Secret Valentine


The only even remotely interesting tidbit that came out of Monday morning’s intra-office meeting was the announcement of the “Secret Valentine” gift exchange. Not unlike a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, willing participants would opt in by putting their name into a basket by the elevator. Friday, participants would draw to determine their Valentine and spend the following week secretly giving them small gifts with a suggested maximum value of $20.

Kim is a physically fit, attractive 26-year old businesswoman who did her work from one of the 100 or so cubicles in her office. She, like so many of her anonymous co-workers, jumped at the distraction offered by the “Secret Valentine” exchange and the basket swelled with names by mid-week.

Just before the close of business on Friday afternoon, the office staff were called together to draw their “Secret Valentines.” On Kim’s turn she reached into the basket, hoping not to draw one of the office geeks who so often paraded by her cubicle, staring in with every chance they got. She was not prepared for, and had not even considered, that the name she drew might be her office crush.

Kim read and re-read Eric’s name on her paper and felt the warmth of her face as it flushed with embarrassment. Eric was older than her, in his mid 40s, but the flecks of gray only added to his distinguished sex appeal. He was tall and well built with dark mysterious features and portrayed irresistible confidence. What complicated her crush, and also likely added to its appeal, was that Eric was her boss, boldly separated from the cubicle workers like herself with a real office, door and view of the outside world. Any relationship with him was strictly forbidden.

The implications of what should be a simple gift exchange dominated her thoughts in the elevator, the cab ride home and even while changing for her daily run. Kim did her best thinking while running, and as the miles of sidewalk and bike trails raced under her feet she realized that this situation offered her a great opportunity. Returning home, she was determined to use the Secret Valentine exchange to unveil her hidden and forbidden desires to Eric. It wouldn’t be easy, but she believed she could maintain her anonymity, test his interest and do so without the risk of losing her job.

Kim spent the weekend carefully planning the smallest details of her plan and when Monday morning came, although she was anxious, she felt prepared. Kim left for the office early and put her gift into the intra-office mail system and avoided risking anyone being able to tie her to her gift. After dropping her gift, she went for breakfast at a local trendy coffee shop and was back into work at her normal time.

To say that Kim was seriously distracted that morning would be an understatement. She watched with great anticipation as the mid-morning office mail was delivered and paid particular attention when Eric received his mail, which of course included her package. She knew the contents of her gift and that the future of her entire plan hinged on a single, simple response. When Eric opened the small gift box he would find a note which read:

The forbidden fire I hold for you deep between my thighs

Has forced me to Lust for you away from watchful eyes

So you touch my mind as I touch myself under covers late at night

Each day this week, piece by piece I’ll be exposed to your lusting sight

Just below the dark red lipstick kiss used as the signature was a postscript reading: to see me exposed, show your interest by taping a red heart to your office door and I’ll know to continue. If this or my future gifts get too hot for you, simply take the heart down.

Kim tried not to watch Eric’s door for the sign, but without success. Through lunch and even when she left for her afternoon break his door was still void of any heart. In her mind she beat herself up, thinking he must be married or she had crossed the line of professionalism and that not only may he not be interested, he could be offended. Angry at herself and feeling defeated she walked back to her cubicle, head hanging low. Then, with one last desperate glance at his office, she saw it, a small heart taped to the corner of his door. She probably stared too long, but had to be sure it was his office and not one of the other managers.

If the morning anticipation hadn’t been enough, the added excitement and growing tingling between her thighs made the rest of her afternoon go by slowly. Her normal after work routine included a run, shower, dinner and a book before bed. This week her book time would be replaced with preparation for the following day’s gift.

Tuesday she repeated her morning routine with an early drop off, coffee shop breakfast and almost unbearable anticipation of Eric’s opening Van Escort of her gift.

Eric opened the second box and inside found a black, lace-trimmed see through bra, an 8×10 photograph and another note. The photo was a close up of Kim’s chest peeling away the bra Eric now held in his hand. Her bronzed skin and fully perky breasts were exotic. One nipple, stiffened with excitement and ringed by a dark, ½ dollar-sized areola, peeked out from under the sexy, transparent material while the other strained against the material.

This bra I wore to barely hide

My hardened nipples trapped inside

Turning you on excites me too

Want more from me and I of you

Again the note was signed with a lipstick kiss, but Eric noticed that the lips were a bit more open than the first one. The postscript on the second note suggested that if he liked where this was going he should let her know by putting a bigger heart on his door. Kim didn’t have to wait long to see that she was indeed getting through to Eric. Within minutes of the mail being delivered the small heart on his door was replaced by one 3 times its size.

Neither her after work nor her morning routine changed, although the anticipation and the awareness of the warm, electric, wetness between her legs was growing with each passing hour.

It was obvious that Eric now shared Kim’s anticipation of the morning mail. He spent the morning prior to the mail pacing the isles between the cubicles making small chat with some of the women. Kim suspected, correctly so, that Eric was trying to figure out his Secret Valentine so she was careful to be avoid him with strategically planned trips to the ladies or copy room.

Eric approached the morning mail cart as soon as it came off the elevator and almost ran back to the privacy of his office. Kim imagined him opening his gift which included another note, matching panties to yesterday’s bra and another 8×10 photo.

Wednesday’s photo showed Kim from her shoulders to the back of her knees, quartering away, back slightly arched, bent over, leaning slightly forward. Her hands had peeled the transparent black panties just past the half way point of her small, tight ass. Though partially hidden by shadows, Eric could also make out the side of Kim’s left breast, accented with a nipple screaming for attention. Kim had been careful to make sure her hair was not in the picture as she didn’t want to shorten Eric’s list of suspects too soon.

Yesterday these black panties were soaked as I thought of you

After work they touched my hand when I rubbed out orgasms 2

You’ve seen my tits and nipples hard and now you’ve seen my ass

My wet, warm sex by far the best I’ve saved it now for last

The dark red lipstick kiss was much more open on this note, suggesting oral pleasures to Eric, but it included no postscript.

Kim repeated her after work and morning routines, acutely aware of the aching between her legs.

In Thursday’s gift Eric would again find an 8×10 photo and a note, but this time there would be no bra or panties, for the picture had none.

This photo was taken from the vantage point between Kim’s legs, a close up of one finger buried deep inside her pussy. Small beads of wetness lined her swollen lips and a hint of her pink was peeked around her finger. Above the opening to her wetness a thin black landing strip of hair trailed off into the background where, slightly out of focus were Kim’s boobs and bottom of her chin.

Eric’s hands were shaking in excitement as he read the note:

So far I’ve bared all myself with nothing asked in return

Tomorrow’s gifts no longer free, but something you must earn

V-Day is coming fast and every girl here likes flowers

If you want more give all these girls their likes within 4 hours

The lips that sealed the kiss were definitely open this time, suggesting oral pleasures. The postscript simply read “your instructions appear above.”

Kim knew she was pushing him. Of the 100 plus employees in his office, nearly ½ were women. She had suggested that if Eric wanted more he would need to lay out some cash to prove it. She figured a couple hundred bucks would buy each girl a flower and be well worth his time. The women in the office were shocked, no one more than Kim, when the carts filled with glass vases each with a balloon and adozen roses were delivered to each and every girl in the office. At this time of the year that likely cost Eric at least a couple of grand.

Eric’s financial commitment inspired Kim to push beyond her initial plan. It made her feel lusted after and sent waves of electricity between her legs and made her wet and uncomfortably aroused. In the limited privacy of her cubicle with no consideration of the consequences, Kim’s hand Van Escort Bayan and fingers found her aching wetness and she quietly relieved herself, whimpering in ecstasy.

For the most part, Kim’s after work routine was the same as before, but there was a small, yet significant change in her morning activities. The office dress code on Friday’s was relaxed and Kim had decided to go a different direction than the normal jeans. She wore no bra or panties a short black business skirt and a tight button down blouse. She admired herself in the mirror and the thought of the lust it would invoke in the office men sent erotic sensations between her legs. Her erect nipples strained against the thin material of her shirt and when she leaned toward the mirror it offered a fantastic view of her cleavage and at some angles it exposed a glimpse of a nipple. Turning away from the mirror she bent forward and looked back, as she expected doing so provided a peek at the opening to her wanton pussy, which already was glistening with excitement. Today, it was her goal to tease many men and be the subject of their fantasies and she was well equipped to do so.

Kim was fully aware that the men of her office were noticing her look. Even during the ride in the elevator she could feel the lustful stares of co-workers, shifting their positions to get a better glimpse down her shirt. When she reached her floor, she let her coworkers get out first before stepping out and immediately bending over to adjust her shoe. She knew the view the remaining elevator riders shared and when the elevator dinged a second time she knew someone had prevented the doors from closing to lengthen the show.

It took longer than usual to get to her cubicle as it seemed every approaching man found some reason to stop her to talk. The men’s eyes never met hers, locked on her breasts. All the attention had made Kim very excited and she could feel the slightest hint of wetness starting to make its way down her leg.

Word of Kim’s dress spread through the office like a juicy rumor. It was hard to get work done because of the constant stream of men stopping by for any number of made up reasons, some didn’t even try to come up with an excuse. Kim rewarded effort and for some of the men with clever excuses she would “accidently” drop something and either bend over to pick it up herself or swivel toward them in her chair and spread her legs giving them a clear view of her wetness.

All the distractions had almost caused Kim to forget about the final Secret Valentine gift, but when she saw the mail cart it all came rushing back. Much to Eric’s disappointment, his gift box did not include pictures, bra or panties, but only a black silk scarf and a note. Unlike the previous note, it was a little longer, but still signed with an open mouth kiss. It read:

My little tease is ending now and I’m yet to be satisfied

If after work you’re here alone, with this blindfold on your eyes

I will come all exposed and my leg’s I’ll open wide

And impale my pussy upon your cock, and take you deep inside

Everything you’ve seen of me your touch will be allowed to share

Your lips, your mouth, your hands, your cock are free to go anywhere

Your blindfold you cannot remove, this rule you must abide

Never to see my face tonight for my identity I still must hide

The postscript shared one last message. “I hope your cock is hard and aching as my pussy is hot and wet.”

Her male attention continued and during the late morning Eric called her into his office to go over some files, at least that’s what he said. She made sure to give him the full show, leaning over his desk several times pretending to point out figures in the report she had handed him. Each time she leaned in she noticed that he, like all the other men were entranced by her tits, straining to see more. Kim had anticipated the tease and had undone one more button on her blouse which she was sure would provide at least a couple slips of her stiffened nipples. Eric’s undivided attention on her tits allowed Kim to examine his pants which she could clearly see the outline of his large swollen cock. After they had finished reviewing the report she turned to leave, but before she did bent over to pick up her purse. She paused here and pretended to be digging around for something, it didn’t matter what. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other and could feel the lips of her pussy sliding together and knew Eric had a front row seat to the show.

As she stood up she asked if she could go home a little early today, family coming into town. Kim wanted to throw Eric off her identify. Still stunned by her show, Eric agreed.

The afternoon went by quickly and Kim got several requests for dates, both subtle and obvious. Escort Van She thought that she’d try several of the offers later. Amazing how a different interpretation on casual Friday can get a girl noticed.

Around 3pm Kim prepared to leave — much to the disappointment to every cock in the office. She made sure to remind Eric she was leaving, all part of her plan. Just before 5 Kim snuck back into the office and hid in the ladies room. She was able to avoid the cleaning crew who came in shortly after 5 and left around 8pm. It was just starting to get dark and Eric’s office had the only light. At 8:30 darkness had settled in and Eric got up from his desk, turned off his office light then walked over and shut off the lights to the main cubicle area. Kim was afraid he might be leaving but she saw his silhouette return to his office and leave the door ajar.

Kim removed her blouse and skirt, not bothering with the mid thigh black stockings or heels and let down her hair. Slowly she walked to his office the clicking of her heels the only sound in the office. When she reached the door to Eric’s office she could see him in the soft ambient light from the city below. As instructed he was wearing the blindfold.

Good boy, she thought. Without saying a word she walked up to him, leaned over and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Eric’s hands quickly found her tits and alternated in caressing them and lightly pinching each already hard nipple. Kim couldn’t help but moan with each gentle pinch.

Slowly Kim undid each button of Eric’s shirt and gently caressed his muscular chest. Down her hands continued where she undid his pants, slipped her hand into his briefs and freed his aching cock. She was excited by its size, she guessed a bit longer than she was accustomed but noticeably thicker. Slowly she stroked the swollen member as her lips left his and began to kiss his neck, down his chest, abs and finally to his cock. Kim lightly kissed the length of his shaft, followed by a warm lick which originated at its base and ended with her sucking him inside her mouth. Slowly she moved her head up and down on his cock, Eric’s hands in her hair moaning with pleasure. When she decided he had been teased enough she slowly pulled it out of her mouth and help him rise out of his chair.

Eric, not surprisingly, had cleared his desk. Kim removed his pants and leaned him back onto his desk straddling him. Eric pulled one of her nipples into his mouth, shooting sparks of electricity between her legs. She didn’t want to pull away, but the aching between her legs was too much to bear. She slid the opening of her pussy along the length of his shaft, her wetness clinging to his cock. With one subtle movement, his cock slipped inside — coaxed by the warmth and wetness of her wanton pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his cock, inch by inch. With nearly ¾ of his shaft inside her, Eric’s cock was already stretching her pussy to its limits. She had never felt this much pressure insider her before and it was both uncomfortable and erotic. Determined, she continued to work his cock inside her. Slowly she slid up and down his massive pole, with each stroke it stretched her, making the next easier. His length and thickness touched parts of her never touched before and her first orgasm came without warning.

The gentle shudders of Kim’s body and moans were tell tale signs of her orgasm. Eric started to get up, but Kim stopped him and slowly started rocking back and forth on his huge cock. Her pussy was well stretched and lubricated now and the speed, depth and intensity of her strokes increased. Kim could feel a second orgasm building and fought it off as long as possible until waves of ecstasy shook her from head to toe and long moans parted her lips. She collapsed onto Eric after her climax nearly passed out in an erotic fog and lay their fully satisfied. Eric however, was not.

Eric lifted Kim off him and bent her face down across his desk. Standing behind her he opened her and slid his aching cock deep inside her wetness. With each stroke he penetrated deeper, rising her from her erotic slumber. Her soft whimpers turned to moans and then screams of pleasure. Her screams put Eric over the edge as the week of pent up erotic teasing exploded into her pussy, filling it beyond capacity. Eric’s grunts of pleasure and warmth spilling inside her sparked her 3rd and most powerful orgasm.

They laid there, hunched over, Eric still inside her for a while. No words had been spoken nor would they be. Kim felt Eric’s size slowly dwindling and finally mustered enough energy to pull herself off of her boss’s cock. Eric slumped back into his chair, still obediently blindfolded. Kim turned and gave him one last parting kiss, before dressing and walking to the elevator, cum leaking from her abused yet satisfied pussy.

On the ride down, Kim wondered if Eric knew it was her; how many of her co-workers were fantasizing about her right now and how much fun the next office gift exchange might be…

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