Sexology 101: The Beginning

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“We are slaves to our own life styles.” Kevin was not really listening to Professor Wexley as she started out the first day of class in Sociology 101. For Kevin this was a brand new experience, and an uncomfortable one at that. He was quite observant, as he looked around the classroom. It was pretty large; it was set in a semi-circle with about 30 rows of seats. Each row was split into 3 with the walk ways with each row built on steps going upwards towards the 2 doors at the end of each walk way. The class was full, with only one empty seat. Most of the students were anywhere from 18-21 years of age. This is what made Kevin feel so out of place. He had to be by the farthest, the oldest person in the class. “We seem to be trapped by our own wants and desires and have become slaves to our gidgets, our gadgets, and the almighty dollar” Kevin heard the professor continue. In fact, Kevin thought “I bet I am at least 10 years older than the professor, what a depressing thought.” He said to himself. “This could turn out to be a very long 4 years.”

Kevin, 42 years old, was an attractive man, although he was never one that claimed to be “all that.” In fact, as he got older, his body that was once a perfect V, became a little less toned, and was gaining a slight belly. He stood over 6’2, and weighed around 225lbs. His dark hair, now speckled with gray, his dark complexion made for a striking background for his bright blue/green eyes. Despite the fact that he was growing in years, it never stopped him from thinking young. “Why am I here” he wondered as he listened to the professor continuing on about issues of society. Just as he was reverting his full attention back to Professor Wexley he heard a noise coming from next to him in the back row, the door creaked open slowly, as Kevin saw an attractive woman enter the room.

The only seat available was next to him, as the woman took her seat, Kevin could smell roses. Neither of them said a word as the Professor stopped in the middle of her sentence and said “Once the doors are shut, Please don’t come in, if you’re going to be late, there is no sense in coming at all.” The woman turned a bright red as she mumbled her apologies and put her head down. Kevin noticed as Janet blushed that her eyes seemed to turn an even more seductive shade of blue. Her porcelain complexion showed the red around her cheeks, the bridge of her nose. Janet had noticed him looking, and she allowed her long dark hair to fall in front of her face, covering her from his open inspection, as she looked at her book.

The bell rang before either of them realized it was time. As the other students rushed past them quickly, all in a hurry to get out of the classroom and on to their next class, Janet and Kevin were stuck in their seats. Janet felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around to actually look at the gentleman beside her.

“Hi, I’m Kevin,” He said as he held out his hand for her

“I’m, I’m, Janet” she said with her voice shaking, as she grasped his out-stretched hand, and now even more embarrassed she began to blush again.

The sound of his voice sent a warm gushing feeling from her eats, clear down to her clit, making it throb.

“Do you always blush like that?” He asked her innocently.

“Well, no not really, but this is a first for me” she said as she looked at the ground.

“Well either way it is quiet sexy.” Kevin said. As soon as he said it, he had wished that he had not.

“Thanks.” Janet said, and quickly rushed away. Almost running like a scared Colt.

“Wait,” said Kevin, catching up Janet—”I am sorry, I should have never said that, as soon as I said it, I realized that it was the wrong thing to say.”

Janet turned around to look at him, for the first time really looking into his eyes. He had the most beautiful shade of blue-green she swore she had ever seen.

It was Kevin that began tripping over his words. “Listen, do you have a class to get to? I don’t want to hold you up with my, my idiocy.”

“No, actually this is the only class I have today” Janet replied somewhat hesitant.

“Good—I mean oh, I see. Is it possible that we could discuss this over a cup of coffee?” Kevin asked honestly.

“I don’t know.” Janet replied as if waiting for him to explain his intentions.

“Listen, I promise to be on my best behavior, and try very hard not to make you blush.” Kevin offered.

Kevin’s offer seemed harmless, and perhaps it was, but who knows with men, Janet thought to herself.

“Well, I have a doctor’s appointment in an hour; there is a coffee bar at the corner of Main and 8th avenue. Do you know where that is?” Janet asked.

“Yes.” Kevin replied, hope starting to fill mind.

:”Ok, meet you there?” Janet asked?

With in minutes Janet had reached her car, her mind flooded with thoughts, concerns, and questions. Who is this man? What does he want? Is he married? The thoughts continued to race through her mind as she drove the short 3 blocks to the coffee bar.

Kevin pulled in right behind her. His brand new Purple Mustang with the atakent escort white stripes on the hood only proved to bring more questions to mind. Not to mention, embarrass her a little more with her beat up white Volkswagen Bug. The rust began to show, it was an old car, but with today’s gas prices, it was a pocket saver.

“I have never been here.” Kevin stated as he had jumped out quickly to open her door.

“Thank you.” Janet stated the shock had to be heard in her voice, because Kevin looked at her a bit strangely. No one did this anymore she thought to herself. What is he trying to prove she wondered as they walked to the door of the coffee bar, they were both extremely quiet? Kevin walking slowly behind Janet noticed how her jeans fit. Her heart shaped ass could be seen through the fairly tight jeans. He could not help but to find himself wondering if she wore G-strings, Bikini’s, or if she chose not to wear any. The hostess walked up to them, jarring him from his erotic thoughts.

“So what is your major?” Kevin asked after the hostess seated them.

“Psychology is my major, but I am taking Sociology as a minor.” Janet stated. “What about you?” She asked after a very short pause.

The conversation was light, and informative. They talked about their schooling plans, where they are in their life today, where they hope to be in 4 years, and of course, their relationship status. Before either of them knew it, it was well past time for Janet to leave.

“Damn, I have got to go.” Janet blurted out. “I am already late for my appointment,” she continued while grabbing her cell phone, and dialing a number. “Yes, this is Janet Andrew’s, I am running a little bit late, do I need to reschedule my appointment.” She stated quickly to the person on the other line. “Ok, I will be there in 5 minutes.” She quickly added before hanging up the phone.

“Hey listen, I have got to go, here is my number” she said while writing down her number. “May be we can study together—for sociology of course.” She added a bit hesitantly; she did not want this man to think she was coming on to him, although the thought of cumming on his face was an extreme turn on. She must have blushed then because Kevin startled her when he spoke.

“Ok, sounds great” he said. “Before you go, I don’t mean to seem forward, but I would like to take you out is that possible?” He asked before she stood.

“I would like that.” Janet added sweetly.

They said their good-bye’s as Janet laid two-dollars on the table and began to walk away.

Kevin quickly grabbed the money, and ran after her. “Wait, I asked you to coffee, this one is on me.” He said as he handed her back her money.

“I don’t have time to argue.” Janet said with a small laugh. “But ok, the next coffee is on me.” She said as she walked to the door.

Kevin watched her hips sway as she walked to the door, “yea the next coffee will be on you—then I will lick it off.” He thought to himself as she walked away. “I cannot wait to see her again.”

His thoughts raced ahead as he watched her sexily swing her hips as she walked down the sidewalk, “I wonder if she is as tasty as she looks” Kevin wondered. Seeing her from behind like that made him want to race up behind her, grab her, pull her into an alley and fuck her against the wall, but knowing he will have his chance he filed those thoughts away for later use. As he walked to his car his thoughts were racing. Racing about Janet, how long should he wait to call her? A few hours? A few days? Damn I hate this game of cat and mouse he thought to himself. No matter the consequences he had to call her tonight, but first he had a few errands to run.

Janet had just walked in the house from grocery shopping as the phone rang. Not recognizing the number, Janet answered it anyway.


“Janet?” the husky male voice came from the other line, immediately sending that warm feeling from her ear’s to her clit, making it hard, and beginning to throb

“Hi Kevin!” Janet answered—almost too over-zealous.

The voice that answered the phone was as beautiful as the woman behind it, so sexy and husky that he almost forgets why he called, “hey Janet, I know this is kind of forward and probably seems pushy, but I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight?”, although dinner is not really what is on his mind. He would rather be between her legs, licking what he hoped was a smooth, shaved pussy, licking and nibbling on her clit as he thrust two fingers in and out of her hot wet cunt.

“I really wish I could Kevin, but I just really can’t. Not tonight anyway.” “What about tomorrow night?” Janet asked uncertainly.

“Kevin?” the voice on the phone pulls him out of his delicious thoughts and back to the real world. “umm yea Janet, was ummm thinking about what to have for dinner tonight” he said as he chuckled to himself, “yea right, I was thinking about having you for dinner tonight that is” he thought to himself. “Kevin, I said that I couldn’t tonight ataköy escort because I have dinner plans with my parents.” Shit, he thinks to himself, nothing to do now but go back to his house, put in a porn flick and relieve the tension that this hot little vixen has sent straight to his cock

“Well, I had plans with my friend Mark tomorrow night, but I can always cancel.” Kevin suggested after gaining his composure from his straying thoughts.

“No, I don’t want you to do that. What does your schedule look like for the rest of the week?” Janet offered.

As they proceed to weed through both of their weekly calendars it soon became apparent that the first chance he will have to be alone with Janet was Friday, of course not near soon enough but he will have to wait. On the other hand, even though he can’t have her for dinner, at the very least he can pass the time with her, enjoying every minute for as long as he can keep her on the phone.

“Well Friday I only have Sociology, and actually I had plans to go to a baseball game, but that fell through—how about you, on Friday?” He asked questioningly.

“I have nothing planned on Friday.” Janet added hopefully.

Before either of them realizes it, several hours have passed. The conversation between them flowed so smoothly it was as if they had know each other for years, versus the reality of having met her just a few hours ago. Janet announced that it was time to get ready for the plans she had that night with her parents. Kevin replied with obvious disappointment in his voice when he said “Until Friday night then, I can’t wait to see you,” but what he really wanted to say was ” I can’t wait to fuck you until you cum all over my face and cock.”

“Ditto,” Janet added with a smile.

They hung up after agreeing that they would see each other at class on Friday, and went about their way.


With all his errands completed, and Janet on his mind he climbed in his car after leaving the flower shop, and headed home. Narrowly missing 2 cars at intersections because his mind was on her. Upon arrival, he entered his house, tripping over his Schnauzer Juliet, “well come on then, lets go outside” he told her. All the things he had to do after getting home all seemed to fall by the wayside and all he can think about was Janet in her tight jeans, and wondering just exactly she had on underneath.

“Fuck it, the dog can stay out for a while and the house doesn’t need cleaned that badly,” he thought as he headed into his entertainment room where his DVD player and big screen with surround sound waited for him. On the way he stopped by the bathroom to pick up the bottle of his favorite lube, then headed to the TV room and picked out one of his favorite flicks. With that done he stood in front of the couch, un-zippered his faded Levi’s and watched as they hit the floor. His shirt soon followed, now standing naked he settled down on the couch to watch his flick and relieve some of the built up tension that he had been feeling for the last several hours.. As he pushed play, the only thing his mind was watching was an image of Janet as she lay in front of him naked, with her legs spread on the couch. He could see his face buried between her thighs, licking her very wet, tight pussy. Running his tongue from her ass to her clit and then back again, stopping to insert his tongue into her pussy and fuck her with it.

“Oh shit” he said as he realized that he was already running his hand up and down his hard, rigid dick, “damn, this girl has really got in my head, I’ve got to do something to take care of this fantasy of doing everything to her that she would let him. Then maybe some things that she doesn’t even think she would like, but will soon come to find out she loves.

With the porn flick all but forgotten, the only part of it making it to his horny brain were the sounds, which fed nicely into the fantasy now being played out in his head. As he popped the lid off the lube and squirted some into his hand he applied the lube that was in his hand to his hard cock. As he began to stroke he saw an image of Janet, on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her back, and she was naked. He began to slowly stroke his hard, hot cock. He pictured himself walking up in front of her. Janet looking towards the floor in a submissive gesture. His, hard cock jutting straight out in front of him, pointing the way to the most luscious pair of lips he has ever seen. As he stepped forward, he reached down and grabbed the hair on the top of her head, pulling her mouth to his cock. “That’s right, open that mouth and let me fuck it” he said to Janet. She obediently opened her lips and slid her tongue across the head of his cock. With that he thrust forward, quickly sliding his cock into her hot, waiting mouth. She moaned, the vibrations running straight down his cock to his balls. “Oh hell “he groaned, even for a fantasy, this woman had one hell of an effect on him. He could already feel his orgasm starting to build in his balls, atalar escort he quickened the stroking of his cock until his hand was literally flying up and down the hard shaft.

As he got closer he again thought of how good her mouth will feel on his cock, sucking and licking, alternating between slow sensual full strokes to hard and quick bobs of her head. He knew he is getting very close, he thought of how good it would feel to cum in her mouth, shooting his hot cum down her throat. But wait, oh shit, even better, he imagined fucking her hot mouth, shoving it all the way in, and when he came, he would pull out, and stroke his cock, then spurting hot cum all over her face and mouth. With that thought it all became too much for him as he felt his cum racing up his cock and shooting all over his chest and stomach, it seemed to go on much longer than usual, until he had a huge mess on himself and he was shaking and quivering from the intensity of the climax. “Damn, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard just thinking about someone.” If the fantasy was that fantastic he just knew he could not wait till Friday, when hopefully it would transform into an extremely erotic reality.

He began to come down, still breathless, from the high the orgasm had sent him into when he heard his little Juliet yapping outside the door. He got up reluctantly and let her in. He then head to the shower and a much needed bed. After he climbed into bed he looked at the foot of the bed where his sweet dog was laying. “Juliet, Friday I have someone very special for you to meet, you will like her, and I know I already do”


The night ended quickly for Janet, she always enjoyed being at her parents for dinner. They were supportive in everything she did, and kept her going when she did not think she could go any farther.

The drive home was uneventful; she only lived a few blocks from her parents. It was dark, but you could see Miggey in the window, Miggey was Janet’s 3 year old long haired tiger-stripped cat. The porch light was on, as she approached the door, just sitting outside of the door, was a bouquet of 2 dozen long stemmed yellow roses.

“Ohhhh! They are beautiful.” Janet thought as she picked them up, and removed the card.

“Looking forward to seeing you on Friday” was all that the card read.

Slipping her key into the door she opened it. Miggey met her at the door, meowing and rubbing against her legs while she took off her shoes. Turning around, she locked the door, and headed towards the bathroom. She stripped off her clothes. She then threw her jeans, shirt, her black lace bra, and her black lace G-String into the hamper.

Bending over, her ass could be seen in the mirror; she looked behind her and noticed that even though she was 39 she still had a nice heart shaped ass. Her pussy shaven, which had been kept like that for years, could not be seen. She began to run the water, turned the shower on, and stepped in. The shower felt good running down her back, tilting her head back getting her hair wet, she could feel the hot water run across her breasts, the water beading down across her belly, past her navel, to find the junction of her thighs, hitting her clit.

Janet reached for the soap and wash cloth, lathering up the wash cloth, she washed her face, rinsing it, and then worked her way down. She was shocked at her response to her own hands as she began washing her breasts, her nipples quickly became erect, and with the slight squeeze of her own breast a hot searing pulse went straight to her clit. She was turned on again. She began washing herself and found that instead she was masturbating, she started thinking about Kevin, what would his hands feel like, running across her breast, her ass, she continued to wash her body, her pussy screaming to be touched, her clit throbbing with its need.

Her hand reached between the junction of her thighs, and began to rub her clit, the soap making it slippery, she rubbed as she thought about Kevin nude, his hard cock in her mouth, she rubbed faster as she began to moan, thinking of sucking his balls, licking from the bottom of the bag, to the top, taking each ball in her mouth suckling gently, feeling them, as he gets closer to cumming, crawl up inside of him. She was moving her mouth from his balls to the head of his dick sucking, and taking his entire hard cock inside her mouth, placing her hands on his balls, running her fingers over his balls slowly and lightly. He begins to moan pulling her hair shoving her mouth harder against his cock.

Janet continued to rub her clit faster and harder as she imagines the look on his face as he gets closer to the edge. His eyes glossed, his sexy husky voice moaning her name as she sucks harder bobbing her head up and down, taking him all in. His hands wrapped in her long black hair, wrapped tightly as he pulls her face away from his hard cock, taking his cock and stroking it faster, and faster as he begins to squirt his cum all over her face.

Janet moaned loudly as she imagined the feeling of him squirting his hot cum on her face, her neck, and her breasts. All of her muscles tightened with her oncoming orgasm. She moaned loudly as she felt her entire pussy begin to pulse and her clit began to throb with her orgasm. “Fuck” she said as she leaned back against the shower wall, breathless, and sensitive, still throbbing from the mind blowing climax.

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