Shedding Inhibitions


Together let’s shed all of our inhibitions Leaving them outside the bedroom door I know tonight I will be fucked by you Lusty and raw sex like never beforeMy body physically yearns for you The urgent caress of your strong hands I want to act out unspoken desires I am guided by your silent commandsI hear the deep growl of desire in your voice Causing the flow of my nectar to begin Together we seek a night with no inhibitions We are each so eager and willing to sinNaked and ready we start in just seconds Tonight we did not come here to play games Whispering my darkest fantasies in your ear You grin as you call me the dirtiest namesThese Çankaya Escort acts of carnality are craved by all but my past lovers did not have a clue It was clear to me from our very first kiss I have waited a lifetime to be fucked by youYou became my Maestro of sexual pleasure My teacher in the art of corruption Your touch and your tongue stroke my hunger My body aching for sexual eruptionFrom you I am learning about intimacy It is not just a few forceful thrusts It is about daring to explore the fantasy Of unbridled passion… coupled with trustI interpret your Keçiören Escort language even when unspoken You talk to my soul with your clear blue eyes One special look from you and I understand I respond to you by spreading open my thighsYour tongue is soft yet firm against my wet slit Teasing me with it you make my pussy quiver Gripping my bucking hips you pleasure my clit Determined not to stop until I climax and shiverYour next look at me is more a command Clearly communicating desires so bold Obediently I get on my knees before you Fulfilling your needs without Etimesgut Escort being toldHands wrapped in my hair you firmly guide me Your hips now begin rocking in a steady pace I look up to your eyes from below for approval I see burning lust written all over your faceYour cock is leaking the sweet juices I crave Your shaft in my mouth makes me moan with delight Swallowing your seed will totally excite me Your hot cum my reward on this hot August nightGrabbing your thighs I so want to taste you To feel you explode is now the reward I require Caressing your balls, I can feel it coming Drinking all of your cum will quench my desireI feel your cock throbbing on my tongue You moan so loud as I love on your dick Spasms propel your seed into my mouth Tasting your essence as I purr and I lickThe sounds you make drive me wild with lust As my own inner kitten drives you slowly insane We will somehow return to our normal existence But before too long we will both crave this again.

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