Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 05


Taylor stepped out of the shower and padded herself dry with a towel. She brushed her long brown hair and pulled it back, slipping a hair band around the pony tail as she eased into the dark dorm room trying to avoid waking Katherine as she dressed for her classes. She reached into her dresser and pulled out a pair of white satin bikini panties which she stepped into and was just about to fasten her bra when she heard Kat’s voice. “Don’t wear those today.”

Taylor, startled, turned back facing Katherine, “What?”

“Don’t wear the bra and panties today,” Katherine intoned.

“I was going to wear my little white top and it’s too sheer,” explained Taylor.

“That’s even better,” replied Katherine. “Take the panties back off and then put that top on.” Taylor eased the panties back off and stepped into her jeans. She slipped the white top on around her shoulders and began to button the front. Looking in the mirror, she could see her dark nipples which had already hardened were clearly obvious through the fabric of the top. “Katherine, I need to wear something different if I’m not going to wear a bra.”

“No” replied Katherine sternly. “I really like that on you.” “But you can see right thru it,” Taylor winced.

“I know and it’s a beautiful sight. Now when is your last class? 1:00?,” inquired Katherine. “Yea,” Taylor replied softly still looking at the mirror and the hard little nubs which protruded thru the fabric.

“Good, there’s a card on my dresser. It’s a shop called the Scarlet Lady. It’s just a few blocks off campus on Saunders Street. I want you to stop by there after class. The lady that owns it is Jenny and I have a couple of things I want you to pick up,” Kat explained.

“What kind of things?” Taylor questioned. “Some toys like we used last night,” said Kat.

“It’s a sex shop?” Taylor’s eyes widened. “No silly, it’s a shop for women. She has all kinds of pretty things there…and she’s really nice. Just do what I say. I’ll let her know you’re coming and what I want you to pick up,” Katherine replied. Taylor’s eyes were glued to the card.

“And Taylor…” Taylor looked up at Katherine who was sitting up in her bed, her beautiful breasts hanging in full view, “When I get back here at four I want you nude and kneeling right there,” as she pointed to the floor. “I have plans for you this evening.”

Taylor felt a warm tremor run through her body as Katherine’s words trailed off. “Okay, I’ll pick them up and….and I’ll do what you asked,” Taylor added in a soft submissive tone. She walked over to her desk and picked up her book bag, shoving the card into your jean’s pocket. As she started out the door, Katherine softly said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Taylor knew exactly what she meant. She eased back into the room and bent down to a waiting Katherine as their soft lips met. They lingered for a second as Taylor felt her hot mouth and then a sharp sensation in her right breast as Kat reached up and tweaked her nipple. As she pulled back Kat softly replied…”I can’t wait to suck on these little things this afternoon. I’m gonna’ have fun with you baby. I’m gonna’ make you my little sex slave and have my way with you. Think you’ll like that?” Katherine inquired in a soft sexy voice.

Taylor could feel her body tingling at the thought. “Yea, I want to be your sex slave today. Whatever you ask me to do. I’ll be yours.”

“Turn around,” replied Katherine. Taylor complied and turned her back to Katherine as she rubbed her fingers softly on her ass, tracing little circles on the denim. “I believe today I’m going to have some of this. You want me to play with your little ass today?” inquired Katherine.

Taylor was getting excited and wanted to throw down her books and just jump into bed right now. She likely would if it were not for two exams. “Like I said, I expect to find you naked and kneeling on the floor. We’re going to have some delicious fun today,” stated Kat.

Taylor walked over to the door and thru it but her mind was flooded with images, a naked Katherine standing over her nude frame. She could feel her pussy moisten at the thoughts.

It was difficult keeping her mind on the exams, but she managed to get through both. Although she spent her time in the last class fantasizing, hearing very little of the professor who droned on in the background. When he dismissed the class, she hurriedly packed up her things and headed to her car and drove to the shop Kat had instructed.

The Scarlet Lady appeared to be a dress shop in a strip mall. From the outside window it did not appear to be any different than a Gap. She walked in to find a woman at the register holding out a night gown as the shop owner assisted her. Taylor walked through the shop, admiring all of the evening gowns and lingerie. The shop was filled with all kinds of pretty tops, dresses, evening wear…and then toward the back she saw a wall filled with an array of adult items. There were dildos, vibrators, and şişli escort leather collars, and an assortment of items that she’d never seen before…much less what you did with it.

As her eyes gazed over all the various toys, a voice startled her. “You must be Taylor,” the shop owner said as she approached. Jenny saw Taylor’s puzzled expression, and immediately added, “Your girlfriend called this morning and told me I should expect a pretty little brunette after lunch.”

Taylor blushed slightly. She wasn’t sure if it was the inference of Katherine as a “girlfriend” or the pretty brunette remark. “I’m sorry, if I startled you…I’m, Jenny” she said as her eyes looked straight into Taylor’s.

Jenny appeared to be in her early thirties and was very attractive. She too was a brunette with hair which hung down just past her shoulders. She was slim but had nice curves. Taylor’s gaze fell on her breasts, most of which were exposed by the low cut of the top she was wearing. She was embarrassed as she realized her fixation on Jenny’s breasts was not lost on Jenny who simply smiled and shifted her gaze to the wall of novelty items. “Quite an array isn’t it. Is this your first time to a shop like mine?” Jenny inquired.

Taylor nodded her head. “Well, I’m glad I’m here to help,” Jenny reassured her. “Katherine mentioned a couple of items she wanted you to pick up. Do you and your partner enjoy nipple play?” her hand running over a variety of items on her wall. Taylor’s eyes were glued to the clamps, some resembling miniature clothespins.

“I know I really enjoy my partner fondling my nipples,” added Jenny. “I hope you’re not offended but yours are very pronounced…are they as sensitive?” Taylor looked down and saw her nipples pushing through the fabric. She could feel the heat in her cheeks and her arousement was very apparent.

“I hope I’m not embarrassing you. You are just simply a lovely girl. Katherine mentioned she wanted you to pick up some nipple clamps and judging from your top, I couldn’t help but tell you certainly have some nice nipples to work with.” Jenny paused as she could sense Taylor relaxing a little. “These have tension controls which allow you to determine how tight you want them. You may want them looser” Jenny said as she turn the little head on the clamp, “or tighter as you get used to them” she continued as she handed the set over to Taylor.

“We have them with little vibrators attached…or like these connected by a chain.” Jenny saw Taylor’s fixation as she ran her finger across the silver chain connecting the two clamps. She took the item off the wall and gently handed it to Taylor who seemed lost in her own thoughts. “I think you might really enjoy these.”

Taylor set down the clamps with the vibrators and ran the chain through her fingers, distracted only when Jenny began again. “Do you practice anal sex?” Jenny saw the look on Taylor’s face. “I know all of this is so personal but I’m here to make sure you have the most pleasurable experience. I hope I’m not embarrassing you…” Jenny trailed off.

“No, it’s just. I’ve never talked about sex like this… and I’ve never seen this kind of stuff.” Taylor replied.

“Honey, this isn’t the half of it. But I want you to relax. I’m here to help your fantasies come to life…to realize your greatest pleasures. I know a great many women who prefer anal sex to vaginal penetration…have you ever had a partner play with your ass?” Jenny inquired.

Taylor shook her head from side to side, “No, I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Darling, you’re in for a treat. You might find that your ass is just as sensitive as your breasts and vagina. Katherine had asked that we select you a plug.” Seeing her puzzled look, Jenny picked up a small anal plug from the shelf. “Plugs are used to help your opening become more adjusted, looser. It’s all about pleasure and later when your partner perhaps uses a dildo, you can accommodate it easily and it feels much more enjoyable.”

“Since you’re new to this, I would suggest we start you off with a small plug. Later you can gradually replace them with larger plugs.

“You just stick this in your butt?” Taylor questioned.

“You’ve got the picture. I would suggest,” Jenny replied as she reached back behind her and removed a bottle from a shelf, “you use a little lube. Our behinds do not secrete any natural lubricant like our little pussies so the lube helps. Again, it’s all about comfort. Some women enjoy leaving the plug in for extended hours as they go about their day. It keeps them in a total state of arousement.”

Taylor’s eyes widened at the thought as she took the anal plug from Jenny. It was a soft rubber device tapered at the end and widened at the base. “Is there a particular color you like?” Jenny inquired. Taylor’s eyes gazed the variety of colors and sizes of the various plugs. “The purple one…” she said pointing to the plug.

“Anything else?” Jenny inquired. “Those were escort şişli the only two items Katherine mentioned.” Katherine surveyed the wall and shook her head slowly, “No…I think that’s…” Her voiced trailed off as she walked past the restraints. There were collars, cuffs, hoods, and other devices she didn’t quite recognize.

“You know, I have a girlfriend, and she loves me to tie her up,” said Jenny. Taylor, looked back. “Are you a lesbian?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that I don’t enjoy a real stiff dick now and then but yes, most of my partners have been women. I’m in a relationship now…does that surprise you?”

Jenny smiled at Taylor who seemed to be taking it all in. “Well, like I was saying, Beth likes me to tie her up and tease her before we make love. Perhaps you might enjoy a set of restraints.” Jenny removed a set of what appeared to be handcuffs from the wall. “These are lined cuffs. They won’t bruise your wrists but are just as strong as handcuffs. There’s really nothing like the feeling of being restrained and knowing you are totally submitting to the demands of your partner.” Jenny saw Taylor’s eyes widen and knew the young coed was transfixed.

“They come with a key and you wouldn’t want to lose it.” Jenny handed over the cuffs to Taylor who ran her thumb across the cool metal chain which connected the two padded cuffs. “Can I interest you in any outfits?”

Taylor’s gaze shifted across the room at all the pretty tops and evening wear. “No, not today but I’m sure I’ll be back,” she smiled.

Jenny rang up her items, bagged them, and handed the purchase over to Taylor. “Thank you for coming by today. I really enjoyed meeting you and I hope you and Katherine have lots of pleasure with this today. One last thing,” Jenny added. “Katherine did want me to tell you….she expected you to be trying them out when she gets back to your room today.”

Taylor again felt the heat in her cheeks and the blush on her face. The thought that this woman knew she was a lesbian too. She would be naked waiting on Katherine – kneeling on the floor, her nipples clamped and a plug up her ass. And while embarrassed, she wasn’t horrified that she knew her secrets. The thought that this woman, whom she just met, knew what she was going to be doing excited her.

“Thank for all your help,” Taylor said with a smile. “I’ll be back I’m sure.”

Taylor drove back to the dorm, thinking about her encounter with Jenny. What she had been doing with Katherine had been a secret. Yet, here a total stranger not only knew she had been with another woman, she talked about it like it was nothing unusual. While she should have been deeply embarrassed, she found the encounter made her feel that much more excited.

All day long she had felt the stares of guys and girls as they stared at her top… knowing full well they could see her breasts and the dark nipples plainly visible. Girls sometimes would look away, but she knew they had been staring as well. Dressed that way made her feel naughty. But she liked it. She liked being naughty.

As soon as she stepped thru her dorm door, she began shedding her clothes. She couldn’t believe how amazingly horny she was. She decided to take a quick shower and perhaps shave her little twat…or as Katherine called it when she was fucking her…her cunt.

When she stepped back out of the shower, she hurriedly toweled off knowing that she had just minutes before Kat would get out of her last class. She reached in the bag and took out the purple plug. She went into the bathroom and spent a few minutes washing the soft rubber making sure it was clean before she used it. Stepping back into the dorm room, she laid a pillow on the cool tile floor. Then removed the lube from the bag and squirted it on the head of the plug. She also removed the nipple clamps and wrist restraints and knelt down on the floor with her new items.

She reached the plug to her anal opening and began to gently push. Her little asshole was tight but the lube made it much easier to slide in. She could feel how the plug gradually got bigger and she gently eased the head in until she felt her asshole close around the base, almost suctioning the remaining plug in. It fit securely in and didn’t pop out as she readjusted herself on the pillow.

She loosened the nipple clamps a little and tried the tension out on her little finger. Not too tight. She saw how hard her nipples already were as she pulled a nub between her thumb and fingers and fastened a clip around one then the other nipple. It pinched a little but she left the tension alone, staring down at the silver chain as it drew the two nipples in.

She looked at the clock. It was four and she knew any minute Katherine would be coming thru the door. She took the cuffs and fastened one around her wrist, looking up at the dresser where she left the key. Then she placed her arm behind her back and felt for the open cuff with her hand. Feeling it, she slipped eskort şişli it around her wrist and closed the cuff down hearing the clicking sound.

She was shaking as she knelt on the floor. A chain hanging from her extended nipples, a plug up her ass, cuffed and awaiting her fate. The minutes seemed to drag on as she kept glancing at the clock. As she waiting, she thought about her boyfriend Dennis. What would he think if he saw her now? Bound, kneeling, waiting to service another girl. To be her slave…to do whatever she asked. He had no idea she had been seduced. Had made love to her roommate. She had become a little lesbian play thing.

Then she heard it – the key in the door. She looked down at the floor seeing Katherine’s pink toes peaking out of her sandals. “My, my. Don’t you just look delicious,” Katherine dripped as she slowly shut the door behind her. Taylor looked totally submissive as she knelt with her head to the floor. The chained nipples were a nice touch she hadn’t expected. She could see Taylor’s little nubs were white on the end as the clamps were pinching the little nipples. Taylor had her hands tucked behind her back as if waiting for Katherine’s command.

Walking around her, Katherine saw for the first time the wrist restraints. Taylor was enjoying this as much as she was. Now she knew for sure just how submissive Taylor really was. Kat liked having Lisa dominate her but she had to admit to a special thrill when she did the same with Taylor.

Having this straight girl lick her pussy. To turn her into a lesbian and now to have her completely broken, a sexual slave to do with what she wanted made her pussy wet thinking about it.

Looking down at the restraints, Katherine commented, “Well, it looks like you really do want me to have my way with you today don’t you.” Without waiting for a reply, “All bound up like that. I guess we’re gonna’ have to take advantage of this. Bend over.”

Katherine touched Taylor on the top of the head as she knelt further toward the floor. Kat moved behind her and parted her little ass cheeks to see the butt plug imbedded in her tight little ass. “Nice, you have done really well.” Katherine slipped off her sandals and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, slipping them off her slender legs. Moving around in front of Taylor, she was naked from the waist down. She reached down and pulled Taylor’s chin up. Taylor’s eyes staring directly into the warm wet folds of Katherine’s bald pussy.

“You want to eat my pussy baby? You want some of this?” Katherine inquired as she parted the folds of her cunt with her fingers.

“Yes, please let me lick your pussy. That’s all I’ve thought about all day is your sweet pussy. Please let me,” Taylor pleaded.

“Kiss it first. Show me how much you’ve missed it,” Katherine said softly as she looked down at the kneeling coed, cuffed and naked before her. Taylor leaned into Katherine’s thighs and smelled her sweet fragrance. She knew the smell, and longed to savor her delicious taste. Her lips touched lightly on the warm lips of Katherine’s pussy. She planted a lingering wet kiss before she eased back and looked up to see Katherine smiling down appreciatively.

“That’s very nice,” Kat said as she rubbed Taylor on the head like a pet. “First let’s get these restraints off of you. I think we’ll use them later but I have other things in mind right now.” Katherine had seen the key on the dresser and released Taylor’s restraints. “Remove your clamps as well and hop up on my bed,” Katherine instructed.

Taylor removed the clamps and felt the sensation of the blood rushing to the tips which had turned nearly white. She reached around to feel her plug. “No leave that in for now. It’s not going any where. Just get up on the bed,” Kat commanded.

Taylor eased up on the bed. “Now spread your legs for me,” Katherine continued. Taylor spread her legs as the folds of her pussy opened up to Katherine’s gaze. “I want you to masturbate for me. I want you to come for me baby while I watch.” Taylor’s eyes met Katherine’s, “I’ve never done that”

“You’ve never gotten yourself off,” inquired Katherine. “No,” Taylor meekly replied. “Well this will be a real learning experience for you,” added Kat.

“I want you to take your finger, wet it with your mouth,” Katherine instructed. The young coed followed her directions. “Now stick your finger in your pussy baby. Rub it up and down your slit.” Katherine saw her eyes close as she ran her fingers in her pussy. “Now, rub your little clit. Rub up top where I was licking you last night. Pretend it’s my tongue on your little clit. Move your fingers back and forth….does that feel good baby?” Katherine inquired.

“Yea,” Taylor responded almost in a trance. “It feels really good.” “Great,” replied Kat. “Now, suck on your fingers, I want you to taste your juices.” Taylor raised her hand to her mouth and sucked wantonly on the fingers which just moments ago had been teasing her clit. “Now stick them back in your cunt.” Taylor was more forceful as her fingers plunged in. Katherine could see Taylor was stroking her clit with her thumb as she moved her fingers in and out of her wet pussy making little squishing sounds as her hand moved in and out.

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