Selling Her


His hands holding onto her hips, he demonstrated how he pistoned in and out of her, nailing her hard each time he shoved his cock inside. He wanted to cum quickly, so he could get his money.

“See?” He told the little virgin, “That’s all you have to do. She won’t complain because I told her not to.” While making the deal he always made them show him I.D. to prove they were at least 18. A lot of these guys were still virgins at 18.

He pumped a few more times and finally felt his balls contract. “Then you cum in her… like this…” He grunted his satisfaction, and shot two big jets of his jizz into her. It was late in the day or he would have had more cum for her. “Coming outside of her costs $5.00 more, since we have to clean that up. But some guys like to watch it spray all over her. I know I do.”

“Make sure you shoot it all, don’t pull out too soon. Once you do pull out,” he demonstrated that as well. These little pissants are so ignorant about fucking, they need to be shown how at every step. “Then for an extra five dollars I will tell her to lick you clean. She won’t do that unless I tell her to. You got the money?”

He was given a wad of singles. Shit. Had to neaten them before he could even count it. “There’s only nineteen here. One more and you can fuck her. Magosa Escort Six more is fucking with the cleaning when you’re finished.”

He got one more dollar. Jerk says he’ll clean himself. He’ll be sorry once he talks to the others and finds out what a thrill he missed out on.

“Okay, you ready? Sissy, this guy’s gonna fuck you now. Be nice and don’t cry. You know how fun it is, showing the virgins how good it feels to fuck. Yeah, that’s right.”

They lived near the school, but the house had a big wild lot, so he built this special bower out behind their house. He took his time building it, so that it was invisible unless you knew exactly how to get inside. Then he stashed some old blankets, a chair for himself, and some water for his sister. He watched every fuck to make sure they paid for everything they got.

He was 22. He’d been fucking her twice a day ever since she turned 18. Almost a year now. But he never even thought about selling her to others until just a couple months ago. Besides her not having a cherry to worry about, she was cute! And guys always seem to be okay with paying more for a redhead. She’s small for her age; she doesn’t look like she’s 18. They didn’t have to worry about her resisting with any strength. So Kıbrıs Escort they were eager to pay. He had a few regulars now, too, that he could count on.

It had taken a long time to train her, but she finally knew that he loved her, and that she had to do this so that he would continue loving her. Now it was just a matter of teaching her a new trick once in a while, like the cock licking. That was a genius idea. He smirked as he remembered having her clean his cock that first time. Made him cum again!

Finally! Took that no-longer-virgin turd forever to cum. “Did you like that? Felt great, huh? Not like jacking off at all. Plus the whole time you get to look at her naked body, and touch her little tits. Lots of guys think her nipples alone are worth the price. See, her nipples are nice and hard now, proving to you she likes what you did.”

“No, dude, no freebies. You want to do it again, you have to pay again. Go on now, there are two more guys who are waiting for their turns. Don’t worry about her, she loves doing this. She’s my little slut.”

The two waiting were returns, so he didn’t have to teach some dumb shit how to fuck a girl. He never minded showing the act, of course, but it took time when she should be earning her keep. Lefkoşa Escort These guys paid their money, fucked her, and left. Good clients. He chuckled. He didn’t even remember when he started calling them clients. A regular business!

On the days when business was slow, he had a couple friends who would come over. They were good friends so he let them touch her and fuck her for free. Sometimes all three of them even did her all at the same time. That was really fun. They would cum all over her. They were really jealous that he had a sister he could fuck whenever he wanted, and who would let them do kinky stuff to her. He liked watching them, seeing if they could make her cum more than he could. He learned about the G-spot that way, by accident. And she liked being fingered. But he wouldn’t let them kiss her. He’d say ‘No man, don’t act like you love her. She’s mine.’

Today had been pretty busy. Brother and sister had to hurry to clean up a little, then they went back inside the house. Cleaned her up, but she had to stay naked. She knew the rules: stay naked, stay in your room, wait to be called. She got to her room just in time, too, because Dad was due to be home from work soon. He would be wanting his own turn with her. Not paying, of course. He didn’t know about any of that. Then later tonight, after Dad is asleep, he can visit her in her room for his last fuck of the day. A nice way to destress and fall asleep.

Today, though, he discovered that things might change. When Dad came home he had a friend with him. He heard Dad call her name right away.

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