She wants that College Wrestler Pt. 03


Chad (19 yrs.) breathes hard after his wrestling match. He walks in a circle, unstraps his head gear and yanks it off. He wipes away the sweat from his bald head. He stands at 5’10” and his muscular body weighs in at 167 lbs.

Chad stands next to the referee and his hand isn’t raised. He lost his first match of the season and is disappointed by shaking his head. He’s a good sport who shakes the hand of his competitor.

Michele (20 yrs.) sits in the bleachers and watches Chad walk off the gym floor. Her eyes follow his hard buttocks and muscular thighs in that tight wrestling suit.

She watches Janis walk up to Chad who yells at him. She points her finger onto the competition floor as he only looks at her. It’s said that she wants him to win more than herself. They’ve been together for a year.

Inside the gym locker room. Chad is naked and standing under a shower. His hands lean against the wall as the water hits the back of his neck.

His wrestling coach walks up behind him and says, “Hey Chad.”

“Yeah!” he answers.

“I’ll leave this business card in your locker. Some Asian gal wants to interview you for her college website.” Coach holds the card up in the air and walks over toward the lockers.

Chad replies, “Another interview? Okay. Is Janis waiting outside?”

“Yeah and she’s not happy” coach answers.

“What’s fucking new? See Yalova Escort you tomorrow coach!” Chad yells.

The coach laughs and walks away as Chad lets the water hit his bald head.

It’s Monday night after practice. Chad finishes wiping down his body after a shower. He sits down in front of his locker and drops the towel onto the floor. His hand reaches inside his gym bag. He pulls out his jeans and notices a card falling onto the floor. He grabs it and reads.

He says, “Shit, I forgot. Sorry Michele. I’ll contact you.”

The next evening and right after wrestling practice. Michele stands in the hallway outside of the gym locker room. She’s holding up her iPhone and records Chad. He’s still wearing his basketball trunks and a sweat soaked t-shirt. Both of them flirt with each other. She’s pretty with long, black hair who wears a short skirt and blouse.

She smiles, “One last question. Some wrestlers have tattoos. Do you have any?”

Chad laughs, “Yeah, it’s a small animal. It’s on my right butt cheek.”

“I’d like to see it one day” she giggles.

He answers, “Maybe you will.”

They both laugh and Michele turns off the iPhone. She shoves it into her purse.

She says, “Well Chad, I’ll email or text you when I publish this interview.”

“Sure, nice to meet you” he smiles.

She turns and begins to walk away, but drops her purse. Yalova Escort Bayan She knows that he’s still watching her. So, she deliberately lifts up her skirt when she bends over to pick up that purse.

Chad’s eyes grow big as he sees her firm, bare ass and black pussy. She isn’t wearing a thong either. Michele grabs her purse, stands up and jogs away.

He says, “Holy Fuck.”

At the next home wrestling meet. Chad breathes hard after his match on Saturday. He takes off his head gear and drops it onto the floor. He circles the mat and stands next to the referee. His hand is raised who wins the match. His competitor shakes his hand in defeat.

Chad walks off the floor smiling. He can hear Janis screaming at him, but he knows how to shut her out. Besides, he can’t stop thinking about Michele’s bare ass. He looks for her in the bleachers and sees her waving at him. He smiles back.

Inside the locker-room. Chad is all dressed and throws everything into his locker. He even throws his iPhone inside. He pulls out Michele’s business card and turns it over. Her apartment address is written on the back. He smiles and walks toward the locker-room doors. He peak’s out and goes toward the back door instead of the front.

He says, “Fuck you, Janis.”

15 minutes later. Chad and Michele are both naked on a large sofa in her apartment. She’s laying on her Escort Yalova back with her legs spread wide open. His muscular chest crushes her small tits with his head turned over her left shoulder. Her left hand grips his back. Her right hand is wrapped around his neck.

His 7-inch cock is buried deep inside of her pussy. His tight buttocks bounce up and down as he thrusts slowly.

She replies, “Oh, Chad… Chad… Mm, Chad… Uh, Chad.”

“Fuck, you’re tight… Fucking tight” he says.

She loves it as he keeps thrusting as deep as he can.

She responds, “Uhh, Chad… You… Uhh-Feel… Uhhh-So good!”

“Fuck… You too baby” he replies.

He kisses her neck and thrusts hard as his buttocks clench.

She breathes hard, “Ch-Chad… I waited… And waited… Gu-God!”

Chad doesn’t stop as he keeps thrusting in and out.

She explodes with shrieks, “Chaaadd… I-I’m Cuuuuuumming!”

Her hand grips his back, but Chad doesn’t stop thrusting his cock.

He says, “Me too baby. Me too!”

He thrusts a few more times and then pushes in one last time. He holds his cock inside of her.

His buttocks clench and explodes, “FUUUUUUCK. FUUUUUUU. FUUCK!”

After a few seconds. Chad pulls out his cock and pushes off the sofa. Michele grabs him by his neck and pulls him back down. They kiss deeply for a few seconds. He climbs off the sofa and trips over their scattered shoes on the floor. He falls to the carpet and onto his back. They both laugh.

She asks, “You okay?”

He laughs, “Yeah, I’m good.”

His hand pulls off the condom and he lay’s back.

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