Sexual Healing Pt. 01: Her




A series of stories from Lit members AspiringAuthor and TARDISCapricorn exploring the friendship, passion, romance and sexual healing of a woman and a man from the First Person POV. “HER” stories are from the woman’s perspective while “HIM” stories are from the Man’s perspective. THEM stories will intermingle both perspectives. We hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoy crafting them.


You’re just home from work, and I greet you at the door wearing a smile, a flouncy, floral tank top, and nothing else—a kiss on my lips just for you. Without saying a word, I take your hand and coax you with my bedroom eyes, and you’re just too happy to follow me.

Once we’re in the bedroom, I loosen the belt around your waist and the button and zipper on your pants. You kiss me hard, take my hands in yours and walk toward me, forcing me to walk backward until you have me pressed up against the wall. You grind your hips into mine, my hands above my head held easily by just one of yours.

You pull away and release my hands. I give you a sexy smile, and my hands immediately reach for your shirt—my fingers work buttons one by one and slip the shirt off your shoulders. You open your mouth to speak, but I simply put my finger to your lips and hush you. I shake my head slowly with a sexy smile. “For you,” I whisper in your ear and reach for the hem of your undershirt and pull it from your body.

I turn on my heel and walk toward the bed, sit down on it and beckon you to come to me. You stand before me, and I finish removing your pants from your hips. You can’t imagine what I have in mind, but you think you like where it’s going.

I pat the bed next to me, and you sit down. I wrap around you in a soft kiss, our tongues dance together in a sensual tangle, our hands touch the other, leaving goosebumps and tingles in their wake.

I motion for you to lay down on the bed, face down, and I sit on your cute little ass. I reach to the nightstand for a bottle of massage oil, and I warm a small amount in my hands. You shiver when I finally touch you, my hands massage your shoulders and neck. You groan softly, the tension of a long work week exits your body in long, soft moans. The oil is slightly tingly and warming—you recognize the scent is cinnamon, and you don’t realize it but the oil is edible. Ordu Escort My soft lips begin to kiss where my fingers and hands have touched. My tongue touches you lightly, my breath warms the oil just a bit more.

“Oh, you feel incredible,” you sigh. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“I have my ways,” I whisper in your ear, and I nibble the upper ridge of it.

I move down from your ass onto your legs so I can massage even further down. The small of your back—another soft moan and I feel you begin to squirm under my touch. I take my time massaging the muscles in your ass—gently kneading, the cinnamon tingles on your skin and you can’t believe how sensual the aroma is.

You feel the moisture, the heat that emanates from my core as I sit on your legs… you feel me switch around so I can massage the muscles in your legs. Meanwhile, you’re growing more and more uncomfortable, and you groan.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I have a problem,” you pant. I pull myself off your legs and allow you to roll onto your back.

“I see,” I say softly. “I guess my massage hasn’t relaxed you at all.” I settle myself down on your hips, your length between my pussy lips—the warm, wetness surrounds you, and the tease just makes you harder.

I still have some oil on my hands, so I start to massage the muscles in your chest. When I move forward my body shifts, my folds massage your length that lays throbbing beneath me. I kiss you deeply, I feel your cock twitch. I grind my hips on yours, and I feel a trickle of my nectar drip from me onto you, and you feel it too.

“Fuck, baby, you’re driving me crazy,” you growl.

I kiss you and nibble your earlobe. “Good,” I whisper into your ear. “That’s exactly what I intended.”

I continue to kiss my way down your body, I lick, kiss, and lightly nibble your nipples—I hear your breath quicken and soft moans come from your lips.

“You like that, honey?”

“Hell yes, I like,” you groan.

There is little I love more than tasting you with my scent on you, and with the first objective achieved, I lift myself from your hips. You spread your legs open so I can rest in between them, and I begin to kiss and lick your inner thighs. My hands caress and massage your hips and thighs where I kiss you.

My scent is all over you, and I can’t wait to lick it from you. I press the flat part of my tongue against the underside Ordu Escort Bayan of your shaft—the wet, warm sensation makes you moan. And with one, long, sensuous lick, I move from the base of your cock to the tip of your head, stopping just under the head to wiggle side to side. I watch your back arch, the tease is almost more than you can handle.

I begin to lick around the head of your cock in short, slow licks, teasing you, wanting you. The passion in your eyes is building, and I look into them just a moment before I begin to take you into my mouth, inch by beautiful inch.

You grab a handful of the bedspread, somehow containing your wild urge to thrust into my mouth. My mouth surrounds your shaft, my tongue never stops motion, licking and teasing you while I suck. You watch my head bobbing, your hands go to my hair and you apply a little pressure to my head, forcing me down a little further.

“Take it all,” you growl, “take it all, balls deep.”

Your hand pushes me a bit too far, and I gag just a little. But the reflex creates a wealth of slippery wetness that I will put to good use.

I dribble some of this moisture on my fingers, which I press into your perineum and massage you. One finger slides down a little lower, and I dribble just a bit more moisture onto my thumb. Gently, slowly, my thumb circles your ass. I feel you get harder, and your throbbing matches the beating of your heart.

The first words I hear from your mouth are “Ohhh fuck, baby…”

I stop a moment and look at you, and I see you watching me suck you. I pull away and let you pop out of my mouth, and my free hand takes its place while I kiss and lick your balls.

Gently, I take one into my mouth and suck—my thumb still massaging your ass, the other hand still wrapped around your cock, stroking you. There is so much pleasure going on in your body, and it’s driving you out of your mind

“Please,” you say. “Please let me fuck your mouth.” Your voice is almost begging me, your breathing is labored—a steady stream of moans leaves your mouth.

I gently suck on the other, taking it into my mouth and licking, sucking you. In my hand, I can feel you get harder. I know you’re ready.

Once again, I press my tongue to you and lick, and before I take you again, I look into your eyes.

“Fuck my mouth, baby. Shoot your cum right down my throat. I am hungry to taste Escort Ordu you, fill me up.”

We switch positions, you’re on top of me. I know you need the upper hand, and I’m willing to submit.

“Open up,” you say, asking more than demanding. My lips part, and slowly you take me until you hit the back of my throat. It’s my signal to relax, but I still gag a little.

My hands touch your legs as you prepare yourself to thrust into me. I close my eyes and relax my throat… I can’t wait to take all of you into my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” you growl. “That’s it, take me, baby. Take all of it.”

You thrust deeply into my mouth, pausing to allow my breaths, and I love it. My tongue never stops moving, even though it takes all of my concentration to continue.

My hands caress your legs, hang onto you while you fuck me. I don’t figure you’ll last very long like this. You were pretty worked up when I finally pulled away from you.

I feel you get harder. Your thrusting is deeper and faster.

“You’re such a good girl,” you growl, “Do you want my wad, baby? I’m gonna explode and send a hot, molten river of cum right down your pretty little throat.”

I can’t move to nod, and I certainly can’t speak. But my fingernails digging into your thighs is a pretty good indication that I approve.

Your thrusts are desperate, fast—you need to cum so badly. Just a few more pushes into me. Your balls are heavy and they slap me when you push your cock into my mouth…

You feel the rise of passion—the familiar, pleasant ache that arrives just before you orgasm. You know you can’t hold back, and you don’t want to.

“Get ready,” you say. A few more pushes and it’s inevitable. Your body jerks—the first rope of cum hits the back of my throat, and I have no choice but to swallow it. My nails dig into your legs. I close my eyes and enjoy you.

“Ohhh FUCK!” you moan loudly, your body releases more of your hot seed into me on each thrust, down my throat, filling me to overfull. I feel some of your salty load dribble from my mouth and onto my chin. I don’t want to miss a drop, but you aren’t finished, not yet.

You continue to pulse, but your thrusts stop. You feel me sucking you, emptying you, wanting, hungering for every drop.

Finally, when there is no more in you, you pull away from me. I still have a dribble of you on my chin—you watch as I wipe it with my fingers and lick it off.

You lay down beside me, spent and relaxed, and you hold me. I kiss you, the taste of your nectar on my breath. “You are hot as hell,” you whisper as you kiss me.

I blush. “I’m not,” I reply.

“Oh, but you are,” you purr at me.

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