The post office was crowded a swarm of people intent on not being noticed, and in not noticing those around them.

This, I would soon discover, was to my benefit. Just minutes earlier I was one of them, here only out of necessity, wanting to take care of my postal business, and then return to the real world. But then I saw her.

In an instant I knew I was not about to get the stamp I needed from a machine; a machine that lacked the smile, the eyes, the look… the subtle sexiness which reached out from her and grabbed me the moment my eyes glanced her way. No, if I were going to get a stamp, it would not be from a machine. In fact, it not only would not be from a machine, but it would also not be from any of the other workers toiling behind the counter.

I got in line.

I was not originally in any particular hurry. It was my lunch break, and I was about to begin a long walk as soon as I got my stamp and my letter mailed. But as I watched her, I knew I couldn’t wait in that interminable line, nor could I take the chance of not getting called to her location.

I began to fidget, at first unconsciously, but then with an idea in mind.

I had noticed that she would occasionally look up to check out the status of the line. I was intent on drawing her attention to my plight. I fidgeted more, I fixed my gaze on her… and I willed her to look my way. Seconds passed, but seemed like minutes piling upon minutes building into hours. She looked up again, drew her gaze across the crowd, and then stopped as her eyes caught mine.

My eyes were locked on hers, and they pleaded with her as my body rocked restlessly. She looked away for a second, and then back, but in that moment in which I thought I had lost my chance, my urgency turned to near panic. As she returned her gaze, she noticed this, and a confused look crept into her eyes and on her mouth.

I waited.

She was just finishing up with a customer at her window. As he walked away, she looked at me again for a second, and then pulled out a closed sign, which she placed, on the counter. I froze as she walked away from her window, not sure where she were going. She came out from behind the counter, but still away from the line of people, and then motioned for me.

I shuffled out of line, trying not to draw any extra attention to myself, and approached her. As I walked up to her, she smiled, and asked if there was anything wrong. I looked down for a second, not having thought this far ahead, trying to think of something to say. My mind was a whirl, the panic having been replaced by confusion, and now nervousness at being so close to her.

Not being able to think of anything, I began babbling, not sure if I was making any sense. “I’m sorry,” I began. “I just needed a stamp…” and I held out my letter as evidence, “… and I was going to get one from the machine but then I saw you, and, well, I’m not sure what I wanted except that I knew I had to be near you and hear you say something even if it was only to get a stamp…” I kept on almost unintelligibly as I shuffled my feet, “… and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get called by you…”

And then I stopped, frozen, not sure where to go from there. Then I noticed a slight grin on her face, and noticed her gaze had dropped from my face, to my loose blouse barely covering my breasts. I looked down, and realized that while I was talking, I had inadvertently popped the top button. I blushed, and looked down but off to the side, not wanting to draw any more attention to my predicament.

Then I heard her giggle.

I looked back up at her, and saw that her smile had returned.

“I’m flattered,” she said, as she looked me directly in my eyes.

I paused for a moment, and as the blood began its retreat from my face, I too smiled, and replied, “You should be.” We stared at each other, still smiling, wondering what to do next.

She glanced at the people in line, and at her fellow workers, all of whom still seemed contently wrapped up in their own worlds. “Follow me,” she said with some urgency, and she turned and walked towards a door marked Employees Only.

As soon as I got through the door, she pushed me against the wall, her hand found the tiny bulge inside my bra and squeezed it firmly through the thin fabric, and with her other hand she reached up and pulled my head down towards hers, until our lips met in a demanding, hurried kiss. Instinctively, my hands wrapped around her, slid down her back, and grabbed aggressively at her ass, pulling her to me as I warmed under the caresses of her fingers.

Her mouth burned against mine as she kissed me harder, her hand at the back of my head pulling at me incessantly. Just as her tongue began slipping into my mouth, just as her hand had begun inching upward in order to find its way under my skirt, she heard her name spoken by someone outside the room.

It was her supervisor, out at the counter watching the line grow longer and more restless, asking her coworkers Ordu Escort where she was. She pulled away from me slowly, told me to wait, and with one last squeeze she went out a second door that opened to the employee side of the counter area. I heard her mumble some apology to her supervisor before returning to her position at the counter, just a few feet from the room in which she had left me.

When I heard her boss return to the office, I peaked out from the door, and watched her. She sat at a stool behind a high, old-fashioned counter, motioning one customer after another to her spot. I knew she could feel my gaze as it wandered over her body. She stole furtive glances in my direction during those brief moments between customers, but it wasn’t enough. I could see in her the same frustrated, urgent fidgeting that I had so recently exhibited.

I wanted her.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash at the opposite corner of the lobby from where she sat. Someone had accidentally knocked a display rack from a shelf. Without thinking, as everyone’s attention was momentarily focused on the commotion, I sneaked out of the room, made my way to where she sat, and knelt down under the counter directly in front of her.

She looked down at me, panicked slightly, and started to say something to me. With a smile, an eager look in my eyes, and a finger at my lips, I convinced her to remain quiet, and continue her work. When the commotion had died down, she motioned the next customer forward, and continued with what she was doing, occasionally stealing glances below her. For a while, I just sat there, watching her, listening to her, wanting her.

I sat back and leaned against the wall of the counter. As I let my gaze travel up the length of her legs, to where her thighs met just above the hem of her skirt, I reached into my blouse, and slowly, began to unbutton it. When she looked down again, I was slowly stroking myself, and I smiled up at her mischievously.

She was startled at first, and unsure of what to do. But as she watched my hand slowly tease my nipples, a grin crept onto her face, and she gave me a knowing look. I continued to play as she continued working. And as she did, she began slowly parting her legs in front of me, until finally I caught my first glimpse of the white, lace underwear that so delicately covered the flesh that I had already begun planning to taste, to devour.

While continuing to play myself with one hand, I reached out and began running my other hand over her legs – warm, soft, silky – that were parted as wide as her skirt would allow. She caught her breath at the first touch, breathing in quickly, and jumping slightly on her stool.

The customer at the counter brought her attention back to work with an inquiry as to whether she was all right. She muttered an embarrassed apology, said she was fine, and carried on with her work, as I proceeded to let my hand slide further up her legs. I could feel her fidget slightly as my hand caressed the soft skin of her legs, and I could hear in her voice that she was struggling to keep her composure. All of this only heightened my excitment.

She looked down again as the most recent customer was walking away, and before the next approached her window. She saw that I was now on my knees, my blouse completely opened. My eyes were fixed on her panties, and what lie just behind. My hand was high up on the inside of her thigh, inching ever so closely to the edge of the white cotton that stood between my imagination, and my lips.

As an older woman approached her window, walking delicately and, fortunately for us, slowly, she slid off of her stool for a moment, and moved it closer to the counter. I reached up quickly, pulling her panties down over her hips and off her legs at the same time she was pulling herself back onto the stool, this time leaving herself perched as near to the edge as possible.

As she readjusted, and just as the woman got to her window, I pulled the panties from her completely, her feet shuffling as inconspicuously as possible in an effort to assist me. A package could be heard sliding across the counter above me, along with the inquiries as to how much the different modes of delivery would cost. My new friend took the package, and began to weigh and calculate the different charges.

As she did, I took up the manipulations where I had left off, stroking myself with her warm, soft underwear. Kneeling in front of her, with my free hand, I pushed her skirt up so that it was bunched just below where she sat on the stool, and gently pushed her legs apart. For a moment, I just looked at her, intoxicated by the sight of beckoning lips just barely hidden within the soft, blonde curls that only moments ago poked out teasingly from the edges of her underwear. I then moved forward, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, the intoxicating scent reaching out and pulling me forward.

She squirmed just a bit as she felt my hand brush across the Ordu Escort Bayan soft patch of hair, my fingers gently pulling apart the warm, slightly swollen lips of her pussy to expose the pink folds within.

But then her eyes fell shut lightly, instinctively, and a soft sigh escaped her mouth as she felt my breath adding to the warmth that was already building within her. At the first touch of my tongue, she let out a louder sigh, and reached for the edge of the counter with both hands to steady her. Then she froze, and for a moment she blanked out everything from her mind, except for the sensations that were coming from between her legs.

I too remained motionless, but with my mouth still pressed hard against her. The sounds of the office brought her back, and as she opened her eyes, she noticed a number of people in line, in addition to the lady at the counter, had had their attention drawn to her. There were looks of puzzlement and concern on their faces, and she blushed deeply as she gathered herself and tried to remember what she was supposed to be doing.

The old woman’s face in front of her and her package on the scale were the reminders she needed.

As the old woman looked at her quizzically, my friend asked how the package was to be sent. As the customer answered, and as she went through the process of applying the needed postage and collecting woman’s money, I began letting my tongue explore the moist folds of flesh. My tongue ran back and forth, lightly licking her clit, then gently sucked the lips of her pussy into my mouth, and finally sliding my tongue deep inside of her… for a moment. Only to withdraw it, and start over again.

I continued this over and over, increasing the urgency with each pass of my tongue. She began squirming more, and struggled to keep her mind focused on her work. I sucked at her hard, frantically, wanting to taste each intoxicating drop that slipped from within the warm, wet folds of her flesh. I slid my tongue deep inside of her, and pulled it out slowly, exploring, in retreat, the intricate, inner landscape of her vagina. I slid my tongue lower, to her ass, and circled the tight opening teasingly. As her squirming increased, I let my tongue slide into her ass ever so slightly, gently, causing her to again reach for the counter in an effort to brace herself.

Her actions were again becoming apparent to more than just the woman at her window was, but she had already cast off any concern for who might be watching. Clutching at the counter firmly, eyes tightly closed, she dropped her head, resigned to giving over to the sensations cursing through her body.

I pulled my tongue from her ass, slid it back up and over the ever wetter, ever distended lips of her pussy, and again searched out her clit. Finding it, I sucked it quickly into my mouth, pressing my lips fast to her flesh, and let my tongue begin a frantic, last attack with which I was determined to extract from her a heart-stopping orgasm.

She began to moan softly, unaware of those who were watching her, and of the inquiries being made of her about her well being by the old lady at the counter. She leaned forward slightly, resting her elbows on the edge of the counter, and resting her head in her hands. I grabbed onto her legs, high up on the inside of her thighs, and pushed her legs further apart, opening her pussy to me completely.

I kept licking and sucking at her urgently, driven by the tastes and smell and sound that pounded on my senses. All at once it hit her, overwhelming her. I held onto her tightly as her body convulsed, keeping my mouth glued to her while the orgasm spread from between her legs, making its way through her body, until it escaped in a loud sigh that was just barely muffled by her hands.

Her body tensed momentarily, and then relaxed as she tried to catch her breath. For a moment, she was still unaware of the attention she had drawn, until a familiar voice harshly brought her back.

It was her supervisor, again. From the tone of voice, one could tell that he was irritated, but mostly concerned.

I inched away from the clerk’s stool, and pressed myself to the inside of the counter, hoping to remain unseen. The supervisor asked my clerk if she was all right, but she, still trying to regain her poise, could only mumble an apology while her face turned a hot, crimson red. The supervisor, very aware, and self conscious that all eyes were on the two of them, told the woman whose orgasm so recently filled my senses to come into the office, and walked away quickly.

My clerk looked around the room as her coworkers and the customers, acknowledging her embarrassment, deliberately went back to their own business. She then looked down at me. I looked up concerned, and mouthed silently, “I’m sorry.”

She smiled slightly, and shook her head, letting me know I need not apologize. She then slid off of her stool, turned, and walked to the supervisor’s door, and disappeared inside Escort Ordu the office.

I sat under the counter and waited. After a few minutes, when it seemed like everything in the lobby was back to normal, which I assumed meant that everyone was back to being absorbed in only themselves, I sneaked out from under the counter, quickly but quietly went to the door of the supervisors office just a few feet away, opened the door, and also disappeared inside.

Both of them looked up at me as I entered. The clerk was confused and startled, and her supervisor was puzzled and slightly worried, not knowing who I was. I looked at the supervisor sheepishly, and told him that the difficulties the clerk had been having at the counter were my fault.

He looked at the clerk with a questioning expression, then back at me with the same.

I smiled at them and then let my hands separate, falling to my sides, from where they had been clutching the open blouse in front of me. As my hands parted, he let his gaze fall to where my hands had been, and he saw the same thing that had been the catalyst for the just finished indiscretions back beneath the counter.

The Supervisor stared for a moment, then looked back up at my hands and found the recently discarded panties. Still a little puzzled, he then looked back at the clerk, finding her blushing again, but also smiling. As he began to realize what more than likely had been the cause of the clerk’s earlier actions, a sly grin crept onto his face.

He looked back at me, and told me to lock the door. As I turned around to do so, he asked both of us what he should do about the commotion we had caused, but with a lilt in his voice that suggested he wasn’t expecting an answer. The clerk and I looked at each other, a mischievous glint in our eyes. I turned to her supervisor, and began walking toward where he sat, motioning for the clerk to follow. “I’m Dayle,” I said, thinking it might be appropriate to finally introduce myself. “My name is Pam,” replied the clerk, “and this is my supervisor, Colin,” she added with a smile.

As we approached him from either side, I told Pam to hold her boss hands against the chair’s armrests. Just as Colin began to protest, I took the panties I still held in one of my hands, and gently pushed them part way into his mouth, muffling only half-serious objections. I undid his shirt, and pulled it off of him, and then pulled his pants down over his hips and off his legs, removing his shoes at the same time.

I then took off my blouse, and tied one hand to the armrest. I took Colin’s other arm from Pam, who was getting visibly aroused by this little episode of light bondage, I told her to take off her blouse. She slowly undid the buttons, and pulled the blouse from her body. Her supervisor and I both watched mesmerized as it slid from her shoulders and off her arms.

Knowing what it was for, she knelt down beside me, and tied her boss’ other arm to the other side of the chair. Colin sat there, in just his underwear, both embarrassed, and excited, as could be seen from the color rising in his face, the heavy breathing that was apparent in the rising and falling of his chest, and the lump growing in his lap. Intent in trying to ease his discomfort, I lowered his shorts to the floor.

I then pulled my skirt off; I warmed under the gaze of both Pam and Colin. Pam looked at me with a broad, knowing grin, and pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it, confirming to her boss that it was Pam’s panties that he now mumbled against.

She then reached behind her, and undid her bra. I watched intently as she teasingly pulled it away from her breasts, until finally they were fully exposed, showing each nipple to be standing at attention much as Colin’s cock was. A quiet, muffled sigh escaped from the lips of her boss as he looked back and forth between Pam and I. And her boss’ breathing became heavier still, and an excited look flickered in his eyes.

I walked out from behind the desk, went to a chair at the other side of the room, and sat down. I spread my legs, and began stroking myself, grinning at both of them as they watched.

Colin began to squirm, but could not free himself from his bounds, and his moans, though louder, were still mostly lost within the bunched fabric of the Pam’s panties.

After watching me for a while, Pam walked over, and sat down on my lap. I stopped stroking, reached up with both hands, wrapped them around her, and pulled her to close to me. We stared into each other’s eyes momentarily, and then instinctively our lips met in an earnest kiss. Our lips burned against each other, and our tongues began to dance – first within my mouth, and then within hers. I pulled her still closer to me, wanting to feel her soft, warm body pressed against mine.

I slid my hands up and down her back, and felt her squirm on my lap as her nipples brushed across mine. She rose up slightly, and began to reach between my legs sliding her fingers inside me. Just as she began, I reached out, grabbed her waist with both hands, pushed her up and away from me slightly, and down on him knees. I pulled her back towards me and held onto her head tightly, and I stared at her supervisor’s cock throbbing strongly from our display.

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