Sharing Family Panties

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Sharing Family PantiesTotal fabrication, not a thing happened anywhere except my head. This is a fetish story about our Larry trying to decide if wearing he should wear his Mom’s panties or his sisters.It all started the week my mother went to a training meeting for her job. I wore panties belonging to my Mom and my older sister and knew I’d never stop enjoying them.My older sister was married and lived near us and the plan was for me to stay with my sister. I protested that I was old enough to stay alone but being a boy in a household of two women meant I was quickly out voted. My sister and her husband lived in a very small house so adding me to their routine was a bit of a disruption. They each worked so there was this battle for the bathroom every morning and since her husband left first he would do his thing before my sister took her turn. And somehow I was supposed to make that first trip to the bathroom in the morning somewhere in that mix.When I woke up that first morning I rushed out of the guest room and let my little erection point me towards the bathroom. Since the door was not latched shut I pushed it open thinking it was unoccupied. My brother in law was standing in front of the mirror wearing a pink bra and bikini panty set with an erection that was shooting ropes of cum into the sink. He was holding his cell phone and I knew immediately he was taking a picture of himself cumming in the sink.I wasn’t sure if he saw me but I wasn’t waiting around so I quietly pulled the door back to where it was and scurried back to my room. I pulled my door shut and clicked the lock and sat on the bed trying to figure out what I had just seen. To start with I had never seen any cock besides my own. Well there is porn stuff but not for real. And the only cock I’d ever seen shooting cum was mine. But his cock looked huge and the cum shooting out was way more than all of mine put together.The other thing I had never seen was a guy with boobs. The bra he was wearing was sheer enough I could see nipples poking out and the panties were just as sheer. My erection throbbed as I thought about the image I had seen yet I left it alone as I had to pee and knew I’d be in trouble if I didn’t get to the bathroom. I heard my door knob try to turn and looked over at that bit of brass on the door and froze hoping it wasn’t my brother in law Fred.There was a light tap on the door, “Larry,” my sister’s voice said, “why is this door locked? We don’t lock doors in my house. Now if you want in the bathroom Fred is finished so you better get in there so I can get ready for work.”I moved to the door and the lock snapped as I turned the knob, it sounded like a fire cracker going off. As I opened it my sister Ruth was standing in front of the door in a silky nightgown. The sunlight coming through the window let me see her entire body through the thin fabric. If I hadn’t been hard already this would have set me off.“Now hurry up Larry,” Ruth said, “and no more locked doors, we have no secrets in my house.”As I stood in front of the toilet I looked over at the sink that was covered with cum a few minutes ago, it was clean and dry as if no one had been in here. “Had I been dreaming?” I wondered as I finished my morning ritual and stepped to the sink to wash. I felt something wet under my bare foot and looked down. It was unmistakable, I knew cum when I saw it and there was a glob of it under the side of my foot.“No secrets my ass,” I thought as I grabbed a tissue and wiped up Fred’s remaining cum off the smooth tile floor. “There is no way Ruth would accept him wearing a bra and panties and shooting cum into the sink,” I thought as I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I grew up without a Dad in my life so I only knew what it was like living with women. Mom and my sister were absolute tyrants about cleanliness, even if she accepted him wearing women’s underwear shooting cum all over would be forbidden unless she had changed in the year she had been married.I didn’t know if Fred had left the house yet so I went back to my room and instead of dressing out in the room I went into the walk-in closet. I was afraid Fred would barge in and see me naked, he frightened me now because I had seen his secret and had no idea how he would react. I pulled the closet door shut and pulled the cord to turn on the light. The closet was pretty much empty except for a few Escort winter coats that hung on a rod that went down the middle of the closet.I heard movement in my room and turned out the light in the closet and remained motionless for fear I’d be caught. I was naked from head to toe and didn’t want Fred seeing me that way. Then the sound was gone and I peeked out the door. Everything looked the same and no one was there waiting. I finished dressing and left my bedroom and went to the kitchen.I saw light in the back door and heard the garage door go down so I knew Fred had left, I let out a sigh of relief and grabbed some juice and waited for Ruth to come out of the bathroom. When she didn’t come down the hall I got up to look and see if she was coming for breakfast. She stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a matching pink satin bra and panty set.She stopped and looked at me staring at her adult sexy body. Her tits filled the bra and I could see her cleavage above the cups producing a subtle shadow that was so erotic to me. The high leg panties made her legs looks so much longer and the perfect V produced by her legs hid the detail I would have most liked to see. She smiled and said, “I will be out in a minute to help you with breakfast, this little outfit would be very distracting for you,” smiling as she turned slowly towards her bedroom. My eyes were glued to her perfect figure.Her wide hips and narrow waist made me want to touch her panty covered ass. I didn’t care if it was my sister. I had never seen anything like this when she lived at home. My cock was so hard it hurt as I turned back to the table and tried not to think about my sister with thoughts of sex. She was 10 years older than me and at times seemed almost like a second mother. “A guy should not think about sex with mothers and sisters,” I scolded myself in my dirty mind.When Ruth returned to the kitchen she was dressed in slacks and a pink satin blouse. I could clearly see her panty lines on the snug fitting slacks and I tried to imagine her in just her bra and panties again. “I am sorry about my little exhibition,” Ruth said as she got out a box of cereal for my breakfast. “I will talk to Fred about this because we both tend to run around the house with very little on. Fred loves his boxer shorts and a t-shirt and well you saw how I parade around.” She said with a grin while grabbing the milk and spoon.“I hope you won’t tell Mom about this, after all we are siblings so we can share this little secret.” She said as she poured herself a cup of coffee and got a granola bar for her breakfast. Ruth sat down at the table as I poured my cereal and said, “Now when you get out of school you come right over here, you have the key and no strangers in the house. There are snacks for you in the pantry and in the refrigerator. I don’t think Fred will be home before I am but if he does and sheds his clothes just ignore it, okay?”“Sure,” I said but in my mind I wondered if Fred would get into his bra and panties and jerk off again.In school my mind was filled with thoughts of the two displays of pure sexuality I had seen today. My cock begged me to do something about it. I really didn’t get aroused so much with Fred himself, but his bra and panty looked as sexy on him as Ruth’s did. I loved the satin of Ruth’s set but the sheerness of Fred’s seemed erotic as hell.My school was just a few blocks from home and Ruth’s house was another block past home. Out of habit I found myself at the backdoor of home and since I was there I let myself in the quiet house. I had no idea why I went in but found myself in Ruth’s old bedroom. She had moved out a year ago and it was exactly as she had left it.I wondered if she had taken all her clothes, my mind was filled with her satin panties so I pulled one of the drawers of the chest of drawers open. When I found nothing in the first I continued with one drawer at a time and it was mostly empty. Then I moved to the dresser that still had some make-up and perfume on top. I opened the one bottle of perfume that was half empty and got an immediate erection. This was her scent from this morning when she came to the kitchen.I put it back where I found it and then opened the top drawer on the left. I gasped, there within my grasp was several panties, that she had left behind. I pulled out the top one, it was a coral pink lace Escort Bayan bikini and without any thought or planning I stripped out of my clothes and pulled the panty on. It was almost too small for me but I loved the feeling of having her panty covering my cock and some of my ass. My cock was so hard as I looked at my reflection in her mirror, I pulled it out imitating what Fred had done this morning. I loved seeing my cock sticking out of her panties. It was much smaller than Fred’s but what I saw was so erotic.“How many times did she dress in front of this mirror?’ I said aloud, “How many times had she worn this exact panty in front of this mirror?” My voice echoed in my ears, but I didn’t care, I was alone at home and wearing my sister’s panties. I rummaged through the drawer and found a bra but it was too tight to get hooked. I looked at the tag, “32A,” I said, “I’ll bet she wears a bigger one now.” I folded the bra and put it back in the drawer.I looked through the rest of the drawers but didn’t find anything else that interested me. I was really curious about why Fred had boobs. I knew about padded bras, some of my friends said they “could spot a girl with a padded bra a mile away.” I had no idea what they seemed to know but I knew that I could clearly see nipples through the sheer bra.Wearing nothing but Ruth’s pink lace bikini panties I walked down the hall to my mother’s bedroom. The panties felt way too tight in the legs but I refused to take them off because I was going to jerk off in them just like Fred had. I wasn’t sure if Mom had packed everything to take on her trip but I wanted to see just what a bra felt like.I opened a drawer in her dresser and the first thing I saw was her panties. Instead of bikini style they were full cut and super slick nylon. I pulled one out of the drawer and read the tag, “Vanity Fair Size 9 100% Nylon” and since I hadn’t looked at the tag on Ruth’s I pulled them off and inspected the faded tag. I couldn’t read the name but I saw it said “small.”“Well I’ll see what the difference is.” I said knowing that Mom’s were bigger. I put a foot through the leg opening and before I got the other through the panty I had fallen in love with them. The silky nylon slipped over my skin like it was liquid and they were so much bigger that when I had them on I could feel the fabric slip across my butt as well as my erection. There was this feeling that I shouldn’t be doing this, yet it seemed right and felt so good. I loved the way my cock looked through the nearly sheer nylon and turned to look at them from behind. I was disappointed that it didn’t fit snugly on my ass like Fred’s did but the silky fabric made up for the fit. I walked around the room feeling the nylon caressing me and then tried setting on the bed. I spread my legs wide apart and could see my little cock and hairless balls in the panty and loved the way it looked nestled in that delicate fabric. Beyond the physical feeling I thought that my Mom had worn these and the fabric had touched her in a very personal way. And now it was touching me in that same personal way.I ran my hand over my cock and got that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach from the pleasure of these feeling. I stood up and my little cock got stuck against the nylon and pointed down towards the floor. I pulled the panty tight so I could see the light from the window making it completely visible.I moved the tip up and loved how the panty caressed me. I went back to her dresser and carefully looked through the drawer. There were panties only so I closed the drawer and moved to the next drawer and found it full of bras. Unlike the panty drawer it was a mess of bras laying every which way, which was a bonus since I didn’t need to be careful looking at them.A red satin bra caught my eye. It was almost exactly like the one Ruth was wearing this morning only it was a dark burgundy color. The smooth satin was as slick as the panty I was wearing. I checked the tag and it said “Vassarette 36B.” I pulled on the back strap and found it had more stretch than the one Ruth left behind.So I put the bra around me and hooked the two little hooks and spun it around. I pulled the cups up over my boy boobs and put one arm and then the other through the straps. The cups flattened out on my chest but I loved the feeling of the band hugging me. I pulled one Bayan Escort of the cups out and peeked in hoping to see boobs like Fred had but nothing had changed. I could feel the satin fabric against my nipples and had never felt anything against them that felt so good.As disappointed as I was with the fit I didn’t care. I was wearing a bra and that made me feel so different. I had learned to jerk off last summer and sometimes it worked fast and other times I couldn’t make it work. But I felt like this would work because I felt like I was doing something so wrong yet so good. I reached inside my panty as I watched in the mirror. I could see my hand as I stroked my little cock and loved how the tip of my cock would press against the thin silky fabric. I would stop stroking and slide the tip across the inside of the panty.Ruth’s panty was lying on the floor at my feet. I stopped jerking and bent over and picked it up. I rubbed the lace across my face and could smell the scent of her perfume on them and started jerking again. I remembered how Fred had shot his load over the top of the panties and pulled my panties down just as I felt my balls tighten and the first spurt of cum shot out and hit Mom’s mirror. I caught the second shot in Ruth’s panty and continued shooting into it until I was done.I looked at myself in the mirror. My cum was streaking down the glass and my cock was going limp. I started to feel like I had broken some law yet I loved the feeling of the bra and panty I was wearing. I had never done anything like this but as ashamed as I felt I also was pleased that I didn’t need to work hard to cum. I cleaned up the mess on the mirror and went back to Ruth’s room. I took the bra off while watching myself in the mirror. I could see the marks the bra left on my skin, it was like I was still wearing it.I decided to leave Mom’s panties on and got dressed. I stuffed my underwear, the bra, and Ruth’s cummy panties into my back pack and left home for Ruth’s place.Her house was empty so I was safe and went to the guest room. I wanted to wear the bra to bed so pulled it out of the back pack and tried to decide where it would be safe. I looked at the bed and decided to slide the bra under the pillow. As I reached the middle of the pillow I felt silky fabric and knew it wasn’t the bra.I lifted the pillow and lying neatly folded in the middle was the sheer panty Fred had worn this morning. I suddenly remembered the noise I heard when I was dressing, “Why would he leave his panties under my pillow?” I asked myself.I left them under the pillow along with the bra and went to the kitchen for a snack. Ruth came in a little later and she asked about how school went and then said she needed to change out of her work clothes. I was setting at the table when Fred came and after saying hello asked me the same thing, “how did school go today.” He went to the bathroom and then back to their bedroom.I went back to my bedroom and pulled the bra and panty out from under the pillow and decided I should hide it in the closet. I turned on the light and thought about where to put my prized possession when I heard Fred’s voice, “What? Are you telling me that your brother left a panty in the bathroom? I would never have guessed it.” He said“Well they are not mine and I know you’d never wear a panty so they must be his.” Ruth said.It was at this moment that I realized that there was no wall between their closet and the one in my room and the door was open a crack. I crawled silently through the closet and peeked out of the door. Ruth was standing in her bra and panties again and Fred was stripped down to his boxers. “So what did you do with them?” Fred asked.“He wasn’t in his room so I put them under his pillow, I know boys his age are curious and try things like that so I didn’t want to embarrass him.” Ruth said as she stepped close to Fred and her hand slipped inside his boxers and I saw her hand moving and knew she was stroking him. “Ummm, looks like you may be happy to see me,” she said as Fred moved his hand between her legs and rubbed her through her panties.“We can’t now,” Ruth said, “But later if we are quiet,” She said as she pulled her hand out of his under wear.Fred looked disappointed as he turned to the bedroom door, “And no running around the house in your boxers Freddy, we have company.”NOTE: We will have another chapter and see just what happens to young Larry as time moves on. Will he watch Ruth and Fred have sex? Will Fred try to claim his panties? Perhaps Larry will like Fred’s panties best. Hmm, what about those boobs of Fred’s? So many questions yet to be answered.

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