking my hand with tension in the air. Also at the party, Shelby introduced me to Dillon, her girlfriend Katie’s stepdad, who was also close friends with her family and the host of the party. Shelby and Katie’s families were very close. They were so close that every year they would go on a joint family vacation to Shelby’s family river house. Dillon is older than me, probably in his early fifties, and seemed to be the type of guy who is used to being in charge since he seemed very confident.Shelby also introduced me to Dillon’s extremely beautiful stepdaughter Katie who was also Shelby’s best girlfriend growing up. Katie is blond and the same age as Shelby with an even tighter-looking body and was not afraid to show it off in her tiny white bikini when we arrived. The bikini was the type that had a hole in the middle of the top showing off a perfect frame of the shape of Katie’s breasts flanked by two hard nipples popping through the light fabric of her top. Shelby’s group of friends were mostly younger than I was and I assumed probably judged me as being too old to be dating Shelby. The house we were at was also where Katie was living so she gave us the grand tour.Dillon and Katie’s house was a modern house perched high in the Hollywood Hills that had an amazing view of Downtown Los Angeles. It had been Katie’s home during high school when her mom married Dillon, moving her away from Shelby in Oregon. After graduating high school the two of them ended up getting into the same college so their friendship continued. Later that afternoon the sun was setting behind the hills and the temperature immediately dropped making Shelby, Katie, and I decide to jump into the jacuzzi to keep warm. Katie and Shelby ran inside Katie’s bedroom which was directly off the jacuzzi deck so Shelby could change while I changed into my board shorts in the guest bathroom off the living room.As I changed I looked down at my cock and my mind started to wander to the image of Shelby and Katie on their knees sharing my cock which delayed my exit since I didn’t want to leave the restroom with a stiff cock outline in my shorts. After changing and deflating a bit, I walked back out onto the patio deck immediately entering the pool which luckily was also heated. When I looked back toward the house I was met with the sight of Katie pulling Shelby by the hand through her bedroom glass slider, until they excitedly entered the pool to join me. Over my beer glass shaft, as I took a sip, I watched them both in slow motion as they entered the water. I initially was at eye level and in extremely close proximity with Katie’s perfectly shaped young body standing on the steps when she turned to bend over to toss her towel onto a nearby lounge chair, exposing her barely covered pussy to me.As she turned toward me her breasts came into view again only this time at a much closer range before I was caught checking her out when our eyes finely met. Katie didn’t seem to mind, immediately smiling using her right hand to adjust her tiny bikini top over her nipples. She obviously was aware that my attention was set on her young tight body and supple B size breasts and seemed to be enjoying it. My cock again started to stir.Shelby, I think, caught me checking out her girlfriend when she entered the pool and as we made eye contact she didn’t seem to react, which was a relief. She did look first at me, then at Katie, which made me think she may be getting jealous. Plus at this point, I wasn’t sure if she was still upset about me beating off to a video of my ex fucking my neighbor but I was sure it was affecting her. I wished I tried harder to apologize before coming out for the day.Inside the house, Katie had loaned Shelby one of her tiny black bikinis to wear and she had issues keeping her nipples inside the top. I thought it strange since Shelby brought her own much more conservative one-piece green bathing suit with her and wondered why she decided on wearing one of Katie’s much sexier ones which barely fit her body. Plus without wearing green I worried about her getting pinched.Perhaps she was trying to make me take notice of her very sexy body? I thought. I took that opportunity and as she swam near me I pinched and squeezed her ass under the water making her splash me and laugh. My question about whether or not she was trying to attract my sexual attention was soon answered as Katie grabbed Shelby’s hand lifting her out of the shallow water and getting her to twirl in front of me saying, “What do you think Jack? She’s sexy in this bikini right? So hot!”She then slapped Shelby’s ass, squeezing it hard after the initial impact, causing Shelby to become shy. Shelby dropped her body into the water laughing with her best friends as I replayed the sexual moment they just shared. We eventually migrated to the jacuzzi and I again was treated to watching their perfect asses exit the pool in front of me as I trailed behind trying not to get caught looking.After a few hours in the jacuzzi, we were all pretty drunk and Katie was starting to share more detailed stories from their past. The group grew Bayan escort Ankara to include several of their close college friends and I was treated to stories of Shelby’s wilder history during college. Luckily this sexual conversation was started by one of the younger guys when he started sharing his sexual adventures which included threesomes and public nudity at their college.These topics might have come up due to the level of alcohol being consumed and clearly Katie’s sexual nature because she seemed to be the one instigating most of the conversations. I think Shelby initially felt my learning things about their past might make me think differently of her, however, the situations Katie detailed were innocent compared to some of my histories which I still hadn’t completely shared with her by this point. Also, seeing the video the day before of my ex showed her I wasn’t that innocent also.The girls I dated in the past were much more curious to know about my sexual history because they’d ask tons of questions eager to know everything. Shelby, on the other hand, was not that type and was probably trying to be respectful by not asking me a million questions about my past.Another guy in the jacuzzi asked the girls how their recent trip to Cabo was a few weeks back and until that point, I received the surface level explanation so I focused my attention on Katie to learn more.Katie visibly buzzed laughed saying, “Cabo was so much fun! This sexy thing had much more fun though!” Katie made eye contact grinning at Shelby adding quietly, “Slut!”Shelby spat her drink out caught off guard by Katie’s accusation but emboldened by the alcohol in her system laughed and added, “Oh, I’m the slut, huh? You’re one to be calling me a slut!” Shelby looked at me smiling probably forgetting the context of our dating and the timing of their trip overlapping with the beginning of our relationship.The girls were clearly accusing each other of being sluts on vacation or at least that’s how I took it and I really wanted to know more! Katie abruptly started telling us the story looking at the guy who asked, forgetting that I was there and dating Shelby, saying, “Well, Shelby met this group of guys at the pool…” She paused again with a smirk on her face before looking at Shelby adding, “Should I tell them the story?”Shelby splashed Katie and they both playfully wrestled in the water, Shelby trying to cover her friend’s mouth. When they finished I said, “I’d like to hear it! We’ve all had our Cabo situations!”Katie finally realized she said way too much in front of me and attempted to salvage the situation saying, “Oh yeah, then tell us the wildest thing you’ve done on vacation then maybe I’ll finish the story.” At the time it was me and the young guy, (I forgot his name but it doesn’t really matter, so for the story, we’ll call him Ron) and the two girls since everyone else had gone inside. I looked at Shelby, who didn’t say a word but was obviously curious what my response might be.While I debated how much to share, the girls looked at me with these very sexy stares then I said, “Well, I can’t say the wildest thing since we just met…” I paused as I thought then continued, “I got a blow job while on vacation before.” I paused again realizing the details missing adding, “In public.”Katie’s smile grew mischievous as she glanced over at Shelby with an amused look on her face, saying, “Public BJ’s are hot! I wonder what the craziest thing is!”Katie looked back at me asking for more details and Shelby didn’t seem bothered by my sharing so I continued, “Well, this girl went down on me on my friend’s boat while my other friends were skinny dipping nearby. I think she enjoyed the idea of getting caught.”Katie smiled saying, “That’s not that wild!”Katie seemed like she was imagining the scene and I could tell that the girls breathing had increased due to clear arousal as I laughed adding, “The wild part I guess would be that the girl was dating my best friend at the time.”I definitely shouldn’t have said that but I was really buzzed by this point and extremely horny to be telling these younger girls and the guy my story when Katie shockingly asked, “What? So you cheated with your best friend’s girl?”I corrected my previous misstep by adding more detail saying, “No, he was the one who asked her to suck me off. It was his idea.”Shelby had a shocked look on her face looking directly into my eyes as Katie responded, “Fuck that’s hot! I love that!” Katie, Shelby, and the guy all had horny sexual looks on their faces but Katie never continued her Cabo story.Katie and the guy left Shelby’s side smiling from amusement then left us alone in the jacuzzi to run inside to speak with some other group of friends who had just arrived. I immediately attempted to apologize to Shelby for sharing too much saying, “Sorry, I shared way too much, I…”Shelby, knowing that I was getting turned on by the sexually charged storytelling interrupted me mid-sentence when she swam over to me giving me a deep passionate kiss. She eventually reached for my crotch, squeezing and rubbing my cock through my shorts. After our kiss, our eyes locked and her lips parted in arousal as I whispered, “So you aren’t mad at me anymore?”Shelby had a look as if in deep thought before responding whispering in a sexy tone, “Your story got me so wet.” she paused as her thoughts ran wild, “What happened yesterday though, makes me not trust you.” She paused again as she continued processing her feelings before mounting my lap continuing, ”Why was your ex sucking off your neighbor? Did they date before or something?”I decided at that moment to come clean about my inner freak side but I did the dishonorable thing by simplifying the story making it seem like it was purely Megan’s fantasy, “Well, my ex had this fantasy of fucking older guys with big cocks and I allowed her to make that a reality. My fantasy was having my girl become my own personal porn star which she made a reality for me.”The last part was true, I did enjoy sharing the photos and videos we would make together. Shelby processing everything said, “So you’d like me to be your own personal porn star? Pose for you while letting older men fuck me? What if I fucked Dillon? Are you saying you’d enjoy that?”I took a second to process if she was being sarcastic but loved the words coming out of her mouth before playfully responding, “That would be pretty hot actually!”Shelby pushed off of me playfully splashing water in my face acting disgusted before smiling again in amusement before responding, “You’re dirty! You would like that wouldn’t you?”

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