Sexy Story Time

Note 1: This goes out as a quick thank you to Literotica and its wonderful readers. I’ve been visiting this site for years and I just assumed that you had to be an established writer to get works published on here. When I made my first submission a little over a month ago (That’s Kelly!), I was sure it would be rejected, but at least I finally got to write something other than the dull, boring stuff I have to write for work every day. When it was published on the site, I was sure that readers would immediately call me out for the amateur that I am at this and rip it to shreds. When I got mostly positive feedback and lots of positive ratings, I was overjoyed. So, this is my short, but sweet thank you to all of you for accepting and reading my work. I’ll get back to my two series stories shortly.

Note 2: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of any characters depicted herein to any other persons real or fictions is purely coincidental and unintended. This work contains graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting people over the age of 18. This work is copyright protected by me, Audrey07, 2017.


“Are you ready? Are you good and comfy?” I asked her. She was stretched out on the sectional sofa, propped up by a pile of throw pillows. She had just bathed in the jet-soaker tub and was all clean, fresh, primped and perfumed – something neither of us ever did on our lazy Saturdays. We had decided to chuck our weekly girls’ night out to stay home and try something different for a change. Besides, it was grey and cold and drizzly and nasty outside. It was so much cozier here by the fire, even if it was only a gas fireplace, and lounging inside wearing nothing but our big fluffy bathrobes just felt like a nice way to pamper ourselves.

She and I were not a couple… per se. I had experimented with same-sex liaisons several times but she was strictly gay. She dated women sporadically, but my love life was dead as a doornail. Between work pressures, the gloomy winter weather, and the stresses of ordinary life, romance seemed to hover down near the bottom of my to-do list. That didn’t mean that I didn’t have needs or urges – urges that she was all too happy to satisfy on a strictly friends-with-benefits, no-strings, no-conditions basis. When the need arose, we traded sex the same way we traded turns cleaning the kitchen – like happy little roommates.

That afternoon, I was feeling especially horny. I woke up horny that morning and tried taking care of things myself, but that was just a light snack that had left me craving more. By the time I settled into the lounger with my laptop and my steaming cup of hot cocoa, I was ready to screw anything that moved. She looked delicious, all reclined on the sofa there, with her robe open slightly below the belt for easy access. I was ready to skip the formalities and just jump her bones right then and there, but I restrained myself and opened the browser on my laptop, and adjusted my glasses.

“Ahem. bursa escort bayanlar Let’s see…” I had opened up the Literotica website. I clicked on the stories section and selected the lesbian stories category. I selected one with a reasonably high user rating and began to read…

“First, let me tell you about myself,” I read. “I am 5’9″ with strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes and double-d breasts. My friend is brunette, but she also has double-d..”

“Stop!” she shouted from the sofa. “Pick something else. I don’t want one that sounds like it was written by a fifteen-year-old jerking off to the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.”

“Ok,” I said. For a few minutes, I scrolled through the choices, looking for something more exotic. I clicked the link to browse more tags and found something a little sci-fi. She’d like that. So I opened the story and began to read about a princess on an alien planet who had been abducted by an evil witch.

“Princess Alia was terrified. She was all alone in her dark cell in the dungeon,” I read. “She was chained to the wall by her ankle. The room smelled damp and musty. She was not accustomed to such rough treatment. Her life, to that point, had been one of comfort and pleasure. Sunny days spent lounging in the castle garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers, fruiting trees and a thousand songbirds. How she longed for her former life. She began to despair that Prince Dorad would ever find her and rescue her.

“The cell door opened with a loud creaking of its rusty hinges,” I continued, “The witch entered, carrying a dim torch that provided little light, but instead cast evil, menacing shadows that seemed to dance around the dark, rough stones of the dungeon cell. The witch stood there, appraising her meek and pretty captive who was cowering in a corner…”

“Skip ahead,” she interrupted.

“What?” I asked, looking up from the laptop. I noticed that her hand had slid into the opening of her robe and she appeared to be slowly stroking herself. Her eyes were half-closed; heavy lids drooped, giving her a tired, blissful look.

“Just get to the sex part, already,” she said. “Look, yada yada, witch fucks the princess in the dungeon, yada yada. Get on with it.”

I scrolled down, scanning each paragraph, clicked to the next page… “Ah. Here we go,” I said, triumphantly. I picked up the story and continued to read. “…ripped her white, silken gown from its high, laced neckline down below the girl’s navel. Her firm, round breasts stiffened and her nipples, small and light pink, came to attention. Below her breasts, the girl’s ribs expanded and contracted in rapid succession as she nearly hyperventilated with fear. The girl was scared, yes, but there was something else there, too. A deeply hidden lust; a lust long denied and rejected by the princess that was ready to boil to the surface. Her chest heaved in fear, not just fear about what the witch was about to do bayan sarisin escort bursa to her young, unspoiled body, but that she would enjoy it; crave it even. Her mind screamed ‘No!’ and ‘Yes!’ at the same time.

“The witch was amused. She took one of the delicate, pink nipples between her finger and thumb and gently tugged at it, and smiled when it responded by stiffening even more. She walked around behind the princess, as she stood there, bared to the waste and humiliated before the witch’s wretched demon henchmen who looked on with evil grins. The witch stood behind the princess and placed her lips close to the girl’s neck just behind her ear. She extended her tongue and tasted the warm, trembling flesh. The princess could not help her reaction -the hot breath on the back of her neck weakened her resolve. Without knowing why, she instinctively squeezed her thighs together, hoping that this torment would stop… and hoping that this torment would continue.

“The witch laid her hands on the princess’ hips, just above the skirt of her gown, feeling the girl’s softness and firmness, exploring with her fingers the gentle swoop that led from the girl’s ribs to her hips. She intensified her wet kisses behind the girl’s ear while one finger casually traced the torn line of fabric from her hip around to her front, to that soft, tender spot below her belly button, but above her pubic area. The witch’s finger dipped under the fabric, lightly teasing below to just above the spot where the girl’s dark curls grew. Then, with almost no effort, the witch hooked her thumbs into the fabric at each hip and eased what remained of the torn gown down over the princess’ hips, letting it drift to the floor at her feet.

“The witch then pulled the princess tight to her own body. With a snap of her fingers, the witch’s own cloths vaporized and she pressed her own full, swollen and pointed breasts into the girl’s back. One hand grasped at the girl’s breast while she sucked hard on the girl’s neck, just below and behind her ear. The girl cocked her head, giving the witch better access, leaning her weight back into the witch and releasing her inhibitions, giving into the desires that she had so long denied herself. The witch’s other hand slid down along the princess’ hot, silky skin to the thick tangle of public hairs, only to find them sopped with the girl’s wetness. The princess had finally relented, allowing her lust to come forth, and come forth it did, in a virtual rain of wetness that flowed from her body, coating the lips of her womanhood and down the insides of her thighs. The witch dipped two fingers into that steaming well of sex, eliciting a hungry moan from the…”

I stopped reading and looked up from the computer. Across the room, she had stopped listening. Her hand was furiously frigging away at her own puss. Here I was, in a state of rage-horny lust, and SHE was the one who was about to get herself off. Screw that! Or rather, screw bayan esmer escort bursa her! Which was what I decided to do.

I carefully removed my glasses and plucked a hot, sticky marshmallow from my cocoa, placing it between my lips. I stood, dropped my robe to the floor and crawled on my hands and knees over to the sofa. Throwing open her bathrobe, I grabbed her roughly by the hips and turned her so that her legs dangled off the seat. I then spread her knees and, using only mouth, placed the gooey marshmallow at her opening. She grinned and pressed it inside of herself with her index finger. I watched with lust as her French-tipped nail disappeared inside of her and then quickly withdrew.

“Go on,” she said in a heavy, breathy voice, “Go get your treat.” I plunged my head forward and locked my lips around her vagina. I pushed my tongue inside of her as deeply as it would go. Her sharp, musky taste was mingled with the sweetness of the half-melted marshmallow that had left a gooey trail leading to her hole. I could just feel it inside of her with the tip of my tongue, but, try as I might, I could not draw it out. I swirled my tongue around and around, but it was not until I gave up and inserted two, and then three fingers inside of her, that I was able to reach it and pull it to the opening. This caused her to go over the edge and her entire body spasmed with a room-shaking orgasm. She cried out and pressed her thighs to either side of my head. Her fist pounded at the sofa as her orgasm seemed to continue on and on.

When she finally relaxed, she slumped back against the sofa, her jaw slack and her limbs limp. She needed s little time to recover. Too bad. By that point, I was a ravenous animal, a beast that hungered for one thing, and one thing only. Grabbing her by the back of the thighs, I pulled her to the floor and wrestled her into a sixty-nine, with me straddling her face. I lowered myself onto her face and began to grind my very wet pussy all over her, coating her with my essence. Finally, I felt her mouth open and her tongue begin to slither over my opening. I was already edging. “Yesssss yes yes yes yes yes,” I practically grunted through clenched teeth. When her lips closed around my sensitive clit, jolts of electricity shot through my core. I buried my face into her crotch and moan-screamed into her pussy. Her tongue flicked at my clit while her lips kept it pulled tight. I felt at least two fingers muscle into me and curl toward the forward wall of my pussy. She began to ram them into me, harder and harder.

It was like the room went black. My vision clouded at the edged and the darkness quickly converged across my vision until everything went dark. I shut my eyes so tightly that I could see bursts of stars. I was aware of a shrill sound and realized that it was coming from my own lips. My body convulsed and went rigid. Then, I opened my eyes and my vision had returned. I looked around the room. She was still lapping gently at my pussy, like a happy kitty with a bowl of milk. My head went dizzy and I rolled off of her onto the floor, spent, exhausted, and light-headed.

“Wow” was all she said and then she laughed at me. Wow indeed. Before drifting off for a quick nap, I made a mental note to read the rest of that story to find out whatever became of the princess.

Thanks, Literotica!

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