Sex with my Daughter


“Let me tell you about the birds and the bees,” I said, with more conviction in my voice than I felt. My daughter had recently turned sixteen and I’d put this off maybe four years too long already. I was your typical bumbling dad, who had raised Brandy alone since her mom ran off with a doctor when Bran was nine.“You mean,” she said, “how a guy fucks a girl, cums inside her, she gets pregnant and has a kid?”“Maybe this won’t be completely new to you.”She rolled her eyes. Brandy had great eyes, big and green and still so young. They fit a face that was maybe a bit too lean, with good cheekbones, and she had an incredible wide smile. Her hair was red, like her mom’s, and fell most of the way down her back. Her teeth were perfect, thanks to a good orthodontist. Maybe her chin jutted a little, but I loved it.“No, dad, it’s not new, thank you. Sex isn’t that complicated. I don’t know why your generation thinks it’s so complicated.”I’d been standing in front of her. She sat at the foot of her bed, dressed in her pajamas, a plain pink top, with pink bottoms that were speckled with machine-embroidered bunnies. Her top had buttons down to the bottom of her breasts and they were all buttoned. I sat next to her and put my hand on her arm.“Well, it is sort of complicated,” I said gently. “It can be easy, of course, the guy puts it in for a couple minutes, cums, takes it out and goes home, but usually there’s a lot more. Well, I don’t know about ‘usually’. Sometimes there’s a lot more.”“Like he does it for ten minutes instead of two?” Brandy asked. “And maybe she cums, but he doesn’t care one way or the other as long as he cums? No, thanks.”“Well, I’m glad to hear that, but what if you really care about each other? Want what’s best for each other? What if he takes his time and brings you to an orgasm before he even does his thing? That’s how I was with your mom, usually. Sometimes.”“Can I ask you something?” she asked, suddenly more solemn than snarky. “You’d tell me the truth?”“Sure.”Brandy blushed before speaking and even then, she stammered.“When you and mom had sex, did you both cum at the same time?”“Why… no, we didn’t, not ever, I don’t think. Ankara escort Usually, if we both had orgasms, it was because I’d… perform oral sex on her first. Sometimes I’d do it afterwards, but usually, first. We tried several times to orgasm at the same time, but it didn’t work out and it wasn’t as much fun.”“Afterwards? You mean, after you had regular sex with her?”“Yeah.”She thought about it and nibbled her lower lip. I hoped she was thinking about porn she’d watched, not guys she’d fucked.“Do you have a big cock?”“Brandy!”“Well, I’m just wondering. Mom’s seen it, she’s used it, why shouldn’t I get to see it? You check out my butt all the time. Don’t deny it. I see you looking at me, maybe not my chest, but my butt and my legs. Show me your cock and I’ll show you my boobs.”“Brandy!”Five seconds later, she’d undone the buttons on her top and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked at her cupcake breasts.I’m not sure what you think of when I write “cupcake breasts.” I googled it and got wildly different answers, but they tended toward, “When a girl has boobs that are so big, they fill out the bra and then some. The extra is like the top of a cupcake with the bottom filled out already.” (I mostly got pages of cupcake results, actual cupcakes.) Brandy’s weren’t like that. Her breasts were the size of cupcakes, small and perky and tasty looking. I felt my cock begin to harden.“You, uh, you…”“Oh, daddy, they’re just boobs. Now, you show me your cock.”To make her request more enticing, she sort of bounced her breasts in her hands, although they barely moved at all. I was unsure what to do. She was my daughter. She looked at me eagerly and I must say that the sparkle in her eyes, from my half-naked daughter, inflamed me. It wouldn’t hurt to just show her, right? And I’ll admit that I was more than a little proud of my cock. Not for any particular reason, it was just barely more than 6.1 inches (measured many times), so a little longer than average, I’m pretty sure. It was, I believed, a little thicker than average, too, although I didn’t know what the average width was. And my balls Ankara escort bayan were just my balls, not great, not bad, just lopsided plums. I hadn’t shown many people my cock, but I looked at it myself quite often, including every time I showered, which was perhaps why I masturbated in the shower so often.I stood and pulled off my shorts, then my boxers, leaving just a Lakers t-shirt. My cock was half-hard, which was somewhat embarrassing. I was nervous about where this was going.“Seen enough?” I asked.“No, not at all,” Brandy replied. At that instant, she appeared more devious than innocent.She reached out and touched it, running a finger along the shaft. It hardened a little further. She stroked my cock along the bottom with the same finger until she got to my balls. I flinched, but didn’t say anything.“Can I touch your balls?” Brandy asked.I just nodded and tried to swallow. I didn’t trust myself to speak. I felt her fingers barely graze my balls, feeling them all over, but so lightly that her fingers could have been feathers. She put her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and squeezed gently. My cock was now completely hard. A drop of pre-cum formed at the end.“What’s that?” she asked.“Pre-cum. It just makes my cock slipperier.”Brandy turned her head to the side and looked at it. Her finger wandered back out the length of my dick and touched the pre-cum. She pulled her finger away and rubbed it.“Interesting. What other tricks can you do?”“No tricks. I think that’s enough,” I said.“Can I watch you masturbate?”“No,” I said emphatically. “Jeez Louise, Brandy!”“Well, I mean, your cock is right there. It’s hard. You’ll probably masturbate when you leave me if you don’t do it here first. So, why not? I mean, just about every guy in the world masturbates and probably more days than not. Even more than once a day, I’ve heard.”Another drop of pre-cum formed.“That doesn’t mean that it’s OK to do it in front of your daughter.”“Doesn’t mean that it’s not OK, either. Let’s masturbate together.”With that, she stood, pulled off her pajama bottoms, and sat back on the bed completely naked, Escort Ankara her knees raised.“What are you doing?” I asked, stupidly. I knew exactly what she was doing.Brandy lay on her back and spread her legs. I was looking directly at her pussy. She was developing a figure, quite a nice one, with narrow hips and long legs, but I was staring at her cunt. She seemed to have as much pubic hair as an adult, but she’d trimmed it, apparently so it would all fit neatly behind a bikini. Her pubic hair was reddish, too, sort of a light-orange.She had hair down there, but I could easily see her pussy, a slit not much wider than the edge of a piece of paper. It was all tucked in, looking as small and plain as a line in the sand. Her legs were fairly far apart and her hand edged toward her cunt.I was staring and I knew it. I should have said something or walked out, but all I could do was watch. Her fingers reached her cunt, slipped in just a little way and back out again. Two of them began to rub her clitoral hood.“Come on, daddy, you, too,” Brandy said. “Rub yourself along with me.”She must have been very wet. Two fingers slid back into her cunt. She gasped as they went in up to the second knuckle. Her fingers were sucked in and slid out in a mesmerizing sequence. I put my hand on my cock and began to stroke.“Oh, daddy, this is so awesome. God, I’m so wet. Look!” she said, holding up hand, fingers oozing with juice. “Your cock is so hard. Are you going to cum?”“In a little while,” I said, wondering if that were true. It mostly was, in that I always came when I masturbated and usually in just a couple minutes. Watching my baby girl playing with herself was hot, but it made me want to fuck her more than cum for her. I stroked a little faster and stood right at the foot of the bed. Brandy’s feet pulled together so she was touching my knees.For the next few minutes, we both stroked and admired the other’s body. At least, I admired Brandy’s and just about all of it. Her shoulders were a little thin, her breasts a little small, but she was growing curves and her legs shone like sunshine. We both grunted and moaned, Brandy far more melodically than me. Then, without really moving, my back tweaked and it hurt to stand.I didn’t collapse, but I sort of fell on to the bed. Lying down was so much better than standing! I lay on my side, so close to Brandy that my hand both stroked my cock and rubbed her hip. She continued to masturbate.

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